July 26, 2002

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Thought Police: THIS IS MY COUNTRY, HOSS!!!
Bob Clarke
Protecting the Pledge


         Quietly, ever so quietly, a new group has been formed to work out a deal to extend water service and build a regional water plant in the county. The group has chosen to pursue their endeavors in a less public setting in Charleston.
         How many times has the regional water plant, water line extension delays, changes in plans, first a good plan, followed by a better plan, still followed by a ‘estest yet’plan made the front page of this publication? Answer: About once a month for the last five years! During a public relations blitz in 1997, Senator Robert C. Byrd came to town carrying a 2 foot by 4 foot long corrugated check for $12 million. Cameras were everywhere. Now 56 months later, with Senator Byrd back in D.C., with zero progress made, and with many Clay County residents still drinking frog scum, the new negotiator is known as the Consolidation Committee.
         Ever heard of them? Not many have. To date, all their meetings have been held near the airport in Charleston. And it’ not just another stall committee. Heavy hitters sit on the two division group. Katy Mallory from the WV Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council is spearheading the efforts. The committee itself is made up of Randy Moore, Housing Development Fund; Daniel Yonkosky, Water Development Authority; Mike Johnson, DEP; Victor Wilford, Bureau of Public Health; and, James Williams, Chairman of the WV Public Service Commission. The second tier of the Consolidation Committee are advisory members. Advisory members include: Mike McNulty, WV Rural Water Association; Howard Suefer, WV Association of PSDs; Tracy Rowan, WV Development Office; Greg Belcher, Chapman Technical; Jim Hildruth, Boyle and Hildruth; Tom Whittier, attorney; John Romano, Region III; the Clay County Commission, the Roane County Commission; Randy Plum, Rural Utilities Service ( he’ the guy that said they have all the $); Walt Ivey, WV Development Office. Noticeably absent from either tier is the town of Clay for whom the original project was funded for.
         This new committee is working behind the scenes, and away from the public eye, to come up with a doable plan to build a much smaller regional water plant and proceed with the $8 million in already funded and long stalled water line extension projects in Roane and Clay Counties. Commissioner Sams recently advanced the idea that the plant will be built on the site of the current Procious PSD plant with water supply lines bypassing the town of Clay and instead, slated to go east on Elkhurst Road over to the Hartland bridge. During the July 23 County Commission meeting, Commission President Matthew Bragg told those assembled that he felt the delays would be worked out by the “irst of the year”
         Many in the community have questioned the practice of ‘orking the deal’away from the public and only letting the customers know of the plans after everything is signed , sealed, and delivered. Over the last two months, local PSD members have been tight lipped. Clay Roane PSD Chair Gary Whaling told the public he was not going to say a word about the negotiations in progress. Ditto for Clay County PSD Chair Keith King who said that the public would be told of the deal after everything is settled. WV PSC lead person, Jim ( Mr. Spark Plug) Weimer said that it was up to the local PSDs as to whether they wanted to let the public in on the plans.
         The next meeting of the Consolidated Committee is scheduled for July 30 at 10 am, 180 Association Drive, Northgate Park, Charleston. Commissioner Jimmy Sams commented after the July 23 Commission meeting that he had not seen any official meeting notice. On July 25th, County Clerk Judy Moore said that the meeting notice and 10 page info packet had been included in the Commission paperwork for their regular meeting on the 23rd.
