OCTOBER 15, 2004

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         Pressure has been mounting for five months for action. Since the May Primary Election, County Commissioner Matthew “AC”Bragg has been scarce. Nonexistent as a matter of fact. Around the county locals have been outspoken in their growing criticism of an elected official continuing to draw a paycheck and not reporting for duty. During an early September Clay County Commission (CCC) meeting, the school system’ political action committee headed by School Superintendent Jerry Linkinoggor, asked the two ‘on duty” county administrators to do something, to fire Bragg, to stop paying him, or to impeach him. In our last edition, community activist Marge Bragg wrote a steamy accounting of the immoral draw-down of public funds. Since then the “get rid of HAC” crusade has been growing.
        It’ always good to see the County Commission do something, to react to the wishes of the community, to realize unethical conduct when they see it. During the last County Commission meeting, our elected ones passed a motion to deal with one of their own, Commissioner Matthew “AC”Bragg. Here’ our accounting from the Tuesday, October 12th CCC meeting. You’l have to wade through the other stuff so wear your boots. It’ worth the wait. Commissioner Triplett provided the usual calling the meeting into session followed by Jimmy Sams prayer call. Around 10 were in attendance. Boom, boom, boom the routine stuff was passed quickly. Pay the bills, approve the minutes, blah…
        CCC gave the thumbs up to purchasing a $43,161.00 ambulance with budget digest funds, some on hand, some promised to show up soon. The 2005 model will have a diesel power plant with a 138 inch wheel base.
        As far as renting space so the Family Law Master can have proper court room facilities, motion made and passed to use $18,720 in grant money. Up to $3000 will be provided by the CCC. Wilbur Holcomb will do the renovation of an upstairs back room currently used by the deputies for interviews and storage. Once completed to State Supreme Court specs, the county will begin receiving rent for the space.
        NOTE: We’ love to get into the Ten Commandments issue and rental space but this story is all about our wayward HAC.
        From out of the back one lady asked the elected boys to hold Commissioner Bragg’ pay. “o taxation without representation,”came the cry. Around the peanut gallery came comments. Commission President Triplett opened a new avenue with, “e are going to do something!”There was silence for a second. All eyes were on the anointed one. Triplett explained his plan, he would refuse to sign any Bragg paydays UNLESS the truant one showed up in person at the courthouse during regular business hours. Smiles were seen around the room from the peanutsters.
        Knowing full well where the doo-doo was going to hit, County Clerk Judy Moore was not smiling. It would be Moore who had to break the news to Bragg or his wife when they show up Oct 15th with outstretched palms.
        Sams told the inquiring minds: according to State Code, if a Commissioner comes to 2 of the 4 mandated per year meetings, he could not be fired; an elected official has to be paid; our current state code is outdated and needs revised; and there is little they could do in the matter.
        From the back, “AKE HIM COME IN!”Others chimed in in agreement. Paige Willis, “e’ had plenty of time!”
        Mardell Nevans, referring to Tim “o Show”Butcher, “here is a pattern here… this is costing us money…. This county needs the money!”From the far side a Jacob somebody commented on a Sheriff who didn’ show up for work and the CCC made him come in to the office before receiving his pay.
        As Triplett and Sams tried to figure out wording on the motion, Triplett, “t’ coming from the voters…. They want Matthew to do his job….If he’ ever going to be in politics again… he’ a young man… he’ killed himself..”The motion passed to NOT allow office staff to rubber stamp the needed Triplett signature and Triplett must hand sign his John Hancock.        Here’ the scoop. With HAC nowhere to be found, his wife comes in for the pay day goodies. When she shows up, Judy Moore has the duty to tell her the news. When Matthew finally makes it to the courthouse, then Triplett has to be called, located, or whatever, and has to come over to the courthouse for the pen stroke. See what’ about to happen? Often the Big Boy can’ leave his day job or is away from the parts store business and can’ be found. Although not spoken, the plan calls for Bragg to show up over and over and over for the signature.
         With grins on the attendees faces, the discussion turned to ambulance service short falls, bad directions given and received by 911 dispatch in Nicholas County, and poor response times. A fellow cited a recent episode when 911 thought Two Run was near Richwood while another gave testimony on a Grove Creek incident where out of county units liked to never found the patient.
        One lady gave an accounting where 911 dispatch was too busy to run a license check and the driver was allowed to go about his way. It was later learned the driver had a third offense DUIA under his belt.
        Even more alarming was the time 911 told an emergency service worker they didn’ have a road map of Clay County. All seemed to agree there is a problem with 911 service in the county. So who’ the CCC rep on the 911 Advisory Board? You guessed it, HAC.
        Now back to our boy Bragg. On our web site clayberry.org much comment has been made about Mr. Bragg taking from the taxpayer without showing up for meetings. One e-mailer called Bragg nothing more than a thief. In response to our online coverage of the affair, the Hur Herald online newspaper interviewed Commissioner Bragg earlier this week. Here’ the unedited www.hurherald.com post:
         A frequently absent Clay County commissioner won a nickname contest for his no shows at commission meetings.
          Matthew "HAC" (He Ain't Comin') Bragg, now 37, of Ovapa may have the all-time record for not performing his elected duties, although Bragg says part of his problem has been related to a bout with cancer.
    Yesterday, Bragg's two fellow commissioners passed a motion that commission president Peter Triplett will "no longer sign Bragg's paychecks unless he comes to the courthouse." Bragg is not the only Clay commissioner in recent years that has a poor record of attending meetings, but he may be the worst.
         Bragg, who was elected six years ago, has been the subject of comedy and disgust at commission meetings. His fellow commissioners used to "pat his empty chair and ask: "What do you think about it Matt?" when a decision was needed.
         After a bout with cancer in 2001, Bragg said he was unable to attend meetings. During 2002, records indicate Bragg attended about half the meetings, although he went to the West Virginia State Police Academy.
         During part of his tenure as a county commissioner he worked as a traffic policeman for the City of Summersville about four years and as an officer in Gassaway. More recently he has been a no-show since the primary election, when he lost his race for sheriff.
         Bragg told the Herald he has been working 12-14 hours a day for West Virginia Paving Company and "They are not interested in letting me off from work." "I have to make a living," he said. "With a wife and five children I have seven mouths to feed." Bragg said state law requires commissioners to actually attend only two meetings a year.
         Andy Waddell, the editor of the Clay Communicator, has frequently poked fun at Bragg for his absences. Waddell angered Bragg, who then accused Waddell of "stepping over the line" and threatened to sue him. Waddell, who is running for commissioner on the Mountain Party ticket, said "There has never been an organized effort about Bragg's problem and d*** few complaints. Seriously, the situation has short-changed Clay County taxpayers," Waddell said, "But Matt may be within the law." Bragg's absenteeism problem will be resolved by January 1, 2005, when his six year term expires.
         ??? DID YOU KNOW ???
    1.        Words are mere bubbles of water, but deeds are drops of gold
2.        It was wetter than usual in June, July and August in 10 out of 12 Northeastern states; the exceptions were Connecticut and West Virginia.
3.        The menu for WIC approved foods has barely changed since the program began in 1974.
4.        Scientist say we are in a period of enhanced “urricane”activity that could last for decades, ending a 24-year period of below average activity.
