JULY 26,2001

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Magistrate Report

     During a tension filled County Commission meeting Tuesday, July 24, Prosecutor Jeff Davis informed Commissioners that he would pursue court action against the CCC if office staff funding is not restored to his office. At issue is the position of the Asst. Prosecutor and a secretary spot as well.
      Our County Commission has provided funding for an Asst. Pros. slot for the past three years. The spot was first filled by Brian Lanham and then later, for a brief period , by Dan Dodson. Commissioner Jimmy Sams has commented that county finances are
Ain a pinch@ and that is the reason for the cut backs. In addition to the loss of the Asst.=s spot, long time secretary Farah Facemire recently resigned and that position is not being funded by the CCC ( three blind mice).
      Full details of the heated discussion are printed elsewhere in this edition of the paper. In addition to what was said during the CCC meeting, Mr Davis was interviewed afterwards for a more complete picture of the situation his office is in.
@ The County Commission is required and I stress that word to not only fund this office but they are required to meet with the individual office holders. They can=t just arbitrarily cut a budget.. ... across the board just start slashing the budget. They have to look at the duties and the responsibilities in each office and each employee in that office and probably weigh and evaluate that.”
      Are you saying that wasn
=t done? Davis,@ It should have been done sometime (before) they arbitrarily said they are not going to fund your Assistant.@
     You have asked for an Evidentiary Hearing? Davis,
@ Yes, what evidence do they have before them as to the necessity of an Asst. just me saying that I need one?@
     The Assessor
=s office has had five people for years in it. Isn=t that more established than the Asst. you have had for three years? Davis,@Only if you look at the duties and responsibilities will I prevail on this. The duties [of the Prosecutor] are a Constitutional obligation. I want to stress this again. This office not only represents this county but also the State of WV . This is the only office that has that sovereign power. We=re not just county, we are also State. They have to fund us properly. I have to be able to fulfill my obligations here and they have to come up with the money even if they have to cut somewhere else to do it.@
Maybe it=s your poor management style. If they gave you X dollars to operate with for 12 months and you can=t do it, maybe it=s your poor management. Davis,@I have operated on X dollars for 12 months for three years now. Now they are wanting to cut it out. Crime has not decreased. My Constitutional obligations have not decreased. They are expecting me to operate on two people where we were operating on four.@
Davis continued, AYou cannot treat all the offices in this Courthouse alike. They have different responsibilities. When you weight those offices, whether you like it or not, there are differences in importance on where the money needs to go.... It=s just like saying they [CCC] are not going to fund any Deputy Sheriffs this year. They can=t say that without having some evidence that it [the spending] is not necessary. It was necessary last year and now it is not??? It doesn=t make since.@
So what=s the next step after the evidentiary hearing you=ve called for? Davis,@We are going to have a Hearing before the County Commission. I am going to go down there and present my case. I am going to show them the amount of cases we are doing this fiscal year. I am going to lay out for them the obligations, duties, and responsibilities of this office.... and see if they will fund it [the office] after they have all the facts...@
And if it doesn=t go that you get your Assistant and secretary position? Davis now a little more reserved, Davis,A If they do not fund the office where I can operate it properly, The next step is Circuit Court. I am prepared to do that if it becomes necessary.@
      Does this aggravate you? Davis,
AIt does. Could you tell I was aggravated?@ Mr Davis was referring to the very tense time just hours earlier during the County Commission meeting. Davis, now referring to the snide remarks made by Commissioner Jimmy Sams,, A.. To be honest I didn=t know what to expect there. The little remarks that were coming forth, those are what aggravated me. Little barbs. The barbs got me.@
      Is the County Commission headed for another lawsuit? Will the Prosecutor get his office staff back? Will other county offices have to give up staffing so the Prosecutor
=s office can function? Stay tuned.
AW end

follow ups

-In last edition we reported Ambulance Authority member Fran King=s now famous quote about peeing on the bank. As a follow up, we need to add that King made it in jest and was referring to all the good benefits that Ambulance Service employees receive as county employees.
-As a follow up to Filcon in deep doo doo over not paying the payments on their $140,000.00 CAEZ loan, we can give an update. Filcon had been given a July 15 deadline for bringing the note up to date or fear court action. We can now report that as of July 23, mid day, Filcon has NOT made good on the CAEZ delinquency nor has the owner Manfred Kuentzer made good on his promise to make current the past due payments on a $2800.00 Business Development Authority loan.


  1. For the 27th time in the last 28 years, West Virginia leads the nation in the export of electricity.
  2. At least 49 positions in the State Police are vacant and by years end another 20 to 30 are expected to retire.
  3. Nationwide, about 8 million women and 2 million men have osteoporosis.
  4. Head and facial injuries account for 22 percent of all Soccer injuries.
  5. Each year an estimated 1 million minors take up smoking.
  6. Salmonella in eggs is believed to cause as many as 125,000 illnesses a year.
  7. Nationally, half of all fatal accidents involving drivers older than 80 are intersection collisions.
  8. Americans who reach age 65 are now expected to live another 18 years.
  9. Men=s claims, now account for 13.5 percent of all workplace sexual harassment charges.
  10. When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.
  11. Between 1999 and 2000, there was an 11 percent increase in the number of Americans who tried to purchase guns from Federal Licensed Firearms Dealers.
  12. Only 60 percent of ATVs= in West Virginia are titled.
  13. The total number of temporaries working in all state agencies is 3,785.
  14. More than once a week on average, a run-way collision is avoided only when a pilot moves his airplane out of the way at the last moment.
  15. There are more than 100,000 cell phone towers within the United States.
  16. Men age 35 and older living in Mississippi, West Virginia and Kentucky are more likely to die of heart disease than anywhere else in the nation.
  17. No major hurricane, one with winds of at least 111 mph, has made a direct hit on a densely populated area in more than 50 years.
  18. US students devote only 7 percent of class time to study a foreign language.
  19. According to the ASPS, dogs bite 4.7 million Americans each year, sixty percent children.
Wisdom lies not in reason, but in love.
- Andre Gide


short shorts

        - Sometime back, this newspaper reported on a defamation of character lawsuit filed against Matt Coronet and Barringer Trust, a coal management property group. The suit was brought by plaintiff Tim Butcher and family. Butcher sued Coronet over a defamatory letter from Coronet centering around activities taken by the Butcher family on Widen coal property. The letter, according to the petition filed with the Circuit Clerk, made Areference, inference, implication, innuendo and insinuation@ to some acts of vandalism, the growing of marijuana, the building of cabin there and the killing of a deer there out of season.

