July 12, 2001

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Ambulance Station to Close and Layoffs too!!!
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Ambulance Station to Close and Layoffs too!!!
     After a stormy two years of mismanagement, the Clay County Emergency Ambulance Authority (CCEAA) announced Monday, June 11, that emergency services will be severely cut back to county residents. The blow to emergency response comes after 24 months of operating unchecked in the red.
      Over time, CCEAA board members have discussed the financial posture of the Ambulance Service but chose not to manage the much needed service into a sound financial position. During this two year period, the Authority
=s make up has changed considerably with one exception, Joyce White. Ms White was an original appointment by then Commissioner R.T. Sizemore over 5 years ago. Other current Board members include Chairperson Larry Cole, Gene King, Arlie Fulks and Duane Legg. When the CCEAA was formed to manage the ambulance service, the agency had over $225,000.00 in surplus. Today, the CCEAA is unable to pay their bills, has thousands of dollars in unpaid transports, and is in debt to the Clay County Bank for a $36,000.00 loan issued the last of June 2000. That loan allowed the CCEAA to make it through the end of last fiscal year. Back in Dec. of 2000, it was reported that some of the bank loan had been paid back.
     During a late June County Commission meeting, boardster Joyce White asked the County Commission to appoint three new Authority members of her choosing. White commented that they , the CCEAA,
@ needed someone with a brain@ on the authority.
      After over an hour of discussions, the Ambulance Authority voted unanimously to close the Big Otter Ambulance Station and the Lizemore office as well, effective June 15, 2001. According to Director Jackie Pierson, the shut downs will affect 9 employees who will be laid off. Mention was made that the layoffs and shut down of the stations may be temporary. However, no one at the June 11 meeting offered a solution to the financial problem nor a way to reopen the stations in the near future. Chair Larry Cole was absent from the June 11 meeting.
      The financial problems were identified months ago by Chair Larry Cole who sought the implementation of a $140,000.00 cost cutting plan. Fellow Authority members blasted Cole
=s plan and threatened to remove him from the CCEAA, labeled him a SOB, and member Gene King even refused to look at the written cost containment proposal. Cole=s five page proposal called for major cutback quite similar to those just made in the 11th hour by the CCEAA
     Both of the soon to be shut down stations were established by community volunteer efforts. In both instances, County Commission offered support to the volunteers with matching monies and equipment. Just two months ago, volunteers were able to pay over $18,000.00 for a new trailer to house the Big Otter response center. Prior to that purchase, the community action group received reassurances that if the trailer was purchased and set up, an ambulance service presences would remain in the far end of the county. Those promises appear to have fallen by the way side now.
      In the Lizemores area of the county, volunteers organized and operated the ambulance sub station over three years ago. First the group was housed in a portion of Ben Murphy
=s car wash followed by fund raising events resulting in the purchase of a used trailer established for the ambulances branch of the CCEAA. In this case, the County Commission provided matching monies for the group as well as purchasing a used ambulance unit. Efforts by the group to establish a fire department in that area are continuing.
     Never mentioned before, it was also announced that contract book keeper Marie Haynes has NOT been paid since April of this year. Again, the reason, no $$$. The Haynes contract is up June 15, 2001.
      For a more complete rundown of the entire sad affair, here goes coverage of the Ambulance Authority meeting held June 11, 6:00pm at the Health Dept building.
      With Chair Larry Cole absent, member Duane Legg assumed the Chair position and conducted the bi- monthly meeting. Present: Joyce White, Arlie Fulks, and Gene King as well as several ambulance service employees, bookkeeper Marie Haynes and one ace cub reporter.
      Legg mentioned that they will not opt out of the PEIA insurance program right now. He mentioned something about hurting employee moral with a cut in benefits. NOTE: What moral? PEIA cost is around $7,000.00 per quarter currently.
     CCEAA voted to undo a motion made two weeks ago that would have allowed for the sale of Ambulance 17. The $25,000.00 unit was purchased just two years ago and is now in need of $600.00 in A/C repairs. Director Pierson mentioned that mechanic Dana Holcomb had agreed to donate the $600.00 in parts to the CCEAA. Unit 18 was attacked by a deer and is in need of a face lift and another ambulance , unit 14, will get repairs and remain on the road.