5.        China has about 20 percent of the world’ population, 82 percent of who are literate.
6.        According to a 2003 survey, 1.1 million students were home schooled last year.
7.        According to a survey by the “ollege Board’ National Commission on Writing. US employers say about one-third of workers do not meet the writing requirement of their positions.
8.        West Virginians with a degree earn 6 percent more than those without degrees compared to 12 percent in the top five states.
9.        Passing fraudulent checks cost the American public $14 billion in 2002 and experts predict that number could grow to $20 billion by the end of 2004.
10.         The Fayette County School Board is scheduled to hold it’ first hearings on the proposed closure of Gauley Bridge High School on Nov. 9, 04.
11.         Latest UN data show the HIV virus has infected 5.6 million people in South Africa and 5.1 million in India.
12.         According to a survey by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, students graduating with a degree in accounting rose by 11 percent last year.
13.         As of September 17, 78,000 people have signed up to vote since last fall.
14.         The number of Women riding motorcycles has increased from 6 percent in 1990 to just over 10 percent recently.
15.         A major national survey in 2002 found that an estimated 77 percent of people who use drugs of any type are employed.
16.         Since “ush”took office in early 2001 900,000 “obs”have been lost, that includes 2.7 million manufacturing jobs nationally and 10,300 in West Virginia according to the state Bureau of Employment Programs.
17.         Tobacco use by youth has decreased by 20 percent since 1999.
18.         More than 42 million Americans now have a total of nearly $1.9 trillion invested in 401K plans and almost half of that money is in Mutual funds.
19.         Medicare says claims for “cooters and Power wheelchairs”have increased from 62,000 in 1999 to 168,000 in 2003.
20.         Devastated by hurricanes, the producer of 75 percent of the nations citrus will have the smallest orange crop in a decade.                 LMM

The Christian Service Center, Inc.

Greetings, friends! Don’ you love this time of year? God is painting our landscape with bright fall colors, and our hearts with warmth and love. It just doesn’ get any better than that.
Speaking of love, several of our loved ones are not doing well. We are making a special prayer request for Sarah Salisbury, who is home recovering from a stroke, Cheryl Neal, Cora Fugate, Terri Pritt, Ab Pritt, Don McLaughlin, and Susan Jackson. Susan is facing surgery before long. Folks, just as each of you are, these are all special people, and deserving of your prayers. God’ not too busy painting, he’l hear you. As an added incentive, remember, with Him, ALL things are possible.
We sadly offer our sympathy to the family of Shirley Moore, and to the family of Jerry Wayne “uck”Moore of Indore. Buck was well known by many, and much loved by family and friends. He will be sadly missed in our community.
Our new place in Lizemore is coming along better than anyone expected. We can’ thank Ben and Nina Murphy enough for their generosity. Their continued help and support is incredible. We look forward to working for them for a long time to come.
The Lizemore Lionettes are hosting a spaghetti at the Lizemore Elementary School on October 23, 2004, starting at 4:00 p.m. - ? There will be live music with the Joe Mullins Trio, Tom and Freda Auxier, Jomayne Holcomb, Wilma Jean Ramsey, Danny Dorsey and many more. Everyone welcome, so come out, support the kids, and eat till you just can’ eat anymore!
We have to take time to give thanks and praise to our volunteers at the new center: Tom Auxier, “oo”and Ethel Mullins, Joe and Barbara Mullins, Ed Baker, Chester Coleman, John Bill Brown and his workers at the Armstrong Machine Shop, Tona Bird, Janie Bird, Kathy Holcomb, Sarah Rodgers, Jomayne Holcomb and her daughter Miranda, Kaylyn Pyatt, Angie Pyatt, and her mother Mabel Pyatt. These people are absolutely wonderful! Thanks also to our customers at the new place and those who have donated already. We appreciate all of you.
Next Trip - A minister was preaching and asked the congregation, “ho wants to go to Heaven?” Everybody held up their hands except for little Johnny. “on, don’ you want to go to Heaven when you die?” the preacher asked. Johnny replied, “es, sir, when I die. But I thought you were getting up a load to go now.”
Now we are back to food again…
        Hearty Lentil Soup
2 celery ribs, thinly sliced
1 medium onion, chopped
1 garlic clove, minced
2 Tbsp. butter or margarine
6 cups water
1 can (28 oz.) diced tomatoes, un-drained
¾ cup dry lentils, rinsed
¾ cup pearl barley
2 Tbsp. chicken bouillon granules
½ tsp. dried oregano
½ tsp. dried rosemary, crushed
¼ tsp. pepper
1 cup thinly sliced carrots
1 cup shredded Swiss cheese, optional
In a Dutch oven or soup kettle, sauté the celery, onion and garlic in butter until tender. Add water, tomatoes, lentils, barley, bouillon, oregano, rosemary and pepper; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 40 minutes or until lentils and barley are almost tender. Add carrots; simmer for 15 minutes or until carrots, lentils and barley are tender. Sprinkle each serving with cheese if desired. Yield 8 – 10 servings.
Well folks, it’ time to go. We hope everyone enjoys these letters, and we look forward to joining you again. Remember to pray for one another, and even more importantly, love one another, as God loves you. Until next time, and we love you, too.


        Right off the bat, I want to take a shot at a big problem in Clayberry - the lack of law enforcement. Why is it that when a county is faced with a shortage of funds, the first item they cut is law enforcement? Creeping Bejeezuz! That ought to be the last thing the citizens would want to lose! I'll admit that I don't know a lot about Clayberry’ annual budget, so let's not get a bunch of courthouse denizens in an uproar.
        Wouldn't it make more sense and be of more service to the citizens if each county office cut one employee and the salary from that position went to paying for a deputy to protect the citizens? If the County Clerk, Circuit Clerk, Assessor and County Commission each gave up a chair-warmer, it would put 4 more deputies on the road protecting the citizens in what certainly appears to be a very dangerous county.
        Then if each of the very important Commissioners would donate their salaries back to law enforcement, that would add 3 more much needed deputies to the effort to curb crime in a county where crime just about runs rampant. A quick review of the court docket shows that something has to be done and fuddling around, passing the buck, wishing for a grant isn't going to keep Clayberry anything like safe. Just think it over friends, wouldn't having seven deputies protecting you be preferable to having four chairs kept warm in the courthouse and paying three Commissioners to pass the buck and pray for some sort of darn grant? You all know your situation better than I do, so there may actually be other less-needed positions that could be cut to free up funding for law enforcement in a place that seems more and more like an anarchy.
        Quick laugh here, I had to scratch my head over the ad for a "like new bathtub, only used 3 times." It's not my place to judge but I hate to think that an ad like that could possibly only happen in WV.
        On the national front, I had way too much of the two national conventions. Why don't they just hold both the darned things the same week and get it over with? That way all the spin-doctors and media could focus on the single week and not over-load their already too-busy minds and mouths.
        Back to my completely individual poll. I think that most of us don't want to rule the world or cram our corporate/retail brand of democracy down their throats. We do want to stop terrorists of all kinds, including the wild-eyed zealots that kill people to stop them from performing abortions. Most of us are willing to either slow immigration to a trickle or stop it all together. I feel that we would be glad to see the people that hire illegal immigrants fined greatly for doing so. That ought to stop it cold. Out of space again folks, so I'll see you next time.
        After months of idleness, our County Commission is taking some steps toward correcting the free money give away to Commissioner Matthew “HAC” Bragg. Some in the community have suggested removing HAC from office. It ain’ that easy, readers. Here’ the state code on the process
§6-6-7. Procedure for removal of county, school district and municipal officers having fixed terms; appeal; grounds.