        -An Oct 6 letter from Judge Jack Alsop dismissed the suit saying,
@ .. Said parties jointly move that all claims, causes of action, and counter claims between the plaintiffs and defendants be dismissed, with prejudice from civil action... It is further ordered that the Counter claim raised by the defendants in their Answer against the plaintiffs shall be likewise dismissed with prejudice. The parties shall bear their own cost and expense occurred in the prosecution and/or the defense of this civil action..@

        -Clay County
=s Ambulance Authority (CCEAA) has over the years gone after many folks that have not paid for an ambulance run. Whenever things get financially strapped, as has been the case the last three springs, someone from the group is appointed the task of digging up the files and taking the dead-beat payers to Magistrate Court. Not everyone gets taken to Magistrate. One such person is Jeff Davis. And Yes, we confirmed it with Mr. Davis himself, he has owed a bill to the CCEAA for over 7 months.

Scanner Chatter

      Lot=s can be heard over the emergency services frequencies on the scanner. A case in point would be chatter July 24 as fire units responded to a false alarm of a fire just past the high school. Listeners could hear the new high dollar 911 radios breaking up and not transmitting properly. Mention was made over the air waves that maybe the radios needed checked.
     Just a short while later one of the firemen made mention that the new building housing the 911 radio equipment at the base of the tower had never been air conditioned as promised . Without air conditioning, and according to the chatter, the high dollar equipment can not operate correctly.
      For those that sat through all the 911 hearings over four years ago, on several occasions, it was noted that broadcasting gear needed to be in a controlled environment. Paige Willis is 911 Coordinator for the county.


     All county government agencies are mandated by State Code to turn in the upcoming year=s budget to the Clay County Commission prior to the beginning of the new fiscal year, July 1. Most agencies do so in March for Commission review. The budget is used as a tool to properly manage the taxpayer funded program and to provide the service during the next 12 months. Following budget guidelines generally insures the agency to Alive within their means@ and NOT fall in the red as the year comes to a close the last day of June annually.
      As of July 24, and according to County Clerk Judy Moore, the Clay Ambulance Authority has NOT turned in their 2001 - 2002 budget as required by law. Now 26 days into the new year and without a budget to live by, it
=s no wonder the Ambulance Authority remains in financial trouble.

From the PSC Web


At a session of the PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA in the City of Charleston on the 20th day of July, 2001.
CASE NO. 01-0861-E-P
ELK POWER COMPANY, Petition for certification of revenue deficiency associated with the 20% Rate Discount Program.
On June 26, 2001, Elk Power Company (hereinafter the Company), a corporation, filed P.S. C. W.Va. form No. 234.10, pursuant to Article 2C of Chapter 24 of the West Virginia Code and G. O. No. 214.6 of the West Virginia Public Service Commission. The Company's filing indicated that it had experienced a revenue deficiency in the amount of $5,119.65 for the billing months of December 2000 through April 2001 as a result of the implementation of the 20% rate discount year.
All of the operating divisions of the Commission have had an opportunity to review the filing and, by Final Staff Memorandum prepared by David Kennedy, Utilities Analyst, Special Studies Section, Utilities Division, dated July 13 2001, and filed July 16, 2001, the Commission's Legal Division submitted the Staff recommendation in this proceeding. Commission Staff is recommending that the amount of $5,119.65 be certified for use in its computation of B&O taxes on a non-revenue basis (
''11-13-2o). As of January 1, 1998, electric utilities will be assessed a B&O tax liability strictly on the basis of kilowatt hours. Thus, no tax adjustment to the requested revenue deficiency is needed.
Upon consideration whereof, the Commission is of the opinion that a revenue deficiency in the amount of $5,119.65 should be certified pursuant to General Order No. 214.6 and Article 2A of Chapter 24 of the West Virginia Code.
Elk Power Company has experienced a revenue deficiency in the amount of $5,119.65 as a result of the implementation of the 20% rate discount program December 2000 through April 2001. (Joint Staff Memorandum filed July 16, 2001).
A revenue deficiency as recommended by Staff should be certified as the revenue deficiency experienced by Elk Power Company as a result of the application of the 20% rate discount program, pursuant to the requirements of General Order No. 214.6 and Article 2A of Chapter 24 of the West Virginia Code.
IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED that a revenue deficiency in the amount of $5,119.65 be, and it hereby is, certified as the revenue deficiency experienced by Elk Power Company as a result of the implementation of the 20% rate discount program for the billing months of December 2000 through April 2001 program year, pursuant to Article 2A of Chapter 24 of the West Virginia Code and General Order No. 214.6.


     In Clay County, Boil Water Orders are frequent. Some BWO=s come and go without the public even knowing about them or for that matter, what a BWO means. The following memo was issued back Dec 16, 1985, found in our archives and comes from the Director of the Office of Environmental Health Services
      Boil Water Orders are issued by the Environmental Engineering Division to a water supply purveyor to correct the violation(s) when there is clear evidence that a public water supply is micro biologically contaminated to a point where a public health hazard exists.
      All Boil Water orders to public water supplies will be authorized by the Director, Environmental Engineering Division or his designee. Recommendations that an Order be issued may be made by any Office of Environmental Health Services
= staff member, local health officer or sanitarian. Prior to the Order being executed, the appropriate Assistant Director of the Environmental Engineering Division shall verbally notify the following: 1 Public Water Supply Purveyor; 2 Office of Envir. Health Service District Office; 3 local health dept.; 4 WV Dept of Human Services Div of Social Services and Health Facilities Unit; 5 County Board of Education; 6 Public Health Sanitation
      In cases judged to be of extreme emergency by the Director of Environmental Engineering Division, an Order may be issued without regard to any time schedule. In all cases, the entities listed above shall be verbally contacted. Sanitarians in counties served by water supply systems under a Boil Water Order have the responsibility to take the necessary actions which will assure that all establishments are notified.

Ms. Eddie

     Thought I should get busy and once more say hello to everyone. Such a beautiful day, I know we need rain, but let=s enjoy what God gives up.
Had a great day at work today, thought of home in your lovely state, and how much I love visiting there. Was like a road trip.
We have trees here, but none like the ones in W.Va. That we had a home made swing in - sometimes a tire. They were so much fun, seemed like we were really going so high. Then we had to share with the other kids. Can you believe it? We shared so much, after a while and a few smacks on the bottom, even the swing.
     So, I worked four hours, took a trip back in time, feel so relaxed. Feel so lucky to have known all the love and freedom of growing up in your state.
Until another time, God bless. If I were there, I would try to hug each of you.
-Ms. Eddie


The following info was gleaned from the WV Public Service Commission web site. We don=t know what it all means but we guarantee that it will effect you
CASE NO. 00-1741-PWD-19A
PROCIOUS PUBLIC SERVICE DISTRICT Rule 19A application to increasewater rates and charges.
By Commission Order entered December 19, 2000, this matter was referred to the Division of Administrative Law Judges for a decision to be rendered on or before July 18, 2001.
On July 13, 2001, Meyishi Blair, Staff Attorney, filed a motion for a ninety (90) day extension of the Administrative Law Judge decision due date. Staff states that additional time is needed for prepare a cost of service study and submit a further recommendation in this matter.
WHEREAS, the Commission finds the Staff's motion to extend the Administrative Law Judge decision due date reasonable and it should be granted.
IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED that the aforesaid Administrative Law Judge decision due date of July 18, 2001, be, and it hereby is, extended until October 18, 2001.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that if the participants desire an extension of the foregoing decision due date, they may seek an extension only upon formal application to the Commission.