         As for the work of the committee.... Committee member and professional engineer Walter M. Ivey sent out a memo dated June 24, 2002. On the cover letter of that memo are places to check mark from three choices. Only one item was marked. Check marked by Ivey is this: It has been determined that the project is consistent with the Act but may not be the most cost effective and environmentally sound alternative for solving the drinking water needs in this area. Mr. Ivey referred the project on to the Consolidation Committee with the following remarks, “ ... the project is being referred to the Consolidation Committee ..... The Town of Clay which will supply the proposed project currently has an adequate supply for the project; however, a history of non compliance and recent non-willingness to be the regional water provider through the rejection of efforts for a regional water plant has compelled the Bureau of Public Health to consider whether the Town should be providing water for projects outside their existing service area which could be potentially served by another system.”The memo appears to be referring to the Clay Town Council which over the last three years have had no less than five mayors and during the mayoral changes, voted first to pursue the new water plant, followed by voting to go out of the water business, followed by voting to stay in the water business, followed by voting to tell the WV PSC where to go...., followed by voting to only get out of the water business if someone else would take over operation of the sewage plant! Confusing? You bet! In a nutshell, the town makes money treating and selling water at the existing water plant. After seeing the figures, Town Council realized that with the debt load of a new bigger water plant, they would not be able to make money. With that realization in front of them plus knowing full well the debt ridden high dollar sewer plant was in fact a financial ‘oat anchor’ Council has been split down the middle over what to do, when to do it, whether to do anything at all, etc.
         Despite the above mentioned comment that the town of Clay water plant is adequate to handle current needs, Randy Plum from Rural Utility Service ( a middle man funding agency) has publicly stated that the new regional plant WILL be built, that there is plenty of money to do what ever is needed, and he will plow a new water line “ight down Main Street”if he has to. Still more alarming to the plan to sink the county water users into high debt load notwithstanding statements that the existing Procious and Clay water plants are big enough to handle future needs! From a June 10, 2002 letter from WV Health Dept. engineer J.D. Douglas to the Consolidated Committee comes this, ... In the opinion of the engineers of the St Albans District office, the Clay Roane PSD system has available an ample supply of water to serve the proposed customers. Both the Clay and Procious water treatment plants have additional capacity to produce the treated water required.
         While it is true that many of the county are in need of water service, others openly question whether the seniors and low income residents can afford high dollar water service if it ever becomes available. So are the rates going to be high? Yep!
         According to a technical review by the WV Public Service Commission (PSC) ( June 12, 2002) and relating to Clay Roane PSD, The current proposed rates ($42.89 for 4500 gallons) are ABOVE the average rates attributable to 1 % ( $12.43 for 4500 gallons) and 1.5% ( $18.64 for 4500 gallons) of the Median Household Income ( MHI)... Staff recommended average rates are $46.50 for 4500 gallons. If approved, these rates would be applicable to the project customers.
         With all information and discussion directed at the new Consolidated Committee, it appears this new group will decide on where the new water plant will go, how big it will be, where water distribution lines will be laid, and in the end, how much we will pay for a commodity, water. For now, the public is completely excluded from this decision making process and local PSD leaders have chosen not to even breath a word of the details to those that will pay for the results of their secrecy for the next 38 years at 4.5%.
         So much for the ‘ublic’in WV Public Service Commission and our local Public Service Districts.                                                                                                AW

         Last edition mention was made of Paige Willis ready to clean the clock of our ace cub reporter during a break in the County Commission meeting. Willis commented this week that his wife had read the coverage and had banned him from watching John Wayne movies for the next several weeks.
         During a recent Clay Development Corporation meeting, new Board President Gary Whaling demanded a retraction from this paper. This paper reported that Whaling had benefited from getting his grass cut by workers for CDC. Whaling commented July 16th that while he was getting his grass cut for free, he supplied the mower and fuel as well as donated a small amount to the CDC for the service. As for a retraction, we
=re still looking for something to retract. Our contention is now, and has been for several years, CDC shares its programs and program benefits to a select few leaving much of the county outside the service loop. Whaling, on his own admission, benefits from his lofty position as CDC board member, and now, board president.
???? DID YOU KNOW ????

1.        To achieve great things, we must live as though we were never going to die.
2.        The Journal of Dentistry for children has published a study indicating that long term use of sippy cups can put a child’ developing teeth at risk for decay.
3.        The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 63.4 percent of all 728,743 known heart disease deaths in 1999 were sudden cardiac deaths.
4.        3M says that 50 million surge protectors were sold in 2000.
5.        Unintentional drug overdose deaths in West Virginia have risen by more than 300 percent in a three year period.
6.        As long as you can admire and love, than one is young forever. -Pablo Casals
7.        The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 28,000 Americans will die this year from cancer of the colon.
