JUNE 28, 2001

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Council On Aging Serving Clay
follow ups
Manditory 911 Fees On Hold @ CCC

     With the loss of the Multi Cap office in Clay in May 2001, many in the county were left without important basic services. A new agency has taken up the void left by the loss of Multi Cap closing. The Council on Aging began serving Clay County May 22 and has continued the services previously provided for by Multi Cap.
      According to literature provided by the Council on Aging, their goal is
A to support the frail population in the most independent, least restrictive, and most normal environments they choose as long as possible; to live in their own home; and, to keep them from being prematurely institutionalized.” Although the Council serves many low income residents, private pay services are available for non Medicaid clients @ $8.00 per hour without personnel care and $12.50 per hour with personal care.
      For more information we contacted Program Coordinator Patty Proctor on Monday June 25. Ms Proctor is a Clay County resident herself. Proctor,
A We do personal care and house keeping services. We do it for Community Care. If you have a Medicaid care, it is a free service. There are no attachments what so ever. We also do the Medicaid waiver which does attach property and it is for higher income people that don=t have a Medicaid card. We also have a Veteran=s program if you are 60 % service connected ( disability injury). They will provide you a homemaker for personal care and house keeper services.”
      Proctor continued,
@ We also offer a private pay service. For the private pay, the housekeeping service is $8.00 per hour. For personal care and house keeping, I think is $12.00 per hour.@
     To qualify for the free services a telephone call has to made with the referral and tell us about any illness they have. We then give that to our nurse and the nurse goes out and visits the client. The nurse assesses the client and provides a pre admission screening . That prospective client then sees their doctor and the 6 page from is completed. If they qualify for the community care part of the program we can then start a homemaker almost immediately. Sometimes within the week.
@ As for the Medicaid waiver program, again Patty Proctor,@ They do the forms the same way and then it has to go to their case manager agency which is All Care or to any case manager agency. The client chooses which homemaker agency they want. If they choose us then we go in and provide the service. There could be up to a three month wait with this program. It is a lot longer but that is for higher income people.@
     The employees working the homemaker program in Clay County are residents . Ms Proctor said they have over 20 currently working in the county.
      Are the employees professional, trained, caring, and understanding? Again Ms Proctor,
@ Each person is either a Certified Nursing Assistant , a home health aid, or a certified home maker. If someone wants to get certified, we put them thru a 32 week course including their CPR and first aid. .... Currently there are openings with Council on Aging. We just now hired three more from Clay. DHHR is working with us and providing clients that they have, the homemakers that have been on their program and drawing their checks. They are referring so of those people to us and we have been hiring some of those.
      To contact council on Aging dial 304-1151 or toll free 1-800-499-4080.
As to minimum requirements to get hired by the service provider, Proctor,
@ They must be able to read and write and have transportation to the client. I don=t care if they drive or somebody drops them off and picks them up. They start out at $5.83 per hour. After a year they get a week=s paid vacation and travel dollars. A lot of people say they have to drive. I don=t. I think as long as they can get to work , that=s fine with me. A lot of people are just not fortunate enough to have a car.@
     The Multi Cap customers were originally Council on Aging customers and later Multi Cap picked them up. Multi Cap sub contracted with them. The Council has just took back those clients. The waiver people were given the freedom of choice to decide on which agency to use. We lost a couple of them but most of them came back to us because they like us. We go beyond the call of duty for these people. If someone doesn
=t have a way to go somewhere we=ll go pick them up and take them to the doctor. We find them vouchers for food.... We try to do whatever we can for them.@
       There you have it readers. Know someone that has a need for good professional services? Dial now!
AW end

      West Virginia=s finest, the WV State Police, are the defendants in a recently filed 27 count lawsuit by Calvin H. Thorne. The suit stems from an April 3 , 1999 incident covered exclusively by this paper.
      The court paperwork ( case number 01-C-31) names Troopers ML Bailey, RD Arthur, CG Wiles, RA Crane and John Doe 1, 2, and 3. In addition to being sued in their official capacity, Thorne is taking them to task personally.
       Mr Thorne alleges that several State Troopers beat the stuffings out of him during the April 3 late night drug raid at his residence near Ivydale, WV. No drugs were found during the search and seizure intrusion. The boys in green instead seized flour wrapped in tin foil.
     According to the paperwork filed at the Circuit Clerk
=s office, the story follows these lines: Prior to April 3, Trooper Bailey received information from a confidential drug informant that Thorne had considerable amounts of methamphetamine at his home near Ivydale. Bailey obtained a search warrant and made arrangements to obtain a drug sniffing dog from Logan County. Trooper RD Arthur brought the dog up from Logan
      At 11:30pm Bailey, Arthur, Wiles, and Crane arrived. Bailey knocked on the front door and yelled,
@ State Police, Search Warrant!@ Mr Thorne was asleep in bed. Thorne , according to the paperwork has partial, permanent hearing loss. Bailey, Arthur, Wiles and Crane kicked in the front door after hearing no response from Thorne. With a 22 caliber pistol beside his bed and after being aroused from sleep and not knowing who was tearing down his front door, Thorne fired the pistol. The plaintiff is in his mid 70's.
      With the green shirts in retreat, Thorne clothed in just his boxers went to the front of the house and fired two more shots to scare off the intruders. At that time he recognized Trooper Bailey and put the gun down. And directly from the lawsuit documents,
@ They instructed Mr Thorne to come out on the front porch which he did. When Mr. Thorne came out on the porch, without cause or provocation, one or more Troopers began to viciously beat and kick Mr Thorne. Finally, after lying outside and being periodically kicked and beaten, Trooper Bailey assisted Mr Thorne back inside the house and set him on the couch. A
     And continuing from the paperwork.
A The defendants, Troopers Bailey, Arthur, Wiles and Crane allowed Thorne to lay bleeding on his couch in his home while they searched the premises. They did not call an ambulance until approximately 4:45am on April 4, 1999 some four hours after they beat and kicked him severely. After he was placed into custody a Trooper or Troopers one of which the Plaintiff believes to be Trooper RD Arthur, continued to periodically beat and kick Mr Thorne causing him severe and permanent injuries. Mr Thorne was beaten so severely that he suffered permanent personal injuries and will continue to suffer the same for the remainder of his life... He suffered facial fractures, severe bruises, contusions, abrasions, lacerations and muscular sprain.... The Defendants also caused damage to Mr Thorne=s home. The damages include, but are not limited to, the destruction of his door, and other personal property destroyed. The home was totally wrecked with clothes being pulled out of every closest, chest and dresser.... While acting under the color of law, and by virtue of their authority as state troopers the individual Defendants were acting in bad faith and unlawfully at all times alleged herein. The foregoing acts, conduct and behavior of the individual Defendants and each of them were performed knowingly, intentionally, maliciously and or with reckless and callous in differences to the rights of others by reason of which the Plaintiff is entitled to an award of punitive damages...@
     After the April 3 Aflour@ bust, Bob Thorne was charged with wanton endangerment and those charges were all dismissed by a grand jury.
       The counts against the Troopers and John Doe 1,2 and 3 include: Battery, Assault, Trespass, False Arrest, Conspiracy to Falsely Arrest. One other statement reads, The false arrest for wanton endangerment was done maliciously, willfully and wantonly as part of a conspiracy by the Defendants for the purpose of concealing the police brutality and outrageous conduct exacted upon the Plaintiff.
     The counts against the officers continues: Malicious Prosecution, Conspiracy to Maliciously Prosecute Plaintiff, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligence, Violation of State Constitutional Right to be Secure Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures, Conspiracy to Violate State Constitutional Right to be Secure Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures, Violation of State Constitutional Right to Enjoy Life, Liberty, and to Purse and Obtain Happiness and Safety and on and on and..
=s of references made to the US Constitution and the 4th, 5th and 11 and 15th amendments. 27 Counts in all have been lodged against the named Troopers and the unnamed John Doe 1, 2 and 3.
     What is Thorne seeking in the way of damages? Pocket change.. Just $5,000,000.00 from each of the fellows in green. Christopher S Smith from the law firm Hoyer, Hoyer, Smith, and Miesner is representing the Plaintiff.

