July 12, 2002

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A First For Clay County?
WV to Receive $87,500 to Improve Juvenile Justice System
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Clay County Board of Education Meeting


         Some news cycles are short lived. Others start and poop out pretty quick. For this every other week publication, a lot can happen between printings. Such is the case now with this edition and Clay County Development Corporation (CDC).
         For years the social service provider has made the news in a bad light for the most part. At the center of each of the controversies had been the staff and management of the million dollar a year non profit corporation. There have been fights, court cases, entire Boards tossed from office, questions on check writing, changing the by laws to keep the
Ainsiders@ inside. For the many in the county, the mention of CDC brings a side to side head shaking and a sigh. That tradition has continued during these last two weeks. A bunch has gone on including a filing with the Clay County Circuit Court to put the organization into public receivership.
         This front page story deals with the filing of petition for injunctive relief of receivership.Over the next several pages is the detailed back ground on several specially called meetings of the CDC and the resulting melee.
         Friday July 12, mid afternoon and after a grievance hearing to reinstate Pam Ramsey Taylor
=s job, CDC President Earnie Sirk took the paperwork to Circuit Clerk Mike Asbury who faxed the document to Judge Jack Alsop. Sirk commented after the filing that if he did not do something to try and protect the corporation, he felt the organization would be shut down for a variety of reasons.
         The following is the court document as submitted.
         Comes now Earnie Sirk and Sharon Mullins ( hereinafter both to be known when referred to collectively as the Petitioners) who pray that this Honorable Court will look favorably upon their motion for preliminary Injunction and who say as follows in support thereof.
         I Statement of Facts
         1 that the Clay County Development Corporation ( hereinafter the Corporation) is a WV Corporation doing business in Clay County WV, its offices are located at 172 Main Street, Clay WV
         2 that the Petitioners are legal board members of the CDC.
         3 That the Corporation
=s Corporate board presently has five vacancies and lacks subordinate officers, specifically a treasurer and secretary.
         4 that the by laws of the Corporation, Section 11 Article III, provide that checks must be signed by Corporation officers.
         5 That the staff of the Corporation consists of Betty Stalnaker, Executive Director, Janet Fitzwater, Corporate secretary, Wanda Keener, Brenda Baird, Beverly Vance, Faye Asbury, Pam Parsons, ( hereinafter the Staff).
         6 That selected staff, Betty Stalnaker, Pam Taylor, a discharged employee, Brenda Baird, Faye Asbury have undermined, controlled, misappropriated, and the personal property and real property of the Corporation and abused their fiduciary duty to the Corporation.
         7 That without officers, the payments and payroll of the Corporation are ultra vires and although the same may be ratified subsequently, there currently lack sufficient officers and members to approve and ratify the same
         8 that the Selected Staff of the Corporation, ultra vires of the Corporation
=s bylaws, have been writing checks against accounts of the Corporation without authorization of any officer and without the signature of any of any officer
         9 that the Selected Staff of the Corporation have unduly interfered with and undermined the actions of the Corporation
=s board and its personnel committee.
         10 that upon information and belief, the Selected Staff of the Corporation have made payments to an attorney on behalf of a discharged employee against the interest of the Corporation and their fiduciary duties as employees
         11The Selected Staff have used the premises and personal property of the Corporation for profit making enterprises thereby endangering the tax free status of the Corporation
         12 that the accounts and personal property of the Corporation are being depleted by the ultra vires actions of the Selected Staff
         13 That the Selected Staff are attempting to convene meetings of the General Membership through coercion and manipulation
         14 that Selected Staff wrongly have thrown legitimate members out of the general membership via notice of registered, certified United States mail in order to manipulate the outcome of votes to be taken on personnel matters
         15 that Selected Staff are conspiring to conceal their wrong doing from the Corporation and its legitimate board members by holding meetings with selected participants to ratify their actions
         16 that Selected Staff, per Betty Stalnaker, have conspired to defraud the Corporation
=s Workers Compensation obligations by concurring in a Worker=s Compensation claim by Pam Taylor for stress as a result of her termination for misconduct pursuant to section F, subsection 4, and such claim is fraudulent in as much as such stress was incurred after her termination and not a result of her work for the Corporation, and that such stress is the result of Ms Taylor=s own negligence and intentional tort against the Corporation and should not, therefore, be sustained as a claim against the Corporation
         17 That as a direct result of the actions of the Selected Staff, the Corporation is suffering harm to its finances and tax status and that such harm is likely to be irreparable harm.
         18 the Petitioners have standing to come before this Honorable Court and ask for relief
         19 that this Court has jurisdiction to hear a cause of action for injunction pursuant to State Code 51-2-2, as amended. The code states that:
AThe circuit court shall have..... original and general jurisdiction.... of all cases in equity
         20 That as a cause of action Petitioners argue that they would be successful in proving the misconduct of the Selected Staff, violations of the personnel policies and laws of the state of WV, the ultra vires actions of the Selected Staff, that monies and that personal properties of the corporation have been misappropriated.
         NOW THEREFORE, because Petitioners are likely to prevail in litigation on the merits of the issue discussed herein, Petitioners PRAY that this Honorable Court will ORDER as follows:
         1 That this honorable Court appoint a receiver, to be paid by funds of the Corporation, to oversee the payments of debt, payroll and security of personal property of the Corporation
         2 That the Selected Staff of the Corporation, specifically Betty Stalnaker, be ordered to surrender to the Circuit Clerk of this honorable court, the check book and other indicia of payment authority such as credit and debit cards, credit account approvals and all other similar instruments and that said instruments be turned over to the Receiver to be appointed by this Court
         3 That staff of the corporation, specifically Betty Stalnaker and Selected Staff and all persons acting under her direction, cease and desist in accruing further encumbrances, expenses and paying expenses of the Corporation.
         4 That the locks to the building be changed and keys provided only to the Receiver appointed by this honorable Court and its Clerk if the Court so desires.
         5 that the books and records of the Corporation be preserved and delivered to a receiver appointed to oversee the corporation
         6 That Staff of the Corporation be enjoined from holding, overseeing, directing or convening any further meetings of the General Membership of the Corporation
         7 That there be no waste, destruction, depletion, conveyance, sale or other transfer of the assets of the Corporation and
         8 That the Court grant such other relief as it deems necessary
         The petition was signed by Earnie Sirk.
         See the next page for The Evidence

          Getting this edition of the Communicator to the public last week just wasn’ meant to be. For two days last week, our ace cub reporter was hurling chucks and turning green at both ends!. For all of last week, one of the cranky computers went into a melt down phase and wouldn’ budge. Try as we did, the paper wasn’ going to go to bed Friday July 12.
          And maybe for a reason....
          As this struggle in news gathering rolls into it’ 7th year of near award winning coverage, we’e learned a thing or two. At the top of the heap is this: It never fails, just as the paper is ready to be printed some strong news story pops up and it usually happens the night before publication. Such was the case last week as meeting after meeting and argument after argument became public over in CDC land.
          In this edition, we have dedicated much space to the turmoil on Main Street, Clay Development Corp (CDC). The future is very cloudy for the county’ social service provider. When CDC falters, it’ the seniors that get hurt. It’ the people that are in need the most that get left out of the loop. What ever happens, be it another coup by the employees of the agency or Judge Alsop orders change there, rest assured, we’l keep you informed.... even if we are a few days late.
          CDC is at the cross roads readers as you’l read in this edition of the only source of news in the county, The
??? DID YOU KNOW ???