Think Green Sustainable Fair 2001

     For Immediate Release; July 19, 2001 CONTACTS: Denise Poole (304) 522-8409, Myra Bonhage-Hale (304) 269-7681WESTON, WV--"Think Green" to think in theme with the Sustainable Fair, set for July 27-29 at WV Wesleyan College. The fair offers participants a chance to explore many aspects of sustainability, including sustainable agriculture, energy, architecture, transportation, health, water, music, art and social networking. Margaret Krome, of the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in Wisconsin is the keynote speaker for Friday, July 27. Her topic is "Building Better Communities." Krome's speech and the Friday agriculture workshops are sponsored by West Virginia University's Extension Service. She will discuss the many sources of grants for rural development. David Holm, of SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education - USDA) will speak on "Getting Successful Sustainable Agriculture Grants for Farmers and Growers." Following his presentation, Tom McConnell, with the WVU Extension Service, will introduce five West Virginia farmer/growers who have received grants. They will discuss their research experiences and findings. Maureen Rogers of the Herb Growing and Marketing Network will discuss principles of marketing herbs. Other workshops will feature community supported agriculture, eco-tourism, organic techniques and solar energy in the home. Strolling musicians will entertain fair goers throughout the weekend. The fair includes demonstrations of alternative- energy powered cars, foods, housing, solar energy and much more. Fair goers can visit over sixty booths featuring sustainable products, ideas and issues. On Saturday, the keynote speaker, Bion D. Howard, of BEST, of Bethesda Maryland, a green builder and architect, will address "Building Green for Real Sustainable Development Now." His talk is sponsored by the West Virginia American Institute of Architects and the West Virginia Contractors Association. Other Saturday workshops include low cost, earth friendly housing, medicinal and culinary herbs, composting, recycling, foraging for edible plants, globalization 101, papercrete and tire housing, reflexology, street music for sustainability, sustainable design for commercial and residential construction, water and energy, crisis and opportunity, reiki, soap making and more. The Art Gallery will feature works of "environmental" artists Betsy Jaeger, David Nichols and Stephen Lawson with a reception on Saturday. An auction to benefit the fair will be held Saturday evening before music by Bonni McKeown, Guy Shelley Band, Systemic Infection, and the Cryptic Chipmunks. Sunday's green theme begins with a spirituality and the environment service in the Chapel. Workshops include green architecture, sustainable health, marketing sustainable products and a demonstration of an essential oil distillery. For more information: www.lapaixherbaljourney.com and www.wvecouncil.org.

AKay=s Cooking Corner@
Quick & Easy Diabetic Cooking

Last weeks recipes were Cheddar-Turkey Burgers and Summer Baked Vegetables. I failed to mention that these were diabetic recipes, so sorry. Healthy eating is imperative for someone with diabetes. There are a bevy of food choices out there, but where do you start and what is a busy person to do? That=s what I=m trying to do, help you, and anyone make great- tasting, quick meals that would fit into a diabetes meal plan.
Check out all these colorful ingredients. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of natural sugars, so here we get to use that to our advantage! This main-dish salad can satisfy our sweet craving without all the guilt. Not a bad deal, huh?

Fruit-full Tossed Chicken Salad
Serving size: 1/4 recipe; Total servings: 4
1 package (4 ounces) mixed baby greens
2 cups chunked cooked chicken breast
2 scallions, thinly sliced
1 cup sliced strawberries
1 can (15 ounces) no-sugar-added sliced peaches, drained with liquid reserved
3 tablespoons no-sugar-added peach preserves
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
1 teaspoon yellow mustard
1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper
1.) In a large salad bowl, combine the baby greens, chicken, scallions, strawberries, and peaches.
2.) In a small bowl, combine 1/3-cup of the reserved peach liquid, the peach preserves, vinegar, mustard, and ground red pepper; mix well. Pour over the salad and toss well. Serve immediately.
Exchanges: 3 Very Lean Meat
1-1/2 Fruit
Calories...202...Calories from Fat...25...Total Fat...3g...Saturated Fat...1g...Cholesterol...60mg Sodium...84mg...Carbohydrate...21g...Dietary Fiber...3g...Sugars...16g...Protein...23g

This next recipe is good for you! If you change this to suit your own tastes, don
=t skip the broccoli! Its high fiber count (like those of its cousins, cauliflower and cabbage) means it=s a help in lowering cancer risks.

Vegetables Stir-Fry

Serving size: 1 cup; Total servings: 8
1 can (15 ounces) baby corn, drained and liquid reserved
2 tablespoons light soy sauce
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper
1/4 cup peanut oil
4 garlic cloves, minced
1 bunch broccoli, cut into small florets
2 medium bell peppers (1 yellow and 1 red), cut into
2 inch strips
1 large onion, cut into wedges
2 pound fresh sliced mushrooms
2 pound snow peas, trimmed
1.) In a small bowl, combine the reserved liquid from the corn, the soy sauce, cornstarch, and crushed red pepper; set aside.
2.) In a wok or large skillet, heat the peanut oil over high heat until hot; add the garlic, broccoli, peppers, onion, and mushrooms. Stir-fry for 6 to 7 minutes, or until the vegetables are crisp-tender.
3.) Add the snow peas and baby corn and stir-fry for 3 to 4 minutes, or until the snow peas turn bright green.
4.) Add the soy sauce mixture, and stir-fry for 1 to 2 minutes, or until the sauce thickens. Serve immediately.
Exchanges: 3 Vegetables
1-1/2 Fat
Calories...138...Calories from Fat...65...Total Fat...7g...Saturated Fat...1g...Cholesterol...0mg
Sodium...290mg...Carbohydrate...16mg...Dietary Fiber...5g...Sugars...7g...Protein...5g