??(a) Any person holding any county, school district or municipal office, including the office of a member of a board of education and the office of magistrate, the term or tenure of which office is fixed by law, whether the office be elective or appointive, except judges of the circuit courts, may be removed from such office in the manner provided in this section for official misconduct, malfeasance in office, incompetence, neglect of duty or gross immorality or for any of the causes or on any of the grounds provided by any other statute.??(b) Charges may be preferred:??(1) In the case of any county officer, member of a district board of education or magistrate, by the county commission, or other tribunal in lieu thereof, any other officer of the county, or by any number of persons other than such county officers, which number shall be the lesser of fifty or one percent of the total number of voters of the county participating in the general election next preceding the filing of such charges.??(2) In the case of any municipal officer, by the prosecuting attorney of the county wherein such municipality, or the greater portion thereof, is located, any other elected officer of the municipality, or by any number of persons other than the prosecuting attorney or other municipal elective officer of the municipality who are residents of the municipality, which number shall be the lesser of twenty-five or one percent of the total number of voters of the municipality participating in the election at which the governing body was chosen which election next preceded the filing of the petition.??(3) By the chief inspector and supervisor of public offices of the state where the person sought to be removed is entrusted by law with the collection, custody and expenditure of public moneys because of any misapplication, misappropriation or embezzlement of such moneys.??(c) The charges shall be reduced to writing in the form of a petition duly verified by at least one of the persons bringing the same, and shall be entered of record by the court, or the judge thereof in vacation, and a summons shall thereupon be issued by the clerk of such court, together with a copy of the petition, requiring the officer or person named therein to appear before the court, at the courthouse of the county where such officer resides, and answer the charges on a day to be named therein, which summons shall be served at least twenty days before the return day thereof in the manner by which a summons commencing a civil suit may be served??The court, or judge thereof in vacation, or in the case of any multi-judge circuit, the chief judge thereof, shall, without delay forward a copy of the petition to the supreme court of appeals and shall ask for the impaneling or convening of a three-judge court consisting of three circuit judges of the state. The chief justice of the supreme court of appeals shall without delay designate and appoint three circuit judges within the state, not more than one of whom shall be from the same circuit in which the petition is filed and, in the order of such appointment, shall designate the date, time and place for the convening of such three-judge court, which date and time shall not be less than twenty days from the date of the filing of the petition.??Such three-judge court shall, without a jury, hear the charges and all evidence offered in support thereof or in opposition thereto and upon satisfactory proof of the charges shall remove any such officer or person from office and place the records, papers and property of his office in the possession of some other officer or person for safekeeping or in the possession of the person appointed as hereinafter provided to fill the office temporarily. Any final order either removing or refusing to remove any such person from office shall contain such findings of fact and conclusions of law as the three-judge court shall deem sufficient to support its decision of all issues presented to it in the matter.

BOB CLARKE Curmudgeon’s Corner
As this is being written, we are approximately twenty-four hours away from the first Kerry-Bush debate. Considering the fact that both candidates have been issued a 32 page manual detailing the “ules,”it is tempting to speculate that it would be foolish to anticipate any surprises, exciting, or otherwise. In fact, to call these exercises “ebates”is to pervert English vocabulary. The true test of a politician’ mettle is to see how he responds to the unexpected. Bush has repeatedly demonstrated how helpless and inadequate he is when forced into off-the-cuff situations. It is evident that this is the reason he has had so few press conferences. Bush is most effective when he is rigidly programmed. In press conferences past, reporters have discovered that when they asked a question slightly more taxing that: “hat is your favorite color?”they could expect to spend their immediate future in media Siberia. The Grande Damme of the press, Helen Thomas, found this out to her detriment. Traditionally, la belle Thomas was bestowed a seat in the front row, given the honor of the first question as well as the final: “oodnight, Mr. President,”and treated with the respect her decades of superior journalism accorded to her stature. The Bush functionaries have successfully kept their boss in a nice, secure little cocoon, safe from impertinent questions, the type good reporters delight in asking. Bush’ feckless performance with Tim Russert on “eet the Press”taught the White House staff a lesson they are not likely to forget: don’ let the chief be caught off balance. Even the neoconservatives were embarrassed on that occasion.
It may be folly to expect much more from the three so-called presidential debates than the usual robotic banalities we have heard from both parties. The carefully-packaged utterances lavished on a politically inert public during the campaign have seldom risen above the intellectual level of a reasonably competent vacuum cleaner salesman. On Iraq: “e will stay the course,”Dubya says, and thousands cheer. Of course, this attitude pretty much reflects what Captain Brown of the S.S. Titanic must have said when his radio operator reported about the field of icebergs looming in the future. Even the head lemming must have given his charges a pep talk before he led them off the cliff. But we must not give in to the allure of pessimism. After all, only last week, a smiling Ayad Allawi, the hand-picked Prime Minister of Iraq appeared, glad-handing his way through Congress, assuring listeners on TV as well that everything in the former Mesopotamia is peachy keen. There is no room in this rosy world for naysayers. Quoth Mr. Allawi in what amounted to a stump speech for George W. Bush and a slash at John Kerry.
        …These doubters risk underestimating our country and they risk fueling the hopes of the terrorists.
A major part of the text in Allawi’ speech was the familiar White House claim that the Iraq invasion is an essential part of the war on terrorism. We have heard this song before. Grudgingly, however, it must be admitted that having the temporary prime minister deliver a campaign speech just before the election is a brilliant political stroke. It would be unsporting to bring up the word “uppet.” Times such as these echo satirist Tom Lehrer’ tribute to American foreign policy.
        …They’e got to be respected
         All their rights protected
         Till someone we like can be elected.
         Allawi, by the way, once worked for Saddam Hussein as well as for the C.I.A. It is unlikely that his shadowy past contributes to his popularity among the Iraqis. Does anyone out there remember Dick Cheney’ old buddy, Ahmad Chalabi? History does have a habit of repeating itself.
          At his most brilliant moment Dr. Freud could probably not explain John Kerry. His reluctance to reply to some of the most scurrilous attacks in recent political history makes Hamlet look like a man of snap decisions. Where is this vaunted courage official U.S. Navy documents verify about his service in Vietnam? The perjury of the Swift Boat veterans seems to have served its purpose. In all probability the damage is done. The initial charges, now as then, tend to have more effect than the truth that followed. Perhaps we will never know what motivated the attack on Kerry’ veracity. We can confidently look forward to an important and lucrative position for O’eill, author of Unfit for Command in a potential Bush administration. “hat’ in it for me?”is one of the time-honored behavioral motives. Taking into account the old cliché: where you stand depends upon where you sit, it could be argued that Kerry’ anti-war activities when he returned from combat represent an even higher degree of heroism than previously exhibited, especially when his protests were lodged at a time when they were unpopular, potentially dangerous. Where is the eloquence we heard when John Kerry asked: “ow do you ask a man to be the last to die for a mistake?” The junkyard dog tactics of the neocon ideologues call for a would-be president to abandon the high road. When the dangerous idiot, Zell Miller spit his venom at the Republican convention, accusing Kerry of gutting the defense budget, roaring: “hat does he want to throw at the enemy, spitballs?”Kerry could have replied that the cuts for which he voted were also recommended by Richard Cheney, then Secretary of Defense. The only way to respond to cheap shots is to counter immediately. Once the moment is lost later replies lose their bite, and it appears that Kerry’ timing is atrocious – so is his campaign strategy, or lack of it.