         1.        I would be wise to remember that the more adaptable you are, the easier it is to save face when circumstances suddenly change direction.
2.        Of the 21 million tourist who came to West Virginia in 2000, at least on fifth went to the “ace tracks”
3.        In several West Virginia counties, one in ten children in the federal WIC nutrition program tested “nemic”
4.        Males with tattoos are more likely to engage in violent behavior then those without tattoos. Girls with tattoos were more likely to have eating disorders and think more about suicide according to the June issue of Pediatrics.
5.        The federal government is adding 36 more highways to the list of scenic historic or recreational roads known as Americas By ways.
6.        More than 74 acres of West Virginia woodlands were sprayed for “ypsy Moths”in May in 2002.
7.        West Virginia lost 4,900 manufacturing jobs between May 2001 and May 2002.
8.        More than 1,000 illegal immigrants have worked on construction jobs in the state in the last five years.
9.        Melanoma kills more than 40,000 people each year worldwide.
10.         750,000 West Virginians filed federal income tax returns last year.
11.         Since West Virginia launched the problem gamblers help network. At least 650 people have called the toll free number.
12.         Hawaiia residents consume 5.3 million cans of “pam”luncheon meat each year, four times the national average.
13.         FBI agents have been contacting hundreds of dive shops around the country out of concern the next wave of terrorist attacks could be carried out by “cuba divers”
14.         Verizon of West Virginia plans to file an application with federal communications commission later this year to offer long distance service.
15.         The number of nursing homes and personal care homes that have lost their insurance is rising.
16.         West Virginia University is bracing for a surge in enrollment this fall due to the “romise Scholarship.
17.         A survey of high school vocational education programs by the National Law Center concludes that boys are more likely than girls to be steered into training that leads to high paying jobs.
18.         The state Division of Corrections will soon give less risky parole violators ankle bracelets and put them on home confinement to help alleviate over crowding in the states jails.
19.         According to a poll by a national travel magazine, the Greenbrier in West Virginia is the number one golf resort in the world.
    20.        Kool aid, America’ favorite soft drink was 75 years old last month. LMM


         I wonder how many recall that America was once invaded by people of a foreign culture? These invaders talked and dressed differently. They had different customs, a different legal system, and belonged to a different religion. The Americans tried to adjust to the strangers, allowing them some land to settle on. But the differences between the two cultures were too much, and the differences led to conflicts. The invaders became more and more ruthless, demanding ever more from the Americans.
         The Americans cooperated in drawing up legal documents that stated exactly what each culture would and would not do. These documents even stated exactly where each culture would or would not live. But the invaders simply would not obey their own documents. It was their right and obligation, under their religion and system of beliefs, to continue to crowd the Americans further and further from their homes.
         Some Americans thought they could learn to live with these strangers if they learned their language. It accomplished little except ostracizing some of the Americans from their own kind. Some Americans began to wear the same style of clothing as the foreigners, thinking that if they looked alike they might get along better. This did nothing to improve the situation. They were just Americans wearing different clothes. Other Americans felt that they could live alongside the invaders if they accepted the strangers
= religion. This failed, too, and many American converts were murdered even as they prayed to the strangers= God.
         Having tried everything they could, the Americans turned to violence. They would deal with the strangers in the same fashion they were being dealt with. Unfortunately, the strangers were better armed and far more ruthless in their tactics. The Americans suffered more losses than wins. It became clear to the Americans that they had no option but to capitulate.
         The Americans were moved from one location to another, each time being promised that this was the last move. They suffered deprivation and abuse at the hands of the very authorities that were charged with seeing to their needs. Humiliated, shamed and abused, many Americans turned to liquor to ease their pains, which merely justified the invaders taking even harsher methods in dealing with them. Eventually the Americans became a thing of the past. All of their land was claimed by the strangers, under the invader
=s own laws. The culture, religion and way of life of the Americans were gone, replaced with those of the invaders.
         If this sounds farfetched, I recommend rereading the history of the colonization of America. Those Americans were the natives of this land and the invaders were

         Much of the CDC controversy has centered around employee Pam Ramsey Taylor. Ms Taylor was fired by Director Stalnaker in June 2002.
         Prior to being fired, Taylor was called on the carpet for actions relating to: Purchasing of non food items without authorization, insubordination, illegal use of a lap top computer, and using the center (CDC) for monetary gain.. During a specially called meeting , June 3, 2002, and according to the meeting minutes, a ruling was handed down by the Personnel Committee. The minutes read as follows,
AAfter the committee discussion, they called other members back into the meeting and made the following decision. Pamela Taylor was to be given one more chance, if she fails and does anything against the Corporation, she will be dismissed immediately.@
         Pretty strong words and pretty strong charges against her, but, what got her fired just three days later during yet another special meeting of the Personnel Committee? As has been noted in prior editions of this paper, the firing was a result of Ms Taylor taking CDC funds during a February 2001 Knickerbocker Photography Fund Raiser event. Also during the meeting, Director Stalnaker was reprimanded for her part of the undercover deeds.
         During that June 7, 2002 encounter, even the sanitized meeting minutes reflect the ranker among the group. Here
=s an example from the official minutes, AGary Whaling asked Ms Stalnaker what she had to say about the information presented to her. She was asked by Mr. Whaling if she had any knowledge of what had went on or if she was asked by anyone if they could have a fund raiser. Mrs. Stalnaker informed the Committee that , No, she did not give permission for the fund raiser to take place. Mr. Whaling asked Mrs. Stalnaker if she felt Pamela Taylor had made personal gain from the fund raiser. Mrs. Stalnaker stated that she felt Pamela Taylor and Lisa Slack did. Whaling, AI have known Mrs. Stalnaker for a long time and I feel that she is an honest person, that she was not aware of the details regarding the charges against Pamela Taylor but that these serious charges that the committee could not ignore and that they would have no choice but to ask Betty Stalnaker to dismiss Pamela Taylor.@
         Also in the June 7 minutes comes this note of division from Eunice Thomas,
AEunice Thomas informed the committee that she would not go along with the decision of the committee and that she was resigning from the Board of Directors.@
         Near the end of the Taylor firing meeting one other note is mentioned in the minutes,
AMr. Sirk asked that Betty Stalnaker be placed on probation or reprimanded by the committee. The committee decision is that Betty Stalnaker be presented with a written reprimand.@
         So what is the proof against Taylor? Just below is a copy of the check the Knickerbocker Company sent to CDC. When Pam Taylor tried to cash the check for her own use, the Clay County Bank refused to allow such since the check was made out to Clay Development Corp.
         After the bank stopped the check cashing ,Taylor went back to Stalnaker for help. Ms Stalnaker ordered that a vendor check be made out to Taylor for the $500.00. Below is the in house transaction slip indicating that Ms Taylor actually did pocket the $500.00.
         Now remember readers, don
=t tell anybody that you=ve seen these documents. Clay Development wants to keep everything hush hush. Mums the word.
         Stalnaker ordered that a vendor check be made out to Taylor for the $500.00. Below is the in house transaction slip indicating that Ms Taylor actually did pocket the $500.00.
         Now remember readers, don
=t tell anybody that you=ve seen these documents. Clay Development wants to keep everything hush hush. Mums the word.

