Apple Blossom Fair May 2005

Stranded at the Blossom Fair May 20 2005

Down and Out at the Fair 2005

Savannah Moore Belting It Out

Host Laura Beth with Youngster at the Fair

Katrina Brown and Her Songs at the Fair

The Other of the Stage

12 Year Old Savannah

YAP Radio Night at the Fair

Mr Harold Allen

Ms Terri Lively on the Bass

Had too Much

Cuban Assasin Attacks

It Hurts so Bad

Oh My BAck

Carnival Rides at 05 Blossom Fair

Down He Goes

The Throw

In the Drink

Hometown Farah

Farah on Stage

Goofing Off

Belting it Out, Farah Facemire

Fireworks 1

Firworks 2

Fireworks 3

Stranded at the Fair




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