follow ups...
       As of June 27, 11:00am the papers have not been served on Manfred Kuentzer and Filcon Manufacturing for the lawsuit brought to the courts by the Clay County Business Development Authority (BDA). The lawsuit stems from Filcon welching on a $2800.00 loan made by the BDA to Filcon last summer. The first payment on the loan was due October 2000 and to date, and according to BDA Director Paige Willis, no payments have been received period.
     As a further follow up, the Big Otter Ambulance Station and the Lizemores station have not been completely shut down as directed by the Ambulance Authority June 11, 2001. Instead, according to Director Jackie Pierson, the two satellite stations have been cut back to two days a week each and employee hours have been equally shortened. See this edition
=s coverage of the CCEAA.


  1. Mount Olive will make room for 68 more inmates by June 30 2001.
  2. In West Virginia, there are 16.8 doctors per every 10.000 people, compared to 20 doctors nationally.
  3. The number of single men raising children increased dramatically in the past decade.
  4. The United States is responsible for at least 50 percent of donations to fight AIDS in poor countries.
  5. Only four American newspapers have weekday circulation of more than 1 million.
  6. An estimated 614.000 people will get out of prison this year, says the Bureau of Justice.
  7. Health officials estimate that about 8 million Americans are alcoholics.
  8. A study by the North Central West Virginia Nursing workforce network, concludes one in five nurses will leave the profession by 2006.
  9. More than 400 West Virginia teachers are teaching classes they weren=t trained to teach. 100 of them are in Kanawha County.
  10. The NRA and its activists spent about $20 million on the last election.
  11. Charleston Area Medical Center used 25,344 units of blood products last year.
  12. It=s not so people crave something because they need it=s nutrition according to the American Institute for Cancer Research.
  13. The state Parkways Authority will lay off 14 managers, buyers and warehouse workers at Tamarack June 29 so it can change to a private contractor.
  14. There are about 170 huge piles of tires in West Virginia that need cleaned up.
  15. Water from Fayette County’s Page-Kincaid Public Serviced District was ranked number 2 in the National Rural Water Great American Taste Test.
  16. More than two-thirds of the 170 million tons of coal West Virginia produces is sold to US power plants.
  17. Statewide 66,036 warrants were filed in 1998 for worthless checks.
  18. Groundhogs raise just one litter each year.
  19. According to the Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 10 to 15 human cases of plague occur in the United States every year.
  20. During the recently completed spring turkey season, mountain state sportsman bagged 17,717 birds. LMM

by EB Goode
      I guess I am finally taking this day off! (WED. is our day off, ha!) to write my long-missed friends in WV! I have been super busy! We work over eight hours a day, six days a week, out in this Rich-with-hungry-souls-mission-field of Juarez, Mexico! After, I took our teens to the Bible Study in Portland, Oregon. I joined this Mexican Missionary home which has consistantly been the world shiners for Winning Souls in our worldwide movement for the last few years! So, I am doing what I like to do the most. Witnesssing & winning souls! I prayed with over 150 people to recieve JESUS as their Saviour, this last month, & got thousands of tracts out!! WOW! So, I am happy to remind us all of that verse: "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life & he that winneth souls is wise". (Prov.11:30) Of course, JESUS in us is The Wise One & I am boasting "In The LORD" as St Paul would put it!
     At age 12, Roni Bowers committed her life to Jesus. A year later, she began planning a career on the mission field. She pursued this calling, never imagining that her devotion to Jesus would echo around the globe. The 35-year-old missionary, killed along with her 7-month-old daughter, Charity, when their small plane was shot down in Peru, has spread God's word through her service and ultimate sacrifice.

Please check out my web site at:
& my new cell phone # is 915 373 4963
We need your Help in Prayers & finances God Bless. In JESUS Precious Name! E.B. Goode
c/o C.R.Hernandez Apdo.Postal 57 Adm. Rio Grande Ciudade Juarez,Chih,Mx. 32340

County Critic is a space open to anyone with an issue concerning Clay County and dealing with long term problems or issues. Send your thoughts to: The Communicator; PO Box 14; Procious, WV 25164. The following thoughts come from Ivydale’s citizen activist Fred Sampson and copies of this article were sent to everybody from Bob Wise , to Shirley Love, to County Commissioners, and to various newspapers around the state.