     Last month, according to book keeper Marie Haynes, the Ambulance Service billed Medicaid $31,741.20; Medicare $32,979.; private pay and private insurance $15,676.; total $80,214.20. Haynes,
AThat=s down a little bit@. NOTE: of the $80,000.00 billed, it is estimated that the CCEAA will receive about 25% of that amount. As for the many unpaid for non emergency runs made for Laurel Nursing, Ms Haynes commented that those have been cut way back due to the Doctor there doing much of the medical upkeep on the patients in house. During the financial report, mention was also made that the number of folks paying the $25.00 voluntary ambulance fee is way down and that some run sheets that are supposed to be filled out by ambulance crews are missing and can not be billed for. Haynes, AIt=s now snowballing.@ As to getting more money for the CCEAA, Haynes, AA rate increase is exactly what we need.@
      And then reality set in. Gene King,
AWhat happens if we fold?@ Haynes,@ We are going to be forced to close the two stations..@ King, AThese old people and kids need this service..@ Joyce White, A We=ve got 29 people that are going to be without a job..@ From the peanut gallery and from Mary Hanshaw, A Jimmy [Sams] got elected taking the $25.00 fee off!@ BIG discussion on not having any money. Discussion on recent Abeggin@ expeditions to Sen Bird and Delegate Bill Stemple for assistance. Hanshaw, AEither cut back or shut down..@ Duane Legg would not speculate on how much longer the Ambulance Service could operate in the county under the current financial straits. Director Pierson mentioned that she had been donating $200.00 of her salary back to the agency each time in an attempt to help out along with private purchases for the service
      And then.. And then... under her breathe and not meant to be heard by the public, Joyce White quietly mentioned that the Clay County Bank refused to give the CCEAA another loan that would have allowed them to continue stumbling in financial limbo for a while longer. White, after questioning,
AJimmy Morris said no!@
      And now for the fine print. As of June 11, the CCEAA has $13,038.00 to their name and has two more paydays this month coming. Each pay day is around $11,000.00 plus benefits. As for suing more customers of the service, consensus was, the group does not have enough money to pay the up front court costs associated with a lawsuit. Additionally, some of those already sued are not paying the sum! Haynes,
AWe have won two of them but they never paid.@
      During discussion to close the Lizemore and Big Otter sub stations, words warmed up. One lardy peanutster raised H&*!! over the group working an employee and not paying her ( Haynes). Member Arlie Fulks questioned the savings of closing both. Currently the CCEAA only pays for utilities at each. Consensus: The only real savings is to lay off employees and have only one crew on duty at a time. Mr Legg raised concerns over resigned employee Joretta Gray continuing to do the financials as a volunteer. He centered on the financials not being up to date and with the most current figures.
As to paying just two weeks of what is owed to Ms Haynes, Legg,
@ That will break us..@
      King and Fulks led a discussion on contacting area businesses and the school system for financial help. Reply given was that that had already been done recently and little $ came in.
A We might as well close the two outside [stations]@. Joyce White referring to the Clay Co. Bank not agreeing to loan any more money,@ Jimmy don=t care@
     Mention was made that the very costly local dispatcher remain on duty while the county is also paying for the 911 service in Nicholas County. CCEAA refused to even consider stopping the redundant service. As to severing the $900.00 per month contract with Dana Holcomb for maintenance, ditto, Holcomb will remain for oil changes and more. Employee Joe Beets,
@ You are getting rid of people that make you money and keeping Dana to change tires and oil changes???@ As Ms White was defending the Holcomb arrangement, Mary Hanshaw,@ Joyce you are busted!@ Hanshaw, AWhy are there three crews a day with just a few transports??@
      Motion made by Arlie Fulks and second by King to close Lizemore and Big Otter stations June 15. Vote: Unanimous to close. Fulks,
AThere is no money, something has to give.@ White, A We are behind in our bills..@ The now approved motion will affect 9 employees.
     As to the County Commission helping out financially, White,
@ They don=t care!!@ Duane Legg, AThey ain=t done SH#*.@
     It was agreed that if volunteers wanted to work the outlying stations, they could since the CCEAA would keep the utilities on for a while.
       Note: the next regular meeting is scheduled for June 25 at the Health Dept building. However, posted on the front door is notice of a CCEAA meeting with the employees Friday June 15, 2001. Open Meetings Law violation anyone????
There you have it folks, after a long down hill battle, the CCEAA has broke the ambulance service. Say Thank You!
AW end