8.        Early Head Start parents are slightly more likely to read to their children than those not in the program.
9.        In an online poll, conducted by Hrnext.com, human resource professionals picked Friday as the best day to fire someone.
10.         A child with a bedroom TV is more likely to do poorly in school, become overweight and engage in anti-social behaviors.
11.         Nearly 10,000 more Republicans went to the polls for the May primary election than in the last non-presidential election year of 1998.
12.         Alcohol related traffic deaths last year surpassed 16,000.
13.         There are almost 38,000 West Virginians over the age 65 with dementia.
14.         Since the 1980’ the state has replaced an average of 114 bridges per year.
15.         Nearly 16 million Americans are pre-diabetic and half will develop diabetes in 10 years.
16.         Toyota’ four cylinder engine plant at Buffalo ranked first in the nation in a study released by Harbour and Associates, a leading automotive research firm.
17.         Future high school students will have to take an additional math and science class and two years of foreign language if they plan to attend a four year college.
18.         $160,000 was allocated by the US government to study why American people don’ like beets.
19.         Help me to resist temptation Lord, especially when I know no one is looking.
             20.        More than 70 percent of the earth’ surface is covered by water.


         This month, with JESUS' help, we distributed 15,595 pages of Gospel literature as we witnessed and fundraised! (I personally distributed 14,410 pages total --bragging in the Lord!) That includes, mags, tracts, posters, videos etc. We personally witnessed to over 1700 people! By God's grace I prayed with five souls to receive JESUS!!! Kitty prayed with 16!!! ( She always beats me in this! Ha! Ember (7) prayed with a ‘il neighborhood friend!!! Most of these people also prayed to receive the filling of the Holy Spirit! We also frequently pray when people confess problems or have a request! We are learning to pray and hear from the Lord, more and more! I got 3 people subscribed to the Activated Magazine study program and made some follow-ups and a Bible study. I was recruited online, to help work on revising the index to our "From Jesus with Love" prophecy booklets! This has been fulfilling for me! Kitty is working on a children's tract program. She has made lots of tracts, and is a good artist and publisher! Please pray for her computer to work right!!! Ivana, my daughter, came back through to raise funds for a new mission-home they are opening in Tijuana, Mexico. Please pray for her, too. Tks! Tim, a seventeen year old friend of our home is very serious in joining Ivana's team when he gets parental permission or turns eighteen! WOW, Thank You JESUS for another laborer in the harvest! Also, very good news is that J.D., my son (18) has passed the 6 month missionary-training-course to qualify him for a humble-but-elite missionary team in Texas and is planning to go to Brazil soon! Also, Lani, Kitty's thirteen year old, who was wasting her life away with computer-games, etc, etc, (ha) decided to go to our Juarez, Mexico missionary home, where she is doing exceedingly well for Our Lord now!!! Hallelujah! Prayer requests: Please pray for David (17) who is over-doing it with computer games and worldly music. He has been a faithful missionary up to a year and a half ago, when he decided to do-his-own-thing! He does want to get a job, but dresses quite gothic; for us regarding neighbors, visiting youth, friends, relatives, supporters, that we will have regular Bible Studies & Inspirations for JESUS and each grow in learning to do His Will!!! For my diligence in business and follow-up and working with Kitty for the above! Any changes that need to be made to make us better witnesses for this community and the world!!! For Kitty's invitation to work in Juarez, Mexico. For Kitty, who had a biopsy and may have a cancerous breast tumor and may need a mastectomy! (She has been half or more of the bread-winner and rent-payer for this home, but of course, has not been able to go out as much recently! We are wondering how the Lord is going to supply the basic necessities (although, we know He always does as we obey the Great Commission and be His disciples). We have committed to and made reservations for an Activated Ministry Retreat, which we desperately need, for early September! We are not sure how Kitty's battle for her health will play in this, yet, but are still believing for a big miracle! I have also committed to help Ted, a dear-faithful missionary brother in San Francisco, who is disabled, with a ride to the meeting in my aging Grand-Am. So, beloved, we have our jobs cut out for us, uh? Apart from doing our main job of witnessing for JESUS and helping others do the same, we have to help Kitty go through her tests, pay rent, food, gas and living expenses and get to the Activated meetings to improve our efficiency in that area! I wanted to thank all of you who faithfully communicate with us! Also, for you who have helped financially in the past! God Bless, ya! Thanks so much! You are so very special to us and especially special to Our Lord of Love!         For HIM & You, - Eric B. Goode (aka ivan) P.O. Box 2207 Tulare, Ca. 93275 Cell Ph. 559 308 6388
         NOTE: EB Goode is a missionary now serving in California and contributes regularly to this publication.