Michael Callaghan, Secretary
WV Dept of Environmental Protection

Re: Bee Run Dam, ID# 08710

Dear Mr Callaghan:
      Your review of this project will disclose that this 1992 agreement by Fola Coal Co. to build this 14 acre fishing lake was to be completed in 1995.
DEP finally issued Fola Coal a permit on June 22, 1999 to build this dam. This permit was to expire on June 21,2000, however, your predecessor, Mr Castle, extended the permit to June 21, 2001, three days from now.
      I have been in correspondence since 1996 with your last four predecessors attempting to get this project moving, but to no avail.
     Perhaps your elevation to Cabinet status with this administration and with the new Director of DNR, Mr Ed Hamrick
=s assistance, ( He was head of DNR during the original mitigation agreement, and you should have important input into what and how the agreement was reached), you should be able to accomplish quickly what your predecessors, Mr Dave Callaghan, Mr Miano, Mr Castle, and Mr McCoy were unable or unwilling to do.
      I would think that extending the permit to allow Fola Coal more than 3 days to build the dam should be your first priority on this project. I believe it would be unwise to let this permit expire.
      In my opinion, this can and should be a win win situation for all parties involved:
1- The Governor says Economic Development is important to our State. This dam will provide that for this impoverished region which is an Enterprise Community
2- DNR supports this project since 1992.
3- Fola Coal wants this dam to be built per Fola President , Mr Gary Patterson.
4- DEP will look good in being able to stop their costs, which have been accumulating since 1992, by completing this project.
5- The general public will see our Government performing their duties rather than shirking their duties. In addition, they will have another recreational resource for themselves. Further, tourist $ will be attracted to the area upon completion of this 14 acre lake by Fola Coal Company.
I trust you will give this attention it needs to bring this long term agreement to completion. Please let me know if I can be of assistance, and let me know the status as soon as you can.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Entered by the PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA in the City of Charleston on the 26th day of June, 2001.
CASE NO. 01-0859-E-C-PW
FILCON, INC.131 Main Street Clay, Clay County,Complaintant,
MONONGAHELA POWER COMPANY, doing business as ALLEGHENY POWER, a public utility, and, ELK POWER COMPANY, a public utility, Defendants.
WHEREAS, on June 26, 2001, Filcon, Inc., 131 Main Street, Clay, Clay County, filed a formal complaint against Monongahela Power Company, doing business as Allegheny Power, a public utility, and Elk Power Company, a public utility. The formal complaint was not verified and the Commission has notified the Complainant and they have indicated they will forward it as soon as possible. The formal complaint also requested a petition for waiver to allow Elk Power Company to provide electric service instead of the electric company in the business' area, Monongahela Power Company, doing business as Allegheny Power.
IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that Monongahela Power Company, doing business as Allegheny Power, a public utility, and Elk Power Company, a public utility, be, and they hereby are, required to satisfy said complaint or make answer thereto, in writing, within ten (10) days of the service upon it by certified mail of a copy of said complaint and a copy of this order in accordance with the provisions of Rule 7 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure before this Commission, and after receipt thereof or default therein, the Commission will proceed to investigate the matters set forth in said complaint in such manner and by such means as may be deemed proper.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Executive Secretary of the Commission, be, and she hereby is, directed to serve a copy of said complaint upon the defendant, Monongahela Power Company, doing business as Allegheny Power, a public utility, and Elk Power Company, a public utility, by delivering to them a copy of said complaint and a copy of this order by United States Certified Mail, return receipt requested. FOR THE COMMISSION:
Sandra Squire Executive SecretaryPJH/s010859s.wpd


     Tommy Young was found innocent by a jury of his peers Friday June 15, 2001. Mr Young had been charged with 1st degree murder in the shooting death of Charles Eugene Huffman. The jury deliberated 7 hours with the verdict coming just before 10 pm that night. Many sat in the peanut gallery and watched the five day long trial progress. Representing the state was Asst. Prosecutor Dan Dodson while Young was defended by local attorney Jerome Novobilski. The consensus of the many in the peanut gallery: guilty, guilty, guilty of shooting Huffman in the back. During testimony Mr Young himself admitted that the situation was a Adrug deal gone bad@, that $4000.00 of his money was involved, that he did fire shots at the vehicle of Huffman along with others, and he did use a SKS assault rifle.
      To gain insight into how a jury may think and what went wrong with the prosecution, we spoke with Prosecutor Jeff Davis June 27, 2001.
What went wrong in the Tommy Young trial? Davis,
@ I don=t know.@
      Do you think that when the jury heard Roy Brown say that Eugene Huffman had a gun to Jay Pallack
=s head, that the jury took it as a defense when Young fired his SKS? Davis,@ Even with that testimony, that event had already happened, had passed before the shooting allegedly started. Even if someone approaches you like they are going to hit you and then they back off, then the circumstances change and you cannot claim self defense.
      When it was pointed out that the police officers did not check for shell casings on the side of the gate that Young was standing on, did that have an affect on the jury? Davis,
@ I honestly don=t know. It should not have. Under the felony murder rule and this was the instruction given to the jury, if there was a drug transaction taking place and Mr. Young was there aiding and abetting, giving assistance, encouraging..taking part in that, and he shoots, and as a result someone passes away, under the law, he is guilty of first degree murder.@
      Did you hear Young say that it was a $4000 drug deal gone bad? Davis,
AYelp.@ And did you hear him say that he shot at the vehicle? Davis, “It doesn=t matter, under felony murder.@ How could a jury see it any different than he was a shooter? Davis,@ I don=t know. He admitted that he was a shooter. There was also testimony that Richard Cummings shot at the vehicle but it doesn=t matter whether Mr. Young was the person that actually killed the victim or just there helping Mr Cummings. Either way he was guilty of first degree murder. That=s what the instructions said.@
     Doc Boggs testified that the shot from the SKS was superficial that it was to Huffman
=s arm. Davis,@ It was A shot from an SKS. We were unable to determine what kind of gun the fatal wound came from. So whether it was Richard Cummings or Tommy Young, he is still guilty of 1st degree murder under the law.@
     Can you think of any one little thing that may have affected the jury
=s verdict? Davis,@ Honestly I don=t know what we could have done differently other than possibly going into more detail about explaining the elements of the felony murder rule in closing argument. That=s the only thing I can think of. All the evidence we wanted in, got in.@
     NOTE: Dan Dodson handled the majority of the court room work during the trial. Would you have done anything different than what Asst Prosecutor Dodson did? Davis,
      Where is Richard Cummings now? Davis,
@ We don=t know.@ Is Richard Cummings not locked up now and the days of that trial over a shooting of his brother? Davis, A If I am not mistaken, there was a subpoena issued for Richard Cummings and James Pallack. Pallack has been picked up. He=s in jail. I=d have to check on that but that=s what my memory serves.. No word on Richard Cummings.@
      You still have a dead body what
=s the next step? Davis,@ We are looking now at what we need to do in regard to Richard Cummings in light of the evidence that came out during the trial. I am suspecting that we may seek a 1st degree murder indictment against Richard Cummings.@ You heard Roy Brown say that Richard told him that he [Cummings] pulled the trigger? Davis, A I was actually in another hearing with Judge Facemire at the time. I wasn=t in there for that.@
      During the jury deliberation, Jeff Davis was optimistic of a guilty verdict. Davis,
@ I was shocked! The jury was out for 7 hours and the questions that they came back and asked sounded favorable to the State.@ Davis was referring to questions from the jurors that included @ define aiding and abetting@ and Awhat are the elements as to whether Tommy Young fired the fatal shot or not?” And the definition of inference.
      The penalty for 1
st degree murder? Davis, AIt=s life in prison, they could have found him guilty of first degree murder without mercy or with mercy... or not guilty, that=s the only choices. The state asked for the lessor included offense instruction which would have been: first degree murder, 2nd, voluntary, involuntary manslaughter. The Judge refused that instruction and only gave first degree murder or nothing.@
      Late last summer the Prosecutor was successful in imprisoning Cythia Fitzwater, Davis,
A In the Fitzwater trial last summer, we had the lessor included offenses, second degree, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter as options. The jury came back with second degree murder. I am guessing , had they had more options [this trial], they might have went for something lessor.@ You had no evidence on Cynthia, you couldn=t use the gun, the bullets, the blood.... and she is in jail. Davis, no response.
      Things don
=t always go as planned with a jury involved. Davis explained that just last week he had a felony trial, third offense drunk driving with Kenton Mosely. Davis,@ I didn=t have time to smoke a cigarette. They were out less than five minutes and he was found guilty. It was that quick.@
As for Charles Eugene Huffman. No one is charged with his murder.

