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Violence and property crime at the lowest levels in 30 years? Does that sound like Clay County, West Virginia? Locals attending the September 13th “rime in Clayberry”public hearing at the high school had something else to say.
With reps from the State Police, Town Cop Buckshot Butcher, and Prosecutor Daniel Grindo present, County Commissioner James Sams and CCC President Peter Triplett moderated, or tried to moderate the gathering. Didn’ work too well! The 80 or so in attendance appeared sick and tired of hearing excuses on rampant crime and acts of violence in the county. The meeting was inspired by school Superintendent Jerry Linkinoggor who asked the Commission three weeks ago to do something about the spiraling crime rate. In response to the request for action, the Clay County Commission (that’ everybody but Matthew “HAC” Bragg) organized the meeting to hear public input. Linkinoggor did not attend the crime meeting.
According to the U.S. Dept. of Justice, the 24.4 million violent and property crimes in 2003 showed that rates have stabilized after a decade long decline. Murder rates have held steady in 2003 and at levels similar to the late 1960s.
Within minutes of the 7:00 p.m. opening provided by Commissioner Sams, locals in attendance let loose with both barrels. Polly Ramsey gave an example of poor state police efforts in the county. According to Samples, after her house was vandalized, the criminal was identified, including a picture. The guess is this lady is normally quiet and reserved. Not this night. Samples, with finger pointing, “OU HAVEN” DONE NOTHING!”The State Police district commander, a Flugharty fellow, took the lady’ telephone number and said he would call her this week. Continued on page 3
         The mood was set. This was to be a gripe session! The tones got stronger and stronger as the public commented. Did we mention this was a political rally? One lady asked why the Sheriff wasn’ in attendance, “hy’ the Sheriff not here? Why Not!”Sams, “ think it looks bad too…”Stepping up to the mic, Prosecutor Daniel Grindo took over with explanations of a medical difficulty which prevented the Sheriff from attending and, “e was planning to come… His health is why he isn’ here…”After more questions, Grindo explained the deputies were off duty as the reason for their absence.
         From the back of the mini auditorium, a middle aged guy, William Canfield, explained an instance where both police agencies promised to show up to investigate an incident sometime ago and, “They haven’ got there yet” Front man Grindo, “t is a big concern. The problem is manpower.. .We don’ have enough.”
         The pace of questions picked up as more hands went up from the back of the auditorium. Janet Fitzwater made it clear she felt the same handful of thugs “ere doing it over and over and they just get a slap on the wrist and out the door they go!”Talking in smooth soft tones, Grindo kept his cool as he explained there was a lot of stuff that goes on in the court system that most people don’ see.
         A skinny little wiry guy up front nailed Grindo with, “ow many cases have you won anyway?”The place came unglued and applause echoed around the room. In his most professional voice, Grindo, “ell over 80% and into the 90s%...”More laughter was heard from the gathered.
         That all changed as Ms Salisbury, mother of deceased Chad Salisbury, stood and in a broken voice crucified the young prosecutor with, “ou messed up our trial. It was over in 7 minutes!”From the front of the room, it looked like Ms Salisbury was being restrained. The guess is, she was ready to have it out with Grindo. With all in attendance knowing full well Salisbury was speaking the truth, the room got quiet. The hands went down. All wanted a response from Grindo.
         You got to hand it to Daniel Grindo, he didn’ dodge the bullet, he stood in one place and replied, “ apologized for my mistakes.” Ms Salisbury wasn’ done and came back noting acts of arrogance from Grindo after the trial in question. Once again the locals were alive and ready to go after the folks on the stage.
         Magistrate Boggs, dressed in his finest Harley Davidson riding gear including an orange and black printed rag on his head was very vocal saying he had been told that for the remainder of the year the county deputies would be taking a bunch of vacation time (so as not to loose it, readers) and, “he law tells me an officer has to swear a complaint. If they don’ answer, I have to turn [offender] free!”Boggs went on to say that the CCC controls the budget and, “immy, are you aware of this?” Sams, sidestep, sidestep, duck, “ don’ schedule the vacations… there should be somebody on at night. We don’ have the money to hire deputies.”
         At about the same time, several yelled back to Sams, “educt some of YOUR pay!”Jim Perdue, “wo months with NO police?” Sams: retreat, retreat, dive, dive! He was in a tight spot! Sams, “he State Police are here,”was the best he could come up with. Boggs reminded all that there are some police duties the State Police can’ perform and cautioned Sams and Triplett, “igilante style of justice may come back.”Grindo added, “it] boils down to manpower...”
         And then some good deep digs at Grindo from one time prosecutor candidate Barbara Schamberger. Schamberger reminded all that Grindo’ slow poke handling of court paperwork had cost the county big time in extra Central Regional Jail bills. Grindo, “’l try harder.”Schamberger wasn’ done, she added a part about: she had been the prosecutor, she didn’ screw up like that, this county doesn’ have the money for his screw ups, and “hat plans do you have to address and answer the problem?” Looking like a kid who had just been scolded by a parent, Grindo, “he orders will be done and are being done.”Now deep in her snare and referring to the recently blown State vs. Tonya Salisbury murder case from the summer session, Schamberger, “here is NOT an order in Tonya’ case!”
         Grindo, still at the mic, “ apologize to each if there is a failure…”Grindo tried to steer the crowd into a more positive lane, one where constructive comments could be found. No, no, no. More came. Finally, without a doubt, Grindo’ best lines of the night and probably his best ever period: Grindo, “e’e here for public ridicule. There is a problem, we don’ have the people... we need help… [you] need to assist law enforcement. We’e stuck with what we have. [We] need to work together to help the officers.”
         Although earnest and sincere sounding, the crowd wasn’ buying it. One lady from the far side said her husband was an officer in a K-9 unit and he had offered to help the county and was turned down. Grindo, “ didn’ know about that.”Buckshot Butcher stood and said he would like to talk to the guy.
         Remember Tracy Rogers from the Ambulance Authority days of old? During discussion of where the $100,000.00 911 center dollars went, Ms Rogers rapid fired a bunch of questions: What happened to the money? What is the 911 chain of command? Where’ the $2 a month go? Who dispatches the State Police? Why don’ locals get response when 911 is called? Wading into the stormy waters, Peter Triplett, “ don’ know… If there’ no officer, they can’ answer the call.” Oh, man, wrong answer! Triplett’ political capitol hit rock bottom.
         District Commander Fluharty finally responded with: 911 dispatches but there is no chain of command over State Police officers; they have their own dispatchers in South Charleston; there’ a new sergeant coming October 1; and, they don’ give out their home phone numbers to the public.
         More questions came, more ducking and dodging from Sams, Triplett and Grindo. With the crowd very agitated, “WE JUST WANT OUR HOMES PROTECTED!”As the tension mounted, Grindo goofed up with, “… If someone is not available, they can’ respond.”Mr. Cantrell added fuel to the fire, “here’ a bunch of people upset! We’e not getting very many answers. They [badges] don’ even call us back! WE NEED ANSWERS NOT EXCUSES!”
         You could feel the anxiety growing. Up front Sams and Triplett were reluctant to speak. Grindo stood at the mic ready for a more thorough thrashing. It came.
          Ovapa area resident Jim Perdue worked up to a lather and asked about Murder Mountain. “o you want us to handle this ourselves?….. In my basement I hear it nightly, rat-ta-ta-tat.. Boom, boom, boom.” The aged one told our prosecutor that kids could get killed if something isn’ done. At full throttle, Perdue, “RINDO YOU KNOW IT!!”
         And then…. Perdue changed the topic to an election year tactic employed by Commissioner Sams four years back, the hanging of the 10 Commandments in the Courthouse. NOTE: Recently Sheriff Fields commented that due in part to the “0”hanging in the courthouse, rent from the Family Law Master’ use of the County Commission room has been withheld from the county. According to Fields, as much as $700 or better a month for over 12 months. Perdue, “ow I love ‘m, but how much is the Ten Commandments costing this county?” Bam! Direct hit by Perdue. Sams, If those kids aren’ taught the Ten Commandments at home, they’l get ‘m at the Courthouse!” Perdue, “hat’ not fair destroying the community!”
         Man, you could see the crowd turn on Sams. Perdue had identified a self inflicted money drain brought on by the senior Commissioner.
         Not feeling that he’ been chewed on enough earlier in the night, Commissioner Triplett up to the plate, “e might get one deputy back in January.”Didn’ work, as the replies came flying back: Why not night deputies? This problem has been going on for a long time! Who does the Sheriff answer to anyway? Triplett retreated.
         Trying to turn the ire to something more positive, Sams commented on community watch programs in the Lizemores section of the county. He couldn’ do anything right! The crowd turned on him again with stories of police not showing up after 911 had been called. Sams had been shut down again.
         Soft spoken Jimmy Reed, “The Town is a big source of the problem…. If the Town had a judge, revenues would start coming into Clay.”NOTE: That idea has been hashed around Town Council for years but to date has not been achieved.
         Now of course the idea was to turn the public meeting into a political meeting. It almost happened!
         Judge Boone (serves in Gassaway and Clendenin) spoke on the virtues of Randy Holcomb, that Randy knows what to do. He mentioned Holcomb’ name five times that this reporter counted. Holcomb was a Gassaway officer, now a part time Braxton County deputy and a candidate for Clay County Sheriff in November. The crowd didn’ buy it and wanted no part of the spiel. They yelled, “eep the politics out of it!” Boone sat down.