     A new to the area, government backed, private manufacturing firm appears to be in dire financial straits. Filcon Manufacturing located in Clay County over a year ago with financial support from the County Commission, Central Appalachia Empowerment Zone and the Clay County Business Development Authority. Filcon is currently housed in the old Rite Aid building on Main Street in the town of Clay.
     During the June 7 Business Development Authority (BDA) meeting, the motion was made and seconded to sue Filcon Manufacturing in Magistrate Court for long past due loan payments. According to Authority members, the group loaned Filcon $2850.00 last summer and the first monthly payment was to be made in Oct 2000. As of June 7, no payments have been received. The loan was made to provide funds for extensive electrical modifications for three phase power in the building on Main Street. According to BDA Chair Paige Willis, Filcon owner Manfred Kuentzer was approached three times recently to make good on the obligation. According to the loan agreement, if three payments are missed in a row, the entire balance is immediately due.
Filcon Manufacturing produces specialty air and fluid filters at their location.
      Commissioner Tim Butcher was first to play up helping Filcon get their foot in the door in Clay County. Butcher hyped the company proclaiming hundreds of jobs for the area. Commissioner Jimmy Sams used Filcon and the coming of 300 jobs in his election year campaign literature and advertising.
     How about that
Afoot in the door@ part? So far, the BDA out right loaned Filcon the money they are now suing to get back and agreed to give the company $90,000.00 in land if they would hire 10 full time employees.
Additionally, the Central Appalachia Empowerment Zone (CAEZ) loaned out over $125,000.00 in relocation expenses after CAEZ Director Jerry Sizemore visited with the then New York based firm and gave the thumbs up to the loan. Originally, Filcon sought $200,000.00 in relocation expenses
      Just four months back, Filcon landed in the Magistrate Court Docket over unpaid back rent. That court case was settled out of court.
     One Board member from the CAEZ confirmed that as of June 5 Filcon is now two payments behind with the CAEZ loan. On June 13, the CAEZ office manager, Michelle Morris, would neither confirm nor deny the past due status of the CAEZ loan.

follow ups
      In last edition, this newspaper listed over 50 folks that had been issued summons on their way overdue back taxes along with a couple warrants for worthless checks. Did the listing help bring in much needed taxes for the struggling county? According to Sheriff Harald Fields, yes. According to Fields, the day after the May 31 edition hit the news stands, his office received phone calls as well as the Deputy office. Fields felt certain that the exposure in the Communicator brought the folks forward.


  1. Nine of every 1,000 students were the victims of a serious violent crime during the 1997-1998 school year.
  2. Schools nationwide will have to fill an estimated 2.2 million teacher vacancies over the next decade, as teachers retire or quit and enrollment increases.
  3. West Virginia has 12,800 railroad retirees and family members.
  4. West Virginia is 2nd in the nation, next to Alaska, in ATV deaths.
  5. Multiple Sclerosis is the leading cause of Chronic Neurological Disease in young adults. Every week 200 new cases are diagnosed in the U.S.
  6. Coal fired power plants produce 96 percent of the utility industry=s sulfur dioxide pollution that causes acid rain.
  7. Nationwide it is estimated that windmills kill 10,000 birds a year.
  8. Only 1 in 20 people eligible to donate blood actually do.
  9. Statewide, about 34 percent of West Virginians have created instructions in advance, in case they become incapable of making their own medical decisions.
  10. President Bush intends to make deep reductions in the United States’ 7,200 nuclear weapons.
  11. Law enforcement agencies reported 670,800 arrests of girls under age 18 in 1999.
  12. Bob Peden Chevrolet Inc. in Clendenin has filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  13. West Virginia was the only state in the nation where the number of small businesses and employees declined from 1998 to 1999.
  14. Last year 365 million pounds of fresh cut flowers came into the United States from Ecuador and Columbia.
  15. There are 10,644 full or mixed blood American Indians in West Virginia, according to the 2000 Census.
  16. For the third year in a row, this state has recorded more deaths than births.
  17. Roughly 1 in 13 workers faces health risks from solvent exposure.
  18. About 67 million Americans and nearly all business travelers are enrolled in at least one frequent flier mileage program.
  19. A gallon of gasoline costs more than $5.00 in Hong Kong.
20.        Of an estimated 500 million internet auction sales last year, the FBI estimates that about 5 million were scams.

