November 1, 2002

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Patriotism, or Constitutionality?

        Taking the bull by the horns October 30, 2002, the Clay County Commission (CCC) appointed a new director for the Clay County Ambulance Service. Earlier this month, our elected ones voted not to renew the management contract of WV TNS. TNS took over operation of the service January 22, 2002. Prior to TNS, the Clay County Emergency Ambulance Authority managed the financially challenged agency.
        During a continued session of the CCC held October 30, Commissioners Matthew Bragg and Jimmy Sams voted unanimously to appoint Mitzie Adkins to the position of Interim Director. Commissioner Butcher was conspicuously absent from the meeting as he has been for the last 6 months. Full details of the appointment can be found elsewhere in this edition of this near award winning publication
        Born in Charleston, single parent Adkins is the mother of two, one in college and one in the fifth grade. Adkins, “ volunteered in 1994 and was hired by the county in 1995.”During her tenure Adkins has served as a billing clerk for many years and is a licensed EMT. Adkins will receive $100.00 more per pay period for her additional responsibilities. Adkins will assume the new position November 1.
         As for the challenge facing the cash poor emergency service provider, Ms Adkins, “ur biggest challenge is to keep this place open. To keep the jobs.”Asked about the future of the service, “ don’ know yet… to keep improving on the reimbursement rate. I have a nose for money … I can smell it coming.”Adkins was referring to additional funds coming to the agency as a result of Huntington based MCA, a claims recovery company, which now handles insurance forms for Clay including those going to Medicaid and Medicare. Adkins, “ know right now that our bills are paid and we have a little bit to the good. And that’ without the $20,000.00. We haven’ touched it.”According to County Clerk Judy Moore, as of October 30 the agency has $900.00 in their account. The $20,000.00 referred to by Ms Adkins was the subsidy given to the ambulance service by the County Commission in August of this year. That money can be used as a “ast resort”emergency fund.
                 In addition to financial burdens, the local provider has only one ambulance road-worthy of the six setting at their home base at the Clay Health Department building on Main Street. This year’ budget, prepared by WV TNS, allowed for very little in the way of maintenance funds.
         B.J. Willis served as site manager. Adkins, “ounty Commission wants [Unit #] 19 on the road.” #19 is the new box ambulance purchased for over $90,000.00. Adkins, “.J. has done got that situated and is getting it fixed. He is getting it fixed for the winter time.”        For residents and Commissioners alike, big concerns have been raised about having just one duty crew on a shift. When the only unit is on a call, providers from outside the county have to be called, which in many cases results in long delays providing service in life and death situations. As for the need for a second crew, Adkins, “ne of my job descriptions, or roles, will be on the second truck out. I will use a part timer, volunteers maybe, and I will be on the second truck out. We are going to try and get our runs back in here.”
                 Concerning her relationship with other employees within the agency and their reaction to the appointment, Adkins, “….I’ not director until tomorrow….they treat me just like they always have. We’e going to work together. I am going to help them and they are going to help me. The ground rules are laid and they know their jobs. As B.J. has said, they are adults and they know what to do. We’e going to work together.”        In closing, Director Adkins provided the following, “ want the public to know that we are still here. We’e not shut down. And we’l work to keep it open. …We’e going to work hard to keep it open…”                AW
         Follow ups
                 In last edition, our front-page article covered the shocking news that State School Board President J.D. Morris had been caught for embezzling $172,000 from the Clay County Bank. Morris recently retired from the bank after serving as its president for many years. The charges and subsequent “nformation brief”detailed that the investigation into the theft went back as far as January 1997. Since then, a December 17 sentencing date has been set in Charleston before Federal Judge Haden.
                 Local reaction to the news has ranged from disbelief to anger. Concerns have been raised over where and whose money had been stolen. To date, acting bank president Scott Legg has issued no reassuring statements to the general public.
                 Soon came the bets. Will Morris serve time in prison or will he receive a slap on the hand for the white-collar crime? Some have suggested that if Morris receives home confinement, Haden should turn off Morris’ Clay Roane PSD water supply to his newly built mansion in Ovapa. Oh, we’e gotten mean with the one time pillar of the community!
                 As the fall out continues, letters to the editor in the Charleston Gazette have suggested that Morris should explain his actions. From the Gazette: “ason Simmons, a junior at Pendelton County High School, sent us a note saying that all students in grades three through 12 had to write an essay on “he qualities you feel are necessary for a person to be a responsible citizen.”The essay was approved by former school board president J.D. Morris – not long before he was charged with embezzling $172,000.00 from the Clay County Bank. Young Simmons said that the project should be reversed, and Morris should tell students why he failed at responsible citizenship.”
         ??? DID YOU KNOW ???
         1.        What’ right is not always popular.
2.        Recent studies by some of the nations leading experts confirm that fall is indeed the worst season for Asthma, Ulcers and seasonal affective disorder.
3.        An FDA review found more than 56,000 emergency room visits a year due to Acetaminophen overdose about a quarter of them unintentional.
4.        For the fifth consecutive year, Wal-Mart is West Virginia’ largest private employer.
5.        36 percent of West Virginia’ 9th to 12th grade boy’ use spit tobacco.
6.        The most common mental disorder in the elderly is “epression.”7.        Don’ expect a thousand dollar answer to a ten cent “rayer’
8.        Over the last eighty years, New England’ typical “aple syrup”output has dropped by more than half, due to warmer weather.
9.        The figures show that 14.7 percent of West Virginias population is without health insurance.
10.         There are more than 70,000 towers for cell phones, television and radio across the nation including 6,000 along the Gulf Coast.
11.         West Virginian’ with a degree earn 6 percent more than those without degrees.
12.         West Virginia motorist have 73 options, when choosing a license plate to show off personal interests and backgrounds.
13.         West Virginia parents receiving child support payment checks can now have them sent to direct deposit.
14.         August was a record-setting month for gambling at West Virginia’ racetracks and clubs.
15.         Fatal ATV accidents have occurred in 44 of West Virginias’55 counties.
16.         Three quarters of all state drug inmates have no convictions for violence, according to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse.
17.         Target shooters are 50 percent more likely than usual to have poor hearing and every five years of hunting results in a 7 percent increase in high frequency hearing loss.
18.         The latest FDA guidelines recommend that pregnant women and small children eat no more than two meals of fish each week.
19.         300 to 900 million people are infected with “alaria”each year.
20.         Former President “immy”Carte won the Nobel Peace Prize for his untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to International conflicts and to advance democracy and human rights. LMM