         Magistrate Boggs zeroed in on Triplett. Boggs said he had read a newspaper article that said the county had lost $30,000 because of the Ten Commandments plaque. Boggs, “s the Supreme Court paying rent, yes or no?”With hardly any hinny left below the belt, Sams stepped up to the plate. Sams went into something about the Supreme Court having full control over the County Commission room if they rented it and the people need a room for meetings. Boggs, “’ not putting the Ten Commandments down, Jimmy.”Sams, “ES, YOU ARE!” The crowd went wild and yelled out, “es or no, Jimmy!”
                 Triplett tried to do some damage control. He mentioned grant dollars being available for remodeling an upstairs back room for the Family Law Courtroom. Boggs, “ut we’e loosing rent now! Take a vote on it if it’ costing us money now…. Take a look at Alabama, YOU CAN” WIN THAT BATTLE!” Get this, the crowd applauded Boggs. Would anybody have ever thunk it? That in Clayberry, anybody that would ever speak out on separation of church and state issues and get applause?
                 Triplett worked to deflect the criticism with words on other changes that would have to be made to the CCC room before rent could be received. Then he stepped right back in to the mess. Triplett said the rent for the upstairs Courtroom would amount to about $600 per month. Around the room, you could see the blood pressures rising. You could see the brain gears a turning. $600 a month for over a year lost?
                 Boggs, “hose deputies aren’ coming back. We have to train new ones! That’ expensive! If the Ten Commandments are costing us money, they shouldn’ be there!” The crowd concurred, Sams was in trouble and he knew it.
                 Seeing the growing anger turn fever pitch, Grindo tried to sway the crowd toward something more constructive as he asked for suggestions. Jacob Nichols offered: plea bargains turn the criminals right back on the street and “e see the same people over and over.”Didn’ last long as another man told the story of a bunch of mail boxes bashed and burnt recently and the thug got all the charges pled down to one.
                 Grindo asked again for suggestions to improve the county. Pigtailed Tommy Fitzwater suggested that County Commission meet during evening hours so the public could come and be a part of the proceedings. Grindo grinned broadly as finally a middle of the road suggestion had surfaced.
                 Didn’ last long. Local businessman and 5 time sheriff candidate Joe Morris spoke in strong words as he described $6600 worth of damages to his downtown Clay business. According to Morris, after being vandalized, he found the witnesses, he brought the witnesses to the Prosecutor and Grindo wouldn’ serve the petitions! Morris was upset as he yelled back to Grindo, “O BACK TO BRAXTON COUNTY!”The crowd roared with approval. Morris, “he same folks he wouldn’ prosecute broke into the Little League ball field!”
                 Grindo worked hard to steer the ship of hostility back on course. Two more suggestions came. Use more auxiliary [volunteer] police officers in the county and Barbara Schamberger fired off, “AN NEEDS TO COME TO COURT. THERE” 29 CASES TOMMORROW. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE THERE!”As Grindo tried to explain why he had cancelled all the cases on short notice and how the court system works quickly in this county, Mrs. Grindo fired a volley over Schamberger’ way, “ou don’ show up either!”
        Oh boy, you could see the hair stand up on Barbara’ head. Couldn’ make out what she yelled back but Mrs. Grindo, retorted, “ AM A DEFENSE ATTORNEY!!” NOTE: We understand that the Mrs. is an attorney but works as a Judge’ clerk in Nicholas County.
        With the crowd ready to turn into a lynch mob, Becky Pritt tried to say that a bunch of the county’ problems have to do with poor parenting.
She barely got the words out of her mouth when one guy stood and yelled, “Raise your right hand and I’l deputize you all!!!”Randy Holcomb started into a campaign speech but stopped in his tracks cold. Some guy from the side yelled out, “THIS AIN” FOR CAMPAIGNING!”The crowd cheered.
The meeting continued for about an hour and 15 minutes. Although the vigilante attitude was alarming, probably the most appalling came at the very end of the get-together when both Buckshot Butcher and Jimmy Sams advocated the use of firearms. The crowd responded with “Put crosshairs on a head!!!…. They ain’ coming into my house!!!!!!!…. We’l take law into our own hands!!!”
It was scary readers. Locals want police protection and feel frustrated. Some in the crowd had already felt the wrath of crime and the lack of law and order. Without drastic changes made immediately, Clay County is without a doubt heading for front page regional news coverage once again, and once again, it won’ be pretty.        
Did we mention that according to the Dept of Justice statistics: violent crimes in the US have fallen 55% over the last decade, property crimes decreased 49 percent, and, crimes of rape & sexual assault had a meaningful decline in 2003?                                        AW

         Last time we printed the story of a Thomas Flores who shot a dog after he said the dog bit his daughter. After an investigation, Flores was charged with three felonies and a misdemeanor. Since last issue, Flores has had his preliminary hearing where probable cause was found. Magistrate Boggs heard the case. There was a mix up in the paperwork. Instead of the cruelty to animal charge being a misdemeanor, it is in fact a felony.
        The case is heading over to Circuit Court.
By Andy Waddell
        You can say one thing for sure about Prosecutor Grindo, whether it’ getting his butt chewed during the Crime in Clayberry meeting or about anywhere else, Prosecutor Daniel Grindo knows how to make the newspaper. Here comes another one readers. Here’ a case where our man Grindo cost the county $ again. Green Shirts picked up a Colorado fugitive named Jason Kibler Sept 8, 2004. He was charged with larceny in that state and was a fugitive. Kibler was taken to Central Regional Jail to await his day his court. During his stay in CRJ, the county picked up his room and board, right about $50 per day. That was 7 days ago.
        Thursday morning Sept 16th, before Judge Facemire, it came to light, the Colorado court system did not want Kibler back. They refused to extradite the lad. Under questioning, Grindo admitted that he knew about the no extradition issue two days earlier. NOTE: On the FAX sent to the WV State Police from Colorado, the date was marked, Sept. 10th. That’ 6 days ago!
        Get it? Grindo had a guy locked up at county taxpayer expense for no reason! Our sources say that the good Clayberry Prosecutor had not been around the courthouse during those days in question. Just one more example of inattentive Prosecutorial office holder.
        Back on Dec 8, 2002, County Commissioner Tim Butcher highly recommended Grindo as the best choice over several other experienced candidates. Only in Clayberry!                                        AW

         Clay Development Corp (CDC) is holding special board meetings in Sept and Oct in an attempt to come into compliance with new state regulations. The new policy forces change in the make up of all senior service agencies and comes as a result of Bob Graham’ financial misdeeds within the ever so top secret, Wyoming County Senior Service program. The by law changes have to be read to the CDC Board three times prior to a Special General Membership meeting vote to be held Oct 7 2004. The final Board reading will be held Sept 23rd at 10am.
         The current 15 member CDC Board will be reduced to just 9 members and will be redefined to reflect a more professional background. Instead of five reps from Elected leaders, that number will be reduced to 2. The elderly and low income will also see a reduction in representation. Two professionals will be added to the round table.
         CDC Chair Gary Whaling announced that the Gene King from the school board and Francis Sutton from the Silver Haired Legislature will be seated in the elected positions and attorney Jeff Davis and Doctor Janie (or their representatives) will fill the two new professional spots.
         Director Betty Stalnaker commented that they had no choice in the changes if they wanted to continue to receive government funding.
         Clay County’ JERRY BIRD made the front page of the Charleston Gazette Sept 13th. Bird recently transferred from the always prone to political hatchery WV State Road to the Public Service Commission where he will make $75,000 annually. With the current administration changing after the Nov 2nd election cycle, the move is seen as political. Bird seems to have found a safer port to weather stormy changes ahead. According to the Gazette writers, long term career employees at the PSC have done without pay raises for a number of years and have expressed outrage over the politic sizing of the regulatory agency.
         Look for a complete 100% ban on all smoking in public areas in Jan 2005. That includes bars and restaurants this time around The Clay County Health Dept Board of Directors discussed the issue during their Sept 14th meeting. After seeing a power point, dog and pony show on the virtues of the ban, Boardsters Joe Morris, Herman Rogers and Bob Stover commented that they support the prohibition. If all goes as expected the formal decision will be made during the Jan 18th 2005 meeting.
         Don’ expect a public meeting to garner public sentiment either. The group was overwhelming against any kind of mass gathering of the public and instead said they would allow written comments only. Health Director Karen Dawson explained that the decision to ban smoking in all public places in the county including doorways, rests completely with the appointed Board. The regulation will not come before the County Commission for acceptance.
         Much of the discussion centered around the evils of second hand smoke and the number of smoking related deaths and illnesses. There will be an exception for all Bingo Halls in the county and state. Seems the employees there and the non smoking participants at the bingo halls don’ succumb to the same illnesses. Bingo Halls will NOT be subject to the ban. Those folks can happily puff away and spew clouds of carcinogens as they see fit.
         On other matters, $45,000 a year Therese Morton resigned from her RN/Sanitarian job. In a matter of fact sort of way, the staff told the Board they planned to replace Morton with Jay Carper. Joe Morris had other ideas as did Herman Rogers. Morris saw no need to pay that kind of money when the state pay guidelines call for a Sanitarian to receive around $22,000 per year. This reporter didn’ hear a decision on Carper being the next Sanitarian.
         One last note, after more scrutiny, and as a result of the lack of oversight and leadership by the Board and Director, the Clay County Health Dept expects to end the fiscal year about $70,000 in the red.
         As required by their by laws, the Central Appalachia Empowerment Zone (CAEZ) held their annual dinner Sept 7. This years affair was held in the hallway of the courthouse with tables zigzagging around the main floor stairway. With food in ample supply, the 25 or so in attendance heard a stump speech for Joe Manchin by his side kick, Brian Katick. Katick didn’ come out and say vote for Manchin but he did go over Manchin’ plans and ideals for the future of the state.
