Fred Sampson Dec 30 2004, CLay County's Man of the YEar

Man of the YEar fred Sampson

Norman D Wilson Jan 11 2005

Bert Nichols Jan 16 2005

Liz attending Feb 8 Clay PSD meeting

Is That Learnerd

Newbee and Irene April 14 2005

FUzzy at PSD

Marlyn and John Romano Jan 2 2005

Rhonda Bef 14 2005

Sam and Bev, Spring 2005

Terry Traub, April 5th 2005

The King

Tommy Fitz attending exciting meeting

Freda Auxier

Didn't Know they Were Still in Business

Klotzbah before taking Director Job

Lonnie Samples Working It, Spring 2005

Candidates Klotzbach and Carper MArch 30 2005

Ace Cub Reporter at CCC, FEb 2005
JAlbum 5.2