        Patriotism, or Constitutionality?
By Jim Chafin

        MORALITY LOST IN MAD SCRAMBLE TO MAKE WAR ON IRAQ. Americans like clarity when it comes to making such vital decisions as going to war; and on September 11, 2001, we had it. 3,000 people had been killed – again, by an organization, obviously, government knew something about, but chose to keep it a secret from the public. The United States declared war on terrorism. This was something new, they said, this was ‘vil personified’ this was a war that could last, well, forever. This would require “acrifices across the board” and Bush would need a signed blank check so that his hands would not be hampered as he managed this ‘ar on evil’ At last, Americans had a war they could wholeheartedly support. Then comes sonny boy Lay and Enron, and the whole rotten smelly mess of corporate corruption and fraud hit the American economy like a ton of bricks. Down went the prosperity index, and with it came the realization that, if this nation was to keep its citizens focused on war, we would need a whipping boy – and Saddam Hussein was just the ticket. Here was ‘vil personified’ Here was the man who “ried to kill my daddy” said W. This is the man who, “bove all others, represents Satan.” The wee small voice becomes a chant, then a chorus, then a mighty host becomes a thundering roar – bomb Iraq, bomb Iraq, BOMB IRAQ!! And still there is no proof that Iraq threatens the security of America. At least none has been presented to date.
        Bush declares that such is the immediacy of Saddam’ threat to American security that he is willing to “o it alone” But, under intense pressure, he is forced to bring Congress into the picture. He then submits a National Security Resolution to Congress which contains the blank check authority he wanted – to make the oval office into a dictatorship. Our own Senators Byrd and Rockefeller, and Congressman Nick Rahall, are notable among those who have opposed this blatant grab for power, unprecedented in modern times. “he homeland security ploy is a political whirlwind,”says Senator Byrd, while Senator Rockefeller, along with Senators Biden and Sarbanes, is asking the most intelligent questions I have heard in the hearings on the national security document. Groucho had it right. “olitics,”said Groucho Marx, “s the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it, and then misapplying the wrong remedies.” If Congress approves the Bush resolution as written, it will further inspire our enemies and earn for us the eternal hatred of billions of people. Under this doctrine, we claim the right to first strike use of nuclear weapons and unannounced pre-emptive strikes. This tactic has been used for centuries by all major powers under the term ‘efensive aggression’ and resulted in the demise of every nation that has used it. Its use inevitably results in the perpetrator being branded as aggressor in the pages of history, and I do not want my country to be saddled with such an image!
        If Saddam is the world’ worst leader, how come Cheney sold him the equipment to get his oil fields up and running so he could afford to build weapons of mass destruction? When Cheney was CEO of Haliburton he did $23.8 million in business with the evildoer prepared to share his weapons of destruction with terrorists. In 1991, after the Gulf War, Cheney told a group of oil industry executives he was, “mphatically against trying to topple Saddam.” There is something hypocritical here, coming as it has just before important national elections and an economy that refuses to be resuscitated by the talk of war.
        Nelson Mandela said, “o country should be allowed to take the law into its own hands.” And here’ a very important point: China, Pakistan, India, Russia, France, England, and other countries have such weapons, but no one suggests attacking them. The mass media, for reasons of its own, resurrects the 9-11 tragedy every day. Thousands of columnists, newspapers, magazines, radio and television, cable networks, all packaging the same material, memorializing the tragedy, and scouring the woods for anyone who can take up space for a thirty second sound bite – whipping the issue into a frothy mixture of raw emotions and crass commercialism. Such is the state of our nation today and, I believe, America deserves better!


10/18/02: Delk – Michael R. Fitzwater, grand larceny, burglary, and receiving or transferring stolen goods, arrested 10/22; Delk – William W. Cottrell, burglary, receiving or transferring stolen goods, and grand larceny, warrants issued; Delk – Charles W. Greenleaf, burglary, receiving or transferring stolen goods, and grand larceny, warrants issued; Delk – Aaron C. King, burglary, receiving or transferring stolen goods, and grand larceny, warrants issued; Belt – Jason Scott Reed, burglary (9/28), d/m by state with prejudice as per plea agreement.
10/19/02: Delk – Michael Thomas Butcher II, possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and carrying a concealed deadly weapon 2nd offense, arrested, hearing set.
10/24/02: Hunt – Glen Allen Dix, DUI-3rd offense (8/21), case d/m without prejudice upon motion of prosecuting attorney, bond exonerated.
10/18/02: Jeff Davis – Jason Scott Reed, brandishing a deadly weapon, pled no contest, assessed fine and costs; Belt – Clinton Wayne Blanton, driving suspended 2nd offense and defective equipment, appeared, ROB.
10/19/02: Delk – Michael Thomas Butcher II, destruction of property, fleeing from police officer, possession of a controlled substance, and assault on a police officer, arrested, trial set.
10/21/02: Salisbury Auto Salvage – Richard Nichols, worthless check, warrant issued; King’ Grocery – Jeremy S. Burrows, worthless check, warrant issued; Lizemore Exxon – Tad Legg, worthless check, warrant issued; Bailey – Jonathan S. Samples, possession of marijuana less 15 gms., appeared, ROB.
10/24/02: Hunt – Glen A. Dix, driving under the influence – 2nd offense, pled no contest, assessed court costs plus 6 months electronic monitoring to run concurrently with 1 year electronic monitoring for driving while revoked for DUIA 2nd offense (8/21).
10/25/02: Rider – Joshua Allan Thacker, driving while revoked for DUI, warrant issued; Elswick – Eric Justin Hamrick, possession of marijuana less 15 gms., appeared, ROB to appear 11/13.
10/29/02: Big Otter Food Mart – Erika Mollohan, Edware E. Hughes, Cheryl Hanshaw, Jason W. Jarvis, Carol Johnson, Rodney W. Johnson, and James Harold x 3, warrants issued for worthless checks; Connie Brown – Barbara Gray, worthless check, warrant issued.
10/15/02: Patrick C. Williams, Jr., M.D. – Crystal Killingsworth, money due.
10/18/02: Nina S. Ballard – Cory A. and Michelle L. Cottrell, wrongful occupation, subpoena.
10/21/02: Kathy Phillips Taylor – Loretta Brown Welch, money due, subpoena; Junior J. West – Roger Holcomb, Jr., money due, subpoena; Brent Boggs – Laura McKown, wrongful occupation, 10/29 judgment for defendant by bench trial, possession of property denied.
10/22/02: St. Francis Hospital – James W. Mullins, money due.
10/29/02: R. B. Legg, Jr., D.D.S. – Constance Marie Short, money due.
Worthless Checks
Notices issued
10/16/02: Dawson’ Grocery – Jacqueline R. Keener (paid 10/24) and Sandra Eagle (paid 10/22); House’ Market – Jacqueline R. Keener.
10/17/02: Clay Supermarket – Mona A. Williams (paid 10/24).
10/18/02: Nina Ballard – Michelle L. Cottrell (paid 10/24).
10/23/02: Clay Supermarket – Angela Woods, Rodney W. Johnson, and Judith A. Myers.
10/28/02: Clay Supermarket – Michael Cummings x 2.
10/29/02: Clay County Magistrate Court – Roger L. Roe.
Traffic Citations
10/08/02: State Police – Scotty L. Boggs, no POI; Sheriff’ Dept. – Michael E. Greenleaf, speeding.
10/10/02: State Police – Eric Justin Hamrick, possession of marijuana less 25 grams; Jonathan S. Samples, possession of marijuana less 15 grams.
10/11/02: DNR – Wesley A. Adkins, hunt deer closed season, shoot from roadway 25 yards from motor vehicle, hunt from motor vehicle, and hunt without permission; John Scott Nine, hunt from motor vehicle and hunt deer closed season.
10/17/02: State Police – Richard Blankenship, speeding.
10/18/02: State Police – Earl T. Walls, defective equipment and registration violations.
10/19/02: State Police – Daniel Seth Jones, left of center a