         With a full belly and after hearing the campaign rhetoric, the group was treated to a power point presentation that highlighted all the accomplishments of the CAEZ . In Clay County there was the…ah…. And then there was the very successful….. ah….. and mention was even made of the Dam Sampson project at Wallback which they didn’ have one thing to do with!
         After all the egos were stroked, Director Jerry Sizemore attempted to clear the rumor of the CAEZ going out of business at the end of this year after 10 years of existence. Sizemore explained that the empowerment zone and enterprise community concept and funding will all be gone by Dec 31st of this year. The CAEZ name will remain in the form of a “hampion Community”project. During recent meetings of the CAEZ, Sizemore explained to the Board that the CAEZ had already been accepted under the Champion Community “mbrella” A check of the Champion Community web site ( updated in April 2004) did not reveal such a designation.
         Where’ HAC?? The Clay County Commission held their Sept 3rd meeting minus short on time Mathew “e ain’ Comin”Bragg. When Doris Summers asked about his whereabouts and why doesn’ he resign from the job if he isn’ earning his keep, Commissioner Sams, “t would be good if he’ resign”
         Remember the big public meeting three weeks ago where public input was requested on a Surface Mining Master Land Use Plan? During that meeting, several residents of the county voiced strong resentment to implementing any plan that would be let coal mining companies get by with less land reclaiming efforts.
         Without any discussion, the Master Land Use plan was adopted by Commissioners Sams and Triplett during this Sept 3rd meeting. So much for public input.
         Clay Roane PSD sure can’ be left out of the Short Shorts mix. The band of five finally approved their 2004-2005 budget Sept 9th. Only one problem readers. Their math was off! Instead of ending next year in the black, the budget calls for going in the hole by nearly $8000.00. Seems no one added the figures!
         Amma Left hand water want ta bees, the money is in place and the contracts are acceptable. There are still a few bridges to cross before the dirt can start flying. Little things like getting all the Rights of Way signed, State Road permits, and final WV PSC approval. Total project cost: $5,485,550.00.
          And something to make you scratch your heads…. With $ in short supply, without a contractor willing to work for them, and with a customer yelling harassment, Clay Roane PSD voted to hire Dale Deems at $8 per hour. Deems is the fellow that told the Board during an August Special meeting, he wanted no part of the operation.                                AW
                 PROTESTERS PICKET
                 How often do you see protesters at the Courthouse? Other than one elderly lady several years back protesting the work of the 99 year old Sheriff, protests are few and far between. The tactic is protected as one of our basic rights in Amendment one of the Constitution: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievenances.
                 For most of the day Wednesday Sept 15th, around 30 marchers held up signs and yelled out for support from passing motorists. For the most part, they were well received by the general public. Here’the background.
                 Two years ago, on June 1 2002, Christy Smarr died in a car wreck. Smarr was the biological Mother of a child, a product of artifical insemination court records indicate. Since her death a court battle ensued over who should get custody of the lad, the grand-parents or Smarr’ gay companion, Tina Burch. The court case went through Judge Ruckman’ Family Law Court where Burch was awarded custody. On appeal to the Circuit Court, Jack Alsop reversed Ruckman’ decision and grand-parents, Janet and Paul Smarr were awarded custody. Alsop decided that state law doesn’ give a homosexual guardianship rights. The 4 year old was awarded back to the grand-parents.
         On Sept 2nd, the WV Supreme Court agreed to hear the second appeal. At issue before the high court: Does Burch’ sexuality make her ineligible to have custody of the 4 year old who she has helped raise? Burch’ attorney James Wilson Douglas came up with an old high court ruling citing something about “psychological parents”to form the basis for his appeal. Although we don’ understand it, there must be something to it! After accepting the appeal, the high court gave temporary custody back to Ms Burch.
         Of course here locally, the issue is much different. The issue is gay rights. During the protest, several of the participants carried signs denouncing homosexual rights. One fellow spoke out and said, “lood”relations should be given custody. Another partaker was very vocal and said Christy Smarr was NOT gay and Burch was just using that angle to get custody. Although the fate of the boy will be made in Charleston, Jeannie Nottingham remarked that the protest was being held here because she wanted Judge Timothy Rickman aware, they don’ appreciate his decision. One bearded guy said “We don’ need Judges like that in this county!”
         The case before the high court is a thorny one. In West Virginia, the Court’ final say could become a landmark decision and shape the future of gay rights vs blood line relationships for years to come.
         If you missed this week’ protest, never fear, protester Nottingham said they plan to assembly each Wednesday that Judge Ruckman is inside the Courthouse.                                        AW
         Murder Mtn. Update Sr. Makes Bond
                 In the sage of trying to sort out the bad guys from the rest, an update on Murder Mountain August 17th shoot out. First some background.
         Tommy Young Sr was jailed unable to make $150,000 bond. Tommy Young Jr., a 17 year old juvenile, finally turned himself in with bond set for him at $400,000.00. Jr was first taken to Salem Juvy Center and then later transferred to Kanawha County. Both were charged with wanton endangerment, felonies. The victim was Richard Cummings who was shot multiple times in the leg and arm. After the Young’ were picked up and during the initial investigation, Green Shirts found pot plants growing close to the Cummings trailer Richard was arrested on possession, and delivery of pot. Cummings made bail on Sept 2, 2004.
                 Now for the new stuff from Sept 10th. After Magistrate Boggs was recused from the case, Magistrate King held the Tommy Young Sr. Preliminary Hearing Sept 10th at 4:40pm. Charges with five felonies, this as serious business. The place was packed. Little kids by the boat loads climbed the old Courthouse hallway walls and ate candy. Green shirts were everywhere. Sr was brought into the courtroom dressed in orange and shackled. Attorney William Lester was at his side. To the left was Prosecutor Grindo and Tpr Stephenson. After being sworn in, dressed in a sleeveless gray T shirt, Richard Cummings took the stand. Cummings told the court he had been shot by Sr who also tried to kill his children. In the meandering, often confusing testimony sometimes contradictory testimony, we gathered these nuggets.
                 Tommy Young Jr came down toward the Cummings trailer with a pistol in his hand and began arguing with Dennis Kotch. Jr fired the pistol twice into the ground, said,”This is a warning!” and ran back up the hill to is double wide trailer. 911 was called and the cops arrived. Statements were taken. Cummings said he told the Badges, “hey’e coming back after the cops leave.”
                 Sometime in the last hours of the 17th, Cummings wasn’ sure of the time, shots rang out. Cummings said he covered his children with a Harley Davidson blanket because they were cold. With the kids covered, he went for his close by, shotgun and ammo. The first rounds blasted the window air conditioner. With the lights turned off, Cummings said he could see Jr thru the kitchen window, “He opened up.”Cummings emptied his shotgun and went for the SKS automatic assault rifle with a banana clip. With bullets flying, Cummings grabbed the kids, kicked open the trailer door and started running. Cummings returned fire.
                 Cummings testified that he could see Young Sr around the corner of the old farm house. He said the kids saw Jr and a third person. Cummings, The kids were screaming and I was firing back…. As they were running, that’ when I got hit.. I fell back… the kids helped me up… I was blacking out and trying to reload…”Cummings said they ran first to the Potasnick house, then to the Dawson house. While making it to the Dawson home, more shots were fired at him. “We went to three of four homes. No one would answer..”Cummings went on to say he made to the White house where he shoved the kids inside the home and told a Mr White to reload the SKS. “he kids were in the line of fire!”There, 911 was called and the police showed up.
                 While all the testimony was going on, Sr sat quietly. Never budged a muscle. He kept eye contact on Cummings. Once he smiled. Other times he whispered to his attorney Jerome Novobilski and paralegal Lynn Drake. Novobilski made notes and drummed his fingers on a legal pad. Across the way, Grindo leafed thru a couple papers with his sunglasses dangling from his ivory colored knit shirt button hole. In the peanut gallery, Sr.’ girl friend, Renee Boyd looked his way and often shock her head no during testimony.        Grindo asked Cummings: Who’ weapon fired the bullet that hit you? And then an Uh Oh! Cummings responded that he couldn’ really say, that they were ALL firing at him.
                 Jerome went thru the defense attorney questioning. Like, if Jr was arguing with Dennis Kotch, why was Jr shooting at you? What kind of weapon did Jr first fire? Cummings, a 9mm pistol. Where was Kotch? Cummings, inside a van. Why was Young Sr and Jr firing at you? Cummings, they were mad at Kotch. You said you were using a shotgun. Cummings, No an SKS with a 30 round clip, the shotgun was in the bedroom, I crawled on the floor to get some shells. Cummings went on to say that the next night “hey”were firing at his kids near the Ovapa Church of God. Couldn’ Kotch have been firing at you? Cummings, No, I made eye contact!
                 Here’ an interesting part readers. Cummings admitted that there wasn’ any love lost between he and Sr. Why, Novo asked. Cummings came back with: because they sell drugs to kids and steal! Novo, Weren’ you arrested for selling drugs? Cummings, No. He continued, Jr. was going to blow his F****** brains out and did shoot up the van. Cummings, “he hatred is based on them stealing, robbing, drug dealing, and their criminal activities. I am against that, I have never threatened a child in my life!
                 After a break in the action, probable cause was found and off to Central Regional Jail went Tommy Young Sr.
                 Just sitting in the peanut gallery and listening, some questions surfaced. Why are the bullets still in Cummings leg? Why haven’ they been removed so proper healing could take place. During the early days of the Murder Mountain saga, rumor had it that Cummings may have shot himself to get Sr off the mountain and into the slammer. Also, since it was late night during the hail of gunfire and the old farm house is quite a distance from the Cummings residence, someone must have better vision than a owl!
