July 2 Indpedencen Fair



July 2nd Yard Sale

Little Winners July 2 nd

Happy Kids July 2nd

Winners July 2 2005

Mass Chaos

All Lookin Pretty July 2 2 005

We Love a Parade

Young Strutters

Parade Lovely

Beauty Crowd July 2nd

Charlie Wins July 2nd

Tom Auxier July 2 2005

Harold and Terri July 2 2005

Surprise Guests July 2 2005

Hosts Avis and Sophie

Jim Creel Family Singers july 2 2005

Waiting their turn, Freda Auxier and Mr Moore july 2 2005

Yard Sale Deals July 2

Sunshine July 2nd

Main Street July 2nd

Yum Yum RIbs July 2nd

Small Town America

Young Contestant July 2nd

Moms and Dads July 2

All Smiles July2nd

Getting Ready july 2nd

Cute Rug Rats

Charlie was all Smiles July 2nd

Line Ups July 2nd

The Question Was ....

Little Ones July 2nd


Pround Grand Mother

Organizer Connie Sizemore July 2nd

Lookin Back at Ya

On Stage July 2nd

A Winner in the Making July 2nd

Say What...

WHo's the Winner

Teen Beauties

Stage Dancers July 2nd

Stage Dancers 2

Group 1

Big Winner

Standing Still can be tough

Crowned and Pretty

A Winner

Lovely Picture

Another Winner

Young and Nearly Grown July 2nd

Here they Come

Around the Corner

Cars and Queens

Bright and Loud

Andy Adkins Hot Rods in Parade July 2nd

Pretty Girls lead off the Parade

Sue Keepin them in Line July 2nd
JAlbum 5.2