Hope you have enjoyed, until next time - Kay Kish

School board meeting
      The Clay County Board of Education met Monday, July 16 for their regular meeting in the administrative office building. Members R.B. legg Jr., Gene King, Scott Legg, and David Pierson Jr. were present. Absent - Fran King.
R.B. Legg offered prayer and called the meeting to order at 6:02 p.m. Board approved the agenda and then the minutes from their previous regular meeting and an emergency meeting apparently held sometime during the previous two weeks. (Date and purpose of the emergency meeting wasn
=t discussed at this meeting.)
Increased receipts of $79,284.00 was approved. Superintendent Jerry Linkinogger said the money is for the vocational budget for 2001-2002. A public auction will be held to sell three used school buses (15, 21 & 23) and one very used maintenance truck. Linkinogger said the truck is on its last leg and the starter is out. Director of Transportation and Student Services Larry Legg said buses 15 and 21 were not used last year and he is expecting delivery of three new buses soon. Time and date of the auction not announced.
      A contract with Occupational Therapist Donald Pickney was approved for the 2001-2002 school year. Special Education Director Dixie Jarvis said the contract was the same as last year, but the rate had gone from $55 per hour to $58 per hour.
The Food Service Application for 2001-2002 school year was approved. Larry Legg told the Board that menus will be standardized county wide. He said menus for August and September had already been made. Legg said that Channel 8 news had called the past two years asking for menus. Linkinogger said they could give the menus to the Free Press.
     Three overnight/out of state trips were approved for the Clay County High School (CCHS) Agriculture Science team. Linkinogger reported that Clay has a 1st place state winner. Details and costs of the trips were not discussed, but Board received trip requests.
Board will reimburse the Clay County Commission $3,951.00 for the fixed cost of the County Extension 4-H office manager. Scott Legg noted that Sarah Anderson does a good job, and said kids in the 4-H program will benefit.
     Employment was approved for the following: Jason C. Nichols as the summer school math teacher at CCHS - Linkinogger said they couldn
=t get anyone to do it at CCHS, that Nichols has a good math background and has done a good job as a substitute; Phillip Dobbins as Assistant Principal at Clay Middle School (CMS); Michael Mullins as head boys basketball coach at CMS. Without discussion the resignation of CCHS band and music director Lisa Adkins was accepted, effective July 16.
     Two contract bus routes were awarded to the
Alowest responsible bidder@. Bids for Contract Bus 9C were: Vicky Holcomb, $994.00 per month; Jeremy Holcomb, $1,250.00 per month; Teresa Ramsey, $1,350.00 per month. Vicky Holcomb was awarded the contract. For Contract Bus 1C, bids were: Jeremy Holcomb, $1,250.00 per month; Teresa Ramsey, $1,250.00 per month; Arlene Tucker, $1,650.00; Brenda Baird, $1,700.00; Chad Samples, $1,700.00; Elaine Stutler, $2,000.00 per month. Jeremy Holcomb was awarded the contract.
All motions passed unanimously.
     The first item under discussion topics was a report on twins. (During the Board
=s June 18 meeting Scott Legg questioned the practice of separating twins in the classrooms at Clay Elementary after concerns were brought to him from parents of twins.) Clay Elementary Principal Danny Brown and Assistant Principal Rhonda Jelich addressed the issue. Brown said there is no stated or written policy on whether twins should be separated or kept together in the classroom. He listed many concerns he, and he said most personnel, have with keeping twins together ( such as sibling rivalry, endless comparisons, identity problems, etc.). Brown said, AEach child should have an individual education experience, not dependant on each other...@ Brown also said he called the State Education Department, and they have no position, but the person he spoke with, in her opinion, felt it was best to separate. Jelich, the mother of twins herself, said she had researched the issue and all research said there should be no rigid policy, separated or together. She said it should be a team decision - the parents, the children themselves, and the classroom teachers. Jelich said at Clay Elementary they sit down as a group and know how previous teachers have opined, and it should be an individual decision each year.
Scott Legg gave an example of a problem expressed to him by a mother - classroom parties on different days - the mother couldn
=t miss work two days and would have to choose one party (to attend) and miss the other. Legg, A I have a soft spot for parents who want some imput into their kids= education. If its arbitrary (the decision to separate or not), I think it needs to be better communicated.@ Board generally agreed they didn=t want to set policy. Brown said they would try to honor requests.
     Short discussion on the septic system at Ivydale Elementary. It will be an action item for next meeting.
The next two items listed on the agenda for discussion, Grievance activity for the 2000-2001 school year, and, Letter from Darlene Rogers and others, received no discussion from the Board.
     Last, parent Lori Morton brought concerns she had regarding recent majorette and flag corp try outs at CCHS. Morton said the results of the try outs were unacceptable. She explained that four of the eighteen that tried out were not allowed to complete 3 of the requirements, worth 30 points. The four were the first to try out. Morton passed out an example of the score sheet and told the Board that some score sheets were torn up before results were announced. Morton,
AThis particular girl didn=t get to do these, but as you can see, there=s a score there.@ Morton said the first four girls were never asked to do cadence and kick like the rest that followed. Two of the four made the team and two did not. Morton, A Some parents and I felt the try outs were unfair...don=t know if the girls that made it (the team) even made an 80 (score)...@. Morton proposed that they let the two girls be majorettes this year.
     Darlene Clyburn (cheerleading coach?) responded. She explained that the two judges started scoring the girls as they were all on the floor warming up. She said,
AEven if I had try outs again, and had six judges, the results would be no different.@ Concerning the score cards, Clyburn said she only kept the ones below 80 to give to those girls and tore up the rest. Former CCHS Principal Kenneth Tanner pointed out that those students who didn=t make it, even with scores of 10 on the stuff they maybe were judged on during warm up, would not have made 80's. Linkinogger said it would be good practice to keep the score sheets at least until the next year. R.B. Legg said that provisions should be made for next year, and, AI=ve known (Clyburn) for years, and I don=t think anything intentional was done here...@ Scott Legg, with Pierson agreeing, told Morton, AYou are questioning the integrity of the two judges, and I don=t see that here.@ Gene King took the opportunity to tell Clyburn that he didn=t like pink colors on the flags, reminding her, A...our colors are blue and gold.@ New CCHS Principal Cindy Willis told Morton she didn=t see how they could fix that (what happened), only change things next year.
Meeting adjourned at 7:17 p.m. -TK