                 This week Sr was able to raise bail with the help of a $120,000 from a bail bondsman and a Kanawha County property owner. That affidavit is to the side of this article.
                 As for Tommy Young Jr, he remains locked up. Thursday morning before Judge Facemire, a bond reduction hearing was held. We understand during that proceeding, Jr managed to pee off the Judge with smirks and grins. Jr remained incarcerated as of Sept. 16th.
                 So… where do we stand now? Tommy Young Sr and Richard Cummings are both out on bond. Jr remains behind bars. Based on recent history, keep your scanners turned on, anything could happen at any time!        
          On August 31 into the early hours of September 1, I had visitors – three 4-wheelers traveling past my home on Route 16, Bickmore at a high rate of speed, and the most ungodly noise you can imagine. After it got quiet, I tried to rest until I was alerted to the fact, by my daughter on her way to the bus stop, that the glass in the side mirror on our jeep was broken and on the ground. Further investigation by Cletis and me found nicks and deep cuts in the side window, and nicks on the body on the panel behind the rear door. Cletis called 911 to have an officer come out. I called our insurance company. An officer called us saying he would be out in the afternoon. I went on to a doctor’ appointment, stopped by the insurance company, then on to get an estimate. Returning home I found out that no one had showed.
          Next day: claim adjuster calls wanting an update on the police report. We had to tell her no one came out. Another call was made to the Sheriff’ office leaving a message for the officer. In the meantime my husband placed benches on our land to keep the 4-wheelers from crossing. He also talked with Mr. Hubbard from the local State Road (we are covering all the bases) and was told anything put on State we are responsible – we have them on our land! And, in the works, a fence! But we are still shelling out $600.00 in damages to the Jeep, because of a $500 deductible and this being a hit and run. Money-wise I will have only enough to replace the mirror.
          So here it is: the person or persons responsible will go free. No report for my insurance company by police. My faith in man’ word gone. People are not honest. The laws on 4-wheelers are not enforced!
          You are to have respect for someone else’ property. No adult or teenager should be allowed to destroy and go on someone else’ land causing damage, and nothing is done in Clayberry about it!
                  Patty Fugate
         ??? DID YOU KNOW ???
1.        The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.
2.        1,262 West Virginians died of stroke in 2001.
3.        Scientists at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention say improperly cooked wild game, mostly black bear meat, has become the leading cause of human trichinellosis in the United States.
4.        The number of teen births in West Virginia plunged from 1,419 in 1985 to an all time low of 735.
5.        Industry experts say thousands of shopping carts are stolen annually nationwide at a cost of about $125.00 each.
6.        West Virginia University is ranked number 4 on the nation’s top ten “party schools”list.
7.        The International Herb Association has voted garlic the herb of the year for 2004.
8.        About 75 percent of West Virginia drivers now use seat belts, compared to about 50 percent 3 years ago.
9.        A third of all vehicles sold cost above $30,000 in the U.S. Sales will be over 17 million this year.
10.         The Air Force lists the most Wicans, the Army lists none, the Marine Corps has 68.
11.         Last year 6,434 Chinese coal miners were killed on the job.
12.         WVU’ undergraduate engineering program is ranked 99th among 111 listed schools offering doctoral degrees.
13.         The state Criminal Justice Statistical Analysis Center says juvenile arrests dropped by 27 percent between 2000 and 2002.
14.         The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that the state has 1,300 dove hunters, plus or minus 38 percent.
15.         Gene Simmons, of Kiss, will appear on “ueer Eye For The Straight Guy”on Sept. 28, 2004.
16.         The Division of Motor Vehicles began scheduling ATV safety awareness training classes on Sept. 1, 2004.
17.         According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 35 percent of fatalities involving trucks occur in the driver’s blind spot.
18.         Kurt Warner started as quarterback for the New York Giants last month.
19.         A survey of 3,000 New England students found that those who earned “’”or better, slept an average of 17 to 33 minutes longer every night than students who got “’”or lower.
20.         The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 320,000 Americans are hospitalized each year from food borne and diarrheal disease.

“Moral Clarity”Claptrap
         Are West Virginians more, or less, likely to vote based upon their diligent study of the issues, or, do we make up our minds based upon nanosecond sound bites-fleeting images spewed forth on commercial television? Judging from what we see and hear from the medium that is “eldom well done”– (Talluluh Bankhead), one has to believe that this election will be decided on the basis of slick Madison Avenue ad campaigns of the trashy kind that offer the viewer nothing of substance of which to make a informed choice. However, meaningful information is available; one only needs to avail himself/herself of it. But, the first order of business must be to open one’ mind to receive facts, not rumors, innuendos, half-truths, and yes, the lies that are being spread abroad in this land like a horrible flood. Do we want our officeholders to be put into their positions based upon some flight of fancy, or, do we prefer to employ our public servants based upon a credible collection of historical and character references, along with his/her service worthiness? In short, do we want t make our choices on the word of entrenched power brokers, or, are we still free to look at basic facts, then, and only then, decide whom we will elect this coming November?
         By way of observation, we have learned the lesson of history, to wit: Political parties are man made organisms that reflect the dominate personalities at any given time. Though the party be composed of many individuals, the party is not a person – it is a corporation that can only act, in the sense that it’ members think and participate in it’ affairs. The “arty”has no heart nor soul – only people (persons) are capable of providing feelings and motivation. In other words, the party is only a piece of paper, a legal entity, created and sustained by those who seek to benefit from it’ activities. It is not, to my knowledge, given any Constitutional form or formality; one might say that it is a power unto itself, hence, some of the more indiscreet and obnoxious political goings-on are “arty”oriented; it occupies special status in custom and practice. Therefore, having no conscience of it’ own, the party lives and breathes according to the dictates of it’ dominate members, be they saints or sinner. Some say that we do nominate saints for public office. Why? One might ask. Well, because any saint with the strength of his convictions derived from Holy Writ, could not participate in the kind of State- sponsored deceitfulness that is openly flaunted in political circles. No, indeed, anyone worthy to be called a saint would recoil at the kind of cruel rhetoric that is now common-place in party politics.
                 Having said that, people of goodwill have always come forward to offer themselves in service for the public good, especially, in times of crises. And today, a catastrophic event of the highest magnitude looms just out on the horizon; not, may I add, from the enemies without, but from the forces within who have forgotten (if they ever knew) the history of this nation and the reason for it’ existence. We believe this nation was founded as a refuge for the persecuted masses around this globe – a haven for the weak, the weary, the poor, the naked, and the downtrodden. However, along the way, this ‘iny acorn’has ‘nto a mighty oak grown,’it’ branches spreading from ‘ea to shining sea.’ This nation has grown strong, it’ people have prospered, it’ armaments powerful and intimidating – so much so that, being human as we are, we have become proud, boastful, deceitful in our dealings with others, even arrogant. This nation has provided a roosting place for all manner of men, animals, birds of the air, AND unholy spirits. The bounty of this land has often been used for good, but in the past fifty years has, more and more, been devoted to the procurement of weapons of mass destruction; thusly, sapping our energies and detracting us from loftier goals which under-girded our development into a great country. We believe that this nation has greatly changed in the 227 years since it’ founding, and that is now “peaks as a dragon”according to Scripture; not only to other nations, but to it’ citizens as well.
         How else may we explain the mass deceptions being perpetuated upon this nation and it’ people by elitists who portray themselves as a sort of savior – one born for such a time as this – while at the same instant, robbing the coffers of this country, taking monies that are earmarked for imminent needs of the people and giving it to the already wealthy? Where is the conscience of those who make war on credit, placing this and future generations hock for the sake of their own vanity? What kind of person can look the needs of this country and then give its economic resources to the richest one percent of it’ inhabitants? Who among us can look upon the mass killings that are going on around this globe and not be compelled to cry out in indignation at the injustice being portrayed therein? Remember FICA? This, friend, is a fund set up for the good and welfare of people after they are retired from active work. These monies are deducted from wages earned – specific purpose – that of keeping people out of the throes of poverty. But, guess what, our government, in it’ imperialistic way, dips into this fund and uses it for whatever it darn well pleases. That, friend, is State-sponsored theft- a fraud committed upon everyone who works for a living. And they say, Social Security needs fixing. Rest assured, those who have shown themselves to be enemies of Social Security in the past are not the one’ who will fix it for our benefit. Where is the “oral clarity”by which these people speak?
         Yes, we agree that this nation needs ‘ change,’one that will more effectively and realistically reflect the equality written into the Documents upon which this Federation was founded. The contention that all things flow from the Potomac Basin is utter nonsense. As has been mentioned in this column before, the political waters run down stream to Charleston and Washington. There is a direct link between what is referred to as ‘ocal’and ‘ational’politics; and before we can clean up Washington, we must, necessarily, clean out the cesspool that bubbles in our own backyard. BECAUSE: The horn of power that corrupts the legislative process on Pennsylvania Avenue is the same many-headed creature with which we wrestle wherever we call home.                         Jim Chafin
                 This paper is real big on covering public meetings, back room scumbag politico dealings and such. The gore of even a car wreck, we avoid. Let some other paper not willing to sit through long winded public meetings handle that.
                 The story of Nancy Nelson’ death is a tough to write story. Nelson owned and operated the recently expanded and very popular local eatery at Maysel, Nancy’ Crossroads Restaurant. Locals watched Nancy hustle each and every day to make sure the meals were ample, tasty, and on time. She was well liked throughout the county. In addition to being a good business person, she sang a pretty good tune, too.