        Lets talk County Commission. Not just any Clay County Commission (CCC) meeting but one, count um one, where all three County Commissioners showed up. Yes, the big news is long wayward from office, Tim Butcher made it to his first meeting since May 2002.
        County Commission met in regular session Oct 24 at the Courthouse beginning around 2pm. As the peanut gallery entered the room, mouths fell open. People looked at one another in amazement! Acting as if it was normal for Butcher to be present, business got underway after Commissioner Sams offered his prayer.
        Oh the usual, bills paid, assessments changed, etc.
        Morgy Triplett was appointed to the Local Emergency Preparedness Committee. Deputy Assessor Mary Beth Samples was granted medical leave. No sick or annual leave will accumulate during the off time.
        Kenneth Tanner appointed to the Deputy Sheriff Civil Service Commission. Deputy Robert Belt given a $100 per month pay raise.
        Holidays for Courthouse employees will be Nov 28 and 29 for Thanksgiving followed by Dec 24 and 25 for the Christmas season. Butcher’ first words from the bench in 6 months came as he thought employees should get more time off for the holidays.
        Remember all the problems the county has had getting the already paid for 911 addressing completed. For years, residents of the county have waited for the long promised improved addressing that would speed up emergency response times in the county. The same guy that has been in the center of this controversy just got another contract to continue the addressing for Clay County , according to the agenda. Commissioner Butcher made the motion to hire the firm with fellow Commissioners agreeing. Sams, “ithout this guy, we can’ progress….”Clerk Moore commented that addressing was progressing.
        As for County employees donating sick leave days to each other, Commissioner Bragg asked that more study be given the proposal before making a decision. Bragg raised budgetary issue questions commenting, “Whose budget does it come out of?”Butcher suggested that a sick leave bank similar to the School System plan be established. Sams,”It’ something we’l have to work out…”        In the peanut gallery sat Republican County Commission candidate Ronnie Haynes along with Democrat candidate Big Pete Triplett. Haynes asked about the number of retirees with a bunch of time saved up.
        The big item on the agenda read simply: Contract with TSN expires October 31st. Discuss whether to renew and if not appoint a Director or Interim Director for the Ambulance Service. WV TSN took over management of the service in Jan 2002 when finances of the service were ready to force the doors closed for the county’ only non profit provider. Prior to TSN, our very own and often notorious Clay County Emergency Ambulance Authority held the reins of the operation. Under their control or lack of control, finances stayed in the red and controversies became the norm in Clayberry.
        After reading the agenda item, Butcher,”What kind of shape is the Ambulance Service in?” OK readers, Yes, you the folks that pay the taxes, what kind of shape is it in? Is Butcher the only person in Clay unaware of the shaky financial conditions?
        Sams commented that there hasn’ been enough money lately to even pay TSN the $2000.00 a month contract fee. Sams mentioned that unless site manager BJ Willis agreed to spend more time in the Clay office,”We don’ need TSN….”Sams spoke in favor of terminating the TSN contract and hire someone within the agency to serve as Director. Sams, “I don’ want to see it fold.”        In Nov is planned a compete review of the ambulance service by a statewide team. Sams questioned the need for such. Clerk Moore reminded the three blind mice that the review would cost the county nothing and maybe they shouldn’ cancel . Moore, “hat would it hurt?”Motion made by Sams to NOT renew the TSN contract. Motion passed.
        A special meeting was called for Oct 30 to appoint an interim Ambulance Service Director.
        One fellow from the peanut gallery welcomed Commissioner Butcher back from his county taxpayer paid for 6 month hiatus. Always quick with a one liner, Butcher replied, “BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!”Many laughed. It appears that Butcher was commenting on the recently circulated petition to toss him from office for not showing up for work.
         As the forty minute meeting neared closing, Commissioner Butcher commented on the long delayed water plant project. According to Butcher, everybody in the county should stop asking the CCC to move the stalled project along but rather go to Clay Town Council. Butcher,”The Town of Clay is stopping the new plant….. the dollars were made out to the Town..”Butcher said the Town must be forced to give up the plant money so someone else could build the regional plant. Butcher left little doubt that the entire world’ problems were because of Clay Town Council, Butcher,”That’ where the WHOLE problem is!!”         Around 3:10 the Herschel Drake estate hearing was convened with Asst Prosecuting Attorney Barbara Schamberger running the show for the CCC.
The two hour hearing ended with no decision made and promises that a decision would be coming shortly. It appears that the main issue is over the CDs and cash left behind after the death of Mr. Drake Oct 10, 2000. Additional concerns were raised by attorney Jerome Novobiliski concerning a proceeds of a recent auction and compensation for services rendered by family members.
        As they say on TV, “UT WAIT, THERE” MORE!”        Raise your hand if you think Commissioner Tim Butcher will come to another Commission meeting before his term expires Jan 1 , 2002 ?
        He didn’ for the voting machine tabulation Oct 29 and he didn’ for the continued session Oct 30!
        On the 30th, County Commissioners Bragg and Sams handled the duties of hiring a new Ambulance Service Director. Bragg recommended Mitzie Adkins for the task. Bragg with Sams nodding in agreement: “ talked to Mitzie, she is interested…. I like her ideas and attitude….. She will answer to us….. We’l see if we can get this going…… Respect her!…. She can make the decisions… If you have a problem, take it to Mitzie I think she will do a good job.”Bragg made one interesting comment about those that don’ respect Director Adkins. According to Bragg, those without respect would be in insubordination. Sort of sounds like, the Adkins road or down the road you can go!
        According to CCC and reading from a prepared list, Adkins will work 8 to 5 , Monday thru Friday and if necessary, can work weekends with time off during the week. Here’ an interesting point and according to Mr Bragg , Adkins will also be on the soon to be, second crew call outs. Adkins, also an EMT, will man the truck with a volunteer driver.
        Chiming in, Commissioner Sams gave the employees seated in the peanut gallery a challenge, “We’l give it a month or two.. At the end of Nov, if no money, we could go a different direction…. Employees will have to sacrifice…. If you don’ want to work the work schedules, I recommend you get a new job…….. We’e going to try it a while….”Sams said in public what the county has known for years as he commented about the now defunct Ambulance Authority, “The Board ruined it!”Sams went on to mention the urgent need for a second crew to handle runs and start making the sometimes money making, “non emergency transports.”        In the gallery was Paige Willis who raised concerns over probably misplaced but certainly missing, expensive 911 radios and pagers in the hands of the ambulance personnel no longer working for the service.
        Mentioned near the close of the brief meeting, no one will be hired full time to replace Adkins ( billing clerk position) but rather part timers will be employed. Ms Adkins takes the helm Nov 1 at 12:01 am.
        As for current finances, County Clerk Judy Moore said that so far in Oct 2002, $29,282.00 had been received and that was the best month since April 2002. As of Oct 30, the agency has $900 in their balance and most bills have been paid. Discussion turned to floating a Levy to help sustain the local service. No decision made on the LEVY idea.
        Bragg summed it up with , “We’e going to work hard to keep that place open.”Meeting adjourned at 11:40 am.                        AW