          François Marie Arouet [1694-1718] A.K.A. Voltaire, once wrote: “irtue debases itself by justifying itself.” This observation comes to mind when we consider what has become one of Americans’favorite indoor sports – telling ourselves how superior we are to all the other souls on this sad planet. Thus, it is possible for us to deny or overlook unpalatable truths. John Kerry got in trouble when he mentioned that some of our troops committed atrocities in Vietnam. Indignant outcries immediately followed. Myopic moral denial reigns supreme in this country, yet it is indisputable that hideous war crimes were perpetrated in Vietnam. Remember My Lai? And now we have been informed about that stunning early Christmas present to Osama bin Laden and all the jihadists, real and potential, in the world – Abu Ghraib Prison. The whitewash that is being lathered on successfully exempts Rumsfeld and his cronies in the Pentagon from even a faint degree of responsibility. The hideous, subhuman behavior of the torturers was confined to the lower orders. Yet, the megalomaniacal Secretary of Defense is on record as having called the Geneva Conventions “uaint.” Are we to believe that the chief honcho’ tawdry philosophy had no effect on his subordinates? It appears that no career military person’ future will be blighted if he/she has enough stars. No important head will roll.
          One version of an old story involves a man who lives in Brooklyn. On the front of his house he has a large plaque on which is printed: “ay this house be safe from tigers.” His neighbor asks: “hy do you have that on your front door? There are no tigers in this country.” The first man replies: “t works, doesn’ it?” This is the same facile defense employed by the Bushies who point out that the United States hasn’ been attacked by terrorists since 9/11, hence we have been subjected to airy generalizations by the Bushies during this campaign about being tough on terrorism. Kerry has fallen into this dubious trap on occasion. We may even descend into “y father can beat up your father”before November 2. It might be a welcome change to this dreary litany if we were to give serious thought to who is wiser.
         Wisdom of the Sages
          War is nothing but the continuation of politics by other means. - Von Clausewitz -
          In general, the art of government consists in taking as much money as possible from one class of citizen to give to the other.
             -        Voltaire -

The politics of today would scare even Machiavelli himself. So much that he would probably rush off and join a seminary.
-        Keith Olberman -

Censure is the tax a man pays to the public for being eminent.
-        Jonathan Swift -

Why not change horses in the middle of the stream if the horse you’e on is lame?
-        Clarke –

“ir: I have found you an argument, but I am not obliged to find you an understanding.” - Dr. Johnson –

        Yours, etc.
        (Ink-stained wretch)
         Lots can be covered during a 34 minute meeting of Central Appalachia Empowerment (CAEZ) Oct 5th. Here goes. With all Clay County reps present except Commissioner Triplett, it was business as usual, no housing committee meeting, no loan committee meeting, no financial committee meeting, blah blah blah.
         As has been the case for ten years, the only committee with power and to met regularly did so. The Economic Development Committee met prior to the full board meeting at 4pm. Office manager Michelle Morris gave a report on that earlier summit.
         CAEZ Director Sizemore, BDA Chair Leonard Williams and Paige Willis traveled north to a Grimes Timber products company to see a firewood business in action. During the visit and according to the report, our local BDA leaders felt there is little interest in a locally run firewood co-op business in this county. With $75,000 in grant dollars already secured for the county, instead and an offer may be extended to the private Grimes company. Original plans called for the operation to be housed at the Filcon Fields site near Ovapa. That deal , a lease, may be offered to the Elkins area business. If the co-op venture is scrapped, the grants will have to be rewritten.
         In the way of tourism growth for Clay County, mention was made of using Spread Park as a launch site for float trips down the Elk River. If that develops, a building will have to be built. The county leases the road side park from the State Road who impose use restrictions. Those restrictions would have to be renegotiated.
                 An ATV trail for the county? Still just talk readers. Will the State Road widen the road to Obrion Oval Speedway? No, its good enough as it is!
         The final segment of business came with a question on funds being expended by CAEZ as the lead economic development agency for the county of Clay. Answer: The money is in, no more to come.
                 For those interested in the county’ criminal activities over the past couple weeks, you’e in the right place. Since last edition two more houses/camps have fell victim to arson and…..
                 Thursday afternoon Oct 14th, Bruce Bird Jr got in a gob of trouble. Bird already on bond violated the terms by paying a visit to his girlfriend’ trailer. The incident happened behind the Clay Foodland store in mid afternoon. By 3:30pm Bird was in Magistrate Court land ready to head back to the Central Regional Jail (CRJ) slammer.
                 Now here’ a strange item. How often do you read of a registered nurse and one time Clay County Sanitarian spending time in jail. On Oct 13th, 39 year old Teresa Morton’ name came across the scanner airwaves. Something about a domestic violence order being violated and Morton ended up at CRJ. A check of the CRJ web site Oct 14th revealed she had been released.
                 And what you have been waiting to read about. Another Murder Mountain shooting. Around 4:30 pm Oct 6th, the 911 scanner was lively with Murder Mountain traffic. Calls came in on Tommy Young Sr being shot in the leg by Richard Cummings. The caller was asked to keep an eye on Cummings. Minutes later 911 reported Cummings heading off Murder Mountain on foot toward Summer Fork.
                 At 5:40 pm a Clay ambulance was seen heading to CAMC with Sr in the back. As of Thursday Oct 14th, no arrest warrants have been issued in the case.
                 Oct 12th Young Sr reported: he had been shot in the back of the left leg twice with a shotgun; he remained in the hospital waiting a second surgery; Cummings was the trigger man; and another shot pierced Sr’ trailer door. According to Sr, his son was interrogated by the green shirts and asked if he had shot his Dad with the 12 gauge. The juvenile replied No. Sr was later asked if he somehow could have taken the long gun in a Houdini like move and shot himself in the back of the leg twice!!
                 Putting two and three together and coming up with 12, here’ what we think happened. Cummings was peed after someone swiped his ready to harvest pot crop and as a pay back for Sr shooting Cummings a month and half ago, Richard blasted Sr. and then disappeared for now. There are no charges against him. Translation: Badges are hoping Cummings and Young have a shoot out at the Murder Mtn corral ….. and soon.                        AW
         “Moral Clarity”Claptrap By Jim Chafin
          “o American president wants to go to war; neither Lincoln nor Roosevelt nor my own husband,”said Laura Bush as she spoke in glowing terms of George W. Bush’ decision to invade Iraq and topple Saddam Hussein from power. Using terminology that borders on surrealism, Mrs. Bush cited the strengths of her husband as a man “ou can count on, especially in a crisis.” And in an unusual effort to put a face on this “ar president”that the public rarely sees, Laura Bush describes her George W. as a contemplative person who was “eighing grim scenarios and ominous intelligence and potentially even more devastating attacks.” Describing W. as a reluctant warrior, she seemed to go out of her way to convince Americans that he was one of us and that his cares and worries were with “y fellow Americans,”even as the blood of his countrymen was spilled by the hundreds. As of this writing, 1058 American soldiers have lost their lives in the sands of Iraq, and that does not include private citizens who are there as contractors rebuilding that strife-torn country. Neither does it include more than 30 news-people and close to 200 assorted foreign allied soldiers.