                 The morning of September 13, around 11a.m., the first 911 calls were heard. Ambulance and law enforcement were called to the home of the owner of Nancy’ Restaurant. By 11:40a.m. a helicopter was taking her to CAMC, reported with a gunshot wound to the head and in critical condition. Law enforcement blanketed the scene. After completing a juvenile hearing, Prosecutor Grindo came to the scene. The big white crime scene truck showed up.
                 Shortly after lunch, two State Police officers headed to Charleston. By mid afternoon TV-3 news crews had the story and were airing Larry G. Thomas as the shooter. Thomas was Nelson’ estranged husband. Tuesday, TV-8 picked it up and that Nancy Nelson had died. Somewhere in the mix, the report came that Thomas had tried to kill himself with pills in his Charleston apartment after fleeing Clay County. Beside him was a bottle and a gun. He too was hospitalized. Nelson died in the early afternoon hours of September 14, 2004.
                 Of course there was the usual round of rumors on top of rumors. But for once, our county got quiet. There was shock. People spoke quieter. At the Courthouse, the jokes stopped and people thought before speaking. Someone put a sign up at the restaurant, closed until further notice, an emergency.
                 Thomas was arraigned before Magistrate Boggs on murder in the first degree Wednesday evening September 15th. Sgt Wiles took him onto Central Regional Jail after the court appearance. Bond was not set on the murder charge.
          From the court records signed by Sgt Christopher Grant Wiles: On Monday, Sept. 13, 2004 at approximately 110 hours, the undersigned officer received a call from Nicholas County 911 regarding a female individual being shot at her residence, which is located in the Maysel area of Clay County. Upon arrival, the undersigned officer entered the residence and observed the victim to be Nancy Nelson. The undersigned officer observed the victim to be in the bedroom of the residence lying on her bed. The victim was bleeding extensively from the head area and gun shot wounds were noted upon this area as well. The officer noted the victim to have a gun shot wound to her chest and left arm. Shortly after the officer’ arrival, the victim was transported to Bradley Field in Clay, WV by Clay County EMS, where they were met by Healthnet…..
                 During the course of the investigation, the officer and other members of the detachment were informed that the defendant Larry Thomas, who is the ex husband of the victim, had admitted the shooting to a family member. The undersigned officer and TFC Elswick traveled to the defendant’ residence which is located in Charleston later that same day, and met with two members of the Charleston Police Department. The Charleston police officers advised that they had responded to an overdose incident at the defendant’ residence during the early afternoon hours and observed a 9 mm pistol within a brown paper bag with ammunition. Prior to …. Arrival, the defendant was transported to CAMC for treatment. The defendant’ apartment was secured and a search warrant was obtained from Kanawha County Magistrate Court based on information received that the defendant admitted to his daughter via public service that he had shot the victim. Upon obtaining the search warrant, the officers…. Executed same at approximately 1817 hours. During the course of the search, the officers found a letter on the defendant’s computer addressed to his daughter explaining the reason he shot the victim. At approximately 2222 hours, same date, the officers…received a public service at the South Charleston detachment from Charleston General Hospital and were informed the victim became deceased as a result of her injuries received from the gun shot wounds. The officers… received a statement from the defendant’ daughter, who advised he had public serviced her earlier, same date, and confessed to killing the victim. The WV State Police crime scene unit also responded to the victim’ residence to collect evidence and examine the scene, at which time, they noted that the downstairs sliding glass door was the point of entry and point of exit of the defendant and it appeared that the defendant forced entry into the victim’ residence to commit the crime…..
Thomas is to appear before Magistrate Boggs September 21st at 10a.m. Wayne King has been appointed as counsel.
                 Nelson was buried Friday, September 17, in the Nelson Cemetery on Dundon Hill. She leaves behind her daughter, Whitney Irene Nelson; her parents, Virgel and Irene Nelson of Maysel; brother and sister-in-law, Glen and Janandra Nelson of Maysel; sisters and brothers-in-law, Vivian and Kenny Knotts, Sharon and Ray James and Betty Nelson, all of Maysel; 12 living aunts and uncles, 4 nieces, Clarissa Nelson McQuillen, Carla Knotts Evans, Sandra James Stack, and Stephanie Givens Rogers; 3 nephews, William David Nelson, Craig Knotts, and John James; 4 great-nephews and a host of friends.                                         AW
         Aid For Families In Need, Inc.
         Mrs. Kate Whitteker, Executive Director,
         PO Box 43, Amma, WV 25005                                      
         Telephone & Fax (304) 565-4426
         Or call Toll Free # 1-866-672-1344
         Hello to Everyone,
          Aid For Families In Need, Inc. (AFFIN) has been working with the residents of our service counties to bring food into our communities for those in need. AFFIN is proud to announce a new partnership with Angel Food Ministries. This partnership is being formed to bring in good quality food to benefit the people of Braxton, Calhoun, Clay, Gilmer, Nicholas and Roane counties.
          Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing grocery relief and financial support to communities throughout the United States. The program began with 34 families in Monroe, Georgia (between Atlanta and Athens) in 1994, and has grown to serve thousands of families every month across 17 states.
          Angel Food's groceries are sold in a quantity that can fit into a medium sized box at $25.00 per unit. Each month's menu is different than the previous month and consists of both fresh and frozen items with an average retail value of approximately $50. Comparison shopping has been done across the country in various communities using a wide range of retail grocery stores and has resulted in the same food items costing from between $42 and $78. Generally, one unit of food assists in feeding a family of four for about one week or a single senior citizen for almost a month. The food is all the same high quality one would purchase at a grocery store. There are no second-hand items, no damaged or out-dated goods, no dented cans without labels, no day-old breads, and no produce that is almost too ripe.
          Also offered are specialty boxes such as steaks, chicken, and pork. Many participants in this bonus program appreciate the expanded choices. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of units or bonus foods an individual can purchase, and there are no applications to complete or qualifications to which participants must adhere. Angel Food Ministries, like most all other retail grocery stores, also participates in the U.S. Food Stamp program, using the Off-Line Food Stamp Voucher system.
          We want to stress that this program is for the benefit of everyone! This program is available to people from all income brackets. We are a community-based organization and all churches, civic groups, low income and very low income persons, senior centers, and schools are welcome to participate.
          If you are interested in participating in this exciting new food program, please call the number listed above. Orders will be taken starting October 1, 2004 for October delivery. Please note that the menu shown is a sample menu. The menu changes every month. October menu will be available on October 1st.
          The October menu will be posted throughout our service counties and in local newspapers. Your October order MUST be received by Friday, October 15th. Delivery will be on Saturday, October 30th at the AMMA SENIOR CENTER in Amma, WV 25005.
          We accept cash, money order, bank checks, and EBT food stamp cards. NO PERSONAL CHECKS.
         Frank’s Chatter
                 Do you remember a few months back, around July I believe, I wrote in the Communicator about four wheelers and how kids, along with adults, abuse them safety-wise, and somebody was going to get hurt bad? I also talked about dogs running loose in Clay County and how dangerous this was, that somebody was going to get hurt or killed. This letter went to the County Commission, and was treated like everything else, pushed under the rug, by somebody saying that the state will take care of the 4-wheeler law, and that we already have a law on the books concerning dogs called the leash law. What this leash law does, nobody seems to know. I guess it’ like everything else, we just wait until something happens and that is when we will think about doing something!
                 This makes you stop and think about those T-shirts (company, A&F) that are put out which twist the tail of the Governor once again. The most recent is about the gene pool in West Virginia. I believe that the person who did the research for this must have come to Clay County and tried to get a job and found out that if you do not belong to a few families you might as well leave.
                 Clay County Commission should feel very proud of themselves, for what I was talking about to them in trying to get proper laws in place having to do with safety, has happened: Clay County is now #1 in deaths on 4-wheelers. This news doesn’ make any difference though, because a gentleman who almost lost his life on one was seen driving like a moron down Route 4 here in Clay. This probably also has something to do with the gene pool!
                 On dogs biting or hurting people, this now has also taken place even though we have a “eash law.” I wonder if the decisions that will be made now will have anything to do with the gene pool!
                 We have a festival just like Roane County’ Black Walnut, and other counties all around us, that have people coming in from all over. And by all over I mean people coming in from Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi; these are just a few people that I have spoken to. I was asked, if they come here, has things changed any? One real good friend, who lives in Tennessee, asked if he could buy apples yet or if people were selling pies and making apple butter the old fashion way, showing and selling hand made quilts, which people used to make all the time. But something happened to the gene pool that stopped a lot of this from happening. Other counties have things to sell and make money for the county, giving the county a good name and giving people a reason to want to return. Maybe even bring in business! My friend in Tennessee wanted to know if he did come up here, instead of imposing on our family for lodging, etc., is there anywhere to stay at, like a KOA, Sam’ Club? These are camp grounds, and they usually set somewhere close to an interstate, for travelers, especially this time of the year, to use to go to all these festivals. There are a lot of people who travel like this and spend money and buy things, but, as always, we have no where for these people to stay close to the interstate, nothing for the people to buy and no body who cares about selling anything. KOA campgrounds are all over the place and are within driving distance of a town that doesn’ have anywhere to stay.
