March 9, 2001

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Town $50,000.00 Richer
Bragg Back ! County Commission Meeting
Intercepted Letter
Short Shorts
School Board Meets
Clay Roane Update
Capito Named Vice Chair of Economic Development Panel
Magistrate Report

TOWN $50,000.00 RICHER
        During the March 6 Clay Town Council meeting announcement was made that the Governor’s office will forward more emergency funds to Clay Municipal Water Works . According to Mayor SS Jamie, $50,000.00 will soon be made available to the Town as a result of his requests for financial aid.
        Near the end of the regularly scheduled meeting, Jamie said that he had contacted Senator Mark Burnette and made the request. Jamie,” I told him the Town has a problem and how much money I needed. He said OK.” Burnette got the ball rolling. Shortly after the Burnette call, other calls were made. Again the Mayor,” I called Sen Shirley Love and told them the problem. I talked to his receptionist. About one hour later Scott Legg came over to my office and said I have good news for you.”Assurances were made to the Mayor on March 6th that the money would arrive within a week or so. Jamie also commented that he has been making phone calls to secure a no interest loan for the Town.
        Just three weeks ago the Town received $15,000.00 from the State Emergency fund. Just days after that request was made, Town leaders realized that it would take nearly $70,000.00 to get their past due bills current. NOTE: A complete run down on the past due bills is located elsewhere in this edition.
        Although a little confusing, the check will be designated for “economic development” and will not come directly to the Town but rather to the County Commission, then to the Business Development Authority for distribution. There could be a glitch with getting the loot into the hands of Town Council. For money to come through the County Commission, there are hoops to jump through. Things like establishing a line item in the budget, the Commissioners voting on it during a regular session of the Commission and then additional paperwork has to go to Charleston before any dollars can be dispensed
        Mayor commented that the $50,000.00 would “temporarily” get them out of hot water. Related to getting the Town back on solid financial footing, Jamie raised issues with the recent water rate increase and the wording of it. His concerns were centered on, will the rate increase be enough to keep the water plant open based on the WV Public Service Commission findings and recommendations.
        Complete Town Council meeting coverage is located elsewhere in this edition of the Communicator

        A local public service district has been sued by a husband and wife for negligence and failure to maintain equipment.
        Mary Marlene Wood and Roy Wood Sr filed lawsuit 01-C-12 against the Clay Roane PSD near the end of February 2001. PSD Board members are Gary Whaling, Roy Ellis, and T.G. Cruickshanks.
        According to court documents, on or about Feb 28, 1999, Ms. Woods fell, injured her leg and other parts of the body, had great pain and suffering of the mind and of the body, emotional distress. Additionally, she spent large sums of money for medical care and treatment and had a loss of earnings and earning capacity. Also, in the court paperwork is mention that her husband Roy experienced a loss of consortium and services of Ms. Woods.
        The Woods allege that the Clay Roane PSD was willful and wanton in their conduct with reckless disregard for the safety of the public even after repeated complaints from the defendants and that the PSD negligently and carelessly failed to maintain a meter housing and lid.
        A jury trial has been requested. Representing the plaintiffs is attorney Jack DeBolt from Charleston.
        In response to the charges, the PSD has sent a motion to dismiss to the courts. That issue will be heard by Judge Jack Alsop March 19 at 9:30am. The PSD, represented by Martin Smith with the law firm of Rose and Atkinson from Charleston, also replied that the negligence was on the part of the defendant, the cause of the accident was beyond the control of the plaintiff (PSD), and that with these conditions the PSD was liable.
        Ms Woods has asked for $200,000.00 in compensatory damages, $200,000.00 in punitive damages plus all court costs and attorney fees. Mr. Woods seeks $50,000.00 in compensation and $50,000.00 in punitive damages plus costs.


1. Everything happens for the greatest good, even if it takes a lifetime to find out what that is.

2. According to a recent poll, 74% of us read our horoscope, at least occasionally.

3. The number of farms in West Virginia totaled 20,500 in the year 2000.

4. Of the 450 physicians trained at CAMC over the last 10 years, half have left West Virginia.

5. More than 400 West Virginians have died from doctor errors since 1993.

6. The death rate from cardiac arrest rose among young American adults in the 1990's from 10% in men to 32% in women.

7. In 1967 Richard Petty won 27 races, including 10 in a row.

8. An environmental study finds that children who ride diesel powered school buses may suffer increased risks of cancer.

9. The state transports more than 200,000 students each day on 3,600 busses.

10. The best tasting water award, goes to Amos, a small town in Quebec Canada.

11. 64 % of people support capital punishment, down from 75% in 1997.

12. According to the West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council, 28% of the states population is not connected to a public water system.

13. The National Weather Service records show that December 2000 in Charleston was the third coldest in the last 100 years.

14. Last year DEP issued 17 new strip mining permits covering more than 6000 miles in West Virginia.

15. In a survey conducted by 45 % of the married respondents rated their vehicles the most important thing on a list that also included their spouses and children.