          Yes, Laura, we can agree with you concerning George W. Bush being a reluctant warrior. Indeed, this seems to be a sort of trademark of his in that history appears to have portrayed him as a person who has spent his life, from adolescence to the present, allowing others to shoulder the heavy end of the load. There are around a hundred books written about the life of this man – more than any other sitting president – in which he is characterized as a person of shallow attention, arrogant, and more than willing to watch others march off to war while he plays the role of rich, spoiled playboy and showing little regard for the responsibilities and duties that others carry without question.
          This is the face that we see each evening on the TV, a man who has turned the people’ house into a sanctuary for the richest of the rich. A person who toys with religiosity as if it is something to be used on a whim and at one’ own convenience. Reports in the media are quoted as saying that this president isn’ a member of any congregation and doesn’ attend church regularly. How’ that for contradiction? From a youngster who is characterized as living on the wild side, through adolescence into adulthood, through his years as a person who pulled all the strings he could to stay out of Vietnam and at the same time receive a million dollar education at the taxpayer expense while in that Texas National Guard “hampagne unit.” On through a life of dubious distinction as an oilman, George W. has been able to manipulate people to his advantage most of his life.
          Today this “eluctant warrior”sits in the Oval Office. However, a major change has taken place; instead of one who spared no effort to shun active combat when it was his turn to serve, we now see a man who describes himself as a “artime president”– Commander-in-Chief, if you please. Now we see him as a man who is more than willing to put others in the line of fire, and for reasons that are, shall we say dubious at best.
          While I am not one who believes that church attendance is the cure for all ills, a program of daily study of Scripture, with an open mind, can do wonders for our character. For example, one might find that truth is better than lying, and that one can rest better at night if he has been honest and upfront with his neighbors. That’ a given.
          In an election that gains more notoriety as each day passes, through this year’ slanderous campaign for reelection Bush, Inc. has revealed his true nature and intent. If one chooses to look and listen, this GOP campaign to hold onto the Oval Office gives off ample warnings on what will be the fate of this nation should W. retain his seat as Commander-in-Chief for these next four years. The transcript of Fahrenheit 9/11 presents us with a chilling outline of the sorry state of affairs in Florida in the days leading up to the 2000 election that produced that state’ electoral votes for this sitting president. Fahrenheit 9/11 (quoting GOP sources): Make sure the chairman of your campaign is also the vote countin’woman and that her state has hired a company that’ gonna knock voters off the rolls who aren’ likely to vote for you. You can usually tell them by the color of their skin.”
         The vote total was certified by Florida’ Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, head of the Bush campaign in Florida, on behalf of Governor Jeb Bush, the candidate’ brother. Mark Zoller Seitz said in the San Diego Union-Tribune, on December 16, 2000, “ush team conveyed an air of legitimacy.” Yeah, right, Zoller. The Florida Department of State awarded a $4 million contract to the Boca-Raton based Database Technologies, Inc. They were tasked with finding improperly registered voters in the state’ database, but mistakes were rampant. At one point the list included as felons 8,000 former Texas residents who had been convicted of misdemeanors according to the December 21, 2003 St. Petersburg Times. “atabase Technologies, a subsidiary of ChoicePoint, was responsible for bungling an overhaul of Florida’ voter registration records, with the result that thousands of people, disproportionately black, were disenfranchised in the 2000 election,” - Oliver Burkeman. Jo Tuckman, May 5, 2003: “irm in Florida Election Fiasco Earns millions from Files on Foreigners.”
          From the time that George Walker Bush began dreaming about a run for the presidency of this country, his has been one long series of deceptions, receiving aid and comfort from the Republican Party and its band of wealthy contributors. Their history stands before us as an open book, so if we are deceived in 2004 it is our own fault. Their intentions are loud and clear. The Associated Press quotes Bush as saying, “ich won’ pay for Kerry programs – the rich have accountants who can help them (avoid) paying taxes.” And indeed they do, and they are. In Tuesday’ debate between John Edwards and Dick Cheney, Edwards noted that Halliburton (Cheney’ former company) have moved their financial operations off-shore for many of their affiliated companies – thus depriving this nation of legally owed taxes, while at the same time taking advantage of every opportunity to wallow in the tax coffer of this country which has been so overwhelmingly kind to it. That’ the gratitude shown this nation by hundreds of successful corporations who have shifted their responsibilities onto the workers of America.
         ILLEGAL MEETINGS Some things Clayberry may never learn. Illegal secret meetings is one of them.
                 State Sunshine Laws are pretty clear on when a public governing body can go behind closed door and discuss matters. The code allows for such away from the public discussions, the public has to told the reason for the secrecy, no decisions can be made during those times, and the secret time has to be properly posted on the meeting agenda.
                 During the Oct 5th Clay County PSD meeting, Keith King adjourned the monthly public meeting and said he and fellow Boardsters Ted Underwood and Homer Triplett would discuss “nternal matters”State law doesn’ allow a public Board to meet except in a open setting after being properly posted. Sunshine laws don’ allow “nternal matters”as a reason for going hush-hush.
                 5 years ago, another public body (CCC) met in the late evening hours to discuss an upcoming vote to support the Ambulance Authority and that meeting ended up before the State Supreme Court and cost the county nearly $25,000.
                 It was a double whammy Tuesday Oct 5th in Clayberry. After the PSD meeting, Clay Town Council met in regular session at the water plant. Near the end of that meeting, Mayor King Arthur yelled out for everybody to leave and he was holding an emergency secret meeting. With no mention of the deal on the agenda and no reason given for the clandestine get-together, red flags went up immediately. When asked the purpose, no answer was provided. When that little round fat guy informed Council that such actions could be challenged in Court and any decisions tossed, they paid if no mind.
                 Usually such straying from the law indicates a rate increase is on the way or something that needs massaging before becoming public knowledge. With the sewer plant operating in the red for years, and even though Jarrett later said they didn’ talk about such an increase, watch for such a request to come in the darkness of night and without public comment.
                 Scott Bass resigned Oct 8th from the Human Resource Development Foundation program housed in the Work for WV office at Spread Park. It’ not the norm for a government run jobs program to amount to a hill of beans but this one did.
                 For over two years Bass worked with high school youth getting them ready for the job market. The HRDF program trained the kids in areas of being on time, how to present themselves to an employer, job ethics, and setting life’ goals. Bass was able to place many of the junior and senior class students in job settings giving them hands on experience in the job market. For most of his underprivileged, at risk clients, HRDF was the first step in breaking the welfare barrier and entered into the world of responsibility.
                 In 2004 that all changed. Due to management incompetence and lack of reporting to the funding agencies, the most needed to be served youth were cut back in paid hours worked and the number of students in the program were reduced.
                 Seeing the hand writing on the wall and another chance for a brighter future for our youth go to H in a hand basket, Bass gave up the ship and cut bait. In one of the poorest counties in one of the poorest states in the union, the loss of Scott Bass may be indication of a gloomy future for this area.
         CLAY DEVELOPMENT CORP (CDC) held a special membership meeting Oct 14th at 10am to change their by-laws. According to Chair Gary Whaling and secretary Janet Fitzwater, the change was mandated by funders after a the recent Wyoming County Aging program came under fire in Charleston newspapers.
                 The social service provider’ corporate charter calls for a meeting of the general membership to vote on any by law changes. With 45 present from the 105 member group, mostly employees made up the body, the motions and change came quickly.