                 All of this helps, along with other things, to put us in the top five counties in the U.S. who are poverty-stricken and destitute. And believe it or not, the way I look at it, this is by choice, because our Commission doesn’ want business to come in Clay. We can make some of these festivals nice and clean, a place where people can sell home made items. It would be more like a homecoming. Do not have carnival rides - this should be a get together for families who have moved away and just plain ole folks, who used to live here, to be called family, and a place to sell what the people in Clay County are known for during this time, and that is golden delicious apples. In the evening, you could put some tents up, have some singing going on, mostly gospel, even though...I’ not going to touch this one, on God, because we are in enough trouble. Just make it a good ole family type reunion, and not somebody in the gene pool trying to make even more money than they have now, and they don’ help anyone! A lot of food could be free, and that’ where a lot of the Governor’ Digest Money could come in.
                 Flatwoods started out with a small camp ground, right next to the Interstate, and grew, and grew, and grew, and is still growing from that one little camp ground. How did this happen? Was it because they had people who cared?
                 Summersville has really turned into a boomtown, and they just started out with a ma and pa restaurant, and a gas station. Oh yes, a people who cared, and wanted to make a change.
                 So, if you are still reading this, which I doubt, because I’ not in the family, just ask yourself, why don’ we have people who care and want to grow and want to put in camp grounds right next to the interstate, and then next to it put in a small grocery store, farmers market, a small restaurant and a place to buy gas… and do you know something good might just come from this place yet? Don’ do what was done with 4-wheelers, and dogs. Don’ wait for something bad to happen before any action is taken, or even worse, don’ think to yourself that somebody is going to come by and throw a business in your lap. Listen to the people. Good will come, I promise you that. Just do something, instead of sitting on your butts.
                 Put up a sign on Interstate 64:
         FLATWOODS EXITS - AHEAD        
                                 Frank L. Kish, Jr.

                 As the Wicked Witch of the West said, "What a world, what a world!"
         I just have to say something about how the word liberal is being used today. The way it is spit out by the media & politicians you would think it is derogatory or something. I beg to disagree with that attitude. Why some of our most illustrious presidents were actually very liberal in their thoughts and actions. George Washington was a highly respected British military leader, as well as a successful farmer, but was liberal enough in his heart, mind and soul to put it all on the line by rebelling against his king. Could or would any of you do the same today?
         Abraham Lincoln had been a successful lawyer and politician before becoming president. He was apparently sitting pretty and looking forward to as many terms in office as he wanted. But he was liberal enough to know that our nation could never be truly great so long as we treated other humans like animals. So he risked everything he had, had ever worked for and might ever have to right that wrong. To do so he had to face a rebellion, the secession of several states and win a Civil War. Today we are dealing with an administration that apparently is trying to undo that monumental effort and once again create an America of those that have too much and those that don't have enough, or in other words, first and second class citizens.
         Teddy Roosevelt was another president that was liberal in thought and action. A poster-child of the GOP, he not only broke the backs of the monopolies that had a strangle-hold on this country but also had the vision to establish the National Park system, denying access to our natural wonders to the corporate despoilers and destroyers. Now those that try to claim him as one of their own are doing the exact opposite, trying to restore the corporate barons to power and renew their efforts to destroy our wilderness areas.
         Another great liberal was none other than Ike Eisenhower, who had the vision and forethought to see that we needed an Interstate highway system to connect this great nation, spurring development as it grew.
         One last liberal that I'll mention was Richard Nixon, who after decades of jingoistic thought, realized that we had to acknowledge the nation of China and begin to deal with them. You may have noticed that all but one of these great liberals came from the GOP, which makes it all the sadder. What has become of the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Nixon? Peace brothers and sisters, I'll see you at the Festival.
         Letter to Brother Bill By Evelyne McLaughlin
          Dear Brother, in my last letter to you I guess I hit a wrong key for our 50th Class Reunion (CCHS '55) - sorry about that. The reunion is scheduled for July 2, 2005…least I make another boo-boo, it is July 2, 2005. I think I may be getting old…? In contacting our classmates, I had a wonderful conversation with Marlin Bailes ('55). He lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He is retired from the Air Force and has some great stories to tell. Marlin traveled all over the world while in the Air Force. We talked about our old school days and he was curious about where some of our former classmates were living. We are looking forward to seeing him (after 50 years) and his wife at our reunion next summer. Some of the post cards I have sent out concerning our reunion have been returned: Gilbert Adkins, Versil James, and Dennis Sutton - WHERE ARE YOU?
          Dixie and Richard Jarvis attended a cook-out at their son's home, Ryan Jarvis, in St. Albans over the holidays. Rodney and Melissa McLaughlin have finished putting a new coat of paint on their home. It is purple and looks really nice. Melissa says they have the only purple house in Procious.
          So sorry to learn of Graden Pritts passing. Graden and I went to school together. Sorry to hear of Randy Rhodes passing. Also, Benjamin Thomas was buried last Sunday. He was married to Marge Smith (formerly of Clay). Our sympathies to all of these families. Nancy Nelson, of Maysel, will truly be missed. Such a tragic thing to happen.
          Sylvia and I motored to the big town of Charleston recently to pick up a battery for my car. Of course, we hit a few yard sales going down and a few on the return trip. Don bought me a license plate some time ago that says "This vehicle stops at all garage sales." I must hunt it up and put it back on the truck.
          Mary K. King, of Lizemores, is recuperating after being hit head on by another vehicle. Thankful she wasn't hurt any worse than what she was, stitches in leg and arm messed up. Jamie Schoonover is recovering from a bout with pneumonia. Ramona Arbogast Samples, of Procious, is a patient in the Charleston Memorial Hospital. Maggie Thomas Graham, of Georgia, is experiencing health problems. Please remember these folks in your prayers.
          I hope you don't mind, but I have found General, the bird you gave me, a new home. I don't think he has even been happy since coming to our house. J. R. and Johnny Stricklen want him badly. (Tootsie's grans).
          Monday evening I drove to Lizemores to the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Bird ('55) to visit with some old friends that I had not seen for a while. I had a wonderful visit. There were Birds and Bird-in-laws all over the place. There were big Birds, little Birds and middle-size Birds. Jane had fixed a fantastic meal and I ate some of the best blackberry cobbler that I have ever tasted. It was a wonderful visit with these folks. Others there were Marge Smith Thomas, of Arkansas, and her son, Benjamin, Robert Smith of Nevada, James Smith of Sedalia, Mo., and Carliss Smith of Sacramento, California. James Bird has been doing some beautiful wood work. I had such a good time, I think I'll go again.
          Belated birthday wishes to Hazel Braley of Ovapa and Chester Summers of Marlington. Hope you folks have many, many more. Patty Williams of Bomont and her friend, a Mrs. Rogers, stopped by Tuesday for a short visit. I stopped by the new restaurant, Sister's Place, this week. Our cousin, Janet McCune Canfield, is the cook. She wanted to know if Bill was still skinny – WHAT? That has been so long ago, when were you skinny (or myself). She said to tell you hello. Lots of folks were eating there and Nikki O'Brien was there taking a break from selling real estate. Nikki is a sweetheart. I hear that Chester Brown and his wife, of Florida, are moving to Ovapa. At this present time West Virginia might be a calmer place than Florida.
          Remember in my last letter, Aunt Eva told about being afraid of storms. She also writes: Once we all went to the cellar and Ma left the door partially open so we could breathe. It came a loud crash across the creek and it buttoned on the outside. Ma said "We will smother to death,”and scared me awful. Some way she tore a strip of wood from a shelf and pounded it till the button came off. Good old days - Bah humbug. Hallie (a sister who later married Ted Burdette) and I helped cut wood but she could beat me. I was oldest but she was strongest. One day Pa came in and said "Who dulled my axe?" We all said "Not I," and he said it was either Eva or Hallie. So he gave us both a hard whipping with a switch. Hallie always said she didn't and I know I didn't, so the guilty one went unpunished. At Christmas time I always wanted to get Ma something so I had a bag of shell bark hazelnuts. I sold them for a nickel. And Grover bought Ma a five cent coconut. The next year we gathered wild chestnuts and I sold mine to Grover for fifteen cents. Ma used a little zinc shovel to carry coals from the fireplace to kindle fire in the cook stove. The handle was broken off so she tried to hold it with a cloth and burned her hand. I bought her a new shovel that year. We finally built a better house, good floor and ceiling, and two bed rooms upstairs. I was married to Jake (Samples) in our living room in 1922. I was 19. I lived different places at Nallen, Spring Hill, Elkhurst and put time in the old log house on Twistabout Ridge where Dick (another brother) and Vanna (Paxton) lived. Where Hazel (their daughter) was born. The year Ma died (1926) I had Violet 6 months old and Dickie 2 1/2. She had lung cancer and flux. She lived 225 days. I went to visit her every day and set up six nights with her. Verba (Arbogast) was so good. She made a pallet on the floor by Ma's bed and cared for her each night. Addie (our Mom) wasn't very old but she helped a lot. She and Delphia took care of Dad until they married. Dad finally made a cabin near where I was born and cooked for himself till he got sick. I brought him to my house when Kay was 3 and kept him 4 weeks and he got better and went back to his cabin.
          I think this is it for this time. Wish you were here for the festival, miss you and would love to see you. Sis
         The Christian Service Center
          Hello friends! These past weeks have been very eventful in the county. The CSC would like to thank the Lizemore Methodist Church, Sarah Goode, Bobbi Morris of Brother’ Keeper, the Risen Lord Church, and Elk River Inn, who, along with us, gave help to a young man from Belgium who had been robbed and left destitute. He was stranded for several days here in Clay County, but the news is good. His mother got the money together and bought him a plane ticket home. We wish him luck, and hope that his next trip is more pleasant.
          Sympathy to the family of Clara Sanders Townsend. Clara was a most lovely lady, one of Clay’ finest. She was a member of the Lizemore Methodist Church where she was the choir director. Members of the choir will remember her as a veritable tyrant when it came to them getting the sounds and tempo of their songs “ight.” She was much loved by all who knew her and will be most sadly missed.