         The week of July 8 thru 12 brought still more special meetings to the very troubled Clay Development Corp. A special Board of Directors meeting was held July 10 followed just two days later by a Personnel Committee meeting to hear a grievance filed by fired employee Pam Taylor. Taylor wants her job back.
          First the June 10 meeting. Attending the meeting were Ernest Sirk, Euince Thomas, Peter Triplett, Gary Whaling, Kathleen Morris, James Duffield, William Eagle, and Sharon Mullins. From the Staff were: Betty Stalnaker and Janet Fitzwater. Now the excerpts from the meeting minutes of June 10th.
         AMr Sirk made a statement that Eunice Thomas was no longer a board member because she resigned from the Board at the Personnel Committee Meeting on June 7, 2002. Ms thomas explained that she did not resign....@
         AMr Sirk asked Mr Eagle if the letter he signed ( Mr Eagle=s signature is one of the five signatures needed to call today=s special Board of Directors meeting) was explained to him and did he know what the meeting was about. Mr Eagle stated that ,No, the letter was not explained to him and that could not see to read it and that Pamela Taylor presented the letter to him for signature.@
         A Mr Sirk asked Janie Patterson if the letter she signed ( Mrs Patterson=s signature is one of the five signatures needed to call a special Board of Director=s meeting) was explained to her. Mrs Patterson stated that No, it was not explained to her and that Pamela Taylor presented the letter for her signature.@

         A Mr Sirk asked James Duffield who he represented on the Board. He stated that he represented the Boy Scouts. Mr Sirk presented a letter to the Board from Franklin Childers dated July 8, 2002 stating that his representative on the Board was Bud Thorne and that he did NOT sign any letter sending James ( Jimmy) Duffield as his representative on the CDC Board of Directors. Gary Whaling made the statement, why was this meeting called when Pamela Taylor called the meeting. If the meeting was called by Pam Taylor, it is an illegal meeting.@
         See what
=s happening here readers? Fired employee Taylor went behind the scenes and organized a special meeting in an attempt to get her job back no matter what. Know what else is happening? Czar Sirk knowing that the AClan@ is working hard to get Taylor back to her old job and him off the Board, was fighting back. Of the five that signed for the meeting, one couldn=t even read the letter requesting the meeting while another didn=t know what was going on behind the scenes. In another slick move, Wide Glide had documentation, another signer of the letter, Jimmy Duffield wasn’ even a board member to start with!
         And now some insight into the power struggle at CDC. Again from the official meting minutes of June 10.
A Mr Sirk asked Ms Stalnaker about the letter sent out to the individuals who were informed that they would not be allowed to remain on the General Membership. Ms Stalnaker stated that the letters were sent out by Janet Fitzwater, Corporation Secretary, and that she had no idea. Mrs Fitzwater stated that she tried to talk them out of sending the letters. Mrs Stalnaker stated that Mrs Fitzwater did no such a thing.@
         And finally from the minutes,
@ The meeting ended without a motion to adjourn.@
         OK so much for the official version of the meeting. Although top secret and away from the prying eyes of the public, we understand that a bunch more went on during the meeting. Like Stalnaker was called a liar twice! Like Jimmy Duffield called Sirk
A a big fat A** drunk from Ivydale!@ before the heated discussion was stopped!
         The meeting was stopped. The tempers had once again flared. The remaining Board members were split down the middle. Whaling was pulled to supporting his life long friend, Betty Stalnaker. Pam Taylor was working behind the scenes to get the cherished position back and this attempt flopped!