                 The change called for the Board of Directors to be reduced from 15 down to 9. The new make up includes 2 reps from the professional ranks. For CDC that’ Dr Jannie, OD and Jeff Davis, attorney at law. The other seven will come from low income and elderly
                 With their jobs on the line, none of the employees voted nay to the changes.
         CLAY COUNTY PSD met in regular session Oct 5h in their Main Street digs. Boardsters Ted Underwood, Keith King, and Homer Triplett present along with one in the peanut gallery. With only five items on the agenda, the meeting went fast.
         Financially, the PSD opened the month of Sept with $248, took in $21,300, spent $19,767 and ended Sept with $1781.68.
         New kid on the block Underwood started asking questions about the financial statement. Someone will have to tell Ted that’ a no no, that nothing is discussed in public at the Clay County PSD.
         As for the system operation, Field worker Sam Taylor reported a major line rupture which resulted in a Boil Water Order for Ivydale area customers. Taylor said that the break was due to cheapy original construction rings near shut off valves. Two full tanks of water was lost before repairs could be completed.
         For those interested in safe water and the Lizemores/Tuckers Bottom water line extension project, it’ going to be while longer. Office Manager Cindy Schoolcraft reported that recently opened construction bids came in well above funding levels and they will have to seek additional $ and rebid the project in smaller sections. King said the low bid, $24 per foot, was completely outrageous.
                 Elsewhere in this edition is coverage of the illegal secret meeting after the public was told to leave the room. In Clayberry we only follow the rules of the land when it’ convenient.
                  Clay Town Council met in the water plant building Oct 5th at 4 pm. Mayor Jarrett held the reigns as Council members, Dwana Murphy, Betty Murphy, Phil Morris, and Sally Legg went along for the ride. Absent, Billie Zegeer and Frank Childers.
                 After paying the bills and Oking the meeting minutes, Marsha Geyer and Connie Lupardus ( CAEZ) addressed Council with improving the town’ overall appearance. Geyer’ comments included: the town is vital to the county’ financial health, visitors see the town as quaint, and, not every county will get a Toyota plant and those places should work to improve their images through downtown revitalization programs. Geyer provided handouts on her program, Main Street USA.
                 Council seemed receptive to the ideas as if they had heard it all before. They had. About 6 years ago, CAEZ Director Harold Butler presented the same deal. Then as during this meeting, the money needed to start up the renewal effort , just doesn’ exist.
                 The Town is in the middle of a multi million dollar water plant upgrade. Before the Council was a vote to OK an engineering agreement for the upgrade. With stacks of documents all neatly stapled together, engineer Jim Hildruth cordially showed the Mayor where to sign. Before signing discussion centered on whether a third party should review the 30 page documents before signing. Jarrett, “Do we need a lawyer?”the huddled shock their heads no and without review, Pooof! A done deal.
                 Long time readers will remember when Council entered into the high tech sewer plant project where they barged ahead without outside guidance and oversight. It appears they are about to repeat the same fiasco.
                 Did we mention that sewer plant doesn’ work right and operates in the red month in month out?
                 The public meeting came to a screeching halt when the Mayor ordered everybody out of the building as he called an emergency secret meeting. Details from that illegal meeting are elsewhere in this edition. —AW
         ELECTION 2004 More Candidates File!!
                 We’e down to the last few weeks of Election 2004. Now’ the fun time! Who drops out? Who gains momentum? Who ends up the sore looser? Make ‘em squirm, readers. When they come around, ask them hard questions!
         On the national level, debates have come and gone and for the most part, both sides have been talking out of both sides of their mouth. Most realize the massaging of information is a true art and the results are about as far from reality as possible… some call them liars.
                 Due to 2000 Census year butchering (redistricting), Clayberry has little impact on the senatorial or delegate races. But at home, we’e got a heck of an election coming up! Here goes with the local races.
                 Up until this year, the race was decided during the May Primary. Not so now. In addition to the two old line parties, Libertarians and Mountain Party spots are on this year’ ballot. Add to those four platforms write in candidates, and anything could result in the election returns. Heck, even the Republicats are fielding a candidate for Sheriff.
         With our crime rate way up at least, or out of control, the Sheriff’ race is important this time around. Did you know we have a new candidate? Yep. Butch Gray from the Wallback area of the county signed up as a write in candidate around 10:30a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 12th. That makes three Demos, Holcomb, Paxton and Gray, and Mullins the Republicat hopeful. Based on the Holcomb’ primary election results where 10 others contended for the slot, and where Demorats outnumber the elephants 3 to 1, Holcomb has to be considered the front runner. Although write in candidates are considered long shots, with only 1400 registered Republicat voters in the county and an expected total voter turn out of 3500, the write ins could have a major effect on the outcome this time.
         From the consensus: Holcomb and Paxton have police experience but both have weaknesses.
         Consensus from the coffee house crowd: the write ins will pull from the Holcomb camp leaving Mullins with a better shot. If voter turn out is light, Mullins could benefit most.
         Magistrates, County Clerk, Circuit Clerk, Prosecutor positions are all sown up with no contenders on the ballot. There was a rumor that defeated-in-the-May battle Suzie Legg would try again in a write in campaign. Didn’ happen. The last day to file as such was Oct. 12th. But, some one did file within minutes of the deadline.
         In the County Commission race, there is a new contender. Denise Taylor waited until the last second to file as a write in candidate. In previous attempts (school board, magistrate) Denise has mustered substantial votes. With Taylor in the race, there’ three choices. Fran King, a one time school board member from the Ivydale area and a registered Demorat has to be considered the front runner. New to the electoral process, the Mountain Party has candidate Andy “he Mel Gibson Look Alike”Waddell inked on the ballot. Waddell has given elected and appointed officials double H over the last 10 years with his ace cub reporter articles in this near award winning newspaper. With Waddell ticking off about every elected and appointed official in the county, coffee house consensus: With Taylor pulling as many as 400 votes from both Waddell and King, this could be the race to watch. Mouthy King and the bridge burner, Waddell…. we might have to hold our noses to vote for either one! With Commission the most powerful position in the county, blue bloods seeking the person they can keep their thumbs on, may have a tough time this go around.
         Side notes: It’ not always easy getting an ad printed in that little paper over in Clay. Just 8 years ago, House of Delegate candidate David Walker paid to have his folded campaign brochure inserted in that paper only to be refused the service after the tabloid had been distributed. During that election year, Walker’ opponent was the editor of that weekly.
         New Sheriff candidate Butch Gray prepared a lengthy message for printing and paid the $72 fee. When the last edition came out, his ad had been changed to a generic vote for him type of ad. Gray was peed real bad. Gray, “his is not fair… I believe it was done intentionally instead of a mistake!” Gray felt that the little paper was trying to shape the Nov. 2nd results by changing his communication. Gray also reported on Oct. 13th, all of his road side signs had been torn down or removed from the stacks. Gray has since ordered more signage.
         Yes, we know Dave Mullins is arrogant and cocky, but this time he may be getting a bad rap. During last weekend’ CCHS Dance Team Basket Bingo game, it was announced and printed that Mullins was to donate one of those expensive Longaberger dust catchers to the cause and then backed out. According to Dave, he agreed to make the donation and the lady never came to pick up his money. Some days later, he offered to pay up any morning if she would stop by the bus garage. According to Mullins, the Dance Team rep never showed and he was out of town during the Bingo fundraiser.