Kay’s Cooking Corner

        Here are a couple more recipes for diabetics that everyone will enjoy. Try them. You may be pretty surprised just how good they really are!
Serving Size: 4-6 slices        Total Servings: 8
¼ cup + 1 tbsp olive oil, divided
Juice of 2 lemons (1/4 cup)
4 garlic cloves, halved
2 pork tenderloins (about 2 lbs total)
2 tbsp light brown sugar
½ tsp salt
    1. In a large resealable plastic storage bag or a shallow dish, combine ¼ cup olive oil, the lemon juice, and garlic; add the tenderloins. Seal the bag or cover the dish and refrigerate for 30 minutes, turning the tenderloins after 15 minutes.
    2. Heat the remaining 1 tbsp olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Place the tenderloins in the skillet, reserving the marinade. Cook for 10 to 12 minutes, until cooked to medium, or to desired doneness beyond that, turning to brown on all sides.
    3. Remove to a cutting board and cover to keep warm. Place the reserved marinade, the brown sugar, and salt in the skillet and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 5 minutes.
    4. Slice the pork, and serve topped with the sauce.
Exchanges: ½ Carbohydrate Calories: 219
3 Lean Meat Calories from fat: 105
½ Fat Total Fat: 12 g
Sugars: 4 g Dietary Fiber:
Protein: 24 g Saturated Fat: 3 g
Cholesterol: 65 mg Sodium: 196 mg
Carbohydrate: 4 g
Serving Size: 1 chop
Total Servings: 4
    4 pork loin chops (8 oz each), well trimmed
    ¼ tsp ground cinnamon
    ¼ tsp salt
    ¼ tsp pepper
    2 tbsp butter
    2 medium onions, cut into 6 wedges each
    3 medium carrots, cut into 1-inch chunks
    1. Season both sides of the pork chops with the cinnamon, salt and pepper.
    2. In a large skillet, melt the butter over medium-high heat. Brown the pork chops for 4-5 minutes per side.
    3. Add the onions and carrots to the skillet. Reduce the heat to low, cover, and cook for 25-30 minutes, or until the vegetables are tender and the pork chops are cooked through. Serve the vegetables with the pork chops.
Exchanges: 4 Lean Meat Calories: 319
2 Vegetables Calories from Fat: 138
1 Fat Total Fat: 15 g
Saturated Fat: 7 g Cholesterol: 109 mg
Sodium: 294 mg Carbohydrate: 10 g
Dietary Fiber: 3 g Sugars: 7 g
Protein: 34 g

        DID YOU KNOW: Pork tenderloin is one of the leanest cuts available at the supermarket meat department. If trimmed, a single portion has only 1 gram of saturated fat. That’s why it’s such a healthy choice! And it’s GOOD FOR YOU!
              Until next time…
                Kay Kish
                140 Queen Road
                Clendenin, WV


Vehicle Citations
6-10-01: Sheriff—Jennifer D. Grose for parking violation
6-11-01: State Police—William Burdette for no MVI & no P.O.I.
6-12-01: State Police—Michael T. Butcher for speeding
State Police—Robert J. Lowers for tobacco use or possession.
6-13-01: State Police—Jeremy M. Pierson for MVI & no P.O.I.
Sheriff—Adam Scott Ramsey for regis. Violation.
6-14-01: Sheriff—Steven Allen Brown for speeding.
6-15-01: State Police—Matthew K. Keener imp. Passing
State Police—Andrew T. Samples for no P.O.I.
6-16-01: State Police—Russell Brown for MVI & no operators.
State Police—Kelly L. Moore for DWS, no P.O.I., & no operators.
State Police—Jeffery Ray Neal for shoplifting & petit larceny
6-17-01: Sheriff—Rita P. Smith for speeding
6-19-01: Sheriff—Patricia Fiel for regis. Violations & no P.O.I.
Sheriff—Jason D. Summers for speeding & no seatbelt.
6-20-01: Sheriff—George D. Jones for speeding & no P.O.I.
Sheriff—John P. Matvia for DWS.
Sheriff—Chrissy M. Neal for speeding.
6-22-01 State Police—Mary Lynn Adkins for DWS & no P.O.I, regis. Violation & no operators.
State Police—Tina Lynn Currence for speeding.
State Police—Lisa Ferrebee for no P.O.I.
State Police—Frankie A. Philllips for no operators.
6-23-01: Sheriff—Adam L. Thompson for no P.O.I.
6-24-01: State Police—Roger B. Smith for poss. Of less than 15grms of marijuana & no seatbelt.

Criminal Misdemeanor
5-25-01: Godfrey—Jason White for speeding & DWS
5-19-01: Slack—John Adams for harassing phone calls.
6-01-01: Slack—Tim Cartwright for petit larceny
6-12-01: McKown—Dwight Wilson for transferring & receiving.
Ellyson—Michael T. Butcher for speeding.
6-14-01: Ellyson—Anthony D. Adkins warrant issued for DWS.
6-16-01: McKown—Christopher Samples for DB & dest. Of property.
Guthrie—Jeffrey Neal for shoplifting & petit larceny.
6-21-01: Belt—Jack Coulter for battery x2.
Guthrie—James D. Pizza for DWS, no P.O.I., no operators & regis. Violation.
6-25-01: Guthrie—Roger B. Smith for poss. Of less than 15grms of marijuana.
6-26-01: McKown—Shawn M. Shaffer for no P.O.I.

Civil Cases
6-06-01: Booth & McCarthy—John Proctor for other
6-12-01: April Whaling—Philip Whaling purged for DV.
Paige Willis—Filcon, Inc. for other.
6-14-01: Paul S. Atkins—Connie M. Nichols & Gregory S. Mullins for other.
Jeremy Carter—James King for other.
6-19-01: Clara M. Holcomb—Franklin Sizemore for other.
6-21-01: Angela Batsch—Phillip Batsch purged for DVP.
Melissa Drake—Christopher Drake for other and purged for DVP.
Cynthia Townsend—Clarence Townsend purged for DVP.
6-25-01: St. Frances Hospital—David Potasnix for breach of contract.
6-26-01: Paul S. Atkins—Ronald Hamilton for other.

6-05-01: McKown—Dwight J. Wilson for Bring stolen prop. Into state.
6-08-01: Guthrie—Lester H. Jones for obstructing fire dept.
6-12-01: Delk—John Gorzynski for being a fugitive from justice.

Worthless Checks
House’s Market—William Sizemore for $5.00 paid 06-25-01 $15.00
House’s Market—Carl J. Morris for $16.00

***In our last edition we covered the Clay Roane PSD meeting where Tracy Rogers PSC appeal to get water was mentioned. During the meeting at the Newton based PSD, mention was made that Acontamination@ was a reason for getting the water moratorium waiver so Rogers could have Acity@ water. Rogers has since said that she did make the request for waiver but Acontamination@ of her existing water was not at issue.
***Also from Clay Roane PSD, it
=s official, WV Public Service Commission (PSC) Judge Tom Trent gave the final OK to raise water rates another 39%. There is a merger agreement on the books that will merge Clay Roane with Procious PSD. That merger agreement calls for no rate increases for five years. With Procious PSD getting two rate increases this year, and now with Clay Roane with theirs in hand, watch for the merger agreement to finally be adopted. The order for the rate increase was entered June 21, 2001
***The Clay Nutrition Site for Seniors at Two Run is experiencing budget problems like many in the county. Four months back our County Commission voted to stop funding over $7,000.00 in utilities for the center. To make up the loss, Site Manager Herschel Shamblin is handling some of the morning cooking duties after one of the cooks resigned. The savings in cook
=s salary should be enough to cover the loss of income from the CCC.
***One thing that has to be remembered about the Ambulance Authority. Six years ago when it was formed, our County Commissioners gave the new group well over $200,000.00 in surplus that had been saved up by then Director Glady Lanham. That money is now all gone plus the Authority is ready to begin the new year over $100,000.00 in debt.
***For the last three years a band of volunteers organized and promoted a Fourth of July celebration for area residents. The celebration included street vendors, live music, and fireworks paid in part by the County Commission. Thousands came and enjoyed the Clay County slice of Americana. This year there will be no such celebration on Main Street.
***How much does a penny weigh? Answer: 2.5 grams
Grouchy ole Norman Wilson has a dog at his Two Run residence. The dog decided to provide some attitude adjustment for Deputy Assessor Carol Pierson Armentrout June 12. Wilson wasn
=t at home as the pup defended the fenced in property. The dog lived.
***Town of Clay is in a hurry to get the 260% sewer rate increase on the books. Council met in Special Session June 15 to vote on the rate increase. The vote was unanimous
***Saturday June 23 was the junk pick up day at Dundon. Old frig
=s, dryers, shelving , washers, hot water tanks, an ole Pepsi machine plus lots more is being carted off compliments of a $50,000.00 grant obtained by Commissioner Mathew Bragg. Coordinator Norman Wilson feels there is about 5 truck loads ( $300.00 per load) to be taken away over the next few days.
***The IGA Little League Team made it a perfect season Saturday June 16. 13 and 0 for the year.
Farah Facemire has resigned from the Prosecutor
=s office and is off on a professional country singing career.
=s of interviewing for the Director=s spot over at Primary Care Clinic at Two Run. Early predictions have it that just retired school system employee Richard Jarvis is a contender for the $60,000.00 + per year position.
***No activities are planned for the upcoming 4
th of July Holiday. So much for fun in Clayberry
Gas pumper and Exxon station owner Jerry Procious is out of the hospital after 8 weeks of poking, prodding and prying.
***The Braxton newspapers are reporting the hiring of Daniel Dodson as their new Asst. Prosecuting Attorney at $30,000.00 per year plus benefits. Clay Prosecutor Davis commented that he will try to keep Dodson as our Asst. on a part time basis as well.

      It=s official, the Bank of Gassaway has loaned the Ambulance Authority $100,000.00 to keep them afloat a little while longer. Part of the money will be used to pay off last year=s Aget me to the end of the fiscal year $36,000.00 loan@ from the Clay County Bank. Let=s see now, the County Commission appoints Gassaway Branch Manager Fran King to the Ambulance Authority and the bank Ok=s the loan. Was that so the bank could keep track of the $? Hmmm...
      The changing of the guard rolls right along this Monday night at the School Board meeting. Announcement and vote will be done on the new Asst Vice Principal at the High School and the Middle School. Lot
=s of contenders have been mentioned for the vacancies. Names like Phil Dobbins, Jim Haynie, Bunny Taylor, Joe Paxton, Michelle Paxton to name a few prime contenders. Although the bets are on Joe Paxton for VP at CCHS . Our prediction is Jim Haynie for VP at CCHS and Joe Paxton at CMS.
      The roll over is just beginning. With Principal Joe leaving HE White, with Principal Michelle wanting out of Ivydale, if Jim Haynie gets the nod at the CCHS, should be lots more transfers this summer. And don
=t forget, let=s see if Superintendent Link is out by Sept 1 as well.

      The Clay County Board of Education met for their regular meeting June 18, 2001 at the administrative office building in Clay. All board members were present - Gene King, R.B. Legg Jr.( President ), Fran King, Scott Legg, and David Pierson Jr. R.B. Legg offered prayer and then called the meeting to order. Larry Gillespie, recently appointed as the new Assistant Superintendent, was on the job recording the meeting minutes.
       The Board approved the previous meeting minutes, the agenda (with the addition of a discussion item concerning the practice of separating twins), increased receipts of $91,328.80, and transfer of funds ($403,741.12) within the budget.
     Clay Fitness Center Director Christina Conley provided results on Saturday attendance at the fitness center. She said the center had been opened by volunteers five of the seven previous Saturdays (two Saturdays the scheduled volunteer did not show up), but very few people came in to use the facility those days. Conley said she wanted to let the Board decide whether to put up another volunteer sign up sheet and continue opening on Saturdays, or to wait and maybe try again in January, the center
=s busiest month. Board generally agreed, and the fitness center will be closed on Saturdays for now. Conley also gave the Board the fitness center yearly budget, and said they may want to consider another raise in the membership rates. She said they were still well below what most fitness centers charge. Superintendent Jerry Linkinogger pointed out that the budget didn=t include utilities, that the center cost more than it made, and that without the excess levy they couldn=t keep it open. Linkinogger said if they couldn=t keep it open, they might get outside people to come in and help keep it open.
      Without discussion, the resignation of Tony Minger was accepted, effective immediately. Board employed the following: Cindy Willis as Principal of Clay County High School (CCHS); Kenton King as Tech Education teacher at Clay Middle School (CMS) pending completion of required classes; Eric Cole as head football coach at CMS; Mike Taylor and William Schoolcraft as bus drivers for the Healthy Habits Day Camp, successful bids; Scott Gibson and Mary Ramsey as supervisors for the summer basketball league at CCHS; Scott Gibson as assistant basketball coach at CCHS. Gene King asked if Rusty Gray had applied for the assistant basketball position. Linkinogger said yes, but that Gibson had more experience and with imput from Dave Woods and Tanner, Gibson was first in everything.
       Crew supervisors for the Governor
=s Workforce Investment Board Summer Program were approved - Carl Holcomb and Warren Mullins at Bradley Field, Greg Knopp at board office, Wanda Workman, J.B. Butcher and Marjorie Mullins at Clay Elementary, Virginia Shepherd and Chasity Dawson at CCHS Career, Shawn Krajeski at CCHS complex, Dale Davis, Mike Mullins and James Bass at CCHS, Brian Collins and Vincent Young at CMS, Jeff Nester at H.E. White Elementary, Michael Micklow and Debra Johnson at Ivydale Elementary, Teresa Morris and Linda Jarvis at Lizemore Elementary, Danny Fitzwater and Michelle Hamrick at Valley Fork Elementary. Substitutes - Charles Stanley, Ron Sirk, Mary Ramsey, Lisa Adkins, Jason Nichols, and Gladys Butcher.
      Richard Jarvis and Rick Young were placed on the substitute teachers list, and Geraldine Legg on the sub secretary list for the 2001- 2002 school year. Kelly Pritt was removed from the sub teacher
=s aide list.
      Out of state travel was approved for Juanita Mays to go to a Visual Impairment Seminar August 2 - 5 in Pittsburgh, PA. Mays is working on her vision impairment certification.
All motions passed unanimously.
      Tim Hopkins, State Farm Insurance representative, presented the Premier Principal Award to CMS Principal Larry Gillespie. Gillespie was chosen from a four county area. The award is also a monetary award, which will go to the schools.
       Board discussed adopting a policy that would allow employees to be head coach of only one varsity sport, and will re-visit the issue when they get more input and information on job bidding requirements.
       New Director of Federal Programs, Kenneth Tanner, told the Board that federal law now requires an internet safety policy, internet security with filtering. He said their current policy may not be sufficient to meet the new law, and that if you get federal funds you have to get into compliance. Tanner said the State of WV has a policy, which is currently being reviewed by the State Board to determine if it meets the new requirements, and suggested they draft their policy once the State updates theirs. He said that to get into compliance they had to have a technology team meeting, which they did June 6 (Tanner provided minutes of that meeting), schedule a public meeting to discuss the Children
=s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) which they were doing at this very meeting, and then schedule a public hearing. Tanner showed part of a video on internet safety that is being provided to all principals. Tanner, AWe need to jump through the appropriate hoops.@ Scott Legg asked if this public hearing had been advertised. Linkinogger answered no, it didn=t have to be, but the next one would.
      Scott Legg said that some parents with kids at Clay Elementary had been told their twins couldn
=t be in the same classes, and felt that should be their perogative (whether to separate their twins). Legg wanted to know if this a county or state policy. Fran King said she knew of instances when twins weren=t allowed on the same team. Legg said he felt the practice was stupid and foolish, and asked that the issue be placed on the next agenda. Linkinogger said he would check into it and talk with Principal Brown.
      David Pierson asked if sewage rates were being paid on water used for sprinklers at the football field and at the pool. Linkinogger said yes. Pierson suggested a separate meter for those. Linkinogger said the Board had just hired the town mayor as a sub bus driver, so they may have some pull.
Meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m. - TK