Candidate for House of Delegates
33rd District – Calhoun/ Clay/ Gilmer Counties

Brief Biography: Life-long resident of Calhoun Co; 48 years old; married to my wife, Kathy, for 29 years and we have 2 grown children, Gina and Chris; small business owner, also a licensed insurance agent and real estate agent; former member of Calhoun Co Board of Education and Calhoun Co Committee on Aging; Life member of the NRA & hold a FFL license. I believe in God and in strong family values. I am pro-life and anti-gambling.

Concerns – JOBS! The business climate in WV, particularly the 33rd district is non-existent. When I graduated from Calhoun High School in 1971, several employment choices were available in this area: B.F. Goodrich, R.F., Inc., Sav-a-Tool, Cabot Gas, Hope Gas, etc. Main Street in Grantsville was full of stores, and a lot of small off-shoots existed. Now the majority of our graduates must leave this area in order to find employment.

Clay County just lost Filcon Industries. The taxpayers are concerned about being “aken for a ride”and are out a huge sum of money. Even though we are eager for businesses to locate here, we must be sure that certain criteria and background checks have been completed before committing the public’ money to these kinds of ventures. Clay County does have potential for development along I-79 at Big Otter. Community meetings could be held to discuss ideas regarding future development.

Gilmer County has a new prison, but as I understand it, very few locals will be employed there. We must try to get some “pin-off”business from this, and work to support the local businesses already established there. Glenville State College is a much needed asset to this community. Many students in adjoining counties are able to commute to classes. Without Glenville State College, a college education would not be possible for some of our children. Don’ assume its closure/ consolidation hasn’ already been proposed!

I am concerned about county consolidation. Think it can’ happen? Consider: We already have consolidated jails, health care, and schools.

I am also concerned about big coal and large out-of-state land & timber companies (and now gambling interests) controlling and financing campaigns.

Elected officials are elected to serve the public and the public’ interest – not their own. It has been projected that in the 2003 legislative session, they will be dealing with a 200 million dollar deficit for the state of WV. The issues and challenges we face affect everyone – Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. These are not partisan issues. These are basic human issues: jobs, homes for our families, and the luxury of being able to remain in this area to live and work and raise our children here.

I love this area. I want it to succeed – to be vital and thriving again. I have no political agenda. I am not interested in political games/ power/ or status. I am running only as a service to this community.

If you elect me, I will be your lobbyist in Charleston during the legislative session. When the session has ended, I plan to spend some time in Washington, D.C., lobbying our Senatorial & Congressional delegations in behalf of our 33rd district. I will work aggressively to get special interests out of government. I will work aggressively to change tax & worker compensation laws, so that they treat the small business man the same as big business. I will attend as many of your meetings as possible and try to be involved in your community.

And finally, I will donate back 12 college scholarships from the salary that I would receive as a Delegate. The scholarships would be divided among students from Calhoun/ Gilmer/ and Clay counties. I will be there to serve YOU – and not myself. Thank You. -- Lyle E. Kerby