Magistrate Report

Criminal Cases
06-01-01: Guthrie - Charlene M. Copen, arrested for obtaining money under false pretenses, B&E, grand larceny - hearing set.
05-27-01: Guthrie - Jeremy S. Boggs, ROB for speeding and no POI; Nichols - Adam Neil Jones, ROB for obstructing; Nichols - Justin W. Jones, ROB for obstructing.
05-28-01: Guthrie - Linda Bergholtz, ROB for DUI, pled no contest, assessed fine, costs and 24 hrs. jail; Guthrie - Pamela Sue Lytle, ROB for driving on suspended/revoked 2nd and MVI.
05-31-01: Gregg Legg - Jason S. McClung, warrant issued - owner of vehicle that passed school bus; Guthrie - James Evert Holstein, ROB for domestic battery.
06-01-01: Greene - Bobby Lee Waugh, pled no contest to underage consumption, assessed fine and cost; Guthrie - Donald Carey Kerns, ROB for driving revoked for DUIA; Guthrie - Joseph A. Cummings, pled no contest to DUI, assessed fine, costs and 24 hrs. jail.
06-02-01: Belt - Ronald Pritt, ROB for domestic battery, motion granted for jury trial.
06-04-01: Belt - George Sellards, warrant issued for trespassing; Slack - Ronald Blankenship, ROB for violation of DV protection order; Slack - Curtis Simmons, ROB for trespassing and battery; Belt - Brad Stone, ROB for petit larceny.
06-05-01: McKown - Chazwick W. Reckell, pled guilty to DUI, assessed fine, costs and 24 hrs. jail.
06-06-01: Cunningham Motors, Inc. - warrants issued for Jennifer Brady, WC x 2, and Pam Lytle, WC x 2.
06-07-01: Clay Foodland - warrants issued for Mary Jane Truman, WC x 2; Sherry Jo Mullins, WC; Angela P. Bartsch, WC; Tammy Swindler, WC x 2; Vincent Samples, WC; Sizemore's IGA - Angela G. Turley, warrant issued for WC.
06-08-01: Slack - Angela Bartsch, warrant issued for obtaining goods under false pretenses; Slack - Ruby Elkins, warrant issued for obtaining goods under false pretenses; Slack - Chris Walls, ROB for battery; Slack - Leon Holcomb, warrant issued for driving on suspended/revoked 3rd offense and registration violations.
06-09-01: Guthrie - Lester Henry Jones, ROB for obstructing an officer x 2.
Civil Cases
05-28-01: Teria Morton - Stephen Morton, final protection order entered for DV.
05-30-01: Midland Credit Management - Lori and Bobby Dancy, $1,838.72
06-05-01: Clay County Sheriff's Dept. - Stephen Purdue, $75.70; St. Francis Hospital - Roy McDaniel and Linda N. McDaniel, $603.92.
06-06-01: Nichols Furniture and Appliance - Steven W. DeBoard, $3,743.21, subpoena, and James D. Truman, $865.36, subpoena.
Worthless Checks
06-01-01: Guardian Auto Glass - Jennifer L. Brady, $164.31, notice issued.
06-05-01: Procious Exxon - Wesley Adkins, $15.00 - paid 06-08-01.
06-06-01: Cunningham Motors - notices issued - VIRCO, Inc., $255.64; Paul A. Brown, Jr., $51.83; Chester Boggs, Jr., $30.00.
Traffic Citations
05-29-01: Sheriff's Dept. - Jobe E. Gild, Jr., seat belt violation; Jill Totten, operator's and seat belt violation; Stanley J. Truman, seat belt violation; Lawrence M. Wimer, seat belt violation; State Police - David Walker, speeding and no POI.
06-03-01: Sheriff's Dept. - Edgar L. Collins, speeding and no POI; State Police - Anna G. Conley, operator's.
06-04-01: Sheriff's Dept. - Amy D. Brown, seat belt violation; Matthew Allan Gill, driving on susp./revoked and no POI; Charles O. McCumbers, seat belt violation; Christopher Truman, no child restraint.
06-06-01: WV Dept. of Highways - Jeffrey C. Boggess, overweight, overwidth and overlength.
06-07-01: State Police - Stephanie A. Canter, operator's and no POI; Jeremy Gray, seat belt violation; Rebecca Nottingham, seat belt violation and operator's.
06-08-01: State Police - Russell P. Shearer, no POI.
06-10-01: Sheriff's Dept. - Jennifer D. Grose, parking violations.