         07/15/02: Guthrie - Earnie Pat Dawson, warrant for B & E 05/01, arrested, hearing set.
         07/17/02: Guthrie - Nancy Christine Butler, DUIA-3rd 06/29, probable cause found; bound to Grand Jury in the Circuit Court.
         07/14/02: McKown - Allan Wayne Dulaney II, domestic battery, arrested, pled no contest, assessed fine and costs, and, destruction of property, arrested, ROB, sentence deferred until August 15, 2002 - defendant will fix property that he damaged; McKown - Eric Wayne Moore, DUI-2nd offense and obstructing, arrested, ROB.
         07-15-02: Ellyson - Ricky Allen Moore, driving with revoked for DUIA-2nd offense, arrested, ROB; McKown - Ronald
ADozer@ Ramsey, assault, destruction of property, and trespassing, warrants issued; Delk - Joseph Richmond Nicholas, DUI-2nd offense, arrested, ROB, pled guilty, assessed fine, costs, and 48 hours jail.
         07/16/02: Lizemore Exxon - Chadwick W. Muck, worthless checks X 6, warrants issued; Guthrie - Lori Renae Smith, speeding, defendant wants hearing on charge.
         07/18/02: Belt - Chris Samples, battery, warrant issued; Hunt - Robert L. Holcomb, speeding 07/05, appeared, ROB.
         07/19/02: Slack - Cameron Neal, trespassing, summons sent.
         07/20/02: Guthrie - Sonny Nolan Terry, DUI, arrested, ROB, pled no contest 07/22, assessed fine, court costs, and 24 hours jail, and, no POI, case d/m with prejudice upon motion of Prosecuting Attorney, bond exonerated.
         07/22/02: Clay Supermarket - Keota E. Williams, worthless checks X 2, warrants issued; Gino
=s - Christopher D. Canter and Missy Matheney, worthless checks, warrants issued; Light - Sonny Nolan Terry, possession of controlled substance and failure to stop, appeared, ROB; Sizemore=s IGA - Sharon Estep, worthless check, warrant issued.
         07/15/02: Brent Boggs - John McKown and Laura McKown, money due; Don and Avis Moore - John Moore and Kelly Moore, wrongful occupation, judgement 07/22 possession of property awarded to plaintiff, defendants to vacate property by 07/26 and pay money due and costs; Walter Schoonover - Darrell L. Shamblin and Ona M. Shamblin, wrongful occupation, judgement 07/18 defendants failed to appear, order of possession awarded to plaintiff plus past rent and court costs.
         07/17/02: King
=s Trucking & Wrecker - John W. Hughes, Jeff Levelque, and Christie Burdette, all for money due.
         07/22/02: Norma King, DBA King
=s Grocery - Christa Shanafelter, money due.
         Worthless Checks - Notices issued
         07/03/02: Clay Supermarket - Keota E. Williams X 2 - misdemeanor files opened 07/22.
         07/08/02: Gino
=s - Christopher D. Canter - misdemeanor file opened 07/22, Jacqueline R. Keener (paid 07/12), Teresa D. Martin (paid 07/18), Donna H. Beasley, and Missy Matheney - misdemeanor file opened 07/22.
         07/09/02: Clay County Middle School - Pam Dalzell X 2; R. B. Legg Jr., DDS - Mary S. Murdock X 3 (paid 07/15).