Richer than the Rockefellers
         A tale of generational love

         By Ron Gawthorp
         Holly Hill Publishing Company

         The task of writing a review of a book written by one
=s friend is a daunting prospect, potentially fraught with peril, a problem, it is hoped, that needs no further elaboration here, except to say that such apprehension was dispelled within the first few pages of Mr. Gawthorp=s novel.
         It is a fine book, and as some reviewers are fond of saying, a
AThumping Good Read.@
         Set in southeastern Illinois, beginning with the early summer of 1939, the story gets under way with the introduction of Abner, the patriarch of the Roby clan, and a looming presence in the tale, even after he has departed this earth, shuffled off his mortal coil and probably, considering his granite integrity, joined the choir invisible.
AAB@, as he is called, is a stern but fair disciplinarian, a loving and faithful husband, a true man of the soil, the kind we found in abundance in small rural farmers during the early 20th century before the giant conglomerates swallowed up the agricultural industry.
=s love of the land has an almost mystical quality. He knows every tree, every birds nest, the contours and colors of his modest acreage.
         He is familiar with the bounties of nature as well as her whims and frequent cruelties. What is paramount to Ab
=s existence, the very survival of Grace, his wife and three sons, is work. We are reminded that AAb and Grace had learned early in life that the land did not feed the lazy.@
         It has been rightly said that
Athe basis of drama is conflict@, and Gawthorp provides it almost immediately.
         The relative serenity of the Roby clan as well as their neighbors in the fictional town of
ACentury@, which the author describes as Aa smiling place in my mind@, is disturbed by the stunning impact of an oil boom.
         The locals know that despite the economic promise, their sleepy region will never again be as it was. The Apple of Eden has been eaten again, and into the area arrive the hard-driving, irreverent and colorful mavericks of the oil fraternity.
=s three sons: Lee, Wade and Phil, respond to this changing scenario in a process as old as time itself - eaglets becoming eagles with the need to leave the nest.
         Fed up with farming and its limitations, particularly the economic, they set out to learn the oil business.
         It is this aspect of the novel where Mr. Gawthorp, with his experience in the oil industry particularly excels. There is no intent here to ignore the fact that the author spins a fine yarn, or that he has created memorable characters in this dangerous, hardscrabble profession, but it is in the mastery of process that the novel has its strongest impact, at least for this humble reviewer. There is so much detailed information in this study that the reader almost feels that the book could be read as an elementary text for drilling as well as basic geology.
         On a personal note: it is a tribute to Ron Gawthorp
=s modesty that I, although I cannot speak for others, have known him for a number of years but did not know any of the information at the back of the novel.
         We both graduated from the same undergraduate university, hence, I know something about the area. What comes, however, as a surprise is the following: Gawthorp...has won several journalism awards including the William Randolph Hearst Award for feature writing.
         In 1969 he served as a U.S. Army reporter in Vietnam and in the late 1970's left the newspaper industry to work in the oilfields. He has worked many years as a salesman of oilfield equipment and industrial supply in the Midwest and Appalachia. He has two novels in progress.
         I have deliberately avoided a lengthy treatment of plot in this review, but it must be said that the story involves three generations of Robys, a deft mixture of danger, failure and success, triumph as well as tragedy.
         Ron Gawthorp
=s first novel is an impressive beginning. It is good news that there is more to follow. I hope you will read it. After all, he is one of us now.
                  Reviewed by: Robert Clarke
=s note: Author Ron Gawthorp and columnist Bob Clarke reside in Buckhannon,


         Never a dull moment in Clayberry with the Clay Development Corp meeting every 30 minutes or so. The following is coverage of their July 12 Grievance Hearing during a STORMY Personnel Committee meeting which was opened around 11 am. Needless to say, as the meetings get juicier so does our commentary. Be warned readers!
=re all sitting around the large conference table. Tension is high as nearly all the Board is in favor of returning Pam Taylor to employment. Sirk feels the mood of the assembled. Remember this is suppose to be a meeting of the five member Personnel Committee. Jimmy Duffield, a Board member but not on the Personnel Committee, was told to leave. A very bitter Duffield called Chair Earnie ( Wide Glide, Czar, Mayor, Osama bin) Sirk a bunch of nasty names. Duffield did not leave! The idea was to have a bunch of Taylor supporters at the hearing to influence the decision.
          Director Stalnaker said that the firing of Taylor was illegal.
         Trying to break the lock grip of the Ramsey lead crowd, Sirk asked who their attorney was. He got no response. NOTE: Sirk knew that an attorney, Ben Bryant, had been hired from Medicaid funds to defend the employee the Board fired just a few weeks earlier. Sirk got warmed up along these lines,
@ If the Board paid for the attorney, WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!!!@ Sometime later Stalnaker admitted that they had hired an attorney without the Board knowing about it and the cost was $175.00 per hour.
         As for the agency being lily white as Stalnaker and Sirk had said months earlier, Stalnaker corrected herself. Stalnaker had been forced to testify in Charleston on charges of Medicaid fraud last fall. Papers had been served on her and the Board never knew about it!!!
         With no lawyer present terminated employee Taylor played a tape of a conversation having to do with the Knickerbocker scheme to line her pockets. After the meeting, some of those in attendance felt that the tape was bogus and fabricated. As the tension swelled, Boardster Sharon Mullins had tears in her eyes after being yelled out by Ramsey supporters.
         Several times during the gathering, Sirk declared the meeting illegal. After Taylor spoke up, Sirk showed copies of where the CDC paid Ms Taylor the $500.00 in question. NOTE: A copy of that check is elsewhere in this edition.
=s a good part readers. Taylor admitted that she Adone wrong@ and asked for her job back ,@ I shouldn=t be fired for just one mistake.@ The crowd was swayed, Gary Whaling was the first to speak up in support of rehiring an employees that jeopardize the future of the non profit tax exempt senior service provider.
         After saying that the meeting was illegal several times, Sirk stopped this Friday meeting and left the room with Sharon Mullins, and Peter Triplett. Ramsey supporters stayed behind and huddled.
         NOTE: Whaling has already given his resignation letter to Sirk before the meeting. Keep that in mind! One more Board member gone.
         The three headed for the Courthouse. Sirk went up stairs to file paperwork to stop the illegal activities in CDC land. Only Sirk and Mullins went up stairs. Downstairs Triplett commented that there hadn
=t been a meeting and that he didn=t know what was going on upstairs. Hmmmmmmm
=s what we saw. Sirk worked up the document found on the front page of this edition, the Temporary Restraining Order that would put the CDC into receivership and under Court guidance until they could get back on even ground. Sirk paid the $105.00 filing fee in the Circuit Clerk=s office.
         After leaving the Circuit Clerk
=s office, Sirk took a copy of the CDC by laws over to the Clay County bank. The by laws note that it takes two officers of the corporation to sign any check. Currently employees of the CDC have been signing checks. Since the bank examiners have their heads way up Scotty Legg=s hiny, it is felt that the Clay County bank will have to honor what the by laws of the group mandate. Translation: Watch for a bunch of Aholds= to be put on outstanding checks already in the system
         12 members of the General Membership committee have called for special meeting Tuesday, July 16 at 1 PM. On the agenda is the call to: Dissolve the Board of Directors and Agencies and elected officials, and Election of Agencies, elected officials and board of Directors. So who called the meeting? At the top of the list was Gary Whaling, the same guy that put his resignation in writing on the 12th.
         Since Friday evening, there have been knew developments to report. It
=s a mess readers.
         See what
=s happening now? Just as it happened in 1999 when the last Board of Directors was tossed, the new Board is about to be tossed. In 1999, three employees of the CDC including the Director were fired by the Board only to have their actions over turned by Circuit Court Judge Jack Alsop. The cases and counter cases lasted for months. In the end, the family run organization stood and the three got their jobs back. It was that same A Select group@ of workers that overthrew that Board in >99 that is being scrutinized by Sirk and it is that same crew that is again calling for the ouster of the Board.
         Back then, in 1999, the
ASelect Employees@ pushed hard to get Sirk in office feeling that he would be on their side when more prying eyes came. During Sirk=s term in office, many of the safe guards for public scrutiny were removed. His actions as President and leader of the pack are about to come back and bite him in the butt.
         Watch for Sirk to be tossed out of office for the new supporter of underground activities, Gary Whaling. What? Jimmy Duffield was suppose to be the next CDC Board replacement! That
=s all changed now since Whaling has shown strong allegiance to his life long friend, Betty Stalnaker. Can Earnie survive this latest attack on his house cleaning operation? From the outside looking in, Sirk=s only hope is that his request for a Restraining Order is granted by the Circuit Court and done before the Tuesday Over Throw meeting at 1 pm. At best that=s 50/50. As for the downward spiral of the biggest provider of social services in the county,.... watch for the trend to continue until some group can finally come inside the agency and do a complete house cleaning.
         One last note: As of Sunday evening July 14, 2002, there has been no word on any Court decision on the restraining Order.                                        AW

         Silence Solves Nothing Horns of a Dilemma!!

         The White House
=s rampage against any and all who dared utter a word was so furiously partisan that it suggested a defensiveness that no one knew was there. Dick Cheney suggested that any one who dared criticize the administration was getting in the way of the war effort. Incendiary commentary by opposition politicians is thoroughly irresponsible and totally unworthy of national leaders in a time of war.
         There are worse things than party strife, and one of these is artificial bi-partisanship that suppresses real differences, promotes double standards, and seeks to silence legitimate inquiry. TRUE DEMOCRATIC LEADERS do not fear accountability, and do not hold themselves above the law. More and more, however, we are finding that the aim of national government is directed at denying freedom of information AND bullying citizens whenever they choose to disagree. We should remind politicians that the constitutional right of
>freedom of speech= was instituted as a deterrent against power addicted individuals who find it difficult to discern between legitimate rule and practice, and that of a creeping dictatorship. AFigures do not lie - but, liars will figure.@
         AWe have no choice but to address the policies made at the highest level of our government, which helped to bring us to this point...To do otherwise is to be irresponsible and unprepared in the face of a ruthless enemy whose objective is to kill many more Americans...@ So says Rush Limbaugh, the darling of the ultra stingy, kick >em while they=re down, all mouth and no ears, self-proclaimed definer of all that is religious, and the last bastion of patriotism in these United States of America. Mr. Limbaugh, who sees no merit in any legislation or program designed to help the common man; that personality who has made several fortunes, NOT in defense of constitutional concepts, but as a mouthpiece for an administration who has perverted the electoral process, AND those Wall Street types who have pillaged the State of West Virginia and the coal producing regions of this nation. He speaks for those who are turning our fair state into a moon-scape likened to a war zone. Our people are suffering mightily while Limbaugh and his ilk are wallowing in the lap of luxury; all of which is taken from the hides of hard-working American citizens.
         Meanwhile, back in middle-America, our infrastructure is falling apart; air, land, and water pollution increases day by day, exacerbating human diseases such as heart attack, strokes, cancer, glandular malfunctions and the like. AND, with every legislative session, America becomes less free!!
         Our system of governance has been taken over by professional (?) legalists whose intentions are in direct conflict with constitutional guidelines. It is government by proxy - guided behind the scenes by the rich and powerful who have INFILTRATED the ranks of high public office to protect and enhance the fortunes of mega-conglomerates - to continue the ancient tradition of placing more and more power into the hands of less and less people; a backward march through time - back to the days of royalty. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT: the trend in this country is towards social control at every level of society - wrought, as it were, by the skillful manipulation of public thought processes via the media, social experimenters, and government agencies who tell us that they know, better than we, what is best for us. IT
A First For Clay County?

         Approximately five years ago, Drivers For Food, Inc. requested money from the Clay County Commission to help pay for their 501C-3 license for a charitable organization for the people in Clay. Frank Kish, who requested this, stated that if they would only have faith in him, he would pay them back when the organization was able to do so.
         This organization draws very little funding from anyone or anywhere because, apparently, they are not
Apolitically correct@ by not paying salaries to their workers and board members. Other organizations in Clay with well paid staffs, that are run by either out-of-county or in-county groups, get the majority of all funds. Drivers For Food, Inc. have held to their guns and have no paid employees and manage their money so the needy people in Clay get the funds - not certain families or individuals.
         They saw fit this year to do the unthinkable...and that was to repay the Clay County Commission the $1000 which was advanced to Drivers For Food, Inc., under a good faith agreement. Mr. Kish said,
AA man=s word is his bond, and if a person breaks their word they=re useless to everyone.@
         Hopefully in the future, Drivers For Food, Inc. will continue to grow and be able to help more people in need in Clay County. TK
WV to Receive $87,500 to Improve Juvenile Justice System

         Washington - Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) announced an $87,500 grant from the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) to the West Virginia Division of Criminal Justice Services (WVDCJS) to improve the state
=s juvenile justice system. Under the grant, WVDCJS will be able to continue current incentives and further improve the state=s juvenile justice program in four specific areas.
         AI am pleased to announce this grant to the West Virginia Division of Criminal Justice Services,@ said Rep. Capito. ABy working to strengthen our juvenile justice system, we can rehabilitate our troubled youth so that they may contribute positively to our communities.@
         The WVDCJS has outlined four specific areas for improvement: appointing more personnel to investigate claims, identifying alternatives to school suspensions and expulsions, implementing an after-school job preparation program, and standardizing assessment procedures for juveniles.
         Rep. Capito continued,
ASo many times, a young person can make a mistake that negatively affects the rest of his/her life. This grant will help take preventative steps to make sure that West Virginia=s young adults get the second chance they so often deserve.@
         In a partnership with the Department of Health and Human Resources, the WVDCJS will work to screen and assess the mental capacity of juveniles to ensure that they are placed in the proper environment. Also, the WVDCJS intends to give some of the grant funding to Youth Services Systems in Wheeling, WV, which will operate the after-school job training and preparation.
short shorts

          You’l notice down in the property transfer posting that Clinton Nichols turned over 2 tracts of property to J-R Ventures on June 28, 2002. So who is J-R Ventures. The WV Sec of State’ web site notes that the company formed in Jan of this year is owned by Renee and Jacob Nichols. By checking the Index of Liens in the County Clerk’ office, on the same day as the property transfer, the Bank of Gassaway took a $165,000 lien against the property. The two young Nichols will pay back the note at 8.750%, 180 payments of $1,649.09 per month and due the 28th of each month. Jeff Davis represented Clintooon Nichols in the matter.
          The Clay County Bank foreclosure sale on Clinton Nichols’holdings is scheduled for Tuesday July 16 at 10 am.
         In last edition when we mentioned Kay Battles
= name during coverage of the June 18 General Membership meeting of the CDC. We misspelled it. Sorry Ms Battles
         CAEZ met July 2 and once again Clay County, the reason for a Central Appalachia Empowerment Zone, was under represented. In a long standing tradition of under performance, our County Commission rep Mathew Bragg was absent for the 6 month in a row. Additionally, Johnny Morris, Linda Rhodes, and Ben Murphy let the people they represent down by being no where to be seen.
         Clay All Stars played some kick butt and take the names baseball during the District Championship action July 12, 13 and 14, 2002. On the 12th, Clay knocked the socks off the Gilmer team 16 to zip. In the single elimination endeavor, heavy duty rain stopped the scheduled 2 pm game Saturday. By Sunday evening, the field was again in tip top shape as the Clay sluggers slammed 5 runs in the first inning. Final for the game against the almost always on top Elkins, 157 to 0..... Just kidding readers, the final score was 7 to zip.
         Clayberry is heading to the State Tournament round robin action July 20, 21, and 22 . First game for Clay is Sat at 1pm. GO CLAY ALL STARS!!!!