        It’s been a while readers but the Clay County Emergency Ambulance Authority (CCEAA) is back and it’s not pretty! The County’s Ambulance Authority was formed over five years ago and since it’s beginning, has been marked, blemished, and belittled by Authority meeting conduct and misconduct. Over the last year or so, CCEAA meetings have been fairly calm and with few exceptions ( like the Ambulance service is broke and had to float a loan to keep the doors open last June or like the CCEAA hiring a collection company known for heavy handed back door tactics and then having to fire the company for those same practices), Ambulance meetings have been calm.
        NOT NOW!! Since last edition of this paper, the CCEAA has held a regular meeting and a very Special meeting. Take off your shoes, get a beer, and enjoy the coverage of the local agency we have come to love and enjoy!
        CCEAA held their monthly Board of Directors meeting Monday Feb 26 at 6:00pm Chair Larry Cole, Gene King, Joyce White, Arlie Fulks, and Duane Legg present along with many in the peanut gallery including several employees of the ambulance service. The key issue for the evening was a cost saving proposal prepared by Director Jackie Pierson that would greatly reduce overtime wages for full time employees. The plan is called a “D Shift”.
        Key speaker for the employee side, the side against Director Pierson’s plan of cost containment, was Paramedic Shawn Shaffer. Shaffer commented that a much broader plan is needed and the brunt of the attack not be on the backs of just six employees. Shaffer along with employee Mitzi Adkins gave comments on saving bucks by NOT paying employees while they are sleeping on the job but rather only when they actually make a run in the late evening hours, after midnight. Referring to the Pierson Plan, Shaffer,” The is a temporary fix. Cutting won’t solve the problem.” Adkins,” None want the D shift.”
        Other possible solutions included: use more of the cheaper to operate, part timers, and cut back the number of crews during slow periods at night. One fellow suggested the CCEAA get rid of the nearly sacred local dispatchers and instead use the county paid for 911 service in Nicholas County. Oh Boy!!! Stepped on a sore toe there folks. All kinds of excuses to keep the local dispatchers.
         Gene King in support of Director Pierson, “ We’ve got to save somewhere even if it means to save [just] the Clay Station. Private employers have had to cut salaries. We’ve got to tighten our belts.” King got hot at Joyce White after she kept interrupting him. King also commented that the Ambulance Service finished the month of Jan 2001 in the red! Arlie Fulks mentioned that the CCEAA had been in the red 5 months since July 1 2000 and that they still owe $40,000.00 to the Clay County bank.
Here’s cutey readers. Ambulance employees get extra pay for their birthdays and for holidays even if they don’t work on the holiday!
        Back to cutting full time wages, Shaffer,”Only full time employees are being cut back.” Discussion came around to shutting down the satellite stations at Lizemore and Big Otter to cut costs. Another sore toe! Director Pierson raised concerns that if Clay closes either or both of the sub stations, a private company, General Ambulance will grab up the runs. Bookkeeper Marie Haynes made public that many of the Laurel Nursing Home runs go unpaid for and Laurel messes up on scheduling for the transport runs.
        Chair Larry Cole after much much discussion,” I think we need broader cuts. We need to get more information to see where the calls are coming in from...There are huge blocks of time when there are no runs....Employees are the most expensive part... 3 ambulance stations for 10,000 people is heavy.” Along about here Ms Pierson volunteered to take a $5,000.00 pay cut and go back to her original salary of $18,000.00.
        Marie Haynes suggested that the CCEAA work up a contract with Laurel Nursing home that will have Laurel pay for the transport runs that Medicare and Medicaid won’t. Haynes will approach Laurel on the contract issue.
The motion was made to table the decision to implement the Pierson plan until further study and research could be made. Remember that folks, tabled until the next regular meeting.
Lots and lots more suggestions on ways to cut expenses
        AT one point a motion was made to take the word “emergency” out of the name Clay County Emergency Ambulance Authority. Motion was later withdrawn
        In a nutshell there were two forces at play. Those in support of the Pierson pact and those against.
As soon as the meeting adjourned, Pierson turned toward Cole and commented,” Looks like some of the employees got to some of the Board members.” In a nutshell two sides have formed, those in support of the Director and the “others”.
        Immediately after the 26 meeting an agenda was posted for a Special CCEAA meeting for Wed Feb 28.
        With 12 in the peanut gallery and with CCEAA member Duane Legg absent, the Special was obviously called in support of implementing Director Pierson’s plan to cut overtime to some employees. Tensions were high as battle lines were drawn.
        Cole started things off with a bang by saying he refused to call the meeting to order. Cole said he hade been in contact with Prosecutor Davis, the state Ethics Commission, the Sec of State’s office and all had advised him such a Special meeting would be questionable and probably illegal!!! Cole, “there is no way to call this to order.”
        Gene King went off. King,”I’m not afraid to have one [meeting]...I’m not here to please anyone...THE SECRETARY OF STATE CAN KISS MY HINEY!!!. If they want to go to Court, WE WILL...We can find a loophole if it’s an emergency so to speak...I’M STANDING BEHIND THE DIRECTOR!!!” Cole,” I’m with you.” King,”NO YOUR NOT OR YOU WOULDN’T BE CALLING ALL OVER CREATION!!” Joyce White chimed in on King’s side,”You’re AGAINST US!” White went on to say that Cole was always against them and against the Lizemore Station and that she had worked so very hard on getting and keeping the Lizemore Ambulance station. Cole told the pair that he wasn’t even notified of the meeting until two hours earlier even the agenda had been posted two days earlier and he had not no part of calling for the meeting!
         Cole explained that he had worked much of the day coming up with a long term solution to the financial problems. Cole handed out copies of the 5 page proposal to the Board members. Gene had that look on his face ( no not the ugly one!). Gene to Cole, “You’ve got 5 minutes.” During Cole’s first three minutes of explaining, White interrupted him several times with barbs on how his plan wouldn’t work and did so without ever looking at the paperwork or for that matter even listening to the idea! According to Chair Cole, his plan would save around $144,000.00 per year and that savings would put the CCEAA back in the black.

       In the middle of Cole’s sentence, White,” I make a MOTION for Jackie’s Plan!” King, “ I’m NOT HERE FOR A GEOGRAPHY LESSON!!!” With Gene King yelling loudly and with Ms White chiming in barbs attacking Cole’s support of the Lizemore area, the employees got into the battle. Joe Beets,” THESE NUMBERS ARE BOGUS!!” White to Cole,”You have wanted to cut out Lizemore since you got here!!!” King,” If you don’t want to go along with us, THERE’S THE DOOR!!!!! We don’t a geography lesson!” Referring to the figures in Director Pierson’s Plan, Mary Hanshaw,” Joretta did the numbers!” Beets, “It’s not doing what the paper says it will!!... This is important!”
Wow, Yelling, blue faces, red faces, pointed jabs, and more. Beets,” You Don’t CARE! This is my life...YOU DON’T CARE!” King, “ YOU DON’T LISTEN!” Get this , all during the yelling, member Arlie Fulks was reading the Cole plan. Fulks was the only one to even open the pages up!
Larry Cole tried to continue with his plant to cut costs and said that the plan can cut out over $144,000.00. King to Cole, “Why are you stalling for? Let’s get out of here!!! LET’S VOTE ON IT OR I’M WALKING!!” White called for a vote with Cole saying that he wouldn’t do it, that the meeting was illegal and that a Circuit Court would overthrow anything voted on. Employee Mary Hanshaw,”... You are making an informed decision????? Jackie is WRONG!!! There’s no $35,000.00 savings here.”
Gene King stomped out of the building!!!
        Cole,” We’ve got to serve the county somehow.” On the issue of an illegal meeting, Cole explained that only an emergency meeting could have been called and since this wasn’t a meeting tow days earlier, how could it be called an emergency now?
        Gene King stomped back into the room and ,” I WANT TO VOTE ON JACKIE PIERSON’S NOW!” White to Pierson about Cole,” He wants to cut out Lizemore and Big Otter.” Pierson, “ You might as well give it to General ( ambulance co.).”
        White and King allied and yelling, Arlie Fulks continued to read the new plan.
King, “come on , Let’s vote on this!!...Are we going to vote on this?? WE CAN GO AROUND HIM!” Cole, “I’m not going to bring this to a vote.” White and King went spastic! Employees begged for the CCEAA to look at both plans before a vote.
King left again. Readers there’s lot’s more yelling and screaming, but in the end Cole prevailed and no vote was taken. Also, in the end, Fulks commented that maybe more research should be done before a decision could be made. Fulks also commented that the CCEAA had bank borrowed about all they could
Very Special Note: although no decision was made to change the employee schedules, the schedules were changed none the less by Director Jackie Pierson that same night.