Paid for by Lyle E. Kerby for House of Delegates


        Maybe this story should be called “rug Turf Wars”or maybe “Rumors Run Wild”or something along those lines. To date, other than saying that a male, 52 year old body was found in Clay County in the wee hours of Friday Oct 18, 2002,law enforcement officials haven’ said a peep. The following timeline is what we “hink”is accurate and is based on first hand accounts of those close by. The little Federal Court room information available to the public has been included. Please keep that in mind as we try to piece together a very secret investigation and the fallout from it.
        Thursday Oct 17 was a nice enough fall evening with fairly warm temperatures and the leaves just in mid change. The day had been busy for local law enforcement. Over the scanner came calls of domestic violence where the culprits were using shovels. Just before 4 pm a call came in for law enforcement at the Courthouse, late in the night the burglar alarm went off at the Clay County Bank.
         Early Friday, 1am, Oct 18, the state medical examiner came into the Two Run GO Mart and asked directions to Pisgah Ridge. He left in the correct direction. By 8 am on the 18th, a big box truck labeled Emergency Response Team was parked near Maysel with a state police cruiser close by.
                 Rumors began to circulate by 10am that a body had been found and the body had been cut up and burnt. All unsubstantiated. The body was taken to Wilson Funeral Home and then whisked away to the State Medical Examiners office in So Charleston. Workers at the Funeral Home were told to be quiet. The informal pipeline of rumor was flowing at capacity
                 Action on the 18th continued as a call came in to our local wrecker company around 6:15 to pick up a burnt car out Granny’Creek in the Ovapa section in Clay County. Up a muddy, difficult to manage, gas well road went the tow truck. With police at the scene, the burnt vehicle was to be towed and the underneath, near the tail pipe and the trunk of the vehicle was not to be disturbed. The vehicle, with state police escort, ended up at 725 Jefferson Road, the WV State Police Headquarters. Almost immediately Clayonians surmised that the car belonged to the deceased, had been used to drop off the body out Pisgah, and then brought back to Granny’ Creek for torching to get rid of any evidence.
                 The weekend: The news spread like wildfire. People were scared. Doors were locked for the first time in years. Word on the street had it that the dead body was that of an undercover officer. Although murders do happen in and around Clayberry, this one was different. This investigation was tight lipped and run by the FBI. Local law enforcement was told “to stay away, this is none of your business.” Prosecutor Jeff Davis confirmed the operation method ( on the Oct 25th ) and commented that he had phoned the local state police detachment earlier that week and was told to lay off. Davis, being an officer of the court and since the body was found in Clay County ( in his jurisdiction), Davis asked to speak with an officer in charge. Again Davis was told to stay back. Ditto for Deputy Delk who volunteered to the FBI a box of crime and court records to a Federal official. Delk was told they didn’ need anything from him. Locals felt snubbed to say the least. Sheriff Fields was vacationing at the time and out of the county.
                 And then what many saw over at the Amma State Road garage…. Late in the afternoon, around 50 state police cruisers filled the parking area along with 4 K-9 units and 3 or 4 GMC solid black “arry Alls”with black tinted windows. The WV State Police fielded 2 big, dark blue, Box trucks with signage reading”Rapid Response Team” Amma was being used as a staging for something. The SWAT team dressed folks were inside the DOH building and it appeared that a female FBI Agent was in charge of the action. When asked questions by the DOH workers, the canned response was, “ can’ address that, I will ask my superior.” What color is the sky? “I can’ address that. I will ask my Sergeant.” What color is the tea in China? “I can’ address that. I will ask my Sergeant Major.” Do you were underwear? “I can’ address that..”You get the idea.. not a word was leaked out.
                 The men were well equipped. The States had on their blue outfits while others had military olive drab. There were assault weapons, riot gear, night visions goggles with scopes and more. Many of the vehicles were left on sight as a smaller delegation with Trooper Bailey at the lead, left out for battle. Bailey wore his regular green shirt outfit. The SWAT team was ready for night time operations. Even with the staging area right beside the I-79 the posse chose to use side roads instead.
                 The phones started to ring off the hook. Locals listened to scanners to no avail. About the same time and at the Newton General Store in Roane County, a SWAT team dressed in full riot gear appeared to be in a holding pattern. Roanettes ventured that there was a problem with the warrants the story went. A dead body, a SWAT team , Granny’ Creek, Ovapa, it all added up to drugs and big league stuff to say the least. Where they went and what they did? Keep reading.
                 The next morning, Amma State Road workers came to work and found the parking lot gate lock had been cut off. The FBI must have returned late in the night and even though keys had been provided them for entry, the locks were cut off.
                 On web site, postings included the name of the corpse, a “eed”subject and names of two involved with the death, a Vince and a Rich. People read every word over and over seeking for any insight into the mystery
         Three days after the body found, the Charleston Gazette reported on Tuesday, Oct 22 that a body was found in Clay County, “An autopsy was set to begin today on an unidentified body found in Clay County. The body was found lat Thursday near Clay, State Police Trooper Jay Powers said… that was it, no other info was found. Here in Clayberry, we knew more. We knew the body was found in the woods close by the first house on the left at the top of Pisgah Ridge. See photo. Those that read the Gazette closely noticed an interesting article just above the Clay Police Blotter write up. Over in Roane County and FBI SWAT team raided and seized drugs at the Tariff Road home of Vince Golosow. Golosow was charged with possession with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm. Additionally, Clay County’ Richard Cummings was arrested in Charleston by the Feds… a felon in possession of a firearm. Cummings was released on $10,000.00 bond while Golosow was held in South Central Jail.
         During the June 2001 murder trial of Chuck Huffman, Tommy Young had been found innocent of murder. During the trial and after questioning by then Asst. Prosecutor Danny Dotson, sworn answers from witnesses, Roy Brown and Jay Pallock, pointed at a Richard Cummings as the shooter of Chuck Huffman according to them. Cummings had been subpeoenaed but was not found during the trial. Also during the trial, testimony revealed that the death of Huffman centered around a “drug deal gone bad” The Tudor’ and Go Mart crowd were beginning to put two and two together. This was something big. Instead of conversation about fall colors and such, all talk was on who did what, other cut up bodies, and additional shootings. Now armed with more info, the side walk crowd started figuring relationships. There is Richard Cummings known to be the brother of Tommy Young’ long time live in companion. There is Richard Cummings who resided with Mr Young on Boyd Mountain, what locals have long called Murder Mountain. The county went wild as a link had been established.
         Trooper Bailey directed this paper to contact Senior Trooper Jay Powers ( 746-2100) for updated info. Calls and messages to Powers went unanswered. Official word was not coming. The secrecy continued as did the rumors. Our web site connected Cummings and Golosow to the body of then renamed victim Reid. Bailey said he would like to provide the story but just couldn’, it was all secret. After more emails and phone calls, the corpse had two names, Judd Reid
         Oct 20 around 9:15 pm a 911 call for law enforcement from Jay Pallock. It sounded like people were around the Pallock subject and he wanted help. County Unit 5 said he would contact Pallock. Cummings, Pallock, Golosow, Brown, Golosow, the names were starting to come together.
         Roane County’ Reporter offered some new insight Oct 24. Front page coverage of the drug bust included that the FBI SWAT team was out of Pittsburgh and the raid included helicopters! Near the end of the headline coverage came word that Cummings had been released on $10,000.00 bond. Here in Clayberry, the assumption was that his sister went the bond.
         Calls were again placed to WVSP spokesman Tpr Jay Powers to no avail.