         Traffic Citations
         07/03/03: State Police - Lisa Joy Cuazzo, speeding; Municipal Police - Jeremiah J. Eagle, driving on suspended/revoked.
         07/05/02: State Police - Robert C. Holcomb, speeding and no POI.
         07/09/02: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Christina Albright, reckless driving.
         07/10/02: State Police - Jason Marcus Adkins, registration violations.
         07/11/02: State Police - Trevor Johns, operator
=s; Sheriff=s Dept. - Michael A. Mullins, speeding and no POI; Kenneth Nottingham, speeding X 2.
         07/13/02: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Rusty Jonathan Brown, leaving the scene.
         07/14/02: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Harold G. Cottrell, speeding; Hiram Carson Lewis IV, registration violations and no POI; Eric Wayne Moore, driving under the influence - 2nd offense.
         07/15/02: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Joseph R. Nicholas, driving under the influence - 2nd offense.
         07/16/02: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Jeremy Scot Burrows, speeding and no POI.
         07/17/02: State Police - Diane B. Little, speeding; James Clifton Rogers, speeding and no POI.
         07/22/02: Sheriff
=s Dept. - Lester Stephenson, speeding.
Thought Police: THIS IS MY COUNTRY, HOSS!!!

                         By Jim Chafin
         The Sacrifice for my transgressions IS a man called Jesus Christ. I do not quarrel with anyone who chooses to, because of language, call him Allah. I believe that Christ and the Father are one, so I call him God. Just as long as He is given His proper place of reverence, then I am satisfied. I do not proselyte; you can worship where ever you desire - just as long as worship is to the mighty Creator - and not to, or because of, the dictates of a man-made religion.
         Likewise, those who choose to remove themselves from traditional Scripture and live a life without the watch-care of my Eternal One, that is their business under our freedom of choice. They are under no sanctions to do as I do; though I would prefer that all people everywhere come to know the inner peace that comes from KNOWING that our goodwill for all mankind originates from a source that is inexhaustible. I am sure glad that goodwill for this world is not resting solely upon my shoulders because I get tired, weary and dejected in body sometimes. However, the Judge Goodwins of this nation and all of his fellows need to understand that I (we) do not respect such blatant disregards for this nation
=s foundational roots - AND WE WILL NOT OBEY SUCH BLASPHEMOUS EDICTS. The judiciary of this country cannot mandate the thoughts of the citizens, and those elitist members of the robed variety cannot dictate, delete, or otherwise circumvent the public=s use of the name of God in our private lives, or, in the public arena. We rebuke the Madilyn O=Hare=s of this nation who conspire with government to deny us the freedoms of God underwritten by our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights. Only the public=s silence and inaction on this subject will allow Goodwin=s unrighteous decision to stand.
         Ever since the earliest days of this nation
=s history, there has always been a body politic who have had as their primary goal that of domination of man=s spirit and, therefore, control of his thought processes. This onslaught against our God-given liberties are both covert and overt. What these purveyors of darkness cannot accomplish by stealth, they will attempt to win by force of power. The ink was hardly dry before the Constitution was placed under siege by a new brand of politician called the >federalist=. Thus, a line was drawn in the sand between those who maintained that the Constitution was a defense of >state=s rights= and those who envisioned an all powerful central government that could unify this new nation from sea to shining sea. Then, as now, the battles raged in state legislatures and in Congress over such issues as: where to locate the new federal capitol (some wanted it left in Philadelphia, and some would put it somewhere on the banks of the Potomac River, where it is today). Those who wanted it left in Philadelphia were, mainly, state=s righters; and those who wanted it moved were federalists. Federalists, we must hasten to add, were of Alexander Hamilton persuasion (of Federal Treasury fame) and of Thomas Jefferson who was Secretary of State under President Washington. Further delineation of these gentlemen must be called upon because Hamilton was of the British crown persuasion and Jefferson favored the French variety. These men who passionately fought the War of Independence were now in the thick of political wars with such as John Adams, Washington=s Vice President, who once called Hamilton ‘he bastard son of a Scotch peddler’ and ‘ man of low birth’
         What we are seeing, I believe, is that our forefathers were men like unto us of this generation, and that our current
>leaders= are no more infallible than men have always been. Liberty needs be defended in each generation in order to preserve it for our posterity.