          The following are listed property transfers as of Thursday July 11 in the County Clerk=s office.
          June 3 David Wayne & Ruby Alane Morris to WV DOT, $2100.00
          June 5 Albert Casey to Betty Casey, 71 acres, husband to wife, $0; Betty Casey to Samuel and Barbara Sevilla, parent to child, 71 acres, $0.
          June 6 Harry and Patricia Stanley to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp, $149,750.00; Martha Truman to Martha Truman and Robert J Dickerson, 4.67 acres, parent to child.
          June 7 Gloria Samples Butcher to William A Burdette and Gloria Smith, 1 2 acre, $13,000.00; Elinor Shoop to Raymond and Nancy Jones, 46 acres, $60,000.00; Frances Linger to David W and Sherry J Pierson, 46, 93 1/4, 20, 6, and 5 acres, $60,000.00 considered value; Todd Woods, Jimmy Woods to Cynthia Woods, value less than $100.
          June 11 Phyllis Newhouse to Shirley Hogue, $6000.00, .29 acres
          June 12 Avis S Moore, Adminsirix to Larry L and Jessie Pauline Call, lot 15,16,17, and 18, surface, $58,000.00; Gary L Moles to Verizon, right of way, Jones Branch, $350.00; Ralph Black to Verizon right of way, Jones Branch, $50.00; Donal Jones to Verizon, right of way, Jones Branch, $50.00.
          June 13 Cecil Woods to Shea Wilburn Osborne, 6.10 acres, $1200.00; Gary and Lesha Butcher to Erwin Shawn and Elizabeth Megan Thorne, $10.00, lots 30 and 31.
          June 14 John R King to David W Thomas, 2 lots $6500.00
          June 18 Calvin Thorne to Herman Thorne, parent to child, lots 9 and 10
          June 19 Chessie Welch to Danny and Cindy Neal, 23 acres, parent to child; William D Adkins to Mildred Carter, $48,000.00, .29 acres.
          June 20 Quit claim Deed, $5000.00, deed book 154, page 224, lot Anna F Schiavone
          June 21 Thomas Boggs, et al to Kent and Eloise Boggs, 2 tracts, $12,500.00; Deed of Correction, Frances E Linger , formerly Frances Sutton, to David and Sherry Pierson, 5 tracts
          June 25 Bill Taylor to Cynthia Taylor, 39 acres; Anne Elizabeth Dietz to MGHD Lands, Inc, 67, 34 2, 41, and 46 acres, coal only; TC Lands Inc to ADQ, LLC, 49 ,28 acres, 34 acres and 20 acres; NGHD Land to MGHD Lands, 33 acres, coal only; Priscilla F Seiwell to Dexter Gale Johnson, 2 tracts, less than $100.00
          June 26 Clay Mt Housing to James B White and Karen White, 2.35 acres
          June 28 Sharon and Steven Hicks to Lucas and Michelle Ramsey, 38 and 2.951 acres, less than $100.00; Geraldine McVoy to Clarence R & Nancy Pauley, $16,000.00, lot 5; David Wayne Hill to Elizabeth Hill, 2 parcels; Nancy Holcomb to Sarah Jane Taylor, parent to child, 2.4 acres.
          July 1 Floyd and Opal Sargent to Ernest C Deems, 3 acres, less than $100.00
          July 1 Clinton and Beverly Nichols to J-R Ventures, 2 tracts in Town municipality,, lot 95 and lot 96, $165,000.00 considered value, NOTE: this instrument was rubber stamped with: REVIEWED BY ASSESSOR; Laura May Samples to Lenise and Kenneth Lawson, $25,000.00, 2 tracts surface
          July 3 Noah Salisbury to Freda Goad, 33.582 acres, $8000.00; Tommy W and Bonnie Kay Campbell to Tommy W and Fred Eric Campbell, gift; Ruth Moore and Phillip D=Onofrio to Duane and Phyllis Moore, 6.75 acres, less than $100.00; Ruth Moore to Duane Moore, .43 acres, less than $100.00; Ronald and Carolyn Smouse to Jerry Williams, $2500.00, lot 125.
          July 5 Wayne G White to Virginia White, 1031 acres, minerals, less than $100.00; Darrell Keener to Jack and Artie Melton, 2 tracts, $300.00; James W Kearns to Duane E Moore, $1000.00, 162' x 30' x 125' x 110'
          July 9 Cendant Mobility Financial Corp to James R and Joretta Hissom, 70 1/ acres, $136,000.00; Jeffrey Davis, trustee to Villa Land Co, .55 acre, surface, less tan $100.00