      Primary Care Systems, Inc. located at Two Run and Big Otter remains in the news. Primary=s motto “We put the Care in Health Care@ may not be accurate. The non profit, taxpayer funded, health provider continues to operate away from the public eye. In an attempt to let the sunshine in, the following memo, dated Feb. 8, 2001 and signed by now fired Executive Director Gary Johnson, will offer another glimpse of the financially troubled inner dealings. The subject of the following memo was listed as : Organizational Downsizing. Here goes!
       The financial position of Primary Care Systems after the first six months of this fiscal year has required the Board of Directors to evaluate our various programs, services, and employment practices.
      The School Wellness Centers and Radiology Department were reviewed thoroughly during this process. It was determined that a reduction in staffing was necessary to bring the wellness centers within range of our state funding and budget expectations/requirements while the Radiology Dept is being eliminated completely due to its high cost. The reduction in staffing and service will take effect at the end of the workday on Friday Feb 23, 2001.
      The employee fringe benefit package will also see major changes. Effective immediately employees will no longer be paid for not participating in our health insurance. Additionally, employees should anticipate future reductions in their health insurance coverage and/or expect to pay a portion of the monthly premium. Exactly what change in coverage (i.e. 80/20 with $500 deductible ) and what percentage the employee will pay for personal and or dependent coverage is yet to be determined.
     Changes in our sick leave policy will also occur. While the final policy is still being reviewed by the Personnel Committee, staff should expect reductions in days earned per year and more stringent usage guidelines in the future.
      The evaluation process is ongoing and the changes discussed in the paragraph above do not represent an all inclusive list. Everyone needs to remember that we ended last year with a substantial loss and we cannot afford a repeat.