         AAs a man thinketh, so is he.@

         This is My Life History...
         Once I was married to a good husband. He never went out on me, never was mean to me. Worked all the time. I never wanted for anything. He was a wonderful daddy to our boy. But, I wasn
=t satisfied with anything. I was sick and didn=t know it. But I had went to church. Then I went back on God. The Lord tried to make me see. He even saved my child and my husband started to go to church with us. But, I wasn=t satisfied. I went to work then, it went on for awhile, I was OK. Then a man that had been married two times before come on to me, and things got worse. But my man still took care of us. Then one day I left. My boy was so upset. He went for a ride on his 4 wheeler and wrecked. Was in bad shape for a long time. But my husband wouldn=t let me come back. For once I left, it was all she wrote. He said he had done all he could, I made my bed, now lay in it.
         So. I went with this man, and one day he got mad and tried to kill me - pushed me down the stairs and broke my back, and I ended up here in the nursing home in a wheelchair. No health, no home, no family, for my boy blames me for breaking up our home. God reminds me all the time of what I had and threw it all away. If only I would have listened to my friends, and not done what I done. My boy will be 21 next month, he still won
=t have anything to do with me, or come to see me.
         I still love my husband, he never married again. I would love to be a family again. I still love him but I will have to pay for my wrongs. God said He would have to make us pay for our wrongs, so He is the only one knows what I still have to go through and how long. I am just 38, no family, no friends, no home. Lord only knows what lays ahead for me, but I done it all myself. I love my husband and boy. Hope they see in their hearts some day to forgive me. I love my God, but why do I have to go through so much? It has been four years. If only I would have stayed in church and kept my family together, things could have been better for all of us.
         Someone out there needs to hear my story, because they are about to make the same mistake I did. Please get help before it is too late. Get right with God, and see a doctor.
                 A person who cares,
                         J. W. Lang

         Clay Roane PSD held a special meeting July 24 at the Procious water plant. Does it seem like there
=s a bunch of special meetings in the county now? Boardsters Gary Whaling, Lefty Summers, and Roy Ellis present with Garrett Samples playing hooky. The public part of the meeting was held outdoors with four in the peanut gallery. PSD attorney Tom Whittier participated in the meet. Here >s the way it went..
         PSD voted to hire Teed and Associates to do the long requested audit. According to Chief Water operator Jennifer Traub, Teed
=s estimate came in $1100.00 cheaper than work done last year by another CPA. Cost for this year: right at $3000.00.
         Whittier took center stage and told the Board that there was a problem with adding the Reed Fork extension to the Punkin Ridge water line extension project. Seems the deadline for Reed Fork is too tight and adding Reed Fork could slow down the Punkin extension. Whittier suggested that Reed Fork be applied for late and to allow Punkin to advance. No vote taken
         According to Whittier, who had talked to a Terry Martin, the amount of grant dollars on the Punkin Ridge project is too high. The Feds don
=t allow 90% of the project ( $500,000.00 total needed) to come from federal grant dollars. Whittier is working a deal to massage the existing funds to reflect federal policy. Look for additional state money from the Governor=s office. Whittier, A What an exceptional amount [grant]. The district would pay 10 cents on every dollar...@ Whittier reminded all that the needed funds have not been OK’ yet.
         As for getting the Punkin project funds, Whittier suggested that locals send in letters of need; politicians need to send in letters of need to the Governor
=s office; and, hand written, not typed, letters from residents of the Punkin Ridge area noting any health concerns should be mailed out as well.
         And now the secret part. Whittier said he was there to give legal advice on a matter before the PSC and under Open Meeting Law the PSD could go into executive session. Whittier,
A.. The info could be damaging to the PSC.@ Motion made and passed to go secret. From the peanut gallery came complaints of keeping info that affects the public away from the public. Punkineer Melissa Postelwait complained about the secret time since she felt they would be discussing her upcoming hearing before the WV PSC administrