NOVEMBER 14, 2003
Six Ways to Beat the Stress of Buying a House!
Asleep at the Switch
QSPSD @ Clay Roane PSD
Letter to Brother Bill
School Board Meeting

        It’ not just the Clay County Bank in the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) grease. A written agreement has been entered into by the Bank of Gassaway to “estore and maintain financial soundness and to ensure full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations….”according to FDIC # 03-029-WA/RB-SM signed October 21, 2003. Although not listed as a cease and desist order, many of the conditions and problems are nearly identical to the order signed by the Clay County Bank over a year ago as former bank president J.D. Morris was awaiting his fate in the federal courts.
        The written agreement was signed by Gassaway Bank President John D. Heater on behalf of the board of directors. The FDIC has mandated changes in management, loan policies, loan review, lending limits, loans loss, information distribution, bank secrecy, suspicious activities, and compliance with laws and regulations. In part the agreement mandates:
        The bank must evaluate whether each officer has the ability, experience and qualifications to competently do their job. An outside consultant has been hired to make that determination. Gassaway must provide a written plan for change within 60 days listing the specific changes being made. Additionally, the board of directors must provide more direct supervision of the bank’ officers and operation. A complete review of the bank’ new policies is also mandated in 90 days and every 6 months thereafter.
        Sound familiar? It should. Almost identical wording was included in the Clay County Bank cease and desist order first issued in the spring of 2002 and renewed this past April.

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        As for the way loans are handled by the main bank in Gassaway and it’ branch operations, from the FDIC document, revised loan policies and procedures that take into account the various deficiencies must be in place within 60 days. The 12 page document does not list the “eficiencies,”but a check of the latest quarterly report shows high numbers of charge offs and delinquent loans.
        Internal controls over secrecy take a front stage on the road to compliance as well. From page 6 of the manuscript: … the board of directors shall submit a written plan to improve technology function and address the deficiencies… at a minimum the plan shall, assess security and integrity risk, requirements for protecting non public customers information, vendor risk management procedures, procedures and controls that address physical and logical information security, procedures and standards for handling operations .. including but not limited to daily transfer.. to off site storage.
        Back when the Clay County Bank was making front page news around the state, the Feds required big time changes in the way loans were doled out, who would get loans, and new loans provided to dead beat payers. Within weeks of the Clay Bank agreement, several Clayonians were served with foreclosure notices. Major changes have been agreed to by the Gassaway Bank officials including: new loan policies and procedures, underwriting standards that require employment and income verification, the acquisition of current credit reports, and other financial data [that would] establish a borrower’ ability to repay the loan; loans based on generally accepted industry practices; and, at a minimum the review plan shall consider and include A. a description of the risk grades to be assigned to each loan, B. identification of the scope and frequency of loan grading and C. requirements of the Interagency Policy Statements for Allowances for Loan and Leases losses.
         18 months ago loans from the Clay County Bank were being called in left and right. You can expect about the same thing from the Bank of Gassaway based on this excerpt from the FDIC document: The bank shall not directly or indirectly make or renew any extension of credit to or for the benefit of any borrower including any related interest of the borrower who is obligated in any manner to the Bank on any extension of credit or portion thereof that has been charged off by the Bank or classified…[as a charge off] without the prior approval of the board of directors. The board of directors shall document in each case the reasons for the extension of credit or renewal… Translation: no more loan money to pay off old past due debts.
        The 12 page agreement also mandates that the Bank of Gassaway report all known or suspected violations of law or suspicious activities against or involving the Bank to law enforcement and supervisory authorities.
        Compliance to the agreement is spelled out clearly on page 10 which reads in part: the board of directors shall submit to the Reserve Bank and the Division written progress reports detailing the form and manner of all actions taken to secure compliance with this Agreement… Each progress report shall provide detailed information on all loans criticized in the Report of Examination or in any subsequent report… The Bank shall provide at a minimum information on current loan balance, date and amount of payments received, the current collateral value, discussions with the borrower, the borrower’ commitment to repayment and estimates of losses.
        The Bank of Gassaway has locations in Gassaway, Clay, Burnsville and Sutton.

        Remember when we labeled Commissioner Tim Butcher , Tim “o Show”Butcher? Butcher stayed away from his elected responsibility for over 6 months. That was then and now is, well…
         Matthew Bragg, Commissioner Bragg, has been missing about as many meetings as he attends. Further, for the most part, Bragg is less than attentive while at meetings and appears to be uninterested in the dealings of county government. Almost twiddling his thumbs while on the job. You know what time it is? It’ time to give Mr. Bragg a handle, a nick name. We’e received a couple of suggestions already, Matthew “in’ got time for that”Bragg comes to mind as a front runner.
                 Send in your suggestions to:
          Communicator; P.O. Box 14; Procious, WV 25164.
         ??? DID YOU KNOW ???
1. No matter how hard you try, you can’ un-scramble an egg.
2. Some 935 species of bat populations, around for 50 million years, have declined 55 percent over the last decade.
3. Native West Virginia adults are more likely to have served on active duty in the military than people born in any other state except South Dakota. 20.2 percent for South Dakota and 20 percent for West Virginia.
4. In West Virginia in 2002, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, 13.3 percent of the work force was represented by a labor union, down from 14.6 percent the year before.
5. An estimated 20 percent of West Virginia adults have no health insurance.
6. According to the Wellness Council of America nearly 81 percent of business with 50 or more employees provides health promotion programs.
7. Taking an aspirin a day can reduce the risk of a first heart attack by 32 percent according to a study by the Archives of Internal Medicine.
8. In the mid-1960’ one-fifth of Americans 45 to 54 years old already had lost all their teeth.
9. About 80 percent of U.S. men and 62 percent of women work more than 40 hours a week.
10. The video game industry employs about 30,000 people in the United States.
11. The federal government says that the resident Canadian geese population in the U.S. could soar to 5.4 million in the next decade.
12. For the fifth year in a row, more students are leaving West Virginia schools than are enrolling.
13. A University of Vanderbilt study found that drinking 7 cups of green tea a day can lower LDL cholesterol levels by as much as 16 percent.
14. An Institute of Medicine report said medical errors kill up to 98,000 people each year.
15. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of the 17 million Americans thought to have diabetes almost 6 million don’ know they have the condition.
16. Cougars are the world’ fourth largest cats with adults weighing 140 lbs or more.
17. Exposure to excessive noise is the leading cause of hearing loss, which affect one in 10 Americans. 30 million people are thought to be exposed to hazardous levels of noise at work.
18. Worldwide there are 30 million cases of measles a year resulting in more than 700,000 deaths.
19. About 80 percent of deaths caused by fire happen in homes that don’ have a working smoke alarm. A working smoke alarm lowers the risk of dying by almost one half.
20. More than 50 million Americans made more than 300 million visits to casinos last year.

Late Thursday evening we were able to retrieve the latest call and thrift report from the FDIC web site last updated October 29, 2003. As far as we can tell: total interest income to date for the Gassaway lender, $7,512,000.00; they paid $721,000 in income taxes; allowed for loan and lease loss to the tune of $675,000.00; collected $178,000.00 in service charges; paid $1,577,000.00 in salaries and employee benefits.
        As far as bad loans and charge offs, there’ a bunch. From the FDIC web information: $27,000 in first lien charge offs; $65,000 on commercial and industrial loans; $499,000 listed in single payment, installment, revolving credit and student loans making a grand total in non collectable loans well over ½ million or $591,000.
        Although charge offs are of course bad, equally alarming are the loans over 30 days overdue and those 90 days or better out of whack. For the Gassaway gang: on loans secured by property, there is over $2 million near 90 days out and another 41 million past due over 90 days; non farm non residential loans past due add up to another $1 million; non payment commercial loans total another ¾ million bucks; and single payment installment dead beats add on another $3 million.
        All in all, bad paper as some call it, appears to be floating left and right at the Bank of Gassaway.



November 3, 2003

        It has come to my attention that if the control of a water plant is left unattended for 4 hours, there is supposed to be a boil water advisory put out. This should make you think about part time workers!
        It also looks like, to me, that the Town of Clay officials are holding up progress again, which keeps us from getting businesses like other counties. They did this by not going along with a consolidation of all the water plants. A new water plant would make enough water at a cheaper rate to handle all of Clay County. At least, this is what I hear from a WV Department of Health person. Example only: Procious might charge $5.00 per 1,000 gallons to make, Clay might charge $2.00 per 1,000 gallons to make, but a new building and facility would charge only $1.50 to $1.25 per 1,000 gallons of water, and have enough for everyone. This would mean lower rates, (at least that is the way I see it). There would be one service to answer to, not three. This could mean a start of progress for Clay County. Why is the Town of Clay stopping progress? Every year we drop further and further behind other counties. This isn’ the l880’, people; it’ almost 2004, believe it or not! Upgrading of this type would only mean we will get more
businesses interested in Clay County, which would mean more jobs. Benefits would go along with these jobs, probably, but I guess no one wants these things.
        Our leaders should be working hard to get more law enforcement to cover Clay County’ territory, and not accept the rule that law enforcement is based on population. Other counties are running drug dealers out of their areas, and I wonder where they will go? Will they go to a place where law enforcement is, or to the so called bad lands of the old west, back in the l800’, where there was very little if any law men to be found. Doesn’ this sound a little like Clay County to you?
        Fear, we live it everyday, but in Clay County, fear is competition, change, and progress. People how do you wish to live? It’ up to you!
                        Thank you,
                        Frank L. Kish, Jr.
P.S. - Jimmy Sams, thanks for calling me, like you said you would, on the PSD board for Queen Shoals.
Since our property is serviced by the Queen Shoals PSD we have a vested interest in it. It was built and maintained by the people of that community including Gene and his family. The community laid the line, bought the backhoe it had leased and then used it for maintenance. (By the way, where is the backhoe now?)  A local board directed a satisfactory  operation.  To our understanding it was operating in the black.  We watched with frustration as it became a political football and the cost of our water bill skyrocketed from $20 to nearly $50.  After attending one meeting conducted by Public Service Commission, it became apparent that the Queen Shoals PSD would get no help from it.  The opinions of the local citizens were totally disregarded and the board was stymied.         If all the time and energy put into wondering about the fate of 'has been' Jimmy Morris would be directed at the fate of a vital water company, just maybe something positive could come of it.
        Best regards, 
                Gene and Carol McClure 

I prayerfully support our brave soldiers as they do the bidding of their Commander in Chief and humbly ask God the Creator to end this George Bush debacle and bring our brave men and women home where they belong. Enough is enough!
Citizens of West Virginia; I am ashamed of those of you that voted for George Bush and also of those that did NOT vote!!!. The Republican propaganda machine told you to vote for G. Bush, as Al. Gore would take away your guns. YOU DID!!!, even though in your hearts you know that NO One will ever take a PROUD West Virginian’ gun. George Bush didn’ take your guns (yet), however, he took your sons and daughters to a foreign country and is watching them be captured, tortured, raped and killed as we speak. Which would you rather lose, guns or sons and daughters???. Ronald Reagan was known as the “REAT COMMUNICATOR” He ran our nation into its largest deficit ever, until now. We remained silent!!!.
Newt Gingrich started the “ontract With America”movement even though he had 83 ethical violations lodged against him. What happened to this contract? GONE, just like his promises!!!. George Bush called himself the “reat Uniter”Look what has happened !!! HE HAS DIVIDED: a-The United Nations b-The Religions of the World c-America and the European Nations d-America and nearly the rest of the World e-Americans with Americans This is NOT the work of a Uniter!!!. George Bush says he is working for peace. What is he doing???
First, a war with Osama Bin Laden, whom he cannot find and which is ongoing and not WON. Second, a war with Afghanistan, which is ongoing and NOT won. Third, a war with Iraq that is NOT won and is not over and may last a long, long time. This is EXACTLY the opposite of “orking for Peace” George Bush is, and has been, and will continue to be a detriment to all Americans as he is unable to speak anything but outright lies. All of you West Virginia voters who put him in charge (with the help of the U.S. Supreme Court) and all of you West Virginia NON-VOTERS, WISE UP!!!!. Look at what harm you have caused, to your own children. They are being killed in this unnecessary George Bush war and you are as SILENT as our Honorable U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd declares the U.S. Senate to be.
We must no longer be silent, as America’ children are being killed in this George Bush war against Iraqis who, it has been proven, have not been and are not a threat to Americans. In addition, our freedoms (and perhaps later our guns) are slowly being taken away by a new George Bush Agency called Homeland Security, which is now a part of his administration. How long will YOU walk around like the three monkeys, one with his hands over his eyes, one with his hands over his ears and the third one with both hands over his mouth!!!!. FREEDOM requires acting responsibly and we must!!!!.
Please, the least you can do is VOTE!!!. Please register and then, please vote responsibly and together we can remove the cause of this BLIGHT from our nation. Please, please, please, VOTE
                        Fred Sampson
                        HC-68, Box 25
                        Ivydale, WV 25113


        As election year nears I am compelled to share my opinions on bigger things. These steps might actually save not only our economy, but also our nation. First I would stop all immigration for at least 10 years. Long before the decade was over the millions of unemployed would be looking pretty good to our employers. Then I would move for an 8-year term limit on all elected offices, assuring a constant flow of new ideas and perspectives. I would move for initiative, referendum and recall rights nation-wide, so that we would actually return to a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Then I would break some corporate hearts by removing all tax breaks, credits and incentives for overseas investments and replace them with the same thing for investment and building within the nation.
        I would use all the manpower and money devoted to the so-called “ar on Drugs”to stopping the entry, employment and care of illegal immigrants. On top of that, I would fine any employers caught using illegal immigrants - hugely. To get people actually working and earning wages I would initiate the biggest public works ever seen. I'd start with renewing the CCC camps and use the men and women in them to work on public properties, from the federal level down to the municipal level. Along with this I would start something like the WPA again. I have a feeling that if you offered the chance to build their own homes to the millions living in squalor in urban and rural slums, you would be covered up with applicants. By the end of it the slums would be ghost towns, opening up that property for commercial or industrial development. The two biggest projects would be the construction of 50' high, 350' wide 4-lane highways along the Mexican and Canadian borders. An additional benefit would be that these two highways would become literal walls, slowing or stopping the entry of illegal immigrants and major drug dealers.
        To spur the agricultural aspect of our country, I would remove all subsidies for not farming and replace them with an equal amount of funding for growing and selling locally, resulting in the return of the American farmer. I would also implement a uniform code for education across the nation, assuring that all children have an equal education. I would decriminalize the possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and free the quarter-million in prison that we are providing for. I would raise taxes on coal and petroleum users and dedicate the funds to research and development of non-polluting, sustainable energy sources. Similarly, I would offer tax breaks, credits and incentives to use the railroads and rivers instead of trucking and offer the same to the development and investment in tourism, especially historic sites and uses. Wow! What a different and better nation we would live in.

82 year old Andy Rooney regularly offers some famous quotes and wordage, like: I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some governmental stooge who wants to give it away to crack addicts for squirting out babies.
Guns do not make you a killer.  I think killing makes you a killer.  You can kill someone with a baseball bat or a car, but no one is trying to ban you from driving to the ball game.
I think that if you feel homosexuality is wrong, it is not a phobia;  it is an opinion.
I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers.  The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America.  Try to have things like the United Caucasian College Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America ... and see what happens.  Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door.
When 70% of the people who get arrested are black, in cities where 70% of the population is black, that is not racial profiling; it is the Law of Probability. I believe that if you are selling me a milk shake, a pack of cigarettes, a newspaper or a hotel room, you must do it in English!  As a matter of fact, if you want to be an American citizen, you should have to speak English! My father and grandfather didn't die in vain so you can leave the countries you were born in to come over and disrespect ours.
I feel much safer letting a machine with no political affiliation recount votes when needed.
We did not go to the aid of certain foreign countries and risk our lives in wars to defend their freedoms, so that decades later they could come over here and tell us our constitution is a living document and open to their interpretations.
I think Bill Gates has every right to keep every penny he made and continue to make more.  If it ticks you off, go and invent the next operating system that's better, and put your name on the building.  Ask your buddy that invented the Internet to help you.
It doesn't take a whole village to raise a child right, but it does take a parent to stand up to the kid; and smack their little behinds when necessary, and say "NO"! I think tattoos and piercing are fine if you want them, but please don't pretend they are a political statement.  And, please, stay home until that new lip ring heals.  I don't want to look at your ugly infected mouth as you serve me French fries!
I am sick of "Political Correctness."  I know a lot of black people, and not a single one of them was born in Africa;  so how can they be "African-Americans"?  Besides, Africa is a continent.  I don't go around saying I am a European-American because my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather was from Europe. I am proud to be from America and nowhere else.

BOB CLARKE Curmudgeon’ Corner
        October 25 is the birthday of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. (1844-1900) This would-be philosopher-king became famous for a myriad of ideas, perhaps chiefly among them the concept of ubermensch, or the “uperman.” This is a man who, through the power of his will and the superiority of his intellect considers himself above the rabble, contemptuous of opinions emanating from the slobbering multitudes. (That’ us.) In “ntimely Contemplations,”(1873-76) he expressed his enthusiasm for the aristocratic ideal and his contempt for the masses in history. Nietzsche maintained that only the strong ought to survive, that human sympathy only perpetuates the unfit and the mediocre. Despite the fact that Nietzsche spent the last twelve years of his life in a state of total insanity, it is not too much of a stretch to observe much the same set of values among the neoconservatives who now control our political system.
        The time is the early 90s. The place is our nation’ capital. In a smoke-filled room an elite group of thinkers is plotting what is good for the nation; or rather what is good for themselves. For dramatic purposes, this so called “hink tank”might be called the Defense Policy Board. Although the proceedings of such groups are directed more toward offense than its opposite, the term “efense”has a more positive ring. It should be remembered, at least among the older types, that this country once had a War Department. For a nation that desires only peace the earlier designation was deemed too harsh, perhaps too threatening. In any case, this group of super intellects: Perle, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Chaney, consumed with the conviction that they, and only they had the stature and the foresight to know what is good for this republic. Having suffered through the long nightmare of peace and prosperity as well as the ignominy of an eight year rule under the Democrats, it became obvious that drastic measures be considered. “ know:”says one of the young Turks. For plot purposes, let’ call him Paul Wolfowitz. “et’ invade Iraq. Gulf War I eliminated their air force. Their army is a tattered and weakened force. U.N. sanctions as well as our air strikes have rendered the country virtually helpless. It’l be a cakewalk, like swatting a fly with a sledgehammer.” Others in this little scenario contributed to the plan. Someone may have mentioned in passing that Iraq sits on the second highest oil reserves on this planet. Others must have observed that this ambitious scheme depended upon regaining the White House as well as a compliant Congress. And, “o,”as they used to say in the old stories, it came to pass. The hardliners got their president through what some of us still consider nefarious means. They inherited a Congress whose abiding fear of losing political office has rendered it, for the most part, a gaggle of mindless go-a-longs. The fawning courtiers of Elizabeth I come to mind. To be fair, not all politicians should be included in this panorama of government rot. The intrepid and venerable Robert Byrd as well as firebrands such as Dennis Kucinich and the late and much-lamented Paul Wellstone should be mentioned. They fought the good fight, and they have the right to say, as Benjamin Disraeli once did: “ am on the side of the angels.”
        A few years ago on a trip to Edinburgh, I met a Scottish couple on the train. As we seemed to get on famously, they invited me to their flat. On the way to their flat, which was in a rather shabby section of the city, I noticed that three or four blocks on a grimy street were shiny and clean, with well-trimmed hedges and attractive, newly painted houses. When asked about the stunning contrast to the rest of the neighborhood, the woman said: “h, that’ the Queen’ route.” The proud Scots wouldn’ want Elizabeth II to experience visual discomfort while touring one of the world’ most beautiful cities.
        What brought this anecdote to mind is the seemingly endless parade of congressional junkets to Iraq. So far every appearance on TV has involved the same chorus, testimonials of the splendid progress in rebuilding Baghdad, the enthusiasm of the Iraqis for their “iberators,”the high morale of our troops. Only a confirmed cynic would suggest that our lawmakers are allowed to view only what their guides want them to see. Take the good news back to the voters. Avoid at all cost the maimed and dying children and the squalid aftermath of out “mart”bombs. One of them landed in Jordan. Consult Rumsfeld. Technology conquers all! Media presentation of the war was TV at its best. The Disney Studios could not have improved upon what we saw on our screens: exploding bombs flashing brilliant light in the far off distance. Good psychology, that! Spare the American people from the real scenes of carnage, mutilation and death. We might as well have been watching a July 4th fireworks display in Central Park.
        As the corporate vultures descend on battered Iraq it appears that the anticipated dancing in the streets will be done chiefly by American oil contractors. Even now new lobbying groups are being formed in Washington. A mere gnat’ eye view of corporate price quotations makes the old Pentagon scandal of the $600 hammer look like penny ante. The U.S. engineers estimated $15 million for repairs on a cement plant in northern Iraq. The project was given to local Iraqis instead, who did it for $80,000. Contractors refurbished twenty police stations in Basra for $25 million. An Iraqi official maintains that locals could have done it for $5 million. The homes of 10 Iraqi officials in Baghdad were renovated for $700,000. A spokesman for a local firm pointed out that 10 new homes could have been built for the same price. $9 million of our money goes to establish zip codes. $400 million will go for two new 4000 bed prisons. That staggering sum brakes down to $50,000 per bed. Halliburton’ Kellogg Brown & Root lays claim to the “reen zone,”which has been described as Baghdad’ “everly Hills.” There is nothing like having contacts in high places. Whatever happened to the “ppearance of impropriety?” A faint echo of the name “umsfeld”keeps coming back like a song. Yet our Defense Secretary, he of the stratospheric ego, keeps insisting that all his ties with Halliburton (hereafter known as “o-Bid” have been severed. Still, one has to admire a man whose business acumen is so keen that, during the five years he ran Halliburton, the company paid no taxes four out of five of those years, a stunning achievement suitable for future college textbooks. And, even the highly-educated neocons, who rarely employed substandard grammar, must have exclaimed: “here’ gold in them thar sand.”
        It is a simple task to predict that the 2004 election campaign will be an unremitting horror. The corporate media will provide both viewers and listeners with endless litanies of our triumphs in the Middle East. Included among the $87 billion requested by the Bush administration for Iraq’ reconstruction is $100 million to retain experts to investigate “rimes against humanity”by Saddam Hussein’ government. Dwell on this for a minute. Haven’ the American people been deluged for months with lists of Saddam’ atrocities? Do we not already know the enumerable horrors of his reign? What are Karl Rove and the Crawford Cowboy up to? A wild guess might be as follows. The lies about Hussein’ weapons of mass destruction have lost their clout, at least among those of us who read. The “mmanent danger: from Iraq the Bushies kept warning us about was a calculated falsehood which worked for a time. Switch to Plan C. Keep hammering away at the evidence of Saddam’ crimes, and continue that refrain until November, 2004. And the brilliance of this plan is breathtaking in its gall. The American taxpayer will kick in $100 million to supply the Bush campaign ammunition for the coming election. The media will go along. We know who gives the orders. There is no need to worry about the best government money can buy. Pay no attention to rabble-rousers such as Ralph Nader who says, “here is a dollar sign on every door in Washington.” Perhaps a nation that gets its news exclusively from television receives its just deserts, a leader whose motto should be: “he buck stops elsewhere.” And though the administration denies the term, as quagmires go, this mire is about as “uagged”as they get.
                         Knight in rusty armor
          Six Ways to Beat the Stress of Buying a House!
                 Death, divorce and moving are the three most stressful experiences in life. There are two very different kinds of needs that people have while moving. First there are the transactional needs, like finding the home that is just right for you, finding a seller who is realistic, negotiating the price, filling out all the paperwork, handling the escrow, and arranging for the move. But there are also emotional needs that are involved when moving, and this is where the biggest stress comes in. Any competent agent will handle the transactional needs for you, but if your emotional needs are unfulfilled, you'll be frustrated and may not act in your own best interests. The ideal real estate agent is one who is competent with paperwork and numbers, but can also guide, direct, and counsel you through the emotional ups and downs of moving. Here are the six best ways to beat the stress:
          l. Begin with the end in mind. Have an ultimate scenario of where you're trying to be. What will life be like when you get there? How will it be better than where you are now? Dwell on the picture and write it out, full up at least a page about how it feels in the new place. This is imperative. Having the goal in front of you at all times energizes you to achieve it, in spite of setbacks and frustrations. Emotions will run high and you need an anchor. In childbirth the Lamaze method teaches you to focus on one spot when enduring labor pains. In the same way, you too must focus on the future goal when anxiety threatens to get the better of you.
          2. Be flexible. In your monetary calculations overestimate by a thousand dollars. In this market, anything can happen between contract acceptance and closing. It could be the inspections reveal areas of concern that the seller is unwilling to fix or the repair costs are higher than the amount limited in the contract. Or, the interest rate changes which affects the necessary down payment and closing cost you will need to come up with. As your real estate team Greenlee Properties Inc. strive to tie up loose ends as quickly as possible, but remember, there is no perfect world. Most buyers feel a bit overwhelmed when taking on a new mortgage and the responsibilities of a new home and we've seen many buyers get angry when it seems like the cost just keeps going up. Anger is caused when reality doesn't match up with the expectations you had in your mind. So, if you anticipate this happening in advance you won't get angry. In fact, it'll probably go better than you expected.
          3. Trust on the process. There's just so much to do, it's easy to panic. You wonder if it will ever work out. In fact, when some people buy their homes they can't eat for days and feel sick in their stomachs! You think you're taking a big chance, but the truth is you're giving yourself a big chance. Even though you can't see every step of the way, as you move towards your goals, the way opens up. We know that you haven't moved in a long time and it's a major upheaval in your life. But we've been there many times before, and we'll be looking out for you. Trust that we know the way to get you there!
          4. Get knowledge. One thing you'll probably feel during this transition time is being out of control. It feels like everyone else has taken over your life. The seller, your lender, the appraiser, the inspectors, they all have the power to say yes or no to your moving plans. We'll try our best to let you know ahead of timewhat your expenses will be, and what the unknowns are. We'll tie down the loose ends as soon a possible. We'll try to get your loan approved within a reasonable time frame. We'll educate you as best we can and let you in on the behind the scenes so you won't feel stupid or out of control.
          5. What are your options? When things don't go as smoothly as you had hoped, don't let emotions take over. Always ask yourself, "What are my options?" Because there are always options. Let's pretend the lender takes longer than agreed upon to get your loan. He keeps asking you for more and more documentation until it feels like he also needs to know how many gold fillings you have in your mouth. You'll feel upset because you wanted to feel certain about the move and now you still have to live with the uncertainty. You want
         to say "Forget It, I'm fed up with this!" But what is your option? Find a new lender and start the process over again. If the lender is trying his best, it may be better to give him a few more days. Each case is unique, but when setbacks occur we've found that asking yourself this question helps to defuse the situation and restore clear-headed thinking.
          6. Seek entertainment. When there's nothing you can do about the situation, take your mind off of it altogether. Maybe you expected loan approval on Friday, but now it won't come until Monday. You hate being in limbo and feeling powerless. So do something else entirely, maybe something where you aren't powerless. Take a walk in the Clay County area, read an exciting novel, go fishing on the Elk River or Sutton Dam, get out of town for a shopping trip to Huntington, Charleston, etc. Watch a movie or pour yourself into your work. Whatever diversion works best for you, now would be a good time to engage in it. Just forget the situation and refuse to listen to those irritating thoughts when they come in your head. Think about something else instead and just take it one day at a time.
                 To keep stress at a minimum, here is how Greenlee Properties helps you in buying your new home: a. Give our best reasoned expert counsel and advice with your best interest in mind. b. Clarify your goals and motivation, and decide if moving is the wisest choice at this time. c. Provide recommendations and information to help your kids through all the changes. d. Negotiate effectively for you to get the best possible house for you. e. Protect your interest during escrow, and keeping detailed record of transaction. f. Be your levelheaded sounding board or relief valve when the stress is overwhelming. h. Alert you ahead of time to every possibility so you feel more in control. g. Provide guidance and help with movers, change of address, utilities shut off, cleaning, etc. I. Finally, continue to give you information of value after the transaction .... for life. We will be there for you when you need us now and in the future!
          This article is presented as a public service by Dave Derby, Greenlee Properties, Inc.
         ACTIVATED By EB Goode
                  I’e been meaning to write ya. Although you probably know my (our) first allegiance is to Jesus and His Kingdom, and we as missionaries live in about 100 countries we have to respect the systems that be, which allow us to work and spread God’ Word and acts of love to the needy. I had the privilege to see Jessica Lynch's testimony on TV. I have been, as many have, a bit fascinated by the pretty young West Virginia girl's  plight and glory!
                  The Lord showed me that those who have eyes can see and those who have ears can hear what the Spirit is saying. That the system sucks the war /boom /bust economy sucks. But out of it come many lambs, some make it through to expose it, even unknowingly, And they personify JESUS' children caught in the brambles, some making it through, some not.
          We are responsible for the choices we make and according to the information we have to work with. Jessica's innocence shines a warning for some, a challenge for others. But the simple life is evident, even in the midst of deceits of materialism and the injustices of man's and Satan’ wars, to me is unmistakable. I praise GOD that I was called to HIS Spiritual Service and warfare. And I know who our true enemies are and I pray that you too will keep the priorities of our faith in perspective.
          1JN.2:15 -- Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
                      :16 -- For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.
                      :17 -- And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.
                      :18 -- Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. Ivan
          NOTE: Eric (Ivan) Goode, a missionary serving in California, is an occasional columnist for this paper.
         Asleep at the Switch…By Jim Chafin
                 Today, our thoughts are on the article in Charleston Gazette’ October 28 edition, written by Congressman Allen B. Mollohan, in which he attempted to explain his decision to vote for the $87 billion request by George Bush to “upport our troops and rebuild Iraq.” While he had some reservations about rebuilding Iraq, he nonetheless voted for the measure in its entirety because, “he Republican majority would not allow any other alternative.” Democrats, it seems, are still mesmerized and awed over the turnabout of events in 2000, and have not regained their composure enough to put up a logical fight of their own. It is in this light that we feel compelled to respond to Representative Mollohan, for his is the classic excuse we have heard much too often these past two years and ten months.
                 Let me preface this dialogue with a question: How do you propose to keep our armed forces in Iraq safe by voting FOR the money requested by this ruling junta, whose history has been one big, continuous lie, beginning before its coronation by five Supreme Court judges (in flagrant disregard to constitutional processes), and who, to this day, continues to run rough-shod over everything this nation has put in place for the uplifting of this society, beginning with Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Our soldiers are being killed and wounded every day! What protection does a flack jacket afford our men and women from a rifle propelled rocket, a car bomb, or a land mine placed in a heavily traveled highway?
                 A lot of mistakes have been made in the past two plus years – not all of which has been W. Bush and Co. Along the way the Democratic party, along with a multitude of individual professing Democrats (?) have fallen prostate in front of an invading juggernaut, the likes of which I have never seen before in my lifetime. And I have seen some doozies. Never have I seen such arrogance, and such bare-faced lying, as has been perpetrated upon Americans and the Constitution of this nation by any administration – aided and abetted by a Democratic organization that turned tail and ran away from its responsibilities to provide balance and oversight. To allow the takeover of this country in the manner of which it was accomplished by this present occupant of the Oval Office without a whimper of protest by the Democrats is unprecedented in the history of this nation. And Al Gore, well, words will not suffice to allow me to adequately vent my feelings about a man who would simply walk away and disappear into the woodwork – leaving this country wide open for the kind of excesses that we are now experiencing. Shame, shame, on this bunch of spineless money-grubbing, would-be “eaders!”
                 The events that have transpired in this country, as pertaining to the electoral process, substantiates the contentions of many that our presidents are, indeed, preordained, and that the voting process is but an orchestrated stage play, designed as it were to placate the masses. Election 2000 was the sorriest spectacle that I have ever witnessed, bar none. The Democrat Party should have been up in arms by the events that transpired over the Florida vote count. Democrats worthy of the name should have been storming the ramparts and shouting from the rooftops over the calamity to which we all were witnesses. Surely, the dictators of this world are laughing out loud at this exercise in “emocracy.”
                 Aside from the goof-ups during the election campaign itself, Democrats in Congress have continued to compound their errors by attempting to look “atriotic”in the style and practice of Republicans. Letting W. play the flute while they danced to his tune. First, they voted en-mass for a resolution (written by Bush) that gave him unprecedented power to wage war at his choosing. That is not his prerogative. Congress is the entity whose constitutional duty is to declare war – and, it is Congress’ responsibility to know how the money is spent, and why. And, again, this responsibility is a privilege – one that must be taken seriously – not glibly passed over, as has been the case this time. Now, we have Congress lining up to provide $87 billion, and a little later there will be other requests – all in the name of “aring”for our boys in Iraq. Where will we draw the line?
                 This Iraqi war was entered into based upon a lie – choreographed with the script written by those who have no hesitation to use America’ people and the nation’ assets to enrich their own bank accounts. They have no concerns when our young men and women are maimed and killed; they won’ miss a meal; they won’ miss a paycheck; neither will they know the pain of American families whose loved ones are ordered off to war. They don’ give a rats tail about those who will pay the bills. Nor will they know the difficulties of those who cannot get adequate care at Veteran Administration hospitals for their needs. Ditto for the elderly and disabled of this nation who must choose between bread and medicine. This is the legacy of the Bushes of this nation and their cohorts.
                 Congressman Mollohan, you and each of your fellow legislators have access to much more information than most citizens do, and I am sure that the same data available to the general public could have been used by yourself and others to arrive at a more reasoned approach to this Iraqi thing than to blindly follow a man who has a history of deception. Congress could, if it so chooses, look beyond the politics of the inner-beltway and find other solutions that would be better for our country. One thing is definite: Congress IS NOT to be used as a tool for any other branch of this government. Congress, to be the most effective on behalf of those they purport to represent must shuck off the domination that emanates from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. House and Senate Rules must openly declare independence from past domination of the Oval Office. The administration can request funds for any number of projects; however, it is the duty and responsibility of Congress to determine the need and scope of each request. And, this thing about a one vote majority in either the House or Senate giving the majority party authority to shuck the concerns of the minority must be ended. The well being of this nation demands it.
                 Get your eyes off the denominator in the presidential mansion, and off the artificial aims of the party, and onto the real needs of this country. Forget about how much money is in it for the party, for congress, or for any other member of government – think about America and American citizens; think about those who have already died and those who will yet die, along with their families – those who will be paying the bills. And then you tell me, along with every American, if these actions are needed.
                 Lies cause lost lives – bring our people home to save their lives. George W. Bush was not ordained of God to wage preemptive strikes against our neighbors. In history those who have used this sort of aggressive behavior have been soundly rebuked and branded as aggressors. I do not want my country placed in the same league with Rome, Napoleon, Hitler, Hirohito, or any number of lesser would-be dictators. For the key to scriptural morality please refer to Matthew 22:36-40.
         QSPSD @ Clay Roane PSD
                 It’ been a long time since you’e heard Queen Shoals PSD mentioned as an active, public service district, one serving the needs of lower Clay County. That “ctive”part may be a little early BUT, here goes with the latest edition of the Clay Roane PSD meeting where newly appointed Jimmy Kearns and Bob Caldwell attended. If you’e interested in water service and live in and around Bomont, Glen, Falling Rock, this one is for you.
                 On November 3rd a special meeting of the Clay Roane PSD was called . The purpose of the assembly was to meet newly appointed Queen Shoals Boardsters, Jimmy Kearns and Bob Caldwell. Both were appointed by the County Commission in October and given full unbridled control of QSPSD. Since February 2003, QSPSD has been operated by Clay Roane PSD under an operation and maintenance agreement cobbled together by the WV Public Service Commission.
                 The tables were brought closer together. On the West side were Chair Melissa Postelwait aided by Larry White, Gary Whaling, and Glenn Sutton. Dave Saulsgiver was AWOL. On the East side were Caldwell and Kearns. On the fringes were few from the public, maybe 8 at the most. The newbees read papers handed them by Clay Roane, financials, maintenance agreements, etc. Kearns explained that they couldn’ make any agreements because, although they had been appointed by the CCC, they had not been sworn in to office. Caldwell, “ don’ know what I’ getting into yet..”        Most important for the Clay Roane folks was the passage of the already being done operation and maintenance (O/M) agreement. That agreement was voted and accepted by Clay Roane in February 2003 pending approval of loan and grant funders on the federal level. Kearns came to the plate right away, “e’e NOT decided to accept this yet.”Chair Postelwait gave a run down on how great a deal it is for her water provider to serve the Queen Shoals area with the O/M. Then, then, then, she laid the bomb shell on the gathered. Postelwait explained that funders for her PSD had NOT approved of the already in place O/M agreement and “t is null and void.. It’ no good!” Eyebrows raised. There was quiet for a split second. Postel offered directions to Kearns/Caldwell, accept another O/M or run the whole system yourself.
                 Now ole Kearns didn’ fall off the turnip truck yesterday. During the opening remarks and maybe from reading various accounts of the happenings, Kearns asked about a $18,000 debt owed by the old QSPSD for water purchased from Clay Roane. Kearns was told that big time debt was slowly being paid off from monthly water sales and the total debt remaining was $6000.00 Kearns, “o it’ slowly coming down.”For the remainder of the meeting, Kearns kept coming back to the “ottom line”figures, who gets paid what, who pays for water leaks, how could such a big increase net such little benefit and more.
         Postel and others explained that many in the Queen Shoals area are very slow at paying their bills and coupled with major water losses, Queen Shoals had very little extra money to pay down the debt load. With mention of “ot much money to work with” the peanut gallery spoke up. One old bald state road truck driver, “e’e paying $39 per month for basic water rate!”He reminded all that last December the WV PSC oked a monstrous water rate increase on Queen Shoals customers. Caldwell was defiant in tone. He just couldn’ see how so much water could be sold and or used and the water system still be broke! Kearns, “e can’ be asked for another rate increase! We’e paying the highest in the state now!!”Caldwell went back several times to the discrepancy in how much water was being sold QSPSD customers and the amount of water actually being used. Postel explained that for some time there had been a 40% water loss at QS. Complaints came on quality of water, low water pressure, too high water bills and on and on. From that fat teamster, “hen [the old] Queen Shoals PSD was dissolved, we had high water pressure, that shower would almost burn you. Continued
          Now it takes 25 minutes for the washer to fill up..”Kearns went back to questioning the dollar figures while Caldwell questioned the water loss figures. Caldwell, “ow much is being wasted??”Clay Roane bills QSPSD customers for a percentage (1/3) of the maintenance and secretarial costs. Kearns, “ou are charging us an exuberant amount for water.”Postelwait, “t’ all calculated by the PSC.”Back and forth it went.
         In closing, here’ a couple of interesting notes. Remember the $124,000 grant the old QSPSD secured to improve the low water pressure conditions? It’ gone. The Fed’ took the money back. There are now no dollars to upgrade the lines and storage tanks. Bob Caldwell said he would be on the QS PSD Board if, and only if, they took full control of the operation away from Clay Roane and moved it back to Bomont country. Kearns was a little more upbeat about serving the community and asked for a full financial disclosure, in writing, before making any decision. Assurances were given Kearns. He made one other interesting comment. According to Mr. Kearns, WV Water would be interested in taking over the QS system.
         One note, for what it’ worth, the base rate for WV Water customers is less than $14 per month and that includes 2000 gallons of water. Currently, those hooked to Queen Shoals water lines pay $19.50 per month and that includes NO, ZERO, ZIP water. Every person is charged extra if they use one drip of water.
         And something to get you going until next edition…. Remember when Melissa Postelwait was leading the charge to get water service into the Punkin Ridge community? Working the phone lines, doing the leg work so 35 or so customers in her neighborhood could have a clean safe drinking water supply? The push to get every resident to sign up and pay their tap fee? Remember all that… the signing of new customer service agreements and the paying of tap fees so the project could get underway? Here it is readers: Melissa Postelwait has NOT paid her own tap fee!                                                         AW
         10/30/03: Bailey – Joyce Ramsey, accessory before and after the fact (10/02/03), preliminary hearing continued by State.
         10/31/03: Sizemore – Ova J. Hendrix II, wanton endangerment, arrested, defendant waived preliminary hearing 11/06 – to Circuit Court.
         11/06/03: Delk – Roger Dale Rogers, DWR/DUIA 3rd offense (11/04/02), preliminary hearing continued by State to 12/02/03; Elswick – Roger Dale Rogers, driving revoked/DUIA 3rd offense and receiving/transferring stolen property (10/22/03), preliminary hearing continued by State to 12/02/03.
         11/07/03: Foreman – Guy Dwier, warrants issued for breaking & entering and grand larceny.
         09/04/03: Slack – William Belknap, warrant issued for willful disruption of government process.
         10/29/03: Bailey – Andrew T. Tanner, petit larceny, Def. pled no contest, sentenced to 6 months in jail, jail time suspended, placed on 6 months unsupervised probation, assessed fine and cost; Bailey – Steven P. Ware, disturbance of government process, Def. pled no contest, assessed fine and cost; Rider – Jason A. Dancy, warrants issued for battery, DWR/DUIA 2nd offense and destruction of property; Rider – Teddy L. Estep, warrant issued for domestic battery; Light – Christopher Bryan Woods, possession of marijuana less 15 grams and contributing to the del. Of minor, appeared, ROB; Cunningham Motors Inc. – Tera Ferrebee, warrants issued for worthless checks X 7, Def. paid checks and costs 11/05, cases dismissed.
         10/30/03: Delk – William Belknap, warrant issued for fleeing from a police officer; Delk – Steven McCullough Jr., driving suspended/revoked non-DUI, appeared, ROB; Rider – James Clifton Rogers, violation of D.V.P. order, arrested 11/04, ROB.
         10/31/03: Sizemore – Ova J. Hendrix II, domestic battery and fleeing from police officer, arrested; Belt – Keota E. Williams, no POI and registration violation, appeared, ROB.
         11/01/03: Belt – Jonathan Devlin Sizemore, possession controlled substance, appeared, ROB.
         11/03/03: Ellyson – Della K. Jackson, public profanity X 2, appeared, ROB.
         11/04/03: Sizemore’ IGA – Kerrie A. Young, worthless check complaint X 2, Def. paid notice fee and checks 11/06; Renea Bloom – Loretta Stewart, peace bond, appeared, ROB.
         11/05/03: Slack – Edward Earl Hughes, violation of D.V.P. order X 2, warrants issued.
         11/06/03: Slack – Renea Lynne Bloom, warrants issued for battery and false swearing, arrested 11/10, ROB for battery, no probable cause found on false swearing.
         11/07/03: Foreman – John Freddie Johnson, warrant issued for receiving and transferring stolen property; Delk – Donnie Allen Friend, reckless driving, appeared, ROB.
         11/09/03: Sizemore – Rickey J. Bishop, DUI-2nd offense, arrested, ROB.
         11/10/03: Belt – Patrick Morris, warrant issued for battery; Belt – Jonathan Sizemore, warrant issued for battery; Belt – Bambi Jill Tanner, fail to pay for gasoline, appeared, ROB; Bailey – James Johns, speeding, appeared, ROB.
         11/12/03: Market Express – warrants issued for worthless check complaints for Joshua Dustin Taylor, Adam A. Jarrett, Candy Adkins, Christopher L. Herrada X 2, and Dustin Tanner; Clay Supermarket – Shari Bullard, warrant issued for worthless check complaint; IGA – Ronnie D. Beasley, warrant issued for worthless check complaint.
         10/30/03: St. Francis Hospital – Patti G. Holcomb, breech of contract, subpoena.
         11/04/03: Clay County Humane Society – Daniel Raike, money due, subpoena.
         11/07/03: Nichols Furniture & Appliance – Melissa Postelwait and Richard N. Postelwait, money due.
         Worthless Checks
         Notices issued –
         10/29/03: Market Express – Joshua Dustin Taylor, misdemeanor file opened; Adam A. Jarrett, misdemeanor file opened; Kester Summers III (paid 11/03); Kimberly A. Moore (paid 11/07); Beverly A. Young (paid 11/07); Candy Adkins, misdemeanor file opened; Christopher L. Herrada X 2, misdemeanor files opened; and, Dustin Tanner, misdemeanor file opened.
         10/30/03: Clay Supermarket – Shari Bullard, misdemeanor file opened; Amy Brown (paid 11/10).
         10/31/03: IGA – Melissa K. Massey (paid 11/12); Ronnie D. Beasley, misdemeanor file opened.
         11/03/03: Clay Supermarket – Patrick Morris.
         11/05/03: Little Country Feed Store – Jerry Z. Boggs; Clay Farm Coop. – Mary J. Adkins.
         Citation Register
         10/16/03: State Police – Jesse L. Dwier, defective equipment, operator’, no POI and registration violation.
         10/19/03: State Police – John C. Kazalas, speeding.
         10/20/03: Sheriff’ Dept. – Steven McCullough, driving suspended/revoked non-DUI.
         10/21/03: Sheriff’ Dept. – Keota E. Williams, no POI and registration violation.
         10/22/03: State Police – William Alan Day, speeding.
         10/24/03: State Police – Josh E. Lasure, speeding and no POI; Brian D. McManus, speeding; Ruth J. Rogers, speeding; Aaron C. Thompson, speeding.
         10/27/03: Sheriff’ Dept. – Robert Geary Adkins, speeding; Mark William Griffin, speeding and possession marijuana less 15 grams; Michael F. Luraschi, speeding; State Police – Robert D. Schneider, speeding; Melissa Rose Waags, speeding; Christopher B. Woods, possession marijuana less 15 grams and give alcohol tp person under 21.
         10/28/03: Sheriff’ Dept. – Thomas Dimuzio, speeding; Michael E. Haines, no POI and registration violation; Jason Lee Woods, speeding.
         10/30/03: State Police – Keith A. Butcher, speeding; David Lentz, no POI; David A. Roth, speeding.
         10/31/03: State Police – Forest L. Farrell Jr., speeding; Jeffery R. Neal, defective equipment, seat belt violation, no POI and operator’; Zachery L. Nims, speeding.
         11/01/03: Sheriff’ Dept. – Jamie Allen Morris, defective equipment.
         11/02/03: Sheriff’ Dept. – Channing Lee Cutlip, registration violation, MVI, driving suspended/revoked non-DUI, no POI; Anthony W. White, possess/control substance/less 15 grams-2nd offense and child unrestrained; State Police - Shawn Eric Murphy, no POI.
         11/03/03: Sheriff’ Dept. – Crystal Killingsworth, speeding.
         11/04/03: State Police – Wendy L. Taylor, speeding.
         11/09/03: Sheriff’ Dept. – Rickey J. Bishop, driving under the influence – 2nd offense; State Police – James L. Johns, speeding.
         Indictment and Criminal Docket
                 We’e trying to spend a little more time reporting on the happenings in Circuit Court land. Now sometimes it gets pretty confusing when all the suits start talking in legalize. With that in mind, here goes with what we saw last week in court room land.
                 Grand Jury met and returned indictments Tuesday November 4th on Samantha Naylor, Johnny R Neff, and Dencil Pritt. Naylor is accused of forging a $517 payroll check; Neff is indicted on DUIA third offense with a controlled substance; and Mr. Pritt is charged with breaking and entering Legg Welding, Laurel Fork Baptist Church, and a Vance home.
                 November 6th with Judge Alsop on the bench, Prosecutor Grindo was tardy during the 9:00 am curtain call. Sheriff Fields, “ou Honor, the Prosecutor is not here.”Alsop, “all and find out” The Judge left the room. Moments later, Prosecutor Grindo scurried into the room carrying an arm load of green folders. With the Prosecutor in place, Sheriff Fields to the left, Judge Alsop robed (not roped) and up front, and lots of folks and suits waiting their turn for justice. November 6th was the calling of the criminal docket. What’ that mean? After watching a few hours of this, it appeared that the suits came to get court dates set and iron the wrinkles out on what can and can’ be done and said during the actual trials. The action went fast. In they came, out they went. Fields went calling three times the names of those not in the courtroom .
                 Dates were set for Douglas Lee Bottenfield, November 13. The 30-something man was clad in a striped shirt and jeans.
                                 Continued on the next page
         Also for the 13th, Oscar Neal will go before the Judge. Attorney Novobilski (Neal’ lawyer) told the Judge that he hadn’ received the state’ (that’ Grindo) discovery documents. Discovery is all the stuff in the defendant’ file and collected from law enforcement and the Prosecutor. According to Grindo, everything had been disclosed and he had no expert witnesses. Alsop explained to the young Prosecutor, if Novobilski doesn’ get it before trial day, the state can’ use it. Now we didn’ see Novo smile, but…
                 Joseph Underwood represented by Wayne King will go to trial November 18th. Although it was hard to hear from the peanut gallery, it sounded like Underwood is charged with 2 counts. Also on the 18th, Jessie Dwier will go before a jury of his peers. Dwier is accused of day time burglary, once again, hard to hear.
                 A boyish looking James Persinger represented by Novobilski is set for a one day trial November 20th and it will be the first case heard that day.
                 Jeremy Mollohan: February 3, 2004; Patrick Blankenship: February 5, 2004; and then… Raise your hand readers if you think it’ stupid to NOT show up for a court date. Whether you raised your hand or not, it’ a bad move. Over and over, the bailiff called out the names, Christopher Samples, Thomas L Rose, Winslow Gibson. Each time, without a moment of hesitation, Alsop issued the bench warrant. Thomas Stuck , no show, warrant issued; Jeffery Peak, warrant; ditto for Jerry Ray Thompson, Angie Pritt, Charles Raymond Wable, Christopher Hayes, Glenn Tanner, all in a heap of trouble with the court.
                 About two weeks ago Roscoe Sears was killed in a car crash near the Wallback exit of I-79. Mr. Sears’name was called and, of course, there was no response. His attorney Wayne King, “e has appealed to a higher court, your honor.”        Remember Elvis Dawson? Domestic dispute with David Starcher near Big Otter last year? Kevin Duffy is representing Dawson in the wanton endangerment trial. Duffy asked about the introduction of evidence by the state, like items seized (gun, bullets, blood, etc), any statements taken from Dawson, any audio tapes or VCR recordings taken during the episode last fall. As far as the items and statements, Grindo doesn’ have any. As far as the VCR tape, it broke while in the custody of the police. The micro cassette tape made near Dawson’ home? The state can’ seem to find a way to copy it for the Duffy. The February 10th trial date may be tough on our youthful Prosecutor. If Duffy doesn’ get access to the evidence, what little there is of it, then the evidence can’ be used in court! Grindo said he was ready to proceed.
                 Novobilski asked that charges be dismissed against Michael Haynes. Something about a screw up in the way the state’ paperwork was endorsed. Alsop said “ope”to that request.
                 Mark Stone will get his day in court February 19 2004, 9:00 am. Attorney Duffy complained about evidence and court room protocol on evidence not being followed by our Prosecutor in the breaking and entering case. Didn’ get a real feel for the results of his efforts but it sounded like Jack Alsop: witnesses will be excluded if protocol is not adhered to.
                 With this ace cub reporter’ butt flattening out like a pancake, we shagged out around noon.                                                 AW
         Letter to Brother Bill
         By Evelyne McLaughlin
         Dear Brother Bill:
         Thought I would drop you a few lines to say hello and hope you folks are okay. It looks like we may have some winter weather sooner than we would like. I am getting too old for the cold days of winter.
         Sorry you did not see the Northern Lights. I had not seen them since we lived on Twistabout in the 40's. Also, the Lunar Eclipse was in good view. Melissa and I walked up to the main road to get a better look at them. It was cold and we probably looked a little goofy gazing at the sky.
         Indiana "Suze" Samples Moore is in a nursing home near Sissonville. Her daughter, Maxine Shafer, called me this week. She told me about her mother. We had a good conversation talking about "old" times. I also had a call from Blendine Daubenspeck Blankenship, of Leon, this week. Blendine lost her husband a few weeks back. You probably remember Blendine. We attended school at Maysel with her.
         Aunt Delphia O'Dell was spending some time with Jim and Jeannie Perdue last week. Alyce Faye and Criss had gone to Cleveland Clinic to be with their daughter, Patty. Patty's husband, Randy Thompson, was operated on at the clinic. I haven't heard how he is doing since the operation. Jordan Varney was to go back to Washington, D. C., this week for more tests.
         We were so sorry to learn of Garnet Samples passing. I worked with Garnet at Dulls Creek School several years ago. Also, Richard Samples passed away this week. Richard and Inez (DeMoss) Samples lived at Cressmont. Inez and their girls used to baby sit our children when the kids were small. Our sympathies to both these families.
         Some of the local churches are planning a big Thanksgiving Dinner at the high school. This dinner is to be for ANY ONE who wants a good meal. I understand there will be special singing also that day. Nancy Nelson and Jeannie Davis are organizing this dinner. If you want a good meal - COME ON DOWN!
         Dovey Parks Starcher, of Walton, and I had a nice talk today. Do you remember when her family lived down on Twistabout? When her brother, Lawrence, would say his prayers, he would say "Bless Mom and Daddy and Birch and Addie". Lenora Samples Hardman, of Charleston, was visiting with her sister, Virginia Samples Boggs, of Twistabout, this week. Birthday wishes to Joe and Nell Foreman, of Kanawha City, Dovie and Junior Starcher, of Walton, and anyone else that had a November birthday (that takes in lots of folks). Growing old may not be much fun, but it is better than the alternative. Lots of rain Wednesday night left Rod and Melissa's yard looking like a swimming pool. The water was over our bridge again.
                           Help us all to be brave.
         Love, Sis
         P.S. If any one asks you, please tell them "There AIN'T a Santa Claus". Sugar would like to see you and Champ is eager to meet you.
         School Board Meeting
                 The Clay County Board of Education met for their regular meeting at the administrative office in Clay on Monday, November 3. With all members present – Gene King, David Pierson, Scott Legg and Fran King – Board President R.B. Legg, Jr. offered a prayer and called the meeting to order at 6PM.
                 Business conducted during the half hour meeting included the following: payment of current bills (Pierson suggested when paying mileage to people transporting their children to school and back that attendance records be checked to determine that the child was in school those days); approved increased receipts of $116,373.48 which Superintendent Jerry Linkinogger said was mostly grant money such as Gear Up, Drug Free Schools, etc.; approved transfer for bus driver Allan Morris from the Widen Route Bus 9 to the O’rien/Ivydale Route Bus 2, successful bid; employed Vercel Douglas as bus driver for the Widen Route, successful bid, and Tracy Dobbins (brother of CCHS Principal Phil Dobbins) as a substitute teacher; approved students Ron Setchel, Alex Hemmelgarn, Philip Backus, Tyler West and Cathy Lambey as after school tutors at Clay Middle School for TSA, paid with Gear Up grant money; approved a contract with Whittney Christie from Summersville to give ballet lessons at Valley Fork Elementary, to be paid with 21st Century grant money (Linkinogger said 40 kids wanted the lessons); accepted the resignation of 9th grade basketball coach Richard Willis; approved a School Board Effectiveness Policy – no discussion on what the policy covers, but Linkinogger said it was required by the Department of Education and that he followed the guidelines preparing it; approved a Student Code of Conduct, also required by the Dept. of Education. Linkinogger said it addresses different levels of violations, the No Child Left ehind requirements, bus rules, and what he liked about it was that when kids get to the Middle School they, and their parents, will be asked to sign off on it; approved an overnight trip at Canaan Valley Resort for the Clay Middle FBLA to attend a conference on November 21 and 22. Board’ cost will be $194.04. All motions passed unanimously.
                 Business Manager/Treasurer Loretta Gray gave a brief financial update for October. She said October had been a good tax collection month and that they’ received reimbursement from the insurance company for bus accidents. They were reimbursed the discount amount for telephone and internet service from last year (they have to pay the full amount first, then are given the discount later). Linkinogger announced something new – they will have to start paying taxes on gasoline, but will be reimbursed the tax later. Expenses for the month included payments for some classroom supplies and textbooks, and the food service bills for August and October were paid. Board had no questions for Gray.
                 Keeping the Board up to date on how their new employee attendance incentive is working so far, Linkinogger said there were 65 less absences the 2nd month of this school year as compared to last year.
                 Last on the agenda, Linkinogger brought a request from the town of Clay that the Board allow them to hook up four houses located across from the high school to the town’ sewage line. To do that the town would have to tap into the school’ line. Gene King said he’ noticed gooey, odorous stuff coming out of the ground near one of the driveways. He also mentioned that the homes had been offered the opportunity to connect to the sewer lines when they were installed, but refused. The Board had a lot of questions about how the town was proposing to connect the houses, the main concern appearing to be whether the paved area around the school would be torn up for the installation of a line or for repairs in the future. Pierson suggested that they be asked to run the new line in the dirt between the Fitness Center and the ball field (the existing sewer line runs along the river bank). Linkinogger was asked to request that someone from the Town Council come and bring a sketch of how they propose to install the new line.
                 Meeting adjourned at 6:34PM. Next regular board meeting will be November 17 at Lizemore Elementary School, 6:00PM. TK
         To Jail She Shall Go
                 There are actually two stories here. One is the revocation of Tonya Salisbury’ bail. The second is the hiring of a private prosecutor to handle the court duties in Ms Salisbury’ second degree murder trial. The 30ish woman was charged last year with killing her husband, Chad Salisbury. First, the second part.
                 With the Grand Jury working in the back room, out front sat a trim, brown headed, Tonya Salisbury. By her side was attorney John Mitchell Sr. Judge Alsop said the parties were called to hear the motion to hire a private prosecutor. Prosecutor Grindo said he was not opposed to such a hire. Mitchell was not quite so happy. During the discussions, it came to light that Jimmy Salisbury, Chad’ Father, had agreed to pay Dan Dotson $10,000 for the services. Mitchell was concerned over who would actually be in charge, who would handle the “iscovery” who would the paperwork actually go to, whether the jury would be told the amount of payment, etc.
                 Alsop seemed to be up on the technical mumbo jumbo, the Supreme Court has ruled that private prosecutor’ are OK; Grindo would still be considered in charge, all documents will got through the Prosecutor’ office, and Dotson has to follow the same standards of ethics and conduct as a prosecutor would follow.
                 The bespectacled Dotson was in agreement with the terms set forth by the Judge and added: the $10,000 covers one round of court battle up to the Supreme Court, it’ a flat fee, and he would not be handling any civil case that might come later.
                 Over the objections of Big Mitch, something about what the jury would be privy to, Alsop oked the arrangement. In the back, Mr. and Mrs. Salisbury seemed pleased. One of the few times they’ smiled since loosing their son 13 months ago.
                 This first part continued. Mitchell raised concerns over the Prosecutor not turning over all the evidence. Mitch asked about state police ballistic tests that the Prosecutor had and he didn’. Mitchell said it’ customary for the report to be a big thick deal and not the few pages of info provided him. Mitch, “ am requesting the entire record on gun shot residue…. I want to see the ENTIRE gunshot test paper….. I want to see the firearm…”        Judge Jack Alsop made it clear, in West Virginia, any evidence the Prosecutor had, the defense attorney would have as well or the evidence wouldn’ be allowed. With a new Prosecutor on hand, the need for full disclosure by the Prosecutor, and the need for the defense to work through any new evidence, December 9, 2003 was set as the new court date for State vs. Tonya Salisbury.
                 And now for part two of this story. There are many times when justice appears to fail. Other times justice seems to never happen, cases just peter off or get dismissed. Times when we never know what’ going on or if they ever will go on. Not this time. With Ms Salisbury beside attorney, probation officer Lucy Crucikshank up near the front, justice came a full circle November 4th around 11 am.
                 Alsop explained. Salisbury, charged with second degree murder was out on bond, she was restricted to home confinement. Other terms included drug testing weekly. According to Alsop, Ms Salisbury failed a drug test since the new probation guidelines had been ordered. During earlier summer hearings, Probation Officer Cruickshank testified that Salisbury has failed three urine tests. A recent test (Oct. 22) revealed that she had tested positive for marijuana. With those words echoing around the court room, the defendant’ mouth fell open. It looked like she had no idea this would happen to her. Mitchell’ head went down an inch or two. Alsop ordered Sheriff Fields to take her into custody . To jail she was going. Tonya’ mother, sitting back in the pew, cried as did Tonya. Others, relatives and friends, hung their heads and filed out of the room. By the arm, Tonya was led away.
         Outside the court room, from the mother, “on’ you put nothing bad in that paper about my baby!” Chad’ father Jimmy had a reply for the mother, “he can go visit her daughter anytime..”With a quivering voice he continued, “ can never see my son any more.”                AW
                 Pretty weird around these parts, readers. Our front page news 8 weeks ago read Scott Legg out on a Tuesday and Greg Gency in as new interim Clay County Bank president. Didn’ last long. The Clayberry bank has another man in charge now. Thomas Hansberry took over reigns November 1. Gency remains at the bank as Senior Vice President.
                 Hansberry is reported to have vast banking experience and is charged with getting the local lender back on track. He is reported to have a strong banking background having served as WV Banking Commissioner and an examiner with the FDIC.
                 The standing Federal Cease and Desist Order mandated numerous changes including oversight, changes in the Board of Directors, changes in loan policies, and training or finding experienced management at the bank.
                 Scott Legg took over the reigns after long term President J.D. Morris was caught stealing bank funds and held the position for more than a year. The 54 year old Legg resigned (retired) after a Tuesday board meeting saying he wanted time to rest and to spend time with his family. In official announcements, Legg was reported to be still involved with the bank’ operation, along the lines of a consultant.
                 Of course locally, concerns have surfaced over the hiring of “ complete outsider”at the Clay County Bank. Some say such hires take away from the local, community bank atmosphere, and if it’ not run by locals, why not just go on down the road to a big bank in Charleston?
                 On Friday October 17th, Thomas Franklin King Jr. was found guilty of operating an ATV, a 4 wheeler, on a paved road without a driver’ license. A jury of his peers in Magistrate Mitchell King’ courtroom found him guilty after 40 minute of deliberation. Magistrate King ordered fines, costs, and jail time. That decision has since been appealed and tossed out!
                 Judge Rick Facemire heard the appeal. The way we’e getting the story, Facemire ruled that the Prosecutor (that’ Asst. Prosecutor Barry Koerber) used an Attorney General’ opinion as the crutch of his case and that’ a no-no. An Attorney General’ opinion is not much different than any other opinion and certainly not the law of the land. Additionally, errors were made in the case. Something about the actual location of the crime was never introduced and more errors in the way the magistrate administered the jury’ orders.
                 During the appeal, Judge Facemire made a couple of comments about operating ATV’ in this state. Facemire made it clear that it is NOT illegal to operate a 4 wheeler on a paved road without a license plate, without a sticker, without insurance, BUT, based on WV motor vehicle code, a license is mandatory. The case was sent back to Magistrate Court for retrial.
                 Over in coffee house land, locals asked about operating other motorized off road vehicles on paved roads … like farm tractors? No license is required for them.
                 We checked with Magistrate Clerk Lisa Slack last week, and at that time, no new court date had been set.
                 Economic Development is already tough in West Virginia. To find out for yourself, just mention the F word, Filcon Inc. Four months back Clayberry got word that a telemarketing firm was considering moving to neighboring Calhoun County. They may hire as many as 400 workers but there was a catch. The company Powertel needed to see a bunch of potential workers, they wanted to see 100 applications!
                 They received well over 1000 applications but decided not to move to Calhoun County. Just as well, too. They abruptly closed up shop in WV and high tailed it out of town. The Dept. of Labor reports that Powertel owes wages to around 800 WV workers. Powertel operated in Morgantown in property owned by WV Republican Party Chairman Kris Warner. Former Governor Cecil Underwood greeted Powertel with open arms five years ago and considered the Connecticut based corporation the future of West Virginia.
                 Back in late 1892, Baptist Preacher Francis Bellamy wrote our pledge of allegiance. It went: “ pledge allegiance to my flag and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” Simple, direct, short and to the point. In 1924, for Flag day, it was changed to include “f the United States of America” Bellamy himself commented that the change was “ clumsy redundancy”and “ mangling of the original.”In 1942 the pledge was officially adopted and people were told to put their hands over their heart when reciting it.
                 Sill later, during the red scare of the 1950’, “nder God”was added with experts saying, the addition was to distinguish “od fearing”Americans from the “odless communists.”
                 Is your hair a mess? Sally Legg with New Image is back and open for business after being laid up from surgery for a couple of weeks.
                 We received a PSA from Clay Middle School which read: the first two weeks in November, the students of CMS had the opportunity to go to the Clay County Public Library to sign up for library cards and to register for a website that is designed to help with test taking and career awareness. Approximately 500 CMS students registered with the WV Library Commission using electronic resources in the specific site of Learning Express Library. Students may use the website at school or at any computer of their choice.
                 The U.S. Patriot Act was written into law just 45 days after the September 11 attacks on America. Now two years later, some Americans are raising concerns over the amount of freedom removed by the Congressional action. Chief complaints by civil right groups include: new police powers allow complete access to any type of personal files, medical, financial, library; police can check these records without “robable cause” under provisions of the Patriot Act, law enforcement can conduct “eek and sneak”searches of private homes without even telling the home owner; monitor your emails and which internet site you visit; seize assets (like your home) without prior hearing or notice; wiretap home phones without a judge knowing even where the tap is being placed; and… under the act, individuals can be detained indefinitely if labeled a “errorist”                                                                AW