District update
      Legislative redistricting is going on behind the oak doors of the WV Statehouse. Already many proposals have been advanced. The public vote by the Legislature on the new Senatorial and Delegate Districts will be done in Oct of this year.
The most recent proposal divides Clay into two Delegate Districts and uses the Elk River as the dividing line. Clay West would remain with our current representative , Delegate Bill Stemple. That District would include all of Clay County on the West bank of the Elk River and all of Calhoun and Gilmer Counties. The part of Clay County on the East side of the Elk would be put in with Fayette County. One clear question is what to do with a voting precinct that lies within both Clay East and Clay West. Example: Dundon/Two Run.
      Earlier proposals have put us in a new District with parts of Nicholas County while still another variant called for most of Clay County to be in with all of Fayette County. Those earlier considerations seem to have wilted on the vine now.
     In any scenario, Clay is split and without a chance of having a Delegate from the county for representation in Charleston. One interesting note with this newest plan. If Clay West is in with Calhoun and Gilmer, Delegate Bill Stemple may have a hard time staying in office since long time politico Marge Burke (Gilmer) could easily give Stemple a heck of a run for the position.
      As for the Senate side of redistricting, it seems pretty certain that Clay will be put in with Kanawha County. On the brighter side, Senate rules calls for the Senator to hail from Clay County. But who? Certainly the County blue bloods want to get Jim Dawson back into office. Of Course that can
=t happen. Since Kanawha has a gazillion voters to our 3400 or so, Kanawha County will decide who the next Senator from Clay will be. Look for a noted politician from Kanawha to establish residency in Clay and then run for Senate. Kanawha County Senator John Mitchell has said although his family has strong roots in Clay, he will not run from Clay County.

      Thought I should get busy and say one more hello to everyone. Such a beautiful day. I know we need rain but lets enjoy what God gives up. Had a great day at work today, thought of home in your lovely state and how much I love visiting there. Sort of like a road trip . We have trees here but none like the ones in W.Va. The ones that we had a homemade swing in, sometimes a tire. They were so much fun, seemed like we were really going so high. Back then we had to share with the other kids, can you believe it ? We shared so much after awhile and after a few smacks on bottom, even the swing. So after I worked four hours, I took a trip back in time. I feel so relaxed, so lucky to have known all the love and freedom of growing up in your state So until another time, God Bless. If I were there, I would try to hug each of you Ms Eddie
Ed. Note: Ms Eddie is an occasional columnist and spent her early years growing up in Clay and Calhoun Counties.

-Something to remember, when the County Assessor comes a knocking, the office has no right to enter your home nor do you have any obligation to let them in.
Is there a chance that Courthouse employees could be laid off do to the budget shortfalls. Yes! Currently the County is about $50,000 short. With that in mind and as the new fiscal year moves forward, late fall seems to be the likely time for layoffs.
-State Code requires that each county government agency submit a budget for the new year to the Clay County Commission before the new year starts July 1. Usually, the agencies forward the paperwork in March to the CCC for their review. As of July 24, a full 24 days into the new year, the Clay County Emergency Ambulance Authority has not submitted their budget to anybody. An agency
=s budget is the business plan to go by during the 12 month period.
-During the July Business Development Authority meeting, it was announced that the group is looking at the Dice Boggs property at Big Otter for the next industrial park. Much of the 340 or so acres lies within the flood plain.
-Grouchy ole Norman Wilson quit his volunteer position as Supervisor of the $50,000.00 liter control position two weeks ago. It seems that too many people are behind the scenes trying to run the program.
Clay County High School band Director Lisa Adkins unexpectedly resigned that position in the middle of the afternoon, Monday July 16. Seems the resignation stems from an incident that occurred during a Band Booster
=s meeting held the Thursday before.
-The Clay All Stars lost out on their State Tournament bid Sunday July 15. After beating up on Summersville (11to 5) the night before, Clay had to win both games against the powerhouse Elkins. First game went great against Elkins with Clay victorious 3 to 2. Second game went sour real quick with Elkins 10 running Clay in the fourth inning. Elkins had never been scored against nor beaten during tourney action.
-According to the WV Secretary of States web site, Filcon Manufacturing
=s state charter was revoked on July 17. Without a valid business license, Filcon cannot legally operate within the State=s borders. Filcon news just doesn=t seem to stop. Filcon was given special treatment by WV Public Service Commission=s Jim Weimer which allowed Filcon to get water service three weeks ago and ahead of residents that have been on the waiting list for years. Word has it now that Filcon has not even turned in their request for the water to the WV PSC for the white glove treatment!
-Vandals struck Dundon field July 10 sometime after 9:30pm. Volunteers had worked their butts off preparing the facility for a shot at All Star Tournament action. The dirty rotten pukes shot out three of the new lights purchased by the County Commission last year for $20,000.00.
-Ever wonder how Clay Development Corp got $80,000.00 from the Budget Digest? You can thank Delegate bill Stemple for $70,000 of it and Senator Shirley Love for the balance.
-Drivers for Food , a non profit agency at Queen Shoals, was notified that they were the recipient of a $5000.00 grant from the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation. The money will be used to purchase an enclosed trailer to haul food in.

Town Update
      Just to keep you up on all the goings on in the Town of Clay, the following has been prepared.
     Since the last edition of this paper two Boil Water Orders (BWO) have been advised. The BWO was called on July 14 around 2:00 pm. In front of the School Board office a Town worker who
=s initials are Terry Traub, accidentally broke both a water and a sewer line side beside allowing Alogs@ to possibly enter the water supply. Four days later and after worker Tammy Duffield drove to the Kanawha Valley with the water samples, the BWO was lifted. Didn=t last too long though!. Just two days later the now repaired water line ruptured near a valve and again a Boil Water Order was issued. That Order was lifted July 24 around noon. Many folks who were in the middle of canning veges raised questions on the usability of the water.
     WV water again furnished water operators to operate the Town
=s water plant the weekend of July 14. Those workers received overtime rates. During a Boil Water Order anybody can operate a water plant. Certified or otherwise! Look for WV Water to send a big time invoice over to the Town shortly for those services and for the many weeks of work from three months ago when they operated the plant for us.
      Last week volunteer Police Chief Mathew Bragg went to work patrolling the Town. Unfortunately he did so without a badge. Someone had stolen the Chief
=s badge out of the desk drawer at Town Hall ( water plant).
      During the July Town Council meeting, 27 year veteran worker Hawkie Keener was given a pay raise ( new rate, $1300/month). So far Keener has not seen that new rate on his payday. Seems there is an issue of Keener making more money than maintenance man Terry Traub and the raise has been held up. Watch for Traub to get a rate increases during the August Council meeting.