Bragg Back ! County Commission Meeting
        The Clay County Commission held their regular meeting February 27, 2001. Commission President Mathew Bragg was present following recent absences due to illness. Fellow Commissioners Jimmy Sams and Tim Butcher welcomed him back.
        The meeting was called to order at 10:00a.m. and Bragg offered prayer. He then announced he wanted to offer an idea on the water issue that had been suggested to him by the Mayor of Summersville on a possible way of getting water to the whole county. Bragg said they are building a new water plant in Summersville that will pump 7 million gallons a day out of the lake. The Summersville lines will be going into Peach Orchard and Dixie, and the Mayor told Bragg if Clay could get lines to them, he’d sell Clay all the water it could use. Bragg reported that the Mayor also said he’d ask their engineer to look at the idea and figure up if it’s feasible. Bragg said this was another option they should look at.
        Clay Town Council Member Jeff Krauklis asked to respond to Bragg’s announcement. Krauklis agreed that what Bragg said was interesting, but his concern was that the Town had only enough cash to pump water about two more weeks. He said he’d come to the meeting to request financial help from the County Commission, just as the City of Charleston recently did in Kanawha County. Krauklis explained that, not knowing their procedure, he’d failed to get on the agenda today, and asked that the Town be placed on next meeting agenda. He also gave them a copy of the C.I. Thornburg chemical bill the Town owes, which they had apparently requested.
        Shawn Kaplan, with Shawnee Hills, Inc., told the Commission that their office in Clay was running short $43,000 this fiscal year. Kaplan said an average of 432 people come through their program every 6 months, and 22 were currently in the day program. He asked the Commission to help with funding. Mathew Bragg told Kaplan that the county has lost $70,000 to $80,000 this year in coal taxes, but they would take it under advisement. Sams told him the county would know how it stands March 28, and to bring a proposal then for them to consider, saying, “ We’ll do everything we can to keep it (the Clay office) open.”
        Without discussion the Commission approved previous meeting minutes, payment of bills, budget revisions, and erroneous assessments. The projects chosen for the HUD-Small Cities Program are the same as last year - Maysel Park and the Lizemore and Big Otter Ambulance Stations.
        The Commission was to appoint a new member to the Procious PSD Board replacing the recently resigned Debbie Samples. Jimmy Sams said that Peggy Starcher had expressed interest, but he thought she lived in Roane County and the position must be filled with a resident of the district. Commission decided to wait on making the appointment until they find out for sure where Starcher lives.
        Commission approved: writing a letter to the Department of Transportation concerning the maintenance of Route 36; accepting a lease with Clay County Senior Center, Inc. for the County’s building in Two Run, where the nutrition center is presently located, for $1.00 per year for 10 years. Sams suggested the 10 year lease noting that 30 days notice was all that was needed for either party to get out of the lease; cancelling the March 13 public hearing to elect a board member for CAEZ census tract 9580, as the current term hasn’t yet expired; and, writing a letter to Gary Patterson of Fola Coal concerning property that may be available. All motions passed unanimously.
        The Commission announced that they will be in levy estimate session March 7 through March 28 and will be working on the 2001-2002 budget. Sams pointed out that the Commission can meet anytime during that period to work solely on the budget - no other business.
        Meeting adjourned at 10:25a.m. Next meeting Tuesday, March 13, 10:00a.m. at the Clay County Courthouse. TK

Intercepted Letter

Clay County Health Department Memo
Date:        2/5/2001

The Clay County Health Department has recently received complaints from employees whose employers are not adhering to the Clean In-door Air Regulations. The complaints state they work in confined spaces with others who smoke all day.

This correspondence is being sent as a reminder that in accordance with Chapter 16-2A-3 of the WV Code authorizing local boards of health to promulgate rules and regulations necessary and proper for the protection of the general health of the county, the Clay County Board of Health adopted the Clay County Clean In-door Air Regulation in January 1995.

The Clay County Board of Health Regulations state:

  “The United States Surgeon General has determined that involuntary inhalation of tobacco smoke is:
  (a) a cause of numerous diseases in healthy non-smokers;
  (b) is a major contributor to indoor air   pollution; and
  (c) that children, elderly people, and   individuals with cardiovascular and/or   respiratory disease are at special risk.
        Accordingly, the purpose of this Regulation is:
  (1) to protect the public health and welfare by prohibiting smoking in enclosed public   places except in designated smoking areas, and by regulating smoking in places of   employment; and
  (2) recognize that where the need to breathe smoke-free air conflicts with the desire to   smoke, the need to breathe smoke-free air shall have priority.

A. Smoking shall be prohibited in all enclosed public places within Clay County, including but not limited to the following places.
  (1) Grocery stores.
  (2) Elevators.
  (3) Rest rooms.
  (4) All means of public transit, including ticket, boarding, and waiting areas.
  (5) Retail stores, except areas in said stores not open to the public and all areas within   retail tobacco stores.
  (6) All waiting areas and lobbies in all   businesses and non-profit entities.
  (7) Restaurants, except that they may   designate a contiguous area up to fifty percent
  (50%) of the seating capacity of the restaurant as a smoking area.
  (8) Every room, chamber, place of meeting or public assembly, including school buildings under the control of any board, council, commission, committee, including joint committees, or any political sub-division of the State during such time as a public meeting is in progress.
  (9) All patient rooms, waiting rooms and other public areas in health facilities,   including but not limited to facilities, doctor’s offices and dentist’s offices.
  (10) Enclosed shopping malls, unless the majority vote by the Merchant’s Association can agree to designated smoking areas within the common areas. These designated areas shall contain not more than 50% of the seating within the common area and 30% of the seating in the food court area.
B.        Non-smoking areas shall be designed such that patrons would not be required to pass through smoking areas on a routine basis in order to patronize an establishment or reach a non-smoking area.
C.        Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, any person who controls any establishment or facility described in this section may declare that entire establishment or facility as non-smoking.
D.        In any dispute arising under the Regulation, the health concerns of the non-smoker shall be given precedence.
A. It shall be the responsibility of employers to provide smoke-free areas for non-smoking employees within existing facilities to the maximum extent possible, but employers are not required to incur any expense to make structural or any other physical modifications in providing these areas.
B.        Non-smoking areas shall be designed such that employees would not be required to pass through smoking areas on a routine basis in order to perform job duties or to reach a non-smoking area.
C. Each employer shall adopt, implement, make known and maintain a smoking policy which recognizes that where the need to breath smoke-free air conflicts with the desire to smoke, the need to breathe smoke-free air shall have priority. The policy shall include at a minimum the following requirements.
1. Any employee in a place of employment shall have the right to designate his or her work areas as a non-smoking area and to post the same with appropriate signs.
  2. In any dispute arising under the smoking policy, the health concerns of the non-smoker shall be given precedence.
D.        The smoking policy shall be shared with any existing or prospective employee who requests it.
E. Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, every employer shall have the right to designate any place of employment, or any portion thereof, as a non-smoking area.”

It is the desire of the Board of Health each business would abide by these regulations to promote Clean In-door Air and the health of all our citizens.
If you have questions regarding these regulations or would like a copy of them, please call Karen Dawson or Teresa Morton at 587-4269.


The following orders and or decisions were extracted from the West Virginia Public Service Commission web site. For a more complete look at what the PSC is doing, you can find the link at


00-1708-W-MA CLAY, TOWN OF
DATE OF ORDER: 02/26/01

CASE NO. 00-1741-PWD-19A
Rule 19A application to increase water
rates and charges.

By Commission Order entered December 19, 2001, this matter was referred to the Division of Administrative Law Judges for a decision to be rendered on or before July 18, 2001.
On February 27, Meyishi Blair, Staff Attorney, filed a motion for a ninety (90) day extension of the
Administrative Law Judge decision due date. Staff states that additional time is needed to allow a more
complete study of the factors affecting the Procious system costs and produce a much more accurate result
for the rate payers. The Administrative Law Judge is agreeable to the extension requested by Staff.

WHEREAS, the Commission finds the Staff's motion to extend the Administrative Law Judge decision due date reasonable and it should be granted.
IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED that the aforesaid Administrative Law Judge decision due date of July
18, 2001, be, and it hereby is, extended until October 19, 2001.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that if the participants desire an extension of the foregoing decision due
date, they may seek an extension only upon formal application to the Commission.



        Clay County’s House of Delegate Rep. Bill Stemple is on the following committees: Education, Judiciary, Health & Human Services, Veteran’s Affairs, Agriculture, Natural Resources, and is Chair of the Forest Management Commission. To give you 2 cents worth call Mr Stemple at 1-877-565-3447

        Commissioner Jimmy Sams has been warning of future budget shortfalls. He might be right. Clay County property assessments dropped 13.2% from $208.6 million to $180.98 million. School revenues dropped 15% from $1.49 million to $1.26 million. Property tax collections are subtracted from the county’s school aid formula. Statewide, property assessments went up 3.3%. The seven other WV counties with lower assessments are: Boone, Doddridge, Lewis, Lincoln, Logan, Marshall, and McDowell.

        During the last Clay Development Corp (CDC) Director’s meeting, mention was made that prevailing wages would not have to be paid to workers erecting the agency’s metal building. That appears to have changed now and Davis Bacon Act wages will be paid.

        As you’ve just read, new Council person Arthur Jarrett will be voted in as the Town of Clay Manager during the next meeting. Jarrett is already on the job. Immediately after the March 6 meeting, Jarrett was already correcting some issues. Mentioned so far have been changing Town Hall office hours to 8 hours per day and telling Town workers that their visits to Tudors should be done “off the clock”.

School Board Meets

        The Clay County Board of Education met at the administrative office building Monday, March 5 for their regular meeting. Members Gene King, R.B. Legg, Fran King, Scott Legg, and David Pierson were present. Board President R.B. Legg offered prayer and then called the meeting to order at 6:00p.m.
        Board approved the agenda, previous meeting minutes, and the payment of current bills. Pierson asked about the water bills that were discussed last month. Superintendent Jerry Linkinogger said Dwana (Town of Clay office) had reduced the December water bill to the amount it had been the previous year. He said they had found some commodes that ran, but no leaks, and he wasn’t sure what had happened that month.
        Business Manager/Treasurer Loretta Gray presented the Board with the monthly financial report. Gray said she knew that each month she kept telling them she expected tax collections to go up the following month, but February was still down. In March she expects them to go up. Gray said they’d finally received part of the money that was due them from the Medicaid Program, $37,690.
        Donny Triplett was employed as a substitute mechanic and a CWEP worker was placed at H.E. White Elementary.
        An out of state trip and the $1200 transportation cost was approved for the Clay County High School (CCHS) Show Choir, Spectrum, to travel to Sandusky, Ohio. No date was provided. Board also will provide $145.66 in expense money for the elementary All State Children’s Chorus on March 22 and 23. And, an overnight trip to Charleston for the State FBLA Conference was approved. All motions passed unanimously.
        Light discussion on the levy rates for 2001-2002. Linkinogger told the Board that the county had lost a lot of money in coal taxes, causing the school system to loose $171,000 from the regular levy and $60,000 from the excess levy - a total of $231,000.
        Sandy Mitchell appeared before the Board with concerns she had about coach Scott Gibson closing the doors to parents during ball practice for the play offs. Mitchell repeatedly said she was not accusing anyone of anything, but told the Board that it was not good policy for the children, not safe. She said she would have raised this concern regardless of who the coach was, and if they allowed Gibson to close doors to parents they would have to allow other teachers and coaches to do the same. Mitchell said she understood his reasons, as she had coached herself, but said “closing the doors” could get in the wrong hands. She said, “ If you have a problem with a particular parent, deal with that one parent, don’t close the doors to everyone.” She said they may be able to prevent something happening in the future. Linkinogger said he’d thought that Gibson or Principal Larry Gillespie would be at the meeting, and said he’d like to hear Gibson’s point of view. Linkinogger pointed out that coaches are hardly paid anything, and said he hated to send the coach the wrong message. Fran King said she didn’t think parents should have to sit outside and wait hours on their children. R.B. Legg asked that Gibson come to the next meeting and the Board will look at it then.
        Meeting adjourned at 6:38p.m. Next meeting Monday, March 19 at Clay Middle School. TK