          Sympathy also to the family of Roger “raden”Pritt of Lizemores. This writer did not know Mr. Pritt, but rumor has it that he was a fine person, much loved by family and friends.
          And our sympathy to the family of Roger Holcomb. Roger lived on Upper Sycamore at Indore. He worker for many years at Osborne Lumber Company. His family were regular visitors here at CSC, and we are praying for them in this time of loss.
          Our own Jane Bird just lost her brother, Ben Thomas, who lived in Arkansas. Our sympathy and prayers are with her during this time of sorrow. God Bless you and your family, Jane.
          Hey! Ed Mullins, where are you? We miss seeing you at the Christian Service Center. Hope you are feeling better, and that we see you soon.
          Get well wishes to Cheryl Neal, Jerry “uck”Moore, and Pam O’rien. We hope that they get on the road to recovery and get well soon. Our prayers and hopes are with them.
          The CSC is having a buy one – get one sale again. Come in and grab a couple of bags. We’e bound to have something you just can’ live without!
          We would like to thank the lady who came in two weeks ago and donated some really good stuff; however, we don’ know her name. It was on a Wednesday. The woman was driving a new gold-tone truck, which had a hard bed cover. I was alone here at the center and could not help unload the stuff, so her daughter/granddaughter, another young girl whose family was shopping at the time and Hannah Holly carried it in. Say what you like about today’ youth, but these young girls worked hard at lifting and carrying these items for me and I appreciate it. You all know who you are, so “HANK YOU,”so very much.
          This is a story of a cheerful giver: Johnny was on his way to Sunday school with two nickels his mother had given him, one for candy and one for the offering. Suddenly he fell and both nickels went rolling into the street, one of them ending up in the storm drain. “ell, God, there goes your nickel,”Johnny said as he retrieved the other one.
          Tom Auxier has been very busy preparing a recording studio. He recorded, just this week, the Joe Mullins Trio and Ed Baker of The Brighterside Quartet. It may be that one day soon all the singers wanting to record their voices, if for no other reason than posterity’ sake, will be heading to Mahanaim and the recording studio of Tom Auxier.
          On that note, we will say, “ood day”to all of you. May God Bless and keep you all until we meet again. God loves you, and so do we.
         Community Radio Clears Another Hurdle
                 Inch by inch, hurdle after hurdle, the efforts of a small group of volunteers are coming together. The final piece of paperwork, Form 319, was filed last week with the Federal Communications Commissions in Washington, D.C. With the document completed, WYAP-LP can legally practice broadcast, full programming, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 101.7 on the FM dial
         Located in the historic old Gulf Station at Two Run, the educational organization began raising money and acquiring equipment in March, 2003. After many fund raisers, membership drives, grants from the Commission on Religion in Appalachia and the Legislative Budget Digest process, two complete audio work stations have been secured along with a live broadcast booth.
         According to Clay County Communications President Delbert Davis, once the antenna and transmitter are fully tuned and operational, the FM signal should cover a five mile radius from their Two Run location and serve 2500 residents static free. Two years after the FCC finally approves the License to Broadcast (sometime in early 2005), the station can begin applying for additional coverage area with repeater locations around the county. The 100 low power station can also be heard around the globe on the world wide web. Details on listening in via the web can be found on
                 Since inception, Yap Radio has employed 12 high school and senior citizens through the Human Resource Development Foundation, two community service workers from the probation office of the Circuit Court system and provided work experience for five community workers from DHHR.
         Davis wanted the community to know, in addition to providing non commercial music and employment opportunities, the station is designed to be a platform for change in the county. The group’ mission statement includes:
         Clay County Communications is an IRS501-3-Cnon profit West Virginia corporation. Our purpose is simple, provide a community based, membership supported, communications platform for the county of Clay.Currently our 342 square miles of rural mountainous terrain are without a local source of information. For us, existing TV and radio stations in the surrounding counties provide little news of Clay County. Emergencies come and go without our residents knowing of the dangers
         Our Board of Directors come from all walks of life. Our high school and senior citizen staff operate the station Monday through Friday. Our membership is equally diverse and from all regions of the country.Our dream is to have an FM radio station to serve our needs, to give the people of Clay a platform for change, a voice.
                 After hosting outdoor music shows each Saturday evening from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend, the group has embarked on airing local sports like Clay High Football and increasing local content programming. The daytime line up includes: top of the hour events and notice broadcasts, Swap Shop at 10:30am; Spanish culture programming at 11am, Jim Creel and Jim Creel’ bluegrass gospel hour from 1 to 2pm, and classic country beginning daily at 3 p.m. with Avis in the Afternoon. Later this fall the high school broadcasters will occupy the 5 to 7pm time slot followed by Myra Fitzwater’ mixed bag of goodies including poetry and Latin beat tunes. Each Friday, all the music comes from West Virginia artists. Additional plans call for public meeting coverage.
                 Davis commented that volunteers are needed to man other time slots. Programming is not limited. Davis said his group is looking for on air folks to explore other avenues like classical readings, on air discussion groups, and independently produced shows dealing with local issues and concerns. During the broadcast day, WYAP-LP already provides national independent newscasts from Free Speech Radio, Democracy Now, Counter Spin, and Between the Lines.
                 The group’ Vice President Peter Triplett said, “e’e been successful because of the work of many volunteers…. Those that have became members have helped keep the electric and telephone bills paid…”Triplett was talking about those that pay a $20 annual membership fee which is used to cover station operation fees. Members also get to vote in the nine member Board of Directors.
                 After seven years in the trenches, WYAP-LP is very close to becoming a fully licensed FM radio station serving Clay County and the world with tunes and information found few other places. And for those that said it couldn’ be done….. WRONG!                                
         BOB CLARKE Curmudgeon’ Corner
          Back in the corridors of the dim, remote past some unidentified political genius coined the term: “ational Security.” It is a phrase which, used sparingly, can promote a warm, cuddly feeling as we snuggle in our beds, secure in our knowledge that our country is led by superior intellects who measure out information limited by the power elite’ judgment based on the public’ need-to-know. Approached from this angel, we are enjoined to view the world through rose-colored glasses. “e know best,”the administration implies. However, (and there is always a “owever,” the world of realpolitik has an uncomfortable habit of creeping in among those of us who make our futile efforts to be well-informed. “n short,”as Dickens’ Mr. McCawber was fond of saying, what is often called “ational Security”is too often the government’ ruse to conceal embarrassing, even disastrous mistakes. To put a different slant on an old line: “hat they (the people) don’ know won’ hurt us.”
          In accord with the old theory that history often repeats itself, here is a passage that is disturbingly applicable to our time.
             …Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and associations; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic, and telephonic communications and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.
    Were it not for the length of the passage, it would be enjoyable to have it presented on “eopardy.” The resulting questions might be: “ho is John Ashcroft?” “ho is Richard Nixon?” Dick Cheney might even be mentioned, based on his refusal to identify the cabal of his personal friends and contributors who have fashioned the nation’ energy policy. Even the voluble Don Rumsfeld might be included in this rogue’ gallery, except that his incurable oral diarrhea enables him to speak in endless sentences entirely devoid of coherence. By now, you are undoubtedly waiting with bated breath to identify the author of this chilling document. In 1933, after the Reichstag fire that the Nazis secretly lit, Adolph Hitler spoke with the stated purpose of “rotecting”the German people. The above is, of course, only an excerpt, but it is frighteningly similar to the chorus led by the likes of the Bush mob accusing dissenters of aiding and abetting the enemy.
     It may be time to sound the death knell over political conventions. Nostalgic political junkies may remember sleepy all night sessions in which an occasional sparkling moment surprised us, when a new star arose among the otherwise dreary firmament. Conventions past often contained an occasionally happy episode showing democracy at its most entertaining and sometimes loony best. Now, everything is tightly-packaged, boringly predictable. The audience resembles a gaggle (yes – that’ for geese) of trained seals, ready to erupt with thunderous applause for the most vapid and banal speeches. One is reminded of an old routine the late Red Skelton, he of the rubber face, used to do. With the aid of an applause machine Skelton would recite the alphabet. “, and not only that! B!” (Huge applause) “nd we must never forget C, D, and E.” (Brings the house down) Perhaps it is too much to hope that our politicos might rise to that level of eloquence. Further, it is a blot on the television industry that it confined its coverage of the conventions to such questionable limits in order to maintain the usual and more profitable dreg of its regular programming schedule. Radix malorem est cupiditas – (the love of money is the root of all evil.)
     What a piece of work is Zell Miller! Shakespeare ended that line with “an,”but his intention was to praise. Miller’ poisonous spittle and vituperative attack on Kerry most of which was deliberately inaccurate, reached a level of out-of-control viciousness that poses the question: how did such a subhuman creature manage to reach what was once considered the exalted level of the U.S. Senate? No less exalted in this crew ought to be the cretin Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma. Inhofe entered the fool’ parade when he proclaimed that he was outraged over the outrage caused by the torture at Abu Ghraib Prison. Only days ago he charged that the prison scandal was caused by the media. He also maintained that the media distort the picture in Iraq, where the administration’ efforts have reached near-perfection.
     Our inestimable co-warrior-in-chief rang in at the convention with the dramatic assertion that, should John Kerry be elected, Osama bin Ladin will be encouraged to attack again. Who can fight logic like that? Miller indirectly calls Kerry a traitor, and Cheney suggests he is weak. Well, as the poetic Mr. Dooley says: “olitics ain’ beanbag.”
     Whatever happened to accountability? In a move that is breathtaking in its effrontery, it is revealed that Don Rumsfeld selected the committee whose task is to investigate the abuses at Abu Ghraib. This blatant arrangement makes about as much sense as having an embezzler audit his own books. Rummy, whose history as Secretary of Defense has been an unending series of monumental blunders, seems incapable of any view beyond his own stratospheric ego. But in this case, he is in what James Thurber called the “atbird seat.” He gets to investigate himself. He is the happy beneficiary of what should be the Bush administration motto: “he buck stop elsewhere.”
     Last week there were two separate reports on prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. Former Defense Secretary James Schlesinger headed a four-member committee which concluded that responsibility pointed to the top chain-of-command. It cannot have completely escaped the notice of lower order personnel that Rumsfeld had scornfully dismissed the Geneva Conventions, sarcastically calling them “uaint.” It is also on the record that Rumsfeld authorized the use of dogs at the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay. Oddly, although the Schlesinger report said: “here is both institutional and personal responsibility at higher levels,”it did not recommend that Rumsfeld resign. Schlesinger said that Rumsfeld’ resignation would be “ boon to all of America’ enemies.” This curious attitude trumpets the message of our infallibility, or rather illustrates the tendency of the highly-placed, former or current, to protect their own. Finally, it is obvious that the little dogs will get the chop. The good old boys club will remain unscathed.
     It seems fitting to pay tribute to the sublime eloquence of our president who has been compared with Winston Churchill, who also knew his way around the English language. Herein, a few excerpts, all courtesy of G.W. Bush…
     Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.
     They want the federal government controlling Social Security like it’ some kind of federal program.
     Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream. Our priorities is our faith.
     I want to thank my friend, Senator Bill Frist for joining us today. He married a Texas girl, I want you to know. Karyn is with us. A West Texas girl, just like me.
     My views are one that speaks to freedom.
     In my judgment, when the United States says there will be serious consequences, and if there isn’ serious consequences, it creates adverse consequences.
     The illiteracy level of our children are appalling.
     Security is the essential roadblock to achieving the road map to peace.
     I think war is a dangerous place.
     The war on terror involves Saddam Hussein because of the nature of Saddam Hussein, the history of Saddam Hussein, and the willingness to terrorize himself.
     I promise you I will listen to what has been said here, even though I wasn’ here.
     For a century and a half now, America and Japan have formed one of the great and enduring alliances of modern times.
     I understand that the unrest in the Middle East creates unrest throughout the region.
     Say not the struggle naught availeth.
    Magistrate Report
    09/08/04: Wiles – Jason S. Kibler, fugitive from justice, arrested, case to Circuit Court to be taken before Circuit judge.
    09/09/04: Bailey – Darrell N. Backus, driving under the influence 3rd offense (06/06/04), preliminary hearing: case dismissed without prejudice upon motion of prosecuting attorney; Butcher – Jason R. Triplett, grand larceny and breaking and entering (08/23/04), preliminary hearing continued by State.
    09/10/04: Elswick – Tommy E. Young, unlawful/malicious wounding and wanton endangerment X 4 (08/17/04), probable cause found, bound to Circuit Court.
    09/14/04: Wiles – Larry G. Thomas, warrants issued for murder and breaking and entering.
    09/02/04: Belt – William Edward Spencer, driving suspended/revoked non-DUI 2nd offense and following too closely, arrested, ROB; Bailey – Ricky W. Posey, possession of controlled substance, appeared, ROB, defendant pled no contest 09/09, assessed fine and cost.
    09/03/04: Clay County High School – Ellen M. Bailey, warrant issued for worthless check complaint, appeared 09/07, ROB; Jane Woods – Kenneth Eatmon, warrant issued for worthless check complaint.
    09/05/04: Wiles – Mark Anthony Asbury, failure to stop at stop sign, possession of marijuana less 15 grams, providing false info to police officer, and DUI, arrested, ROB.
    09/06/04: Belt – Russell Moore, Sr., domestic battery, arrested, ROB; Belt – Russell Moore, Jr., domestic battery, arrested, ROB; Elswick – Karen S. Cutlip, DUI, arrested, defendant pled no contest 09/08, assessed fine, cost, and 24 hours jail, credit allowed for time spent.
    09/07/04: J & S Grocery – Ronald C. Pritt, warrant issued for worthless check complaint; Tonia Wayne, warrant issued for worthless check complaint; Slack – James Steven Myers, Jr., warrants issued for cruelty to animals X 2; Slack – Dixie Lynn Helmic, warrants issued for cruelty to animals X 2; Belt – Carlos Lee Gray, driving suspended/revoked non-DUI 3rd offense, arrested, received motion 09/10 to reduce bond, motion denied; Simms – Thomas Charles Coulter, unlawful disposal of refuse, appeared, ROB.
    09/08/04: Butcher – William Lanham, reckless driving, DWR/DUIA, improper lighting equipment, no POI, and no helmet, appeared, ROB.
    09/09/04: Rider – Benjamin Grose, destruction of property, summons; Rider – William Lanham, destruction of property, summons; Belt – Malena Stone, battery and disrupt government process, arrested, ROB; Deana Hudnall, battery and disrupt government process, arrested, ROB; Belt – Teria Carte, battery and disrupt government process, arrested, ROB; Wriston – William Mitchell Griffith, domestic assault, arrested, ROB 09/14.
    09/14/04: K & B Garage – Jeffrey F. Nutter, warrant issued for worthless check complaint; Big Otter Food Mart Inc. – Jennifer Koehne, warrants issued for worthless check complaints X 3; Jokwin R. Schoonover, warrant issued for worthless check complaint; Charles L. James, warrant issued for worthless check complaint; David Burkhamer, warrant issued for worthless check complaint; Carte’ Quick Stop – Margaret L. Prime, warrants issued for worthless check complaints X 2; Belt – Adam Arnold, obstructing an officer, possession of controlled substance, and leaving the scene of an accident, arrested, ROB; Bailey – Rodney G. Jarvis, possession less than 15 grams, arrested, ROB.
    09/03/04: St. Joseph’ Hospital – Harry A. Tanner, money due; St. Francis Hospital – Jackie R. Coleman, money due; Gary & Dale A. Dye – Ronald Nottingham, money due, subpoena.
    09/09/04: St. Francis Hospital – Paul A. Brown, money due, subpoena; Darrell & Kathleen Stephenson – Kelcy Nicholas, wrongful occupation.
    09/13/04: Glenn A. Harrison, DDS – Ronald S. Starcher, money due, subpoena; Green Brier Valley Urology – Woodrow H. and Patsy Ferrebee, money, subpoena; Clay County Emergency Ambulance – Garry Baker, money due, subpoena; Patrick Perdue, money due, subpoena; Ronnie Nottingham, money due, subpoena; Billy Taylor, money due, subpoena; Chazwick Reckell, money due, subpoena.
    09/15/04: Clay Roane PSD – Robert Hill, money due; Shari Bullard, money due; James Holbert, money due.
    Worthless Checks
Notices issued –
    09/03/04: Tina Tanner – Heather J. Mullins (paid 09/13); Big Otter Food Mart Inc. – Jennifer Koehne X 3, misdemeanor files opened 09/14; Jokwin R. Schoonover, misdemeanor file opened 09/14; Charles L. James, misdemeanor file opened 09/14; David Burkhamer, misdemeanor file opened 09/14; Carte’ Quick Stop – Margaret L. Prime X 2, misdemeanor files opened 09/14.
    09/07/04: Clay Furniture & Appliance – Candy Adkins.
    09/14/04: Samples Market – Ronnie D. Beasley; Eugene K. Smith; Ann M. Neal X 2; Tanya L. Hinzman; Melissa Massey; Hartland Superette – Tammy Johnson; Ronald C. Pritt X 4; Elizabeth D. Holcomb; Tonia Wayne; Paula Burniston.
    Citation Register
    08/18/04: DNR – Thomas C. Coulter, unlawful disposal of refuse; Christopher S. White, stream litter.
    08/24/04: State Police – Lyndsey Nottingham, operator’ and registration violation.
    08/26/04: State Police – Joseph C. Karnas, registration violation and no POI.
    08/28/04: State Police – Dustin A. Burdette, no POI; Shonda Lynn Tanner, no POI; Municipal Police – Darcy Anna Nichols, shoplifting.
    08/29/04: State Police – Eddie D. Greathouse, no POI and seat belt violation; Monica Morin, speeding; Clarence H. Pyatt, failure to stop/yield; David Eugene Vaughan, MVI and seat belt violation.
    08/30/04: State Police – James D. McCune, Jr., failure to yield to emergency vehicle; John D. Pringle, failure to maintain control.
    08/31/04: State Police – Eric Thomas Legg, registration violation and MVI.
    09/02/04: State Police – Rodney Glen Jarvis, possession of marijuana less 15 grams.
    09/04/04: State Police – Christy Leigh Legg, MVI.
    09/05/04: State Police – Caroline H. Clark, speeding; Michelle Elaine Clark, MVI; Justin B. Gillespie, speeding; Syed Naveed Hussain, speeding; Christopher Larck, speeding; Branigan E. Moles, speeding; Jeremy D. Salisbury, speeding and MVI.
    09/06/04: State Police – Stacey L. Nottingham, operator’; Joseph R. Varrella, speeding and seat belt violation; Joshua Allen White, speeding; Sheriff’ Dept. – Roger R. Phillips, registration violation.
    09/07/04: Sheriff’ Dept. – Jason E. Doss, no POI and registration violation.
    09/14/04: State Police – Rodney D. Clonch, no POI.