         Mid October has always been the traditional “rime time”for campaigning. With early voting allowed, that prime time just went away. Last election around 500 voters made their mark early in the Circuit Clerk’ office. This cycle, 90 have voted and an additional 50 have requested mail in ballots.
         Our election year is almost complete. In less than 20 days we’l know who the new Commissioner and Sheriff will be. Better get the promises now and write them down!
         Letter to Brother Bill By Evelyne McLaughlin
          Dear Brother Bill: The leaves are beginning to turn and the frost has touched the "punkin". I love the fall season. Hope you and yours are well and happy. Several folks in our neighborhood and around the bend have had or will have birthdays this month. They include: Tyler Cantrell, Dixie Love Jarvis, Imogene Stalnaker, Barbara Samples, Randall 'Tony" Samples, Meagan Koch, Bobby Grose, Gary Grose and Virginia Boggs. Hope each of these folks have many, many more birthdays.
          Darlie Wiseman Norton (Class of 1955) has settled into her new home at Lost Creek. She called last week to discuss our upcoming class reunion. Darlie and I have been in contact with each other since we graduated a long time ago.
          Ann Moore, widow of Clarence Moore (Class of 1955) has compiled a booklet called "Singing A New Song" Volume I, in memory of Clarence. This booklet is a collection of words and music written by Clarence. Dorma (Mrs. Paul Moore, '55) Moore sent me a copy of this booklet and it is very nice. Clarence was a wonderful person.
          Brother Roger Cummings, of Ravenswood, will be starting a revival at Blue Knob Church this coming Monday night, October 18. Services will start at 7:00 o'clock and everyone is welcome to attend.
          Aunt Delphia O'Dell, of Ovapa, has been visiting her daughter and son-in-law, Howard and Mary Ellen Friend, of Ravenswood. Nina Faye Whittington and her husband, of Harmony, were recently visiting her sisters, Anna May Payne and Nancy Brown, of Ovapa.
          Sorry to learn of the deaths of Mrs. Ethel Jett, Buck Moore and Shirley Moore. Our condolences to their families. Also, sorry to learn that Allie's uncle had passed away. Thanks to Carl Wilson, Jr., of North Carolina. He sent me Dennis Sutton's e-mail. Hello to Dennis, Helen, Marge, Bub, Jones and Jake. Hope you all have a wonderful day.
          Dixie Jarvis hosted a baby shower given in honor of Mrs. Stephanie Jarvis. The shower was attended by several folks. Acting goofy, as I often do, I stuck some artificial flowers and a few bows in my hair. Would you believe Irene Hamrick Cantrell said, "Evelyne, you look like a blooming idiot"? A couple other ladies did the same - they didn't want me to be the only blooming idiot at the shower. I think everyone had a wonderful time and Stephanie received so many nice gifts. It was good to see Delores Love Davis. She is such a lovely lady.
          A Fall Fest was held at the H. E. White School last Friday. Lots of excitement as the children went to different events. I was invited to tell stories, some folks painted faces, some took the children on a hay ride and there were games galore. This was a fun day.
          I have learned a lot of things in the last few years. One is, age is a very high price to pay for maturity and another is you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in.
          Don has been a patient at the St. Francis Hospital for the last three weeks. If all goes well he will be coming home soon. Sylvia Summers and I have been down to visit with him several times. Mary Vaughn of Blue Knob was visiting with her sister, Ann Varney Davis, of Cocoa, this week.
          Get well wishes to Tommy Young, Sr. Hope you have a quick recovery. Renee has been my friend for a long time. I understand she is going to school to become a nurse. Way to go, Renee! Just to let you know how I spent this past Wednesday - visited with Ramona Samples, and I also visited with Ruby Goodwin. After those visits I journeyed over to the Senior Place in Clay and saw lots of folks. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rogers were there, Janie Patterson, Julie Tanner, and many more folks were enjoying a delicious dinner at the center. I also visited at the Clay Furniture Store and at Kate's Flower Shop. I saw many old friends and met several new ones. Another good day.
          I think this is about it for this time, in the meantime HELP US ALL TO BE BRAVE! Love you always, Sis
         Magistrate Report
         09/30/04: Belt – Brandy Wayne Nichols, possession with intent to deliver (08/24/04), preliminary hearing continued by State, officer had family medical emergency; received notice of appearance of counsel- Barbara Schamberger; received motion for jury trial.
         10/01/04: Bailey – Charles E. Bass, manufacture/possess controlled substance (warrant 09/24/04), arrested, ROB.
         10/04/04: Light – William Bruce Swindler, warrant issued, fail to register sex offender; Stephenson – David L. Ramsey, driving under the influence 3rd offense and driving while revoked for DUI 3rd offense, arrested, preliminary hearing 10/07 continued by State to 10/12.
         10/06/04: Bailey – George F. Adkins, warrant issued, cultivation of marijuana.
         10/07/04: Elswick – John Jeff Summers, fraudulent registration (09/21/04), preliminary hearing – joint motion to continue, officer had emergency.
         10/12/04: Elswick – Bobby Edward Nichols, sexual assault 3rd offense X 3, arrested.
         09/21/04: Slack – Jason E. Doss, no POI and registration violation.
         09/30/04: Slack – Chadwick William Muck, warrants issued for left of center, no POI, MVI and driving suspended/revoked non-DUI.
         10/01/04: Belt – Robert Hall-Reau-Veau, speeding, received call from defendant, wants a hearing on citation, trial set 10/18.
         10/02/04: Slack – Angela Dawn Kincaid, no POI, appeared 10/08, ROB.
         10/04/04: Light – Charlotte E. Craig, warrants issued for DUI-2nd offense and DUI causing injury; Stephenson – David L. Ramsey, defective equipment, fuel tax stamp violation and MVI, arrested.
         10/05/04: Slack – Sandra Guy, driving suspended/revoked non-DUI 2nd offense and no POI, appeared, ROB.
         10/07/04: Clay County Sheriff’ Dept. – Billy Duffield, warrant issued for worthless check; Slack – Billy Joe Duffield, warrants issued for driving suspended/revoked non-DUI and registration violation.
         10/08/04: Wriston – Joseph Carl Boyle, speeding, appeared, ROB.
         10/09/04: Amber Adkins – Jeanetta Salisbury, peace bond, summons.
         09/30/04: R.B. Legg Jr., DDS – Terry Dean, money due, subpoena; James Woodrum, money due, subpoena; Michael and Melissa Hill, money due, subpoena.
         10/04/04: Wanda Brown – Marsha Brown and Mitchel Griffith, money due.
         10/05/04: Darlene Daniels – Michael and Angel Hanshaw, wrongful occupation; Jennifer Payne, wrongful occupation.
         10/07/04: Great Seneca Financial Service – Robert M. and Margaret Godbey, money due, subpoena.
         Worthless Checks
Notices issued –
         09/30/04: Clay Supermarket – Tonya Sayre X 2; Billy J. Keen.
         10/08/04: Dan D. Sizemore – Mitzi G. Eagle; Melanie Moore X 2; Mindy Johnston; Beverly Legg.
         Citation Register
         09/18/04: State Police – Nicholas Bujak, speeding.
         09/20/04: DNR – Sheila D. Goodrich, stream litter.