        The following was presented to the Kanawha County Board of Education on February 6, 2001 by Clendenin/Big Sandy area resident Lucille Chandler, Speaker, National Silver Haired Congress, Committeewoman District 4-B. Ms. Chandler, “We need everyone to help Anita and T.J. Edmonds fight for a K-8 school.”

        Mr. President, Board Members, Superintendent Duerring, and all present, I represent a majority of people who could not attend this meeting. Clendenin is my home town, where I grew up and attended the area school, Clendenin High, which is now the Middle School. The tax payers of Big Sandy paid for this school. Our tax base is great enough to pay for another school. Why should we pay taxes all these years, to be spent in other districts, while you let our building run down?
        I was a Girl Scout leader for 16 years, a Sunday School teacher for 14 years. Now, some of those young people have students in Clendenin Middle School. They are active in the band, chorus, cheerleading, little league, all sports and community churches. We parents, grandparents and friends are active in helping with youth activities. Adults work all day for Carnival on the last day of school, Omega Day to keep our students safe and happy. What happens to all their activities when they are forced to Elkview? Their time will be spent on buses.The bus stops at 6:30 a.m. in front of my house. Will it come at 5:30 a.m. to take them down dangerous Elk River Road, where the traffic will double ?
        We have seven teachers because that’s all the county can afford! Why ? Where is our tax dollar being spent ? We deserve more than crumbs since the Board could be a little more considerate, they have been promoting closure. Who would want to move to our end of the county with no schools ? What happened to the great presentations that can be made by TV ? Classes could be sent out to smaller schools, giving them a chance at equal education. You bus students to vocational classes, on the same bus drop off students wanting a class not taught at their school.
        Were all the schools in Elkview in bad shape, to move all the students to Crede ? Why did they close Bridge School in Falling Rock and move them to Kenton Elementary (a closed Elkview school) ? Bridge School was a Clendenin feeder school. They will not let an Elkview student attend Bridge School. Elkview Elementary is a beautiful Senior Center, with Sheriff’s Department, Ambulance Authority, and Health Clinic housed there. No students there either...
        The plan is to move Clendenin students into portables on a flood plain. How many schools have portables ? They do not go away. Elkview is overcrowded now, to build onto the school will be very expensive. To bus our students will be very expensive! This cost has not been discussed.
        Let’s draw the line in Elkview and send the Bridge students back to Clendenin, send all students east of the line and split about 700 students into two schools. Take the money you add to Elkview and the transportation cost and add to Clendenin Elementary and give us a K-8 school. We know that is not what the Board wants but that is what we want for our children. Our school to remain open while the K-8 is being built. The students will be in out of the weather, in good classrooms and do their activities like they should for their ages.
        It’s time West Virginia woke up and redistricted county schools into districts. We do not need 55 county school boards. Education gets the most of taxes paid, the citizens of West Virginia cannot afford more taxes. Close Bridge School, build a K-8 and then close Clendenin. This will give you closure on two schools.
        Kanawha County, Clay and Roane Counties come together in the Clendenin area. Those students are closer to Clendenin than Clay and Spencer. We have options! Do you want us to teach at home, send to Christian School, move away or build our own as before from our tax base ? It’s time to Draw The Line. Give us back our own for a K-8.

Town of Clay
Due Jan. 20 - Teed Autdit 666.67 for 1999 audit.
Due Feb. 1- PEIA 984.02 for Victor, Darrell & Dwana
Due Feb. 15 - AT&T 31.57 for 587-42233.
Due Feb. 20 - Elk Power 820.00 for street lights
Dawson’s 36.84 for town truck -- Hartland Superette 32.25 town truck
Clay Auto 10.08 for town truck headlight.
Eas. Waste 302.58 for one dumpster - 2 months
Farm Store 47.82 for liquid fire.
Elk Hardware 31.28 for 2 push brooms.
Black Bear 22.00 final bill.
Tartan - 210.00 final bill.
Clay Lumber 3.75 for supplies.
Due March 1- PEIA 984.02 for Victor, Darrell & Dwana
Due March 6 - Bullards 341.28 gasoline for Victor, Toni
Due March 12 - Citizens Telecom 115.18 for 587-4233
Due March 15 - AT&T 18.33 for 587-4233
Due March 20 - Elk Power 670.49 for street lights
Clay Water 71.45 for Clay library - 3 months
Due March 30 - Bullards 243.29 & 262.54 Victor Delarwelle & 159.26 for Tonie Childers
Jim Livley 53.00 for recorder dond.
Payroll Taxes State 69.87 for Feb. 15 & 30 payroll

Water Plant Account
Due Nov. 21 - Dollar Store 12.00 gloves
Due Jan. 7 - REIC 277.20 lab work
Due Jan. 18 - HACH 83.00 degreasing kit solutions
Due Jan 19 - REIC 55.80 lab work
Due Jan. 20 - Valley Gas 266.72 Gas for plant
Due Jan 30 - Elk Hardware 210.85 plumbing supplies
Due Feb. 5 - Hughes 599.43 for 10 water meters
Due Feb. 12 -Quill 84.00 Peachtree Accounting Program
Due Feb. 20 - Elk Power 1988.93 power for plant
Bullards 154.01 gas for water truck
Fairplan 85.05 for backhoe repair parts
Farm Store 38.03 assorted supplies
Industrial Rubber 98.18 hose for haul customer
Legg’s Weld 176.50 lids for meters
Teed 666.67 1999 Audit
Due Feb. 28 - Tartan 210.00 uniforms (final bill)
Black Bear 39.79 (final bill)
Clay Auto 10.08 auto supplies
Due March 8 - PB&S 600.00 chemicals (Ray Jordan)
Water Works 94.00 chemicals
Due March 10 - Elk Valley Hardware 59.69 plumbing supplies
Due March 15 - Dept. of Health 64.00 lab testing
PEIA 984.06 Terry insurance.
Estimated Payroll 5,000.00
Due March 16 - Clay Co Free Press 157.05 legal Ad 1708
Due March 20 - Elk Power 2590.67 power for plant & booster
Valley Gas 311.59 Gas for plant
CI Thornburg1843.18/ 1314.00 & 1327.00 chemicals for Feb.
HACH 66.25 lab supplies
Payroll Taxes Stat 446.23 Feb 15 & 30 payroll
Due March 27 - Clay Lumber 35.00 wire for pump at water plant
Due March 30 - CI Thornburg 2088.90 chemicals for Feb.
Due ????? - Duane Reynolds 21.19 Log book for plant.
Charleston Gazette 127.40 Class II operator ad
Due Terry does not agree with this.Clay PSD 862.08 pump for Triplett Ridge
Due April 1 - Board of Risk 434.00 liability & property

Sewer Plant Account
Due Jan. 11 - HACH 23.05 General supplies
Due Jan. 20 - 100.-- Electrical parts
Due Jan. 30 Superior Landfill 126.56 sludge removal
Due Feb. 8 - Municipal Bond 440.00 Bond payment
Due Feb. 15 - PEIA 736.22 Donnie, Darrell for Jan.
Due Feb. 17 - Elk Hardware 139.27 Sewer fittings Nichols
Due Feb. 20 - State Electric 79.89 Electrical supplies
Quill 122.09 Accounting Program
Health Dept. 80.00 Sewer employees
REIC 136.80 lab testing Jan./Feb
Industrial Rubber 139.48 Hose for sludge truck
Greentree 300.00 Annual Contract
Due Feb. 22 - Elk Power 1845.79 Feb. bill
Due Feb. 27 - USDA pay 2442.00 Sewer payment
Reserve 245.00 Savings Account
Debt. Reserve 123.00 Savings Account
Due Feb. 28 - Farm Store 121.49 General supplies
Superior Landfill 108.04 Sludge removal
Due Feb. 29 - Telfords 73.50 Sewer truck
Due March 13 - Choyne Chemical 262.72 Sludge bags
Due March 14 - Preiser Scientific, inc. 124.88 gloves for bagging sludge.
Due March 15 - PEIA 736.22 Donnie, Darrell for Feb.
Due March 18 - Board of Risk 929,00 Liability
Due March 20 - Elk Power 1961.70 March bill
Clay Water 602.98 Feb & March bill
Payroll Tax State 85.52 Feb. 15 & 30th
Due March 28 - REIC 68.40 Lab testing Feb.
Due April 18 - Board of Risk 464.00 Liability
Estimated Payroll 2,000.00 for March 15th

by Andy Waddell
        Doctor S.S. Jamie took over the leadership of the town of Clay as Mayor last month. The tasks before him were daunting. Financially, the Town hoppers were bare and tough decisions had to be made. According to then Council person Jeff Krauklis, the water plant was in serious danger of shutting down.
        Jamie, along with Krauklis, made the necessary decisions and implemented them. Layoffs were ordered, cut backs were made, spending was eliminated and more. After 15,000 state emergency fund dollars were located by Krauklis and just recently $50,000.00 more secured by Mayor Jamie, the finances were improving. Jamie has taken the time to analyze the financial picture and react. So far his reactions have been right on the mark.
        The $65,000.00 in hand outs helped but the real reason for better financial health was the belt tightening by Town Council.
During the March 6 regular Town Council meeting, Jamie said that they could soon hire back the laid off workers, resume the hospitalization insurance policy for employees, pay rent for a new Town Hall, and start paying Town Council salaries again.
This is scary.
        It now appears that Mayor Jamie is about to start down a path the previous administration went down and a path that nearly bankrupted the county’s only municipality. The financial crisis can not be over until Town leadership realizes that belt tightening is mandatory, the Town had too many employees, the Town did not have a handle on finances and much more. To think that things can return to the old days is faulty. For the Town to survive, Mayor Jamie has to guide the Town down the road where no additional expenses are added and every penny spent has to be scrutinized.
        Two weeks ago when Council asked the County Commission for a hand out, Commissioner Jimmy Sams said “no” to the request because, according to him, the hand out “was not a fix.” He was right and is still right if the Town starts adding expenses back on.
        The hope is that Jamie rethinks the rehiring and benefits and “fixes” the Town of Clay problems.

Clay Roane Update

Clay Roane PSD has requested a water rate increase from the WV Public Service Commission (PSC). This week some initial findings from the PSC have come to light.
        Referring to the Clay/Roane Water tank,” the tank will sometimes overflow resulting in a loss of valuable water in a system in need of every gallon of water.” And,” Currently clay Roane is experiencing a 46% water loss as reported in the most current annual report. The loss is probably due to many causes one of which being slow meters as no meter calibration has been preformed since the system was initially built.... Staff believes that at least 10 - 15% of the unaccounted for water is probably the result of slow meters.”
        The PSC is recommending that a rate increase be given and that it should include $50,000.00 for expenditures to include: $34,000.00 for new water meters; $9.000.00 for installing the meters; $500.00 for new maintenance tools; and get this!!! $1,500.00 , Yes that’s right, $1,500.00 to replace the PSD pick up truck. Additionally, the PSC found the district to have $29,839.00 in a savings account; and $2,209.00 in two unencumbered NOW accounts.
        And this may be the keeper. Found on page four of the PSC findings, the following,” Staff has reviewed the capital additions for Clay Roane for the past three years. Excluding the purchase of a building and a small construction project, there have been no routine plant additions for four years. Locally, some have raised concerns over the purchase of the old Newton Fire Dept building ( $30,000.00+) when the PSD only needs space to house a weedeater and hold a once a month Board meeting.
        The PSC has recommend that Clay Roane PSD received a 39.3% rate increase making the base bill (3000 gallons) for a month $30.51.