     Once again the Procious PSD bankruptcy case has staled the long planned merger of Procious and Clay/Roane PSDs. The merger is part of a plan needed to be implemented before our county can move forwarded with an ill conceived construction project of a new Regional Water Plant. Out of the public eyes, deals are being made. According to the WV Public Service Commission web site, the Roane County Commission has agreed to cough up another $17,500.00 to help get the water plant deal moving. Additionally, Clay Roane PSD has found $10,000.00 worth of fat in one of it=s water line extension projects to add to the $17,500 provided by the Roane Commissioners.
     Why all this? Procious PSD agreed nearly two years ago to pay Jackson Contracting $250,000.00 to settle a bankruptcy debt from nearly 20 years ago. That money was suppose to come from the State Infrastructure Council. Now, two years later, the Jackson family wants interest added for the two year wait. Someone has to come up with the interest $ and the PSC is working their butts off to get this hurdle cleared.
     One note that is little spoken about. It
=s that $250,000.00 part. It=s not a grant. According to PSC Jim Weimer, that $250,000.00 has to be paid back and that $250,000.00 can be added to the next major project that comes along in Roane County. Get it? Clay County=s boondoggle will be paid back by Roane County!!
     Also of note, seems Jim Williams in the Wallback area of Clay County has been accused of hooking up an illegal water tap. Here
=s the way the story goes. Williams set up a trailer to reside in and without PSC or PSD approval, hooked unto someone else=s water line. Williams was reported to the WV PSC July 11 after local workers took pictures of the illegal hookup. Why not just cut the line? Can=t do it without the WV PSC coming and taking a look at the situation.
     The sad part of the story is: Filcon Manufacturing just got water service, just got it without even asking in writing for the service, and just got water without any ones OK except Jim Weimer.

      With 35 folks present, the General Members of Clay Development Corporation held their Annual meeting at the agency=s new digs on Main Street, July 17. With Bored Chairperson Earnie Sirk at the head table, the gathering got under way around 1:00pm. Didn=t get too far along before sarcastic remarks came from employee Pam Taylor as she made reference to the miss spelled word Aspecker@ that was listed on the agenda. NOTE: The spelling challenged employees meant to have typed Aspeaker@. Any who, Taylor chose to loudly say that a specker was there that day. The sarcasim was directed at the news media which had picked up on the numerous typos including the word specker. Her remarks were not well received by the assembled.
     The yearly shindig is called for in the group
=s by laws. General members have voting privileges at the Annual meeting and after a sandwiches and drinks served from the commercial size kitchen area of the new $70,000 room, the business meeting got under way. Employees and members praised Ms Sirk for his many hours of hard work getting the new room completed. Some even mentioned that amount of sweat equity Mr Sirk put into the facility. The main part of the business meeting centered on changing the by laws. Before the voting took place, one general member made the group aware that the vote would be illegal since current by-laws call for the members to be noticed prior to the annual meeting of by law votes and done so at the same time as the agenda was sent out. With that being said , the group voted to change the by laws in two places despite the illegality of the matter.
      First, wording was changed in Section 8 to allow Board members to be thrown out
Afor breach of confidentiality and unlawful conduct@. Seems the CDC gang is still smarting from recent instances in the media portraying them in an unflattering light. Second, in Section 9, and as promised by wide glide Earnie Sirk himself two meetings ago, bylaws were added to allow the Board throw out undesirables at monthly Board meetings. Seems the bitter bunch is poised to throw out the media or anybody that speaks badly of the CDC. History shows that lots of little dictatorships try this in their waning times.
      Announcement was made that Clay Development will get into the Nutrition site business as well as begin a home repair division for Seniors. Based on past performance and practices, it may pay to keep a watchful eye on where and who receive these new benefits.
     Additionally another program , the Medicaid Waiver Program , was added this summer to the services. This program allows for the forfeiture of assets of Seniors after services are rendered.
The hour long get together ended with more words of praise on the efforts and performance of the CDC Staff and Board of Directors.

Ambulance Authority Meets
      Clay County Ambulance Authority met in regular session July 23 at the Health Dept building. Members present: Chair Duane Legg, Gene King, Fran King, Larry Cole. Absent: Arlie Fulks. With over 15 in the peanut gallery, it=s a sure indication that something must be brewing! The following are just the highlights readers.
     Seems to be a failure to communicate here readers. Book Keeper Marie Haynes told the Board that Laurel Nursing had tried to contact the Ambulance Service in response to a recent letter dealing with Laurel Nursing not paying for non emergency transports. According to Chair Legg,
AThey are willing to sign a contract.@ Director Jackie Pierson said that she never got the telephone message from Laurel. Now knowing that Laurel had tried to contact the CCEAA about paying for non emergency transports , Marie Haynes, A It was our fault.@ Discussion centered on what the for profit county facility should pay for transports. Get this, after talk of charging one rate for one group and another rate for other groups, member Larry Cole suggested that they should do all billing Alegal@. Boy that Cole is a real problem on the CCEAA!
      CCEAA has advertised for a billing program to allow book keeper Haynes to properly bill for services provided. For over two years now the Ambulance gang has batted the computer program idea around and to date , are still billing insurance providers manually. So far the advertisement has resulted in some phone call interest from Charleston.
      As far as finances, there have been just 79 runs so far in July with Director Pierson commenting,
@ It=s always down in July.@ So far $67,911.20 has been billed out.
      And now for one of the thornier issues, suing folks who have not paid for transports. Some time back judgement was rendered in Magistrate Court in favor of the Ambulance Service but still the defendant has not paid the debt. Director Pierson commented,
@ the one we wanted a writ on, owns nothing.@ As Authority members read over a list of those with past due bills, Pierson said that she would check with the Assessor=s office and find out which folks own property. NOTE: Sure sounds like selective prosecution doesn=t it readers?
      Many employees attended the meeting. The guess is they were there to see if more hours would be cut from their paychecks. Referring to the many hours of overtime, Chair Duane Legg commented
A I guess this needs to be stopped, A and, referring to the many overtime shifts, A that will run into a lot of money..@ , this reporter did not hear a motion to cut back on overtime.
     Legg said he was catching a lot of
AH@ over the closing of the Lizemore satellite station. Most of the comments received by Legg centered on the Big Otter station open 5 days a week with the Lizemore station being open a mere 2 days per week. Big Otter employee Patty Mollahan raised concerns of much longer response times with the outer stations shut down. Reports of Jan Care setting up shop in the county have been reported. Legg referring to Lizemore area residents,@ We need to work on that,... We need to be real careful with them,...... Lot=s are getting upset about an ambulance only 2 days a week.@
     The highlight of the evening came during long long discussion on the $900.00 a month service contract with Holcomb Garage at Maysel. Dana Holcomb was in attendance. One of the problems with the Holcomb contract is that it was not advertised and done with sealed bids. Fran King,
AIt has to be bid.@ Referring to the way the Holcomb contract was bid, again King, A that doesn=t work in an audit..@ Attention turned to maintenance records or lack there of and the liability issue of not keeping records. As to what makes a contract legal King explained : there must be proof of liability insurance; no automatic renewals, and the contract can only run thru the end of the fiscal year. From the peanut gallery=s Joyce White came comments that she had actually called area garages and did the soliciting of the disputed bids last year. Fran asked that the contract be advertised and done over. Holcomb objected and had an ace up his sleeve. Holcomb said the contract he has is binding and he would hold the CCEAA to it and if push came to shove, he may ask for even more $ for the additional hours and services performed. Oh boy folks!!!
      White continued to talk out of turn and disputed how the contract was bid until Chair Legg said,
A If you are not recognized by this Chair, I will ask you to leave!!@ In Ms White=s defense, here=s a cutey. Referring to the bidding process, Gene King,@ I don=t know how we did it,.. I don=t go by the book..@ White pulled out a copy of the meeting minutes from last year that showed Gene King made the motion to hire Dana Holcomb and Duane Legg seconded the motion. Lot=s of laughter around. Sort of a Agotcha@
=s another cutey folks. Fran made mention of how the School Board bids contract bus routes to Gene King who immediately hung his head , put his hands up and said,@ OH NO DON=T START ON THAT!!@ The gallery laughed loudly. NOTE: The school Board just lost a court battle this Spring over the way they awarded contracts in the Teresa Ramsey case. Gene, AMy My My. I hate to think we=ve been doing something wrong for 7 months.@ Lots more laughter! Knowing that he could loose out on a new round of bids, Dana,@ I am being ripped off. It=s the Board=s problem!! The BOARD= FAULT!@ Wake up readers!!! During passage of a motion to seek legal counsel on the matter, it came to light that one of the past due bill holders for an ambulance run is none other than Prosecutor Jeff Davis, the CCEAA=s legal counsel!!
     Now switching back to collecting accounts, discussion turned again to collecting past due bills for ambulance runs. After more discussion on
Aselective prosecution@ of those that own property in the county and letting others go without paying, that pesky Larry Cole suggested that the lawsuits be done in some other manner, maybe alphabetically, or by date or by amount. In the end it sounded like the CCEAA may go after folks with something to put a lien on ( property owners) and to go after the oldest accounts first.
     Another dandy meeting for all in attendance. Don
=t miss out on the August 13 meeting. It=s sure to be a keeper! AW