      Clay County=s Emergency Ambulance Authority (CCEAA) met in regular session June 25 at 6:00pm in the Health Dept building. Present: Chair Larry Cole, Joyce White, Arlie Fulks, Duane Legg. Absent : Gene King. Around 15 sat in the peanut gallery.
      Over the last five months much space has been devoted to the continuing downward spiral of the financial picture of the county
=s only non profit emergency ambulance service. As the fiscal year comes to an end and there is a need to end it in the Ablack@, the tensions and truths seep out.
      While reading from the financials provided Chair. Cole,
@ In the month of May, payroll was the highest ever.@
       CCEAA renewed the labor contract of Marie Haynes to do billing for the agency. Haynes has not been paid since April and asked that the contract be renewed not for a year but rather for three months at a time. Haynes reported that so far in June she has billed out $78,493.70. Haynes,
Ait=s down, the runs are down.@
      Member Arlie Fulks questioned why three ambulances are setting at Holcomb
=s garage and have been there for sometime. No real answers given
      Duane Legg reported that he and Ms White attended an employee meeting June 15. Legg said they explained to the assembled the reason for the new reduced hours schedules recently posted by the Director Jackie Pierson. Employee Patty Mollahan raised serious concerns about not having back up trucks at night time now. Legg said many employees commented that they were unhappy with the way some employees were written up while other
Afavorites@ went un disciplined.
       CCEAA went into executive session with Joe Beets over a disciplinary issue. Although top secret, it is believed that Beets got written up over the way he filled out a ambulance run
Arefusal@ form. After the secret time, Chair Cole announced that the decision of the Director would stand. During the secret time, all those on the outside, could hear Mr Beets loudly protesting.
       In an attempt to save the service, CCEAA decided to mandate that Laurel Nursing sign a contract that insures payment by Laurel for all runs from the nursing home in the event that Medicaid refuses to pay as has been the case many times over in the past. Also, the contract requires Laurel to pay full cost of the runs for non emergency trips to Dr R B Legg
=s dentist office. Consensus of CCEAA: No contract, no more non emergency transports for Laurel
       Ambulance 15 has been taken off the road after hitting a tree. Parts from 15 will be used on other units. Unit 15 has less than 200,000 miles on it. Unit 17 is still not back on the road and remains at Dana Holcomb
=s garage.
Now finally to the finances. Treasurer Joyce White said that she had tried to bum money from everywhere including asking businesses for donations. No luck so far. Director Pierson commented that 105 donation letters recently went out and only $1600.00 was received.
      From the audience: With the new budget cuts, are expenses now less than the income? Cole,
@ I don=t know.@ Further questioning revealed that the CCEAA is way behind in their bills and there is not enough $ to cover the employees benefits like social security, unemployment, workman=s comp. etc.
       After a bunch more whining on how no one will give them more money, Cole again took the hard line and said the next step would be to eliminate 4 more 12 hour shifts. Translation: more employee cut backs. Discussion on seniority at the ambulance service. NOTE: there is no seniority policy . As boardsters tried to find ways to keep long time Morgy Triplett and Kim Brown on the job, Cole said the hard words that when hours are cut, employees will be cut. Cole,
AAt some point, someone losses their job.@ As to the future of the ambulance service, Cole,@ There’s nothing optimistic looking at the numbers..@ Employee Patty Mollahan expressed her displeasure with the way the volunteer efforts have been handled at the Big Otter Ambulance Station. The group has just purchased a new trailer to house the satellite service and done so with a lot of donated dollars and sweat equity. Mollahan raised eyebrows when she commented that response time will again be back to 30 minutes for the out lying areas like Big Otter.
      Questions also revealed that this years budget had been estimated 20% too high and the state code mandated budget for the coming year had not been completed nor sent over to the CCC for approval.
      And as the meeting was ending, and after repeated questioning, Joyce White finally told the public that she had approached the Bank of Gassaway for a $100,000.00 loan to get thru the rough times. She went on to say that if they get the new loan they will use $36,000.00 of it to pay off last years loan that was used to keep the CCEAA going 12 months ago. At years end, the CCEAA has finished 8 of the last 11 months in the red and currently , to date, have a $15,677.00 negative cash flow.

       For many long time readers, Clay County Development Corp (CDC) has been the center of hot debate. Some say that the media has been too hard on them, that they are the underdogs and have been the butt end of too many truth less articles & jokes. On the other side of the aisle, are those that have watched the fist fights as well as the outlay of tax dollars for court room battles, brought clouds of doubt over integrity of the CDC , and some outright state that some of the staff employees are mean spirited and will do whatever it takes to keep their own jobs.
     CDC Board of Directors met June 19 at their Main Street complex. With barely enough for a quorum (8) and after role call, Chair Earnie Sirk called the meeting together with member Jimmy Duffield leading many in prayer. Sirk asked if the public would like to ask any questions or make comments to the Board. In attendance was one general member of CDC who also is the ace cub reporter for the Communicator.
      Reporter: at the last meeting you all said you did not have to comply with Ethics Commission rulings, there is no agenda posted for this meeting, do you have to comply with WV Open Meeting Laws? Almost immediately from Janet Fitzwater, Pam Taylor, Betty Stalnaker and others came,
ANO!!!!!!@ The reporter challenged the chorus of No’s and explained that if you get govt dollars and have elected and appointed members on the Board, Open Meeting Laws apply. Just as Sirk was explaining that they will never have a secret meeting Ms Fitzwater, CDC clerk, sarcastically said she is an expert on open meetings laws. She went on to explain that she had received letters from the State Ethics Commission stating that the CDC does not have to comply with the Ethics Commission nor State Sunshine laws! Fitzwater ,@ Before I EVER say anything to you, I make sure that I know what I am talking about and speaking the truth! I don=t want you quoting me in the paper as being a SMART A## or whatever!!@ Reporter,@ Was that ever said?@ Fitzwater,@ You said that I was an expert. I take that as a slur!! Before I say anything, I find out for sure, I got it in writing!@ You compare us to the County Commission which we are not! We are a private, non profit, 501 3 c corporation. THE STATE OF WV HAS NOT CONTROL OVER THIS AGENCY!!@....you need to get your story straight especially where you are slurring the staff here. You slur the Board member who give their time... I am actually kind of SICK of IT@ After Fitzwater=s barrage, a round of applause was heard.
      NOTE: Ms Fitzwater said before she opens her mouth, she got the truth from the Ethics Commission. That correspondence she spoke of was dated June 7 while the meeting in questions was in May. Hmmmm
      The unprofessional wrath and attitude continued when this question was asked: What plans do you all have to take up the slack left when Multi Cap closed up. Chairperson Sirk,
AI=m not sure that Multi Cap had any business to be pulled out.@ Pam Taylor, A There wasn=t any. We had it all.@ Sirk continued, ..@ I tell you what you need to put in your paper, you claim that we are the most troubled organization in the county. Do you realize that the money that Multi Cap pulled out of here was free money, 100%, that was helping the people in this county. There was people in this county that was cheated by Paul Skaff...@ Lot=s of comments by Staff and Board slurring Multi Cap followed. More discussion on all the clients that CDC picked up since Multi went broke in May. Cheryl Neal, A Your paper is pathetic! And Yes I do read it! I don=t subscribe because I don=t even want you know I read it!!!” Sirk was referring to when Multi Cap=s Director Paul Skaff pulled $68,000.00 worth of Multi Cap funding three years ago. The majority of the money that Sirk contended went to the poor folks was actually used to pay office salaries.
     Other confusing comments from the Pam and Janet centered on the Communicator
=s mention that the CDC was active in the Charleston Newspapers Christmas Gifts program. Pam Taylor, AWe Never Had it!@ Betty Stalnaker, A We=ve always done Christmas baskets.@ Reporter,@ With the Daily Mail?@ All at once ,”Nooooo!@ Reporter,@ So this agency did not submit names and such to the Charleston Newspaper Group for money and stuff at Christmas?@ Response from Taylor, Fitzwater Stalnaker and others ,@ Nooooo!@ Fitz, ANEVER!!@
Athis seems like such a bitter bunch of employees.@ Oh Boy, they went wild from Sirk to the staff to Director Stalnaker, all made sarcastic replies!! Everything from pouring coffee and getting warrants to not taking a bashing anymore and how the entire world is against CDC. After the nastiness died down a little, Mr Sirk said he had all the time needed if more public time was desired. The reporter massacre at CDC wasn=t over yet. More potty mouth remarks about how bad the CDC is treated in and by newspapers. How they can=t get any good PR in the media and lots more. Sirk , who apparently engineered the stealth attack was grinning from ear to ear as the underlings continued with the diatribe.
      As the reporter commented that the potty mouth was not appreciated at a public meeting, in unison, Janet and Pam ,
A This is not a public meeting!!!! This is a private meeting!! Reporter, A This is not a public meeting?@ Janet, NOOO, Not if we don=t want it to be!!!!! ... WE CAN THROW YOU OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!, we are sick of it!!!!!@ Ms Fitzwater, aided by fellow cohorts and Sirk, with several talking loudly all at once, went through the long list of how squeaky clean the CDC has been.
     MORE more more on how bad the CDC is treated. Even as Chair Sirk tried three times to get his staff back on track, the staff refused to stop the brow beating.
      For instance, Ms Fitzwater,
AYou printed in the paper that we borrowed $70,000.00 when it was originally suppose to be $50,000.00 THAT IS NOBODY=S BUSINESS BUT THIS AGENCY!!!! THE MONEY IS TO BE PAID BACK FROM MONEY THAT WE RAISED FROM SERVICES....SO.. IT IS NOBODY=S BUSINESS IF WE BORROW $170,000.00 AND CERTAINLY NOT YOURS!!@
       Mr Sirk said this hot tempered unprofessional attack was a little pi**ing contest that the reporter was drawn in to. Sirk,
AThis is to put Andy in his place!@ Sirk went on to say that he was going to ask the Board to ban ace cub reporter from attending future CDC Board meetings. Sirk, AYou can talk to the wall and get about as much sense out of it!!@
       Now a little closer to a meeting format, Ms Stalnaker gave high praise to Chair Earnie Sirk for all the hard, back breaking work, that he has been doing around the building. Realizing the delimina of being on a disability check and getting media praise for raising a sweat at the CDC construction site, Sirk diverted discussion to other
Asafer@ topics with A...this trash Andy day is settled now.@
       Ms Stalnaker made mention that the agency will receive $40,000.00 in new grant monies compliments of efforts of Dr George Bileshic of WVU. Also the CDC has been told they will get $10,000.00 from Shirley Love
=s efforts.
       Sirk announced to the world that office will be closed June 29 so the staff and employees can go to Summersville, rent a pontoon boat, and have picnic all day. Stalnaker said that the staff was going to aid elderly ( while boating and skiing?) Is it really a tax payer supported employee picnic? Here
=s the words of the wide glide himself as he read the motion , A the motion is on the floor for the senior center and CDC to be closed the 29th due to a picnic being sponsored for the staff and for the Board and anybody that wants to participate..@ Comments were received to do similar activities on a monthly basis.
       Questions came up on why the CDC staff was seen so much on the streets running around and no working during normal business hours. Lots of reasons given including: lunch time, 15 minute breaks, helping clients, shopping for clients and blah blah blah.
Plans are being laid to amend the by laws so troublesome board members can be eliminated on a yearly basis along with new wording that allows for a board member to be removed if they tell any secrets of the private corporation.
Mention was also made that the building of the agency
=s new addition has been slowed way down by all the complaints from various govt and union organizations.
      Well, you get the picture readers. Some reputations are earned and in the case of Clay Development Corp, you can decide for yourself if they are the most troubled, notorious Govt agency in the county.

       Clay County Commission (CCC) met in regular session June 26, 10:00am at the Courthouse. Commission President Mathew Bragg and Commissioners Jimmy Sams and Tim Butcher present along with over 20 in the gallery to watch the action. And action there was.
       CCC voted to accept a new insurer for the county thru Jim Lively Insurance Co. The new provider, Saint Paul Insurance was recommended by Mr Lively saying that additional coverage in the policy covers ambulances and nurses in the county. The premium last year with PennCo was $52,000.00 and this year there are more vehicles to cover along with more property. Members of the Big Otter Fire Dept (BOFD) asked about coverage when volunteers throw flashlights at moving vehicles. Lively said no insurance would cover deliberate acts like that of temper. The reference was to last years incident where a BOFD volunteer threw a flashlight at a moving car ( Mustang owned by sister of Commissioner Mathew Bragg). At first, the CCC said they would cover the damage to the vehicle but they later refused to do so. Darius Arnold from BOFD,
@ We=re going to have to pay for it???@ Discussion on how it is likely that once the case goes to trial a Judge would probably force the county or BOFD to cough up the damage award. Arnold, Ait=s not the first flashlight thrown and it won=t be the last thrown.@
     Also relating to insurance, the BOFD is renting a fire truck ( $1500.00 per month) after the BOFD unit was crashed into by a UPS truck followed by a State Road truck during the winter months. Big problems getting the damages paid for and the truck back on the road.
      The big issue of the meeting did not happen. Scheduled for a vote was the making of the now voluntary 911 fee, mandatory. Before the meeting, 911 Director Paige Willis along with Commissioner Jimmy Sams spoke with an area resident on the issue. Willis was adamant on getting the $2.00 per month fee mandated on all residents. Something about if one has to pay it, all should have to pay it. Currently of the 3600 phone lines in the county, less than 500 folks have refused to pay the fee. The little fat resident in the conversation contended: why mess with a system that is working, why mess with a system that has over 80% of the folks voluntarily paying the fee; why mess with a system that is not in the red; why mess with a system that can never be fair since folks without phone lines still can use the 911 system; how the CCC should not force people with fax lines and Internet only lines to pay several fees each month, and how the issue came up last time just before Jimmy Sams election bid and how then Sams refused to address the hot button issue. During the discussion, the question came up on the legal need to have public hearing before a vote could be taken. Anyway , it looks like the CCC will not vote on the issue until July 2001.
      Discussion continued on suing McKenzie Engineering over the company not completing the 911 addressing and mapping contract several years ago. Willis said other counties in the state that have used the McKenzie firm are unhappy with the services. County residents were promised years ago that when 911 was operational, emergency service employees could find the homes quicker since a computer generated map would be quickly available for the responders. So far no such system is in place in the county. A letter will be sent to McKenzie Engineering. As to why he was paid before completing the work, Sams,
@ We paid him. He wanted it.. That will never be done again... We messed up, I=ll admit it.@
      County Commission will now post their meeting agenda a full three days before a meeting in order to comply with Open Meeting Laws. CCC advised all other groups in the county to do like wise. Joyce White from the Ambulance Authority objected to following the law. NOTE: The School Board
=s meeting agendas are posted just one hour before the meetings. Hmmmm
      The first meeting of the new and improved Regional Clay PSD will meet July 10, 1:00pm at the Courthouse
     The Clay County Fire Dept asked the CCC to continue paying their natural gas utility bill. Sams read a note from the group that read,
@ if you can pay for the paint at the coon hunters building surely you can pay our bill.@ Clay Fire was referring to Ray James ordering 30 gallons of paint from Elk Valley Hardware to paint the old Boy Scout building a few weeks back. Tim Butcher gave the OK to purchase right after the CCC issued a moratorium on all un necessary spending. With the behind the scenes maneuvering of Butcher now out in the open, Commissioner Butcher explained that the CCC had Oked the purchase long before the moratorium was ordered.
      Sams was recently told that the county would receive 0 coal severance money this coming year. Sams,
Awe won=t get a dime next year.@ and here=s the cutey, it was also announced that the county had received some of Fayette County=s $ and now, Clay must pay that amount back.
      And now for the fun part. Lots of appointments and reappointments by the CCC. Most went as usual, the same old names to the various slots. RT Sizemore back on the Housing Authority; Lynn Sizemore on the Health Board; Gary Whaling back on Clay Roane PSD; ditto for Gene McClure, Don Jarvis, George Workman. And then the reappointment of Joyce White and Gene King back on the Ambulance Authority. With Ms White in attendance, first by Butcher, the appointment of Fran King and then the reappointment of Gene King...... White was quiet she didn
=t realize her days of public spotlight were nearly over. More committee appointments. White asked about her position. More appointments. Again White asked, not realizing what was happening. Finally, in what was probably Commissioner Sams slickest move to date, Sams said he didn=t want to appoint her since that would make an even number on the board. Zoom... still well over Ms White=s head.
Several in the audience sought answers from the anointed ones as to what was happening with the ambulance service and it
=s future in the county. Darius Arnold, Awhat=s wrong with it?@ Another man, AIt=s bad management!@ Mention was made of all the hard work done by volunteers and how could the CCEAA be in trouble with all the free help. Commissioner Butcher said the CCEAA is owed over $180,000.00 and a collection agency offered little hope of collecting the fees. Butcher said the best hope is for state government to cough up some free money. Butcher, Awe have given thousands and it doesn=t seem to help!@ Joyce White was unusually quiet. Arnold, AHow does General and Jan Care stay in business and you don=t fund them? THERE IS A LEAK IN THE BUCKET SOMEWHERE!@ Sams announced that the CCEAA had just taken the $38,000.00 court ordered escrow account and used it as well. Bragg mentioned that when the group started 6 years ago they started with $180,000.00 in surplus. Mention was made that when Director Jackie Pierson retires, that position will not be filled. Sams, AIf we bail them out, the CCC would be broke The bank [loan] is not the solution.... A Levy is the next option.=
       Again Ms White asked the CCC about reappointing her to the Ambulance Authority.
     CCC explained that Filcon Manufacturing had used all but $2800.00 of a $50,000.00 site development grant over at the Ovapa Industrial Site. The questions came up over whether Filcon could have used the money since Filcon owns the land and not the government. Mr Butcher explained that Filcon could use the money on private property. Note: There has been $20,000.00 set aside from the grant dollars for the needed 3 phase power installation at the site.
After the meeting, Joyce White spoke with Sams about not being reappointed. Sams had de appointed White and done so with skill and tact. Sams is growing. This ain’t over folks. Watch for this to turn into a shooting match at the next CCC meeting.