Capito Named Vice Chair of Economic Development Panel
        Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) was named Vice Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Economic Development Public Buildings and Emergency Management by House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Don Young (R-AK) on March 7, 2001.
        “This is a great opportunity for me to serve West Virginia in some very key ways. Our state has long needed to attract business, help industry flourish and jump start our economy.” said Rep. Capito. “Chairman Young has entrusted me with a position where I will be able to help my home state and the rest of the country to prosper and advance into the 21st century with a strong and vigorous economy.”
        The Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Management oversees economic development for distressed urban and rural areas, including programs administered by the Economic Development Administration, the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Denali Commission and the Delta Regional Authority. Chairman Young appointed Congresswoman Capito to the leadership position because of her strong desire to promote economic growth in West Virginia and the rest of the county.
        “The position of Vice Chairwoman of the Economic Development Subcommittee is an important assignment, especially to the people of West Virginia,” said Transportation Committee Chairman Don Young (R-AK). “As we work to re-authorize the Appalachian Regional Commission, pipeline safety programs, and the numerous other policy issues under the jurisdiction of this Subcommittee, I’m going to rely extensively on Vice Chairwoman Capito’s guidance and recommendations regarding how we can best implement and improve these programs.”

        Clay Town held a Special meeting and a regular meeting since the last edition of this paper. The following are the highlights of the two very important happenings in the place we call Clayberry.
Special Town Meeting March 1, 2001
Council votes an accepted the road use agreement with Johnny Woooofter. The town now has a legal road to get to the new sewer plant ( log factory).
         Announcement made that the Boil Water Order has been lifted and West Virginia Water Co has agreed to loan the town two certified water operators for a month, two days a week.
        Mayor Jamie said that the Town is now in default on the sewer plant construction loan as of Feb 8,2001. With a vote already made to increase sewer rates, Council will ask the WV PSC to do the paper work on how much of a rate increase will be needed to operate and maintain the boondoggle.
        Doc Jamie candidly questions whether the brand new water rate increase will be “sufficient”. Jamie questioned the borrowing of $1.1 million to build a new water plant given the financial mess they are now in UNLESS THE COUNTY COMMISSION WOULD AGREE TO CO SIGN THE LOAN!!! Jamie also mentioned that the PSC payback plan calls for 1000 new customers to sign on and help pay off the debt. Jamie,”There is NOT 1000 new customers.” After doing some number crunching, Jamie calculates that the yearly loan payback would be around $55,000.00,” There is not $55,000.00 here..... a 1.1 million dollar loan for 250 customers to pay back? 250 customers cannot afford to pay this.”
Jamie opened a new can of worms , worms that many in the county have been wanting to hear for the last two years!
        Town Council received a letter from the Clay County PSD asking the Town to pay an $800.00 repair bill for a damaged water pump located on Triplett Ridge. Clay PSD is claiming that the Town messed the pump up during a recent back washing procedure at the Water Plant. Council agreed to pay the expense when funds become available, Krauklis,” Add it to our bill!”
        On the issue of mounting past due bills and new dollars slow to come in, clerk Dwana Murphy,” I haven’t paid a thing...” Jamie mentioned that Elk Power has sent a termination notice to the town. Power bill=$3750.00. Mention made that payroll taxes have not been paid, the town is in default of the $2400.00 sewer plant payment; only around $100.00 has come into the town this past week and in the water plant account and even with the $15000.00 emergency grant, there is only $12,561.00. Krauklis,” The water plant will operate about one more month.”
        Town will look into dumping sewer plant sludge on local strip mining areas instead of paying to haul it away.
Council went into executive session . Terry Traub stayed for that closed door session. After the secret time Council voted Traub extra pay for the many extra hours worked pumping water during the boil water order. Translation: abut $3.25 per hour extra for hours treating water.
Lots of Folks attended the regular monthly Council meeting held March 6 at 6:00pm at the water plant. After Dave Derby gave an opening prayer, Council person Jeff Krauklis asked if he could make some comments before he resigned from office.
        Krauklis suggested that Council meet with the PSC and find out how the PSC figured the recent water rate increase. Kruaklis was suggesting that the increase was not enough to operate on
        Krauklis said that the State had assigned a “case worker” to help with running the operations of the Town and the Town should ask this person to come up and get involved.
         Krauklis made public that the Dept of Labor had again sided with an employee ( Ex worker jimmy Derby) and the Town would have to give the employee $1973.05. Krauklis also said this was discussed in the last executive session and ,” It probably should not have been, it should have been done in public.” Krauk cautioned the Town about using salary employees and then working them lot’s of overtime.
         Mr Krauklis then made first mention of the Town receiving $50,000.00 from the Charleston in emergency grants. Krauklis,” I hope the Town will be conservative. The Town may need to bail out the water plant again [in the future].” As to the Council being uninformed, Mr K suggested that the Town find a city manager to keep things organized and under control Krauklis suggested that the Police Chief account could be used to pay for a manager.
         Mayor Jamie lead a discussion on getting past due water customers to pay up. According to Jamie, many past due bills add up to hundreds of dollars. Jamie,” how can we operate a city like that?”
Krauklis handed out his resignation letter and this time it was accepted by a voice vote. With Arthur Jarrett already in the room, the Mayor asked for Jarrett to be appointed to the group and the like vote was made and passed.
         After the conservative speech made by Jeff Krauklis, Council voted to hire Shelly Blankenship as a Class II Water Operator. Blankenship will start work in two weeks.
          For about the fourth time, discussion turned to the water plant operating 18 hours a day instead of the normal 12 hours per day and the possibility that it had been “throttled back” somehow by a previous water operator. Hmmmmm.
          Discussion on the number of water customers that do Not have water meters and them getting free water. Mention was made that at least two churches get free water. This topic will be on the next agenda along with a number of customers that have slow reading water meters.
Clay Development Corp has asked for free parking spaces in front of their building on Main Street. Council person          Wanda Chambers,” We’ve turned her down before. If e give it to one, we have to give it to all.”
         Mayor Jamie commented that the Town may want to hire Roger McKinney as a cop and pay for his training, and the Town needs to find a new Town hall to conduct business ( rent one). Council is looking at the old post Office building and the bottom back floor of the Masonic lodge building. Shortly after Krauklis asked that the town become conservative in it’s spending habits in the future and to learn from it’s history, Mayor Jamie commented that laid off workers will be called back to work, hospitalization will again be paid for workers, and the Council should be paid again their usual salaries.
          Finally, Arthur Jarrett volunteered to become City Manager. Although Council will not voted on the position until the next meeting, after this meeting, Mr Jarrett was already in gear ! Watch for Jarrett to pee off about 101% of the workers within one week!
         With the new Mayor questioning the building of a new water plant and with Arthur Jarrett at the helm of daily operations and with a massive sewer fee increase in the wings, stayed tuned for all the action packed adventures of Clayberry