         Also on the 24th, around 3 am, came news of a car wreck on Ovapa Road and the death of Chuck Blankenship. Blankenship owned a trailer in Ovapa and had just left a Procious Carry Out. Some have speculated, including Blankenship’ wife, Carol, the car wreck may be a part of the drug turf war. The mystery grew. Those at the scene of the wreck commented that the extent of his injuries did not jive with the damage to the 1988 black Thunderbird. The T Bird ended up on its nose right in front of Richard White’ home after careening off a rock outcropping. Mr. White, who had known Blankenship since a young boy, didn’ even recognize the nearly dead Blankenship. Others commented on the bloated, swollen head region of Blankenship and openly wondered such swelling could take place so quickly. Carol Blankenship, wife of the deceased also raised similar concerns as she spoke Oct 25th . Ms Blankenship spoke of taking her children earlier in the year to Oregon. To this reporter, it sounded like this woman was moving her children from this area in search of a safer environment to begin again. At one point, Ms Blankenship all but admitted that Chuck had started down an unsavory path. Ms Blankenship said she had spoken with her husband just a few days earlier on Sunday and that Chuck planned on purchasing a train ticket soon to Oregon to be with his family.
         With 6 state police cars rushing back to the Pisgah area last week, the green shirts found a black plastic bag containing deer parts after being tipped off of stinking remains near the green metal building owned by Johnny Woooofter. The instant response from state law enforcement to a tip led locals to think, this case was getting bigger and bigger.
         On Saturday Oct 26th, this newspaper interviewed Marilyn Reid who confirmed that the body found in Pisgah Oct 18th was that of her husband Judson Michael Reid, 52. Mr. Reid was a disabled auto mechanic and a Marine veteran of the Vietnam war. They had lived on Poca Road, near Tariff Road for over 15 years. Ms Reid spoke in hushed tones as she admitted to being scared and explained that she was very upset that the police had not told her about the death nor when the body would be released for burial. Continued on next page
         The tall thin graying Reid commented that she was not sure what she could say about Judd and his life. Reid was buried this week in the WV National Cemetery in Grafton.
         NOTES: Reid drove a late model blue Buick. Neighbors confirmed that Reid had been living in the home of Vince Golosow for some time . We have no details of Reid’ military background, i.e. special forces, military police etc. This paper confirmed ( to our satisfaction at least) that the body had not been burned nor had appendages mutilated as speculated. On the official death certificate: Reid was born in Newport, Rhode Island; the estimated time of death was Oct 11th; the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head and “was shot by an assailant, unknown” and, “was found in a wooded area of Clay County” The death certificate was signed by Dr. Hamada Mahmoud.
         Notes: As for Golosow and from the people that came into contact with him in Roane County…. He is a big man of heavy build, not fat, big and covered with tattoos. Of those that came in contact with him, some described him as “ntense” one of those people most don’ want to be around.
         Domestic calls are common in the Murder Mountain area. Such was the case as scanner listeners heard Deputy Rider respond Oct 26 around 11:22pm. The call was to stop a front yard battle in progress.
         Now into the second weekend of the mystery came word of Feds and Green Shirts draining the Golosow farm ponds in search of body parts. According to published reports in Roane County, fireman from Spencer and Newton partially drained the farm pond and a flat bottom boat was used to search the water compound. Also on the Golosow farm, fresh graves were uncovered. No word on what if anything was found there. It appears that authorities are trying to link Golosow to a woman that has been missing since August 31. The woman, Christian Dawn Starcher, left her Spencer home for a pack of cigarettes and has not been seen since. The brown haired, green eyed, 135 pound Mrs. Starcher is from Clay County and has no children. According to police, her husband, Jerry is in prison in Florida.
         Now back to Clay County. With rumors of dead bodies and body parts left and right and tattooed ladies floating down the Elk,( as far as we know, all rumors) something is for sure going on. The under belly of the county is in hiding. Over the scanner law enforcement has been summoned for “shots fired”at the trailer park near the old Clay Camper Company building. Sheriff Fields commented this week that he responded Oct 24th around 3 am and found no activity. Later that same day, according to the Sheriff, Deputy Rider responded along with a State Trooper and they too found zip. Since finding of the Reid body Oct 18th, some of the trailers in the park appear deserted with no cars around and no activity, period. Early last week, as a blue mid size GM car ( driven by a large woman with dark hair) was hastily backing out of the trailer park, one resident was seen kicking in the passenger side door as the car sped away North on Rt 4. Apparently, tensions are high all over.
         Although the speculation of a drug war going in this county is just that, speculation, one thing is for sure. Locals of all ages are scared. They’e scared partly because law enforcement agencies have not provided any info as to whether the murderer or murderers have been caught. Many locals believe that the death of Reid and the arrests of Cummings and Golosow are related.
         And now the most recent news from Southern District Court in Charleston. First on Richard Cummings, Case # 2:02-M-0114-01. … “The court found that the defendant qualifies for court appointed counsel… the preliminary hearing in this case shall take place on Tuesday Nov 12 at 11am…. Upon position of the United States with respect to bond, and an oral pretrial services report, the defendant is placed on a $10,000.00 unsecured bond…”In the paperwork, Mr. Cummings listed his sister’ address and phone number, Rene Boyd, as his current domicile. In the paupers report , Cummings listed that he does not own any real estate, that he is widowed and is unemployed.
                 Excerpts from the Richard Cummings affidavit included testimony from FBI agent Remaley. Remaley and a Trooper met up with a cooperating witness Oct 18, 2002. During the course of a telephone call with a cooperating witness, “Richard Cummings was with him” The cooperating witness was asked to put the weapon belonging to Cummings in the trunk of cooperating witnesses’vehicle, which he did. “pon arrival …. In Charleston…. Richard Cummings informed us that he was a convicted felon…. It [is] confirmed that he [Cummings] had been convicted of a crime punishable by more than one year.”This affidavit appears to be what brought on the arrest of Cummings after the Reid body was found.
         As for Vince Golosow, that’ just one of his names. In the Federal paperwork, Golosow is referred to as Alex Golosow A/K/A Vincent Terazzo. Let’ just call him Vince … Vince was also given a court appointed attorney after reporting: his income at $800.00 per month; is self employed; received $130.00 in food stamps in the last 12 months; and owns a 1982 Ford Bronco valued at $2000.00. His only debts listed were $60.00 per month for electricity.
         As for the Vince Affidavit, once again FBI agent Ramaley stated in part: On July 3, 2002, WV SP Trooper Michael Baylous along with other law enforcement officers executed a search warrant…..[on] the residence of Alex Golosow, also known as Vincent Terazzo. During the execution of the search warrant, officers observed marijuana paraphernalia inside the residence. Trooper Baylous then obtained a second search warrant…to search for controlled substances and related items. On executing the second warrant, two large safes were located inside the residence and opened and the contents hereof were searched. Discovered and seized inside the one safe were approximately 58 firearms and six individually wrapped baggies of a powdery white substance. The second safe contained, among other items, 25 firearms and a box of assorted marijuana pipes. The powdery white substance field tested positive for cocaine….. I know from my experience and training that the manner in which the cocaine was packaged along with the scales and glassine baggies are evidence of intent to distribute the cocaine.
         The above mentioned documentation was “nsealed Oct 21, 2002 Vince is being held without bond.
         For the residents in Clayberry, you have a right to be alarmed at the recent events. For those that are scared, you too have a right to be scared. As for law enforcement soothing our nerves.. don’ count on it and don’ blame the local badges, they were left out of the whole investigation. More as we get it.                                                        AW
         DON GREENE:
         WV RADICAL
                 I saw a survey of national universities and colleges the other day and it left me with another one of those sick at your stomach type feelings. The top fifty schools were rated in seventeen categories. Just for the interest of it, I looked to see how many were from our neighboring states versus how many were from West Virginia. I wasn't really all that surprised that our home state didn't fare too well in comparison with our contiguous neighbors. In fact, the poor showing was more distressing than it was embarrassing.
                 While 78 colleges and universities from Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia were rated 107 times poor old West Virginia had only two rated. Kentucky and Maryland had 9 each, Virginia had 10, Ohio had 19 and Pennsylvania led the field with 31. I do want to congratulate Wheeling Jesuit University and Davis & Elkins College for being our state's sole representatives on this prestigious list.
                 One of the categories was how the students rated the schools and our party-hardy schools still couldn't make the list. Now I'm sure that some pigskin fanatic will try to rationalize out how and why such things as doctorates, masters and curriculum are less important to a student's future but please don't waste both our times. Take it up with the group that did the study, I'm just relaying what I read.
                 I often use this forum to address the continued decline of the mountain state and here is another example. Quality education turns out quality graduates, who in turn become quality members of society. To put it as tactfully as I can, maybe we should play less and study more. Maybe more money needs to go to improving the quality of our higher education, maybe setting a goal of generating something other than no where to go athletes, second rate lawyers and less than inspired teachers.
                 But of course if we raise the standards too high, most of our barely able to read seniors might not be able to even go to college, not even the sacred athletes. Then where would we be? We would be stuck right where we are, with to many to-little schools, with to many low paid teachers and to-expensive costs of running and providing the same.
                 Every politician running this year is going to, surprise-surprise, improve education. It has been my observation that they mean that they will provide more money to hire more teachers that will continue to slog along in the unregulated, uncontrolled, unaccountable education system that gags West Virginia.
                 I've said it before and will say it again, the only way West Virginia ever sees any improvement in education is when the bar is lowered. But it could have been worse. West Virginia could have had no schools rated.
         To Whom It May Concern:
         I would like to start by apologizing to Shane Morton for the comments that were made by some of my fellow Clay-Roane Board members and the general public at the October 10th monthly board meeting.
         Although The Communicator did an excellent job of reporting what was said during the meeting I would just like to add my insight to the article so that everyone will fully understand what happened.
         Just to start I would like to let everyone to know that Mr. Morton was not asked to come to the meeting even though his name was on the agenda and the comments that were made were completely one sided in the fact that Mr. Morton was not available to comment on the situation.
         Gary Whaling, Chairman for Clay-Roane stated that he was not satisfied with Mr. Morton’ work, and the reason being that allegedly Mr. Morton had left a job site unfinished and the Clay-Roane maintenance man, Dale Deems was left to complete the job himself. Gary Whaling stated that Dale Deems had told him that Mr. Morton came to the job site and then left. Gary stated that Mr. Morton had told an individual that he had to go to school but would try to find someone to come and finish the job. (Ok lets stop right there, just so you know Mr. Morton attends college and owns and operates his own company!!!) Now back to what was said, Mr. Whaling also stated that Mr. Morton never returned and that Mr. Deems had called him at 8:30 p.m. to tell him that the job was finished and that he done it alone. Mr. Whaling went on to say that Mr. Morton had charged Clay-Roane PSD for pipe and 2 flagmen that was not part of the verbal agreement. Mr. Deems furthered that comment by saying that Mr. Morton had charged Clay-Roane $15.00 an hour for the flagmen.
         Mr. Whaling continued by saying that he felt that Mr. Morton shouldn’ do anymore work for Clay-Roane because he was not satisfied with his work and that Mr. Morton wasn’ doing a satisfactory job. He then went on to say that he had already contacted Starcher’ and they were willing to do more taps and he felt Clay-Roane should go with them. This is the part where we argue for a few over this action, you see I felt to be fair to everyone we needed to open the bids back up, Mr. Whaling however seemed dead set to give the job to Starcher’ without taking any new bids. This seemed strange to me, we may get a bid from someone lower than Starcher’ and that is just as capable to perform the work. So in the end we agreed to open the bids back up and accept bids during the November monthly meeting.
         Mr. Morton was given a chance to defend himself during a special meeting on October 21, 2002. And come to find out, nothing that was said by Gary Whaling was even close to what happened.
So you see what this all comes down to is this, Mr. Whaling has never really supported the hiring of Shane Morton. You see a couple meetings back Shane Morton’ father David “tump”Morton had challenged Mr. Whaling on how the bids for the job was handled in the first place. You see although Clay-Roane accepted bids from several company’ they gave the contract to Starcher’, which was not the lowest bid. They said that the chose Starcher’ because they were the only ones present for a certain meeting, but the truth is no of the other bidders had been contacted to attend the meeting. Well to make a long story short Mr. Morton won his argument and the next 7 water taps were given to his son Shane Morton. And don’ take that like Shane needs his daddies help, Shane was out on a job site and couldn’ attend the meeting!!! Shane Morton is perfectly able to defend himself!!! Mr. Whaling however has always favored Starcher’ for some reason, and I believe that his comments at the October meeting were just an excuse to go back to Starcher’.
         So let this be a lesson learned to Mr. Whaling, next time you decide to challenge a person’ work you need to make sure that the person that you are speaking about is present and that you have your facts straight. I believe that if I wasn’ present for that meeting Starcher’ would now be setting our taps at a higher price, and Mr. Morton would have been ousted over a lie.
         Again I apologize to Shane Morton for the way that he was and has been treated.
         Melissa Postelwait
         CHATTER 2
         In your last edition, you printed a letter supporting the
ATax Increment Financing@ amendment coming up in the next election. The writer left out one small but very important detail. WHO PAYS FOR THE BONDS IF THE VENTURE FAILS? Your filter plant near Clay is an excellent example. Had this project been financed by Tax Increment Financing, then the property owners in Clay County would be stuck in paying off the bonds. I urge your readers to think before they cast their vote.
         Dale L. Jones
         CHATTER 3        
         I have a bone to pick.
                 As a taxpaying citizen of Clayberry, I cannot say that I was against the school Levy or for the Levy. The Levy might do some good if the money is used wisely by intelligent human beings that aren’ after something for themselves.
                 My bone picking us why after I pay my taxes which includes the school Levy, do I have to deal with the gazillions of fundraisers that the children bring home from school? Isn’ the school system double dipping? This isn’ fair.
                 I live in a hollow where there might be four adults who do not have children or grand children in the school system. Every child brought a fund raiser sheet, some two or three to a home. And guess what? Nearly 80% of the county is on some kind of government assistance. Helloooooo. I think parents should stand up and say enough is a enough.
                 Even after explaining this to a child, they don’ understand. See, they promise the kids “rash”stuff like a hand held computer if they sell 50 items or more. A hand held computer? Get real Clay County. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Laptop computers are over $1000.00! Hand held computer? No way. Just one more marketing ploy.
                 Think about what percentage of the proceeds actually go to the school. The fundraisers don’ do this stuff for free. My guess is, very little actually makes it way to the local school.
                 Who is responsible for getting these children around to sell the stuff? They can’ go alone. Who collects and is responsible for the money? Who takes the children around to make the deliveries? And by chance, if someone doesn’ pay or the child looses an item, who is responsible? You got it folks, the same people that have already paid the extra taxes in the form of the Levy. After paying the Levy there is the additional gas, time, travel, and then the purchasing of the fund raiser stuff to boot!
                 No I’ not talking about he car washes, bake sales and such. They’e fine. There is no doubt where the money goes with those endeavors. By the way, I don’ see the football boys out washing cars but they seem to come up with new uniforms every year. Levy funds?
                 Parents we need to stand up and say, enough is a enough. Clay Schools, stop double dipping.
         Jeanna Dozer
         CHATTER 4
          I am a cousin to Chuck Blankenship who was found dead in Ovapa last week. I have been watching people die in Clay one by one for the last few years over the unsolved drug problem in the county. Well now it has really hit home. It is no big secret about my cousins dealings with the murder mountain crowd and its just kinda weird that he was leaving town asap. I guess anyone can put two and two together, I’ not bad mouthing my late cousin just the lacking of GOOD law enforcement in our town. As for the locals on murder mountain I would just like to say that Chuck was a good man and won’ be forgotten and it aint over ‘ill its over. Not meant to be a threat, just my great faith in local law enforcement.