      Wow! Is it any wonder that the Board of Directors keeps meetings secret? Is it any wonder that some in the county are concerned about the quality of care when employees are being cut and cut and cut back? Is it any wonder that the county has great concerns over the local clinics even remaining open?
      In the last edition of this newspaper, we excerpted several quotes from a letter we received from an employee of the Primary Health. In response to our readers requests, the following is that same letter but in its entirety. Note: We did delete any reference to the employee’s identity.
..... have worked at Clay Primary Care for........ since April of last year, we have had 16 people quit their jobs. Some of these people had worked here for five years or more. There is a story here if you decide to seek.
     Not too long ago, we (all the staff members) were told we would be getting a raise in wages, we were took aside individually and told what the dollar amount would be and when the wage increase would take effect. On a Friday before the raise would have taken effect , the Director sent out a memo rescinding the raise. There had been a secret meeting and all decided we didn
t need to A make that much money here in Clay County.@ Now we are being told that the administrator wants to take away our benefits, some of ....... work mainly for the benefits. The truth is he has already started taking away our holidays.
      Patients have been approached in the waiting area regarding their bills and the amount they owe, in front of all those who choose to listen, can you imagine the humiliation these people endured? These patients have been told that they cannot see their physicians until their bills are paid. Is this not a Federally funded organization, a non profit organization? Are measures not taken to assure that all patients are suppose to be seen, assessed and treated regardless of socio-economic conditions? Patients are being turned away and not being treated, humiliated, due to socio economic reasons.
     Moral is at its lowest at the facility. Staff members are against other staff members. Laughter is a rare commodity. Physicians are being scrutinized for their lack of
Anumbers@. The administrator states that certain physicians need to see at least 28 patients a day in an 8 hour day to meet their numbers. This is the amount of patients the administrator feels the physicians need to see in order to compensate their wages, Fights over schedules are all too common.
     Now the administrator has approached the board members and gained approval to close the Wellness Centers at the schools. He will allow the high school Wellness Center to continue and also take on the Middle and (Clay) elementary. The outlying schools will be forgotten. The administrator feels that the Wellness Centers did not generate enough money. He most certainly does not feel concern for the well being of the citizen of Clay County. How many more outsiders are going to be permitted to come in and ruin everything we try to establish in this county.
      Patients are not being treated as patients, they are being hoarded through as fast as can be done in order to meet the numbers that the administration has established.
     No one at the facility trusts anyone that they work with, everyone is afraid of their jobs being in jeopardy. If you just ask around, investigate just a little, I do believe you may find there is much more going on here. Some believe that ....... is trying deliberately to close the doors to this facility.
     The people of this community are being deprived of much needed services and there is no end in sight. More and more staff members are threatening to quit and sick leave is at an all time high. If these doors close, whom will the sick and impaired go to for health care.
There you have it readers a little more insight into the county=s health care system. Currently interviews are being conducted for Mr Johnson=s replacement. Moral low, benefits taken away, a big turnover of employees, wellness centers closed, secret Board meetings, some employees getting high wages while other s get nothing, in the red $154,000.00 last year, etc.
     With the Board of Directors, Chaired by Max Moore, continuing to stop the public from attending any Board meeting, memos and employee letters may be the only way to know what
=s going on. Keep the memos coming readers and we=ll try to keep the public informed of the doings and goings ons of the County=s only clinic.

        Drivers For Food Inc., will start with this article to try in print to help everyone, from seniors to our youth, with recipes that are not only very tasty, but healthy. Most are easy to make and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
Some recipes are taken from very well known chefs and we have their permission to print them because we are a non-profit organization and no monies will be made from them. They will be published for the same reason our organization was founded, “Only to help others and not make money from the poor and elderly”.
        If anyone wishes to join in with us, recipes can be sent to Kay’s address below.
        For the first of many recipes, we will print, will be for Diabetic’s, but don’t let that stop you from trying them, because they are very tasty and healthy to boot.


        Serving Size: 1 slice, Total Servings: 10
2 pounds lean ground beef
l can (8-1/4 ounces) julienne carrots,
l can (13-l//2 ounces) mushroom stems
and pieces, drained
l can (2.8 ounces) French-fried onions,
1/2 cup egg substitute
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
3 tablespoons ketchup

1-Preheat the oven to 350 F. Coat a 5” x 9” loaf pan with nonstick cooking spray.
2-In a large bowl, combine the ground beef, carrots, mushrooms, onions, eggs substitute, and pepper; mix well. Place in the loaf pan and spread the ketchup evenly over the top.
3-Bake for 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 hours, or until no pink remains. Allow to sit for 5 minutes. Pour off excess liquid, if any, then slice and
Calories 247
  Calories From Fat 144
  Total Fat 16 g
         Saturated Fat 6 g
  Cholesterol 57 mg
         Sodium 325 mg
         Carbohydrate 7 g
         Dietary Fiber 1 g
  Sugars 1 g
  Protein 18 g