Vehicle Citations
02-13-01: State - Tammy L. Brown for regis. violation.
State - Greg L. Stuber for def. equip. & no P.O.I.
02-16-01: State - Cory Metheney for def. equip. & no seat belt.
02-17-01: State - William G. Arnold for DWS & speeding.
Sheriff - Joseph E. Deal for no P.O.I. & regis. violation.
Sheriff - Johathan E. Foster for no operators.
02-18-01: State - Jackie R. White for speeding.
02-19-01: Sheriff - Tracy Rickford for regis. violation.
State - Russell G. Moore for DWS.
State - Jackie Stephenson for no P.O.I.
State - Tisha Dawn Tanner for speding.
02-20-01: State - Jerrell R. Jaskson for regis. violation & no operators
State - Danny Joe Lucas for no P.O.I.
State - Stacey L. Nottingham for no operators & no seatbelt.
Sheriff - Alan W. Ramsey for no Wvmotor carrier road tax ID & def. equip.
02-21-01: State - Billy R. Bower for speeding & no P.O.I.
State - Lorna L. Frye for no P.O.I. & no regis.
02-22-01: State - Darris L. Barker for speeding.
State - Teddy D. Graham for speeding & no seatbelt.
State - Jennifer L. Hodge for speeding & no seatbelt.
State - Matthew A. Mullins for no MVI, no P.O.I., def. equip. and failure to change address.
02-23-01: Sheriff - Jonnie L. Dawson for following too close & def. equip.
State - Erik S. Johnson for poss. of schedule 1 drug & littering.
02-24-01: Sheriff - Gelinda J. Skaggs for DWS & no P.O.I.
Sheriff - Brian L. Withrow for DWS.
02-27-01: State - Kelly L. Moore for DWS & no seatbelt.
State - Jeffery R. Neal for poss. of less than 15grms of marijuana.
State - Steven T. Staten for no operators.
02-28-01: Sheriff - Robert Earl Stutler regis. violation.

02-20-01: Bank of Gassaway - Matthew J. & Samuel W. Triplett for other
Laura A. Flores - Thomas j. Flores purged for DV.
Aaron Thompson - Mike Burdette for breach of contract
Debra Tinnel Wallace D. Tinnel purged for DV.
02-23-01: Celia Coon - Margaret Smith for unlawful detainer.
Ershia Hersman - Raymond Hersman for DV.
02-23-01: Clay Ambulance Service - Wallas Schwartz, Darrell Mollohan & Wallace McDerment for other
Clay Municipal Water - Geoffery Williams, Donald Moore, Tammy Swindler, Leslie Wyant, Donna Smith, Sandra Gould, Laura Frye, Tracy Miller, Sheila King, Thelma Thomas, Phillip Bartch, Mitizi Eagle, Jobe Gill, Jr., Linda Walker, Billie Woodby, Teresa Rhodes, Ronald Rogers, William Reed, Tammy Rhodes, Tim Rhodes, Jerry Smith, Stephanie Bishop, Roger Collins, Angela Fetter, Robert Glenn, Carol Armentrout, Barbra Davis, Roy Cottrell, Anna M. DeMoss, Jacqueli Keener, Louise Nottingham, Crelia Taylor Caroline Deeter, Faye Metheney, Bobby Deems, Linda Stephenson, Earnest Carte, Prances Marling, Debbie Grose, Junior Naylor, Amy Mosley, Brenda McClaine, M.W. DeBoard, Amy Lane, Victoria Mullins, Terry Lambey, Michael Knopp, Terry Kennan, Gary Hill, James Hayes, Jean Harris, Darlene Harlow, Jackie Hapney, Sharon Hanshaw, Cora Hall, Leslie Grose Kathy Grose, Rich Burdette, Brandi McLaughlin All For Other.
2-24-01: Donald Smith - Nicole Smith purged for DV.
2-26-01: Debra Tinnel - Wallace Tinnel for other.
Regina G. Norton - Kenneth L. Norton purged for DV.
2-28-01: Larry’s Carry-Out - Earl Stone
3-01-01: Lowe’s - Rosie M. Workman for breach of contract.
3-02-01: Willard B. Legg 0 Anthony Long for other.
3-04-01: Pauline Petry- Charles Petry for DC
3-05-01: Skatin Nichols - Filcon Manufacture for unlawful detainer.

12-16-00: Guthrie - Ronnie Lee Estep for DUIA w/ minor, poss. of less than 15grms of marijuana & DB.
Foreman - Corey L. Metheney for def. equip. and no seatbelt.
2-17-01: Belt - Jeffery Robinson for DWS & DUI 2nd offense.
2-21-01: Clay Lion’s Club - Ronda Cottrell warrant issued for wc.
Sizemore’s IGA - Terrica Douglas, Martin Douglas & Sheila King x2 warrant issued for wc.
02-23-01: McKown - Eric Pierson for DWS.
02-24-01: Regina Norton - James D. Norton, Cathy Ramsey & Debra Norton for peace bond.
02-26-01: Foreman - Renee Boyd for being left of center, regis, violation & DUI.
02-27-01: Mueller - Rodney G. Jarvis warrant issued for accident involving personal injury, DWS, left of center, failure to give info and aid, no P.O.I. & failure to report accident.
Bailey - Jerrery R. Neal for poss/marijuana.
Bailey - Kelly L. Moore for DWS..
Delk - Scotty L. Stone for reckless driving.
03-01-01: Guthrie - Adron H. Claypool warrant issued for poss. of marijuana less than 15grms, speeding, no operators, regis. violation, no P.O.I. regis. violation, no P.O.I. & false informaiton.

1-2-01: Bailey - Michael Lanham warrant issued for burglary.
1-2-01: McKown - Louis R. Koch for malicious assault.
2-10-01: Foreman - James L. Pawla Jr. for poss./delivery of controlled substance.
2-13-01: McKown - William Belknap warrant issued for sexual assault 3rd degree.

Worthless Checks
Clay Lion’s Club - Ronda Cottrell for $50.00
Dr. S.S. Jamie MD - Kenneth K. Davidson for $100.00 & Steve DeBoard for $100.00 paid.
Cunningham Motors - Jennifer Brady for $82.45.