         09/22/04: State Police – Brennin S. Bird, possession marijuana less 15 GRMS.
         09/24/04: State Police – Candice S. Murphy, driving suspended/revoked non-DUI and no POI; Jeremy J. Runion, seat belt violation; Jackson Schoolcraft, MVI; Brandy Joan Tanner, registration violation and no POI.
         09/27/04: State Police – Melissa Cummings, no POI and operator’; June Reckell, no POI.
         09/28/04: State Police – Paige McLaughlin, MVI; DOH – Keith J. Redden, MVI and no POI.
         09/29/04: State Police – Joseph C. Boyle, speeding; David Lee Leo, speeding; Jason L. Podgett, possession marijuana less 15 GRMS; William H. Reed, Jr., MVI, no POI, driving revoked DUIA, and providing false information; Daniel W. Strickland, speeding.
         09/30/04: State Police – Mitzi G. Eagle, driving suspended/revoked non-DUI-2nd offense; Angela L. Holcomb, operator’; Scotty L. Nottingham, speeding.
         10/02/04: Sheriff’ Dept. – Angela Dawn Kincaid, no POI; State Police – Michael Paul Lawson, MVI and no POI; Lovell Ray Meadows, speeding; DNR – Roy A. Wood II, defective equipment.
         10/03/04: State Police – Edna C. Moore, no POI.
         10/04/04: State Police – Mark W. Hamrick, operator’.
         10/05/04: State Police – Elvin J. Bishop, no POI; Rex A. Tinney, no POI.
         CLARIFICATION: It was not Roy Lynn Cottrell, Sr. listed in last edition’ Citation Register.
                 Here in Clay I don’ like how the law goes. We need someone in Clay that will work with the people and help the people that need help. Here’ what I’ trying to say…
                 When James Rogers went to court, the Judge gave him 90 days in jail and 3 to 5 years supervised probation. They did not hurt James, they hurt the kids. The Judge more or less called him a liar and the case went Dimple’ way. Just like when Loretta and Dimples went to court, it went Dimples way. I got fined $243 and sentenced to 10 days in jail which was suspended and I was put on 6 months supervised probation.
                 Dimples was charged with the same thing and walked away free. Everybody doesn’ know the whole story. She went and got papers to put me out. She put all of my and my kid’ stuff out by the road . My rent was paid! She didn’ even show up for court June 4th and my stuff was beside the road June 1st. We did not have a place to live. When I took her to court over my stuff and the Prosecutor threw it out. How she says I did $9000 of damage to her trailer. Oddly, she rented the trailer less than a month later.
                 I think the courts are being paid off so she will get her way. I just want everybody in Clay to know how she did her son and grand kids. She will never see her grand kids again. Thank you for listening.
         Loretta Stewart
         Note: as always, Chatter is the opinions of the writer!
         CHATTER 2
          Just a note to give my opinion on thetotal disrespectour own county commission gives its citizens by allowing a dead weight like HAC to still be on board.WE( and believe me, "I" didn't vote for that man), elected officials to represent us and to benefit our county . Excuse me.... we failed in some areas, obviously.HOWEVER,as the other part of that commission, is it not part of YOUR duty tolook out for the best of the county?Can you explainWHY the commission has made no disciplinary move toward forcing good ol' HAC to resign orshow up or at least pretend to do something? Sadly, it seemsthis entire commission has forgotten its purpose.
          WHAT is the point of his salary and benefits?Is it for services rendered?If so.. what has he done to deserve them? Can you nameone business or employer that would shell out a full salary and benefit package and never even see that employee for months?..If you can, could youget me an application?.........If you can't, tell me just how intelligent it makes our county officials look for continuing to carry this dead weight, month after month.........I COULD tell you how intelligent it makes you look, but I'll let you figure it out if you can.
          Many times, this county seems to have very little , if any, positive things going for it... and our own county commissionsits at the top of the list with representation like this. Great going, guys!
          My two cents worth, Joyce Johnson
         School Board Meeting
          Clay County Board of Education members Gene King, Kim Sams, R.B. Legg, Jr., Beth Cercone and Dave Pierson met Monday, October 4 at their central office in Clay for the first of their twice monthly meetings.
          After making a few additions to the agenda and a couple of corrections to the previous meeting minutes, the board perused the current bills to be paid. It was noted that the cost of text books had gone down by 40 to 45%, and this was attributed to the block scheduling used at the high school and middle school. Business Manager Loretta Gray provided the September financial update and reported that they had received their biggest tax collection of the year in September. Other sources of income for the month included money from the State, a reimbursement from the Medicaid Program, and the first installment of grant dollars from the Distance Learning Grant. A few of the September expenses included paying for bus driver physicals, copiers, quarterly payment to the Board of Risk, and a payment to Ablesoft, the outfit working on providing internet service at the schools to accommodate the distance learning.
          The board approved the resignations of Shawn Krajeski as the girl’ basketball coach at Clay Middle School (CMS) effective immediately, Debra Johnson as an after school teacher at Ivydale Elementary, and they accepted the voluntary removal of Janelle Boggs’name from the substitute cook’ list.
          Employment was approved for Shawn Krajeski as 9th grade boy’ basketball coach at Clay County High School (CCHS), Anissa Collins as an after school teacher at Ivydale Elementary, Teresa Huffman and Sarah Workman as after school teachers at Lizemore Elementary paid through the 21st Century Grant, and Anita Stephenson as Edge Site Coordinator for Clay County Schools. Superintendent Jerry Linkinoggor explained that Stephenson was the only bidder for the position, which will be funded through a state grant. As she is currently a teacher at the high school she will also fill this position like an extra duty contract.
          An out of state, over night trip was approved for the CCHS FFA students to travel to Louisville, Kentucky October 26 – 30 to participate in the National Floriculture and Design Contest. CCHS Agriculture Science teacher Bob Morris said that Clay placed first in floral design during the state competition. He told the board they did not need any funding for the trip as they had made about $1000 at the State Fair and would use that for the trip. The state has chartered a bus to take the West Virginia contestants.
          The board approved using the entire form suggested by the State Board of Education as the evaluation instrument for the superintendent discussed at their previous meeting.
          Eleven architectural firms sent proposals on the new school to be built in Big Otter. The board approved Mr. Linkinoggor’ selection of three of them to be interviewed following their November 1st regular meeting. The firms are Williamson, Shriver and Gandee Architects Inc., ZMM, Inc., and McKinney Associates.
          All motions passed unanimously.
          Superintendent Linkinoggor made the board aware of the urgent need to hire another computer technician. He said they have one technician and another from RESA that comes two days a week, but they cannot keep up with the maintenance of the 700 to 800 computers now in the school system. He figured a salary of $16,000 according to the pay scale, plus fixed costs such as insurance would in total cost the board approximately $30,000 to hire another technician. He said he didn’ know if they could afford it, but described the situation as critical. He told them he had resumes on file, many from former students, and asked permission to advertise a position and place the item on next meeting’ agenda. The board members agreed that he could proceed with the proposal. He then asked for permission to advertise for substitute custodians, explaining they probably needed 4 to 5 more, no cost involved. Permission was granted.
          A new ACT preparation class will be offered at CCHS next semester. Students will get credit for taking the class.
          Meeting adjourned after about 45 minutes. Next regular meeting of the board will be Monday, October 18 at Ivydale Elementary School, Ivydale, starting at 6:00 p.m. TK