         Serving Size: 2 drumsticks, Total Servings: 4
         1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
         1/3 cup yellow mustard
         2 tablespoons light brown sugar
         1 tablespoon butter
         1/2 teaspoon light soy sauce
         1/2 teaspoon chili powder
         1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper
         1/2 teaspoon black pepper
         8 drumsticks, skin removed
         1) Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Coat an 8-inch square baking dish with nonstick cook spray.
         2) In a medium saucepan, combine all the ingredients except the drumsticks over medium heat. Bring to a boil and allow to boil for 5 minutes, or until the sauce thickens, stirring constantly.
         3) Place the drumsticks in the baking dish and
         pour the sauce mixture over them, coating completely. Bake for 40 to 45 minutes, or until the chicken is no longer pink and the juices run clear.
         Exchanges: 1 Carbohydrate.. 3 Lean Meat.. 1/2 Fat
         Calories..264..Calories from Fat..97..Total Fat..11 g..
         Saturated Fat.. 3 g.. Cholesterol.. 88 mg.. Sodium.. 508 mg.. Carbohydrate..16 g.. Dietary Fiber.. 4 g.. Sugars.. 11 g .. Protein.. 28 g..
         Don’ think you’e gonna get all heated up standing over the barbecue grill ! These guys do their cooking in the oven. Although there is a bit of sugar in this dish, your dietitian should be able to help you work foods with small amounts of sugar into your meal plan, don’ be afraid to ask!
         Serving Size: 10 wedges, Total Servings: 6
         5 sweet potatoes
         (about 2-1/2 pounds), peeled
         2 egg whites
         1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
         1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
         1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg
         1/2 teaspoon salt
         1) Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Coat 2 large baking sheets with non-stick cooking spray.
         2) Slice each potato into 12 wedges.
         3) In a large bowl, lightly beat the egg whites, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt until foamy. Add the potatoes and toss to coat completely; arrange in a single layer on the baking sheets.
         4) Bake for 20 minutes, then turn the potato wedges and bake for 15 to 20 more minutes, or until tender and golden.
         Exchanges: 2-1/2 Starch... Calories..157.. Calories from Fat.. 1 ..
         Total Fat.. 0 g.. Saturated Fat.. 0 g.. Cholesterol.. 0 mg..
         Sodium.. 227 mg.. Carbohydrate.. 36 g .. Dietary Fiber.. 4 g..
         Sugars.. 17 g.. Protein.. 4 g..
         How sweet (and spicy) it is! It seems like the ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg we add to the potatoes boost the sweetness that we crave...keeping us from having to add any sugar.
         Serving Size: 1/2 cup, Total Servings: 8
         1 can (20 ounces) pineapple chunks in light syrup, drained
         1 jar (6 ounces) maraschino cherries, drained and halved
         1 can (11 ounces) mandarin oranges, drained
         1 cup (8 ounces) low-fat vanilla yogurt
         1/2 cup miniature marshmallows
         2 tablespoons sweetened flaked coconut
         1) In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients and toss until evenly coated with the yogurt.
         2) Cover and chill for at least 1 hour, or until ready to serve.
         Exchanges: 1-1/2 Carbohydrate
         Calories.. 98.. Calories from Fat.. 8 .. Total Fat.. 1 g..
         Saturated Fat.. l g.. Cholesterol.. 2 mg.. Sodium.. 26 mg..
         Carbohydrate.. 21 g.. Dietary Fiber.. 1 g .. Sugars.. 19 g.. Protein.. 2 g..
When blood glucose levels are high, so are the levels of glucose in your saliva. Untreated high blood glucose levels can lead to cavities. So don’ forget to brush after every meal...and especially after dessert!
         Enjoy...Until next time,