Serving Size: 1 sandwish, total Servings: 8
1 pound lean ground beef
        1 small zucchini, chopped
        1 small onion, chopped
        1 small tomato, chopped
        2 cups light spaghetti sauce
8 hamburger buns, split

1-In a large skillet, brown the ground beef, zucchini and onions over medium-high heat for 10 to 12 minutes, or until the beef is no longer        pink and the zucchini is tender.
2-Reduce the heat to medium-low and stir in the tomato and the spaghetti sauce. Cook for 4 to 5 minutes, or        until heated through.
3-Spoon over the bottom halves of the buns, cover with the bun tops, and serve immediately.
Calories        267
         Calories From Fat 87
Total Fat         10 g
         Saturated Fat 3 g
         Cholesterol 36 mg
         Sodium 586 mg
         Carbohydrate 29 g
         Dietary Fiber 3 g
  Sugars 8 g
  Protein 15 g

    (Please Note: By adding veggies to our protein is a great way to fill out and stretch our meals without going over the limits.)

    Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy it. Let us know of your favorite recipe. Just send them to me.

      Kay Kish
      140 Queen Road
      Clendenin, WV 25045

The State of West Virginia.
        Read with caution, especially Sections 2,3, & 4. In Section 3 under private lands make note that written permission from the land owner means a husband, wife, or children, and all other relatives still have to have written permission. You might also check with the land owner, (even if you have written permission to hunt on private property if they want you hunting on Sunday). Written permission to hunt unless spelled out does not give you the right to hunt on Sunday, unless the property owner said that it is OK.
     On Section 4 it is spelled out plainly, NO HUNTING ON PUBLIC LANDS. It is my personal belief only, that this is going to put a greater hard ship on our DNR officers, and the law will probably be enforced with a passion because it will take away from a lot of their family time. Now this is only my personal belief. The following is exactly how the law is written.
       This bill was signed by the Governor on April 30, 200l and becomes effective July l3, 2001. It provides for hunting on Sunday under the following conditions:
1. Hunting on Sundays is open in all counties
        beginning on July 13, 2001.
2. The Sunday before a big game season opening day (the Sundays before firearms deer, antler less deer, muzzleloader deer, bear gun season, spring wild turkey and second half of fall wild turkey) is closed.
3. On private lands, the hunter must carry written permission of the landowner.
4. No hunting on public lands.
       Should the County Commission wish to place the question of continuing Sunday hunting before the voters of a county, it is responsible for determining whether or not to place the issue on the ballot. If it is placed on the ballot, the election may be held in conjunction with a primary or general election or in a special election. Only a majority is required to determine the continuation of Sunday hunting in a county.
      If an election is held in a county to determine Sunday hunting and the issue fails, it may not appear on the ballot again for two years. If the voters uphold Sunday hunting, no election may be held to reconsider Sunday hunting for a period of five years.
     After July 13, 2001, hunting on Sundays will be permitted for such species that have no closed season (crows, coyotes, groundhogs). The first regular seasons to open will be mourning dove and the early goose season. All other laws and rules for hunting apply for hunting Sundays.
     Just remember the new laws. Because it might cost you more than just money! Just trying to keep you, the sportsmen, informed.
Thank you for your time,
Frank L. Kish, Jr.

     Just thought I would share this with you, as I work in the ticket enforcement division and in the course of my investigation into "fines, their payment methods, and how points are assessed against drivers licenses" we discovered something very interesting.
      If You Get A Traffic Ticket, this has been tried and it works. I tried to send this to everyone I know. I know that for a fact this works, so if you ever get in this situation, you have an out. We discovered that this procedure works in every state. Read it and try it, you have nothing to lose but the points on your license. This is how it works:
     If you get a speeding ticket or went through a red light or whatever the case may be, and you are going to get points on your license, then there is a method to ensure that you DO NOT get any points. When you get your fine, send in the check to pay for it and if the fine is say, $79, then make the check out for $82 or some small amount over the fine. The system will then have to send you back a check for the difference, but here is the trick!
***DO NOT CASH THE REFUND CHECK!!!*** Throw it away!! Points are not assessed to your license until all financial transactions are complete. If you do not cash the check, then the transactions are NOT complete. However, the system has gotten its money and is happy and will not bother you any more. This information came to our attention from a very reliable computer company that sets up the standard database used by each states' DMV.
There you have it folks, fresh from the world wide web!! Will it work? Well