      Even with the A/C turned down to 68 degrees, the July 25 Clay County Commission meeting got real hot and real fast with discussion on additional funding for the Prosecutor=s office. Present: President Mathew Bragg, Tim Butcher, and Jimmy Sams along with 8 or so in the peanut gallery.
     With the meeting open, after Mr Bragg offered a prayer and with Prosecutor Davis not in attendance , came this comment from CCC President Bragg,
A Jeff Davis is first on the agenda. Evidently it wasn=t important .@ The tone was set readers!
     Before getting into the hot button issue these highlights: the Courthouse alarm system is now up and running; there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at Maysel Park July 27, 6:30pm; oil and gas severance taxes will go toward law enforcement this year; and as for the litter control program, Jeff Lane will now over see the program since Norman Wilson has quit, they are having a hard time keeping people working, and two more folks have been hired ( a Knotts & a Andserson).
      Additionally, mention was made that Filcon has not asked for a WV PSC waiver for water service at their new building near Ovapa. NOTE: Filcon has already received CCC inspired preferential treatment from the CCC (and the PSC) and has had water service for over a month now!! Do you pay your bills? Do you have city water service? Oh.
     Now for the main feature and with Prosecutor Jeff Davis now in attendance, Mr Davis asked if his budget request had been approved for the new year. Clerk Judy Moore responded that due to budget restrictions, the CCC cut the lowest paid position in each office during March budget negotiations. Since then the CCC has restored money to fund that lowest position for just the first 6 months of this new budget year. According to Moore $128,000.00 is needed to fund the positions and only $74,809.00 is available. And finally an answer for Davis, the $26,000.00 / year, part time Asst. Prosecutor position was NOT funded this year! Davis explained the need for an Asst to the CCC. Jimmy Sams,
AThat=s pretty good money for 2 days a week.@
      Explaining that secretary Facemire had quit and if other positions at the courthouse have been restored, Davis pressed for his help. Davis,
@ You can=t walk into Court blind sided or unprepared.... I need manpower to do the job.@ Davis told the boys that he did not want to use $ set aside for the secretary position for the Asst.=s job. Davis objected to getting less in this year=s budget. Back and forth, back and forth with neither side budging. The conversations quickened rapidly! Butcher suggested that Davis take enough money to get thru Dec and then come back for more it available. Davis felt that legally he could not do that. Davis now fully up to the plate, A I will ask for an evidentiary hearing if the money is not put back in the budget!!!.. I understand your difficult position... You funded the Asst. Prosecutor position three years ago after I made my case!!@
     With the pace quickening, now for a
Abarb@ from Sams. Sams reminded Davis that the CCC had asked the Prosecutor to pen a letter to McKenzie Engineering on behave of the Commission and Davis had not done it. Davis responded that Dan Dodson had written the letter and he had seen it. Sensing the leaning of his fellow Commissioners, Tim Butcher, A I don=t want to go thru the court hearings but if we have to....@ A dispute ensued over how long the CCC had originally said they would fund the Asst. Prosecutor position. In response to Sams= jabs, Davis retorted ,@ it would help if the County Commission got legal advice before getting in the middle!!@ Davis now HOT, AI am a part time Prosecutor!!!@
     With tempers flaring, Butcher,
@ I think this is good time to take a break.@ Davis, APlease do!@ As Davis was leaving the room, Sams mumbled just loud enough to be heard, A As far as I am concerned, he can take us to court.@ Now readers, this was not a pee break but rather an opportunity to regroup for Round II. Out back was Butcher talking with Davis. Then Butcher talking with Bragg. Sams discussing things with Sheriff Fields. Fields then with Bragg. Then Sams out making a hurried phone call. As the 15 minute cool down period ended Davis suggested out loud that if the CCC funded the position for three years and now it wasn=t necessary, maybe the CCC was misappropriating funds all those years! NOTE: Me thinks the cool down period didn=t help!
     With the break over, Commissioner Butcher made a motion to give Davis an additional $10,000.00 instead of the $24000.00. Time passed. No second. Time passed. No second. Davis was now fully aware that Sams and Bragg were against giving up one more penny to the Prosecutor. Davis,
@ I request an Evidentiary Hearing for the CCC and request certified copies of the budget!@ Trumping Davis, Sams said that he had just talked to Prosecutor Brian Lanham in Braxton and there was no deal in the works to use that Asst. Prosecutor ( Dan Dodson) in Clay County on a part time basis. Oh Boy, the peanut gallery was silent as the heated exchanges continued!
      Davis retorted: you can
=t arbitrarily set a budget; that his office has a sovereign power; decisions made without the facts are arbitrary; he needs to get things done; and that he was never asked to participate in the budget process! Davis, A I want to know where every dime this county intends to spend!! I don=t want to be mean and hateful, but I HAVE AN OBLIGATION!@@ County Commission agreed to the Evidentiary Hearing. The ball was rolling.
     After Davis left, Sams explained that he didn
=t want to cut jobs. Bragg, Ahis point is, he is flooded with work.@ Bragg also made public that Mr Davis has applied for a job with a Charleston lawyer John Mitchell [Sr.] Bragg, Asounds to me like he has all kinds of time!@
Folks there is only so much space in a newspaper and this meeting was not done justice. For that, apologies.
     Last minute note. On Weds July 25 a meeting was held to discuss (behind doors) issues with Prosecutor Davis. Clerk Judy Moore confirmed that although she was not in the meeting, she felt that Davis, Harald Fields and Mike Asbury were meeting with the Commissioners that morning. Sams and Bragg were seen heading into the meeting around 10 am. There was no agenda posted on the front door of the Courthouse for the meeting and the July 24 CCC meeting was not continued to the 25th. Prosecutor Davis commented that he had met
Aindividually@ with the Commissioners that morning. A Great Big Hmmmmmm