         06-11-02: Slack - Peggy Conley, retaliation (05/22), hearing continued to 07-16-02.
         06-27-02: Delk - John A. Hively, child neglect (06/07), trial continued by defendant to 07-22-02; Belt - James Dale Jackson, DUI-3rd offense (06-17), probable cause found; bound to Circuit Court.
         06-29-02: Guthrie - Nancy Christine Butler, DUI-3rd offense, arrested, ROB, hearing set.
         07-09-02: Belt - Robert Owen Johnson, malicious assault (06/04), indicted by the Grand Jury in the Circuit Court of Clay County.
         06-27-02: Belt - James Dale Jackson, DWR for DUIA and escape from home confinement, arrested; Clay Supermarket - Jeremiah L. Jones, warrant issued for WC; The Kitchen Restaurant - Christopher Canter, WC X 2, arrested, ROB on condition all checks, costs, and fees on or before August 5, 2002; Rider - Terry Harper, brandishing X 2, arrested, ROB; Ellyson - Paul David Price, destruction of property, appeared, pled no contest, assessed fine, cost, and restitution.
         06-28-02: Slack - Patrick Morris, domestic battery and dest. of property, arrested, ROB; Guthrie - Patrick William Morris, possession marijuana less 15 gms, appeared, ROB.
         06-29-02: Guthrie - Nancy Christine Butler, registration violations, arrested, ROB, trial set.
         06-30-02: Collins - Keven Dwight Lipscomb, obstructing an officer and public intoxication, arrested, ROB, trial set.
         07-03-02: Delk - Steven Douglas Hill, failure to dim lights, appeared, ROB.
         07-05-02: Belt - Robbie R. Gragg, DWR/DUIA, no POI, and registration violations, arrested, ROB.
         07-08-02: Ellyson - Trisha Rene Bess, false information, arrested, ROB.
         06-28-02: Clay County Sheriff
=s Dept. - Manfred Kuentzer, money due.
         07-08-02: BB&T Bankcard Corp. - Brenda Runyon, money due X 2.
         07-10-02: Clinton Nichols - Paul and Cindy Dotson, wrongful occupation.
         Worthless Checks
         Notices Issued -
         06-26-02: Clay Supermarket - Mary Murdock (paid 06/28); Donna Marie Smith (paid 07/03); Tonya Sayre X 2; Paul A. Brown, Jr. (paid 07/05); Cunningham Motors - Sally B. Legg X 3; Sally
=s New Image Styling X 6.
         06-28-02: Polly Samples - Donna Marie Smith.
         07-02-02: Clay Farm Cooperative - Angela Williams; Donna Beasley; Cunningham Motors - Christopher D. Canter X 4 (paid 07/03); Subway - Christopher D. Canter X 2 (paid 07/03); Clay Supermarket - Christopher D. Canter X 5 (paid 07/03).
         07-03-02: Clay Supermarket - Jessica Walters; Melissa Lockhart (paid 07/09).
         Traffic Citations
         06-14-02: Sheriff
=s Dept. - James L. Loving, MVI and no POI.
         06-15-02: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Silvio Veinci Cucit, possession of ginseng.
         06-17-02: Sheriff
=s Dept. - James Dale Jackson, registration violations, driving under the influence-3rd offense, and no POI.
         06-18-02: State Police - Joyce M. Walls, no POI.
         06-20-02: State Police - Sheri L. Burdette, no POI; John H. Cunningham, defective equipment and no POI.
         06-21-02: State Police - Richard W. Ahart, MVI and no POI.
         06-22-02: DNR - Stacey Dickey Bowen, fishing violations.
         06-23-02: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Joseph R. Broce, speeding.
         06-24-02: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Channing Cutlip, possession of marijuana less 15 gms; DNR - Randall W. Duncan, fire arm violation and hunt from vehicle; State Police - Paul David Pric, destruction of property.
         06-25-02: State Police - Lyndon B. Metheney, defective exhaust; DOH - Marshall Barnhouse, overweight, over width, over length.
         06-26-02: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Sherry Davis, no POI and failure to maintain control.
         06-28-02: State Police - Patrick W. Morris, possession marijuana less 15 gms.
         06-29-02: State Police - Nancy C. Butler, driving under the influence and registration violations.
         07-10-02: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Roscoe Falls, no POI.

          The following are new civil cases on the Circuit Court Docket for Clay County as of Friday July 12, 2002.
          02-C-32 First Select vs Sara Tuck, amount owed $2499.11; Clay County Bank ( Attorney, Kevin Duffy) vs Clinton Nichols, owed $241,000.00, $88,668.24, $119.029.28.
          02-C- 35 Ford Motor Credit vs Branty & Lea Burnside, past due obligation, $5,971.84.
          02-C-36 Clay County Commission, Business Development Authority vs Manfred Kuentzer, complaint and motion for ejectment of Grantee, lien on property by Bank not allowed, Filcon failed to maintain a business presence in County; Complaint answered by Clay County bank attorney Kevin Duffy July 8, 2002.
          02-C-38 (appeal) Walter Schoonover vs Melaine Grose
          02-C-39 Chris Legg vs General Motors Corp, Lemon Law case on 2000 Chevy Silverado purchase from Telford Chevrolet, A repeated non conformities@, problems with traction control, fuel system, and transfer case, legal notice sent to WV Sec of State office
          02-C-40 Tamie L and Terry Lewis vs Beverly and Clinton Nichols and Elk River Inn, Tamie fell down exit steps at Inn, Oct 6, permanent injuries; Terry, husband, suffered loss of consortium, society, and companionship.
          02-C-41 Robin L Walker vs Garry Baker, etuis; waste and damage by decedent, slander of title, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty of good faith and fair dealing, and outrageous conduct.
          02-C-42 Paul Smarr, Administrator of estate Christina Dawn Smarr vs Tina M Birch, money to compensate said estate for wrongful death and damages
          02-C-43 Norma Chapman vs Lynn O=Dell, notice o hearing before Judge Alsop August 19, 9:15 am, O=Dell hired to care for lady , $50.00 per day, Relief sought, $1200.00 plus costs
          02-C-44 Dallas Underwood vs Henry & Elaine Stutler, mobile home on property of plaintiff and trash and debris of defendant on plaintiff property, Relief sought: clean up trash and establish true boundary line.
          02-C- 45 Landcor Inc vs Eileen McCoy & Geraldine Alexancer & Jack McCoy, land dispute
Clay County Board of Education Meeting