Prevent Vascular Disease
        The Clay County Nutrition Site will host a one day vascular health screening event on Monday, July 26th, 2001. Life Line Screening, the nation’s largest mobile vascular screening service, will offer three health screenings using non-invasive ultrasound to assess the risk of stroke and vascular disease.
        The tests will include a Carotid Artery screening, an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screening, and an Ankle Brachial Index, which screens for Peripheral Artery Disease. Life Line Screening will also offer a bone density screening for women, which assesses the risk of osteoporosis.
        Anyone interested in the screening must register at least 24 hours in advance. Call 1-800-407-4557 to schedule an appointment for the tests, which are $40.00 each. All three vascular tests can be purchased for $99.00, a $21.00 savings. Also available at the screening site will be free information on stroke, vascular disease, and osteoporosis.

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Stumbler of the Week
by Andy Waddell
      Boy it=s hot. The summer temperatures are above average. For many in the county, during summer , water is in short supply. Our citizenry cries out for water.
     There is rarely a week that goes by that someone doesn
=t call Queen Shoals or Procious or Clay/ Roane PSD seeking a water hook up. Around here, it=s called Acity water@. Many of those folks have had their names on waiting lists for years. Many others have even paid deposits, Atap fees@ to help the local Public Service District financially with water line costs. While still others have petitioned the WV Public Service Commission seeking a Awaiver@ to the PSC instigated water moratorium. With the exception of a few PSD Board members themselves, very few Awaivers@ have been issued to the common man.
      Raise your hand if you fit into one or more of these categories. Look around at the other dry hands uplifted.
      Every election cycle, our politicians campaign on getting safe drinking water to the electorate. It now appears that the private citizen doesn
=t count for much. That=s the common citizen, the ones that pays the bills, pays his bank loans, appreciates kindness and the generosity of others.
      At issue here is Filcon Industries. Filcon received water service two weeks ago while private individuals have waited and done without for six years. Filcon asked the PSC for a waiver to the moratorium and was denied . Mr Slick himself, Jim Weimer from the WV PSC, got Filcon around the system. That
=s preferential treatment only the Aselect few@ are awarded. According to Clay/Roane PSD Chair. TG Cruickshank, Jim Weimer gave a Averbal A order for the water hook up. Cruickshank,@ That=s what he told us to do.@ The WV Public Service Commission has NOT lifted the long imposed water moratorium!
     As for Filcon being a good corporate citizen in the community, a company being trustworthy and responsible, that is covered elsewhere in this paper.
     With Commissioner Tim Butcher
=s back door support, Jim Weimer ordered locals to hook up Filcon over others who have waited for years. Local employees objected to the Weimer order and asked how he could do such a thing. When Weimer called Water operator Jennifer Traub, her question was@ What about all the others seeking water?@ Weimer=s reply amounted to Athis is different@. Mr Cruickshank from the Clay Roane PSD said that Weimer Oked the water service since Filcon would be using a very small amount at the construction site at Ovapa. That=s bogus BS, there is a stream on the property to supply Athat little bit@.
     Why does Commissioner Butcher
=s name come up? Because it was Commissioner Sams that did not want to do anything that may jeopardize the construction of the new water plant. Because it was Sams that said no to illegally hooking up Filcon. Is Weimer a Maverick, a Lone Ranger of sorts? We know that just two weeks earlier PSC=s Jim Boggess investigated the Ovapa site to make sure NO Amid night@ water tap connections had been made there.
     For those that try to play by the rules, forget it, you
=ll never get water. For those that think the WV Public Service Commission is on the side of fairness and even handedly applying the rules, forget it. As summer wears on and you are drinking frog pee, just remember that the company that reneged on it=s goodwill financial obligations to the taxpayer is the one getting preferred treatment with the water, not you.
Ahhhh Clayberry.