Magistrate report
Criminal Cases
No felonies
07-06-01: Sgt. Garrett - Robert Swindler, failure to maintain control; Slack - Patty Fiel, petit larceny.
07-08-01: Guthrie - Elizabeth F. Catts, carry a concealed deadly weapon & possession of marijauna less than 15 gms.
07-10-01: Delk - Carolyn Nichols, DUIA; Guthrie - James Nottingham, DUIA with minor.
07-11-01: Country Short Stop - Maggie Falls, warrant for WC.
07-13-01: Rider - James W. Stone, warrant for battery; Foreman - Gary Dusti Foster, Poss. of marijuana less than 15 gms; Foreman - Clint L. Jones, possession of marijuana less than 15 gms .
07-15-01: Slack - Elizabeth Meadows, petit larceny; Bailey - Mary Jane Truman, failure to keep right.
07-17-01: Cunningham Motors - Chester Boggs Jr., warrant for WC; Paul A. Brown Jr., warrant for WC; McKown - Mary E. Ferrebee, speeding.
07-19-01: McKown - Toney Holmes, warrant for assault; Bailey - Robert W. McKinney, driving while revoked for DUIA & defective equipment.
07-21-01: McKown, Hunt, & Foreman - Charles E. Keenan, assault on police officer x 3, fleeing from an officer on foot x 2, obstructing an officer, domestic battery, obstructing, & brandishing.
07-22-01: Hunt - Jeremy McKenzie, left of center & DUIA under 21.
07-10-01: Stonewall Jackson - Joseph B. Harris, breach of contract.
07-12-01: Anita Blankenship - Charles Brown, domestic violence petition.
07-13-01: Carla Dulaney - Allen Dulaney, domestic violence petition.
07-19-01: Charles Keenan - Cody Sears, other (?); Boothe & McCarth - John E. Ramsey, other (?), and, Andrew Bragg, other (?).
07-23-01: Linda L. Starcher - Donna Smith, wrongful occupation; Jamie Dobbins - James McCune, domestic violence petition.
07-24-01: Carl Wilson Funeral Home - Virgie L. Gill, breach of contract.
Worthless Checks
=s IGA - Felicia Burkhamer $40.15 (paid 07-17-01), June Lambert $35.00, Maggie Falls $61.51; Lizemore Exxon - Carl J. Morris $12.73, Marvin Muck II $10.02, Terrina Siers $60.00 & $60.00 & $30.00, Robert Hinkle $20.11, Lora Peck $20.00; Clay County School - James D. Bird $5.50 & $10.00, Angela Bartsch $5.50; Clay Supermarket Inc. - Teresa Bishop $41.93, Joe Poole $4.00 & $80.00, George Sellards $18.17, Teresa Martin $35.29, Jennifer Stone $16.86 & 60.56, Telenia Starcher $60.00, Tonya Sayre $108.19, Brian M. Jarvis $100.00, Sharon Pringle $10.00 & $20.75, Billie Joe Woodby $25.00, Nicole Smith $40.00 & $45.00, Cora Criner $29.25.
Traffic Citations
07-09-01: State Police - Christopher M. Adkins for no POI & registration violations, Jesse Randall Gill for seat belt violation, Donna Cheryl Legg for seat belt violation & MVI; Sheriff
=s Dept. - Karl S. Gattlieb for speeding, Marshall W. Runnion for no POI & seat belt violation, Penny D. Schoolcraft for operator=s & seat belt violation, (all the following for seat belt violations) - Brian M. Welch, Earl G. Triplett, Duane A. Taylor, Twana Gail Stidom, Arthur Eugene Smith, James Dairo Pizza, Jesse L. Norton, Brad C. Neal, Michael S. McKinney, Benjamin T. Legg, Bradford Lane, Carmen M. Johnson x 2, Ronnie A. Holley, Timothy Wayne Casto, Ricky P. Burkhammer x 2, Aaron David Belt, Kevin G. Adkins, Hysel C. Workman.
07-10-01: State Police - Wilma Kay Smith for speeding & no POI, Romey Nottingham for DUIA with minor; Sheriff
=s Dept. - Thurman G. Christian for MVI & no POI, James G. Moore for failure to maintain control, Richard Lee Nicholas for seat belt violation.
07-11-01: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Marilyn L. Chambers for registration violations & no POI.
07-13-01: State Police - Gary Dustin Foster for possession of marijuana less than 15 gms, Stephen Foster for reckless driving, no POI, MVI, & operator
=s, Clint L. Jones for possession of marijuana less than 15 gms.
07-14-01: State Police - Tammy L. Brown for driving on suspended/revoked; Sheriff
=s Dept. - Mary F. Cunningham for speeding.
07-15-01: State Police - Robert W. McKinney for driving on suspended/revoked & defective equipment, Mary Jane Truman for failure to keep right.
07-16-01: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Joshua J. Schwandt for no POI, Garron M. McKinney for speeding, Frank E. Kesselring for speeding, Mary Carolyn Hobbs for seat belt violation x 2, Billy P. Evans Jr. for speeding.
07-17-01: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Mary E. Ferrebee for speeding.
07-18-01: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Adam Wayne Drake for operator=s, no POI, & registration violations.
07-20-01: State Police - Shannon Morris for no headlights used.
07-23-01: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Mark Lee Mayle for no POI & registration violations, Dana S. Holcomb II for speeding, Brett Allen Conley for MVI.