         Re-elected Members Take Oath of Office

         Monday, July 1, the Clay County Board of Education met for the first of their twice monthly regular meetings, at their administrative office building in Clay. All members were present: R. B. Legg, Jr., O. Gene King, Fran King, Scott Legg, Jr., and David Pierson, Jr. The only other meeting attendees were the usual administration staff - Superintendent Jerry Linkinogger, Assistant Superintendent Larry Gillespie, Business Manager/Treasurer Loretta Gray, Director of Student Services Larry Legg, new-to-the-job Director of Special Education Jenny Sirk, and Director of Federal Programs Kenneth Tanner.
         After offering prayer board President R. B. Legg opened an organizational meeting. Newly re-elected to the board this May, members David William Pierson, Jr., Fran Denise King, and Scott Legg, Jr., took the Oath of Office by reciting,
AI,..., do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of West Virginia. And, I will faithfully discharge the duties of office of Board of Education member to the best of my skill and judgement, so help me God.@
         Election of officers was quickly wrapped up when Gene King made motion that they leave R. B. Legg as president and Scott Legg did the same for King, making motion that he remain as vice president. David Pierson made motion both to re-elect Fran King as the RESA representative, and to leave board meeting times unchanged - the first and third Mondays of the month at 6:00 p.m. All motions passed unanimously.
         After closing the organizational meeting, newly re-elected President R.B. Legg called the regular meeting to order. Board approved the agenda, the previous meeting minutes with one change (Scott Legg said that he
=d voted Anay@ on the new policy forbidding coaches from working two or more varsity sports), and payment of current bills. A budget transfer of $67,644.24 and budget supplement of $155,304.39 was approved, Linkinogger explaining the supplement as money collected from taxes, the fitness center, and teachers tuition payments. The transfer money was left over amounts from various accounts.
         Loretta Gray gave a short financial update. She said that for June they had received more tax dollars than usual for June, and also money collected from teachers taking the masters program at H.E. White Elementary. June expenditures included the SBA (School Building Authority) project and three months salary for the 10 month employees that have their salaries pro-rated for 12 months. Referring to the end of the fiscal year, Gray said more money was coming into accounts receivable that would have to be hand posted. Examples she gave were $200,000 coming from the CAEZ (Central Applachia Empowerment Zone), about $175,000 for 3 months insurance premiums, about $110,000 from State Aid, probably $150,000 in Title I money, and probably $50,000 Class Size Reduction money. Linkinogger said they should be in the black with all the money collected.
         Board approved employment for the following: Karen Knopp as Pre-school Teacher at Clay Elementary (new position), successful bid.; Shawna Taylor, previously on substitute list, as Resource Teacher at Ivydale/Lizemore Elementary Schools (Tina Witt
=s former position) for 2002-2003, successful bid; and, Larry Ramsey as assistant boys varsity basketball coach at Clay County High School (CCHS) for 2002-2003. Linkinogger said that Ramsey was the only person to apply for the position, that all the coaches had talked and decided not to bid on the position, apparently in support of the Ramsey hire. Anissa Collins= transfer from Clay Middle School (CMS) to CCHS as volleyball coach was approved, successful bid.
         Linkinogger asked for and was given permission to post for a Behavioral Disorder Teacher at CCHS for 2002-2003, pending approval of the Special Education budget. He told the Board that Special Education Director Jenny Sirk was concerned that 15 new students were coming into CCHS from the middle school and there is currently only a half BD teacher at CCHS. Linkinogger said the position would be posted only if money to cover the cost could be found within the Special Education budget..
         Board approved another new job for 2002-2003, that a position for WV Graduates Program. Linkinogger said they
=d had the program before but lost it. The program is to work with kids about to graduate to help them find jobs and follow up on their progress. He said it was another position to employ someone, and would pay $23,000 plus benefits. Linkinogger said, AIt looks good,.@on a grant written to the Benedum Foundation for funds for the position. He said the Board=s end would be $10,000.
         Last, Board renewed their property insurance with Nationwide Insurance Company for the 2002-2003 school year. Coverage was increased, and cost increased about $5000. All motions passed unanimously.
         Scott Legg commented that money given to TSA had been well spent. He noted that 14 Clay County TSA students were in the national top ten, and 40 WV kids had placed in national competition. Clay currently has two state officers.
         The only discussion topic on the agenda, and the last item, - Update on 4-H Camp, Larry Caudill - was held in executive session. R. B. Legg announced that Mr. Caudill had requested that the update be given in closed session, and Board voted to do so at 6:30 p.m. Linkinogger excused the remaining staff to go home, saying there would be no other business following the session. Next meeting of the board July 15, at the Clay office, 6:00 p.m. TK

         Classic Chicken and Dumplings
         Preparation Time: 40 minutes
         Servings: 12 - Serving Size: l cup
         COST PER SERVING - $0.43
         1 cut-up chicken (about 4 lb) - reserve the breast for another use
         3 quarts water
         2 cubes reduced-sodium chicken bouillon
         1 medium onion, finely chopped
         2 ribs celery, finely diced
         1 carrot, peeled and finely diced
         1/4 tsp garlic powder
         1 tsp dried parsley flakes
         1/4 cup all-purpose flour
         1 cup cold water
         3 cups biscuit mix
         1 cup fat-free (skim) milk
         1) Place chicken, 3 quarts water, bouillon, onion, celery, and carrot in a 2-gallon stockpot. Cover and bring to boil over high heat.        Reduce heat to medium and cook for 30 minutes or until meat is tender and pulls away from the bone.
         2) Remove chicken from broth. Skim fat from top of broth. Discard fat. Debone chicken. Discard skin and bones, shred meat, and return shredded meat to defatted broth.
         3) Add garlic powder, salt, pepper, and parsley and return to boil over high heat.
         4) In a liquid measuring cup, dissolve flour in 1 cup cold water, whisking well. Add to boiling liquid and stir until slightly thickened.
         5) Place biscuit mix and milk in a medium mixing bowl and stir to combine. Drop by tablespoons into boiling liquid. Reduce heat to medium, cover pot, and simmer for 20 minutes or until dumplings are fluffy; gently stir periodically.
         Exchanges: 1 1/2 Starch - 1 Very Lean Meat
         Calories 157 - Calories from Fat 9 - Total Fat 1 g -
         Saturated Fat <1 g - Cholesterol 19 mg - Sodium 472 mg -
         Carbohydrate 27 g - Dietary Fiber 1 g - Sugars 5 g - Protein 10 g
         Preparation Time: 15 minutes
         Servings: 4 - Serving Size: 1 cup
         COST PER SERVING - $0.54
         2 large cucumbers, peeled and thinly sliced
         1/2 medium onion, thinly sliced and separated into rings.
         1/2 cup fat-free mayonnaise
         1 Tbsp + 1 tsp white vinegar
         1/4 tsp dill weed
         1 packet NutraSweet artificial sweetener
         1) Combine cucumbers and onions in a serving dish. In a separate bowl, whisk together mayonnaise, vinegar, dill weed, and sweetener.
         2) Pour dressing over vegetables and toss to cost. Cover salad and chill for 30 minutes for best flavor.
         Exchanges: 2 Vegetable
         Calories 45 - Calories from Fat 5 - Total Fat <1 g -
         Saturated Fat <1 g - Cholesterol 0 mg - Sodium 215 mg -
         Carbohydrate 9 g - Dietary Fiber 1 g - Sugars 5 g -
         Protein 1 g
         Diabetes Food Goals for You
         DID YOU KNOW.....The first diabetes diet recommendations were made in Egypt in 1550 B.C. and consisted of wheat grains, fresh grits, grapes, honey, and sweet beer. Times have changed! The American Diabetes Association nutrition recommendations stress on overall healthy eating plan. Several nutrients deserve special attention. These are:
         vitamins and minerals
         Enjoy.. until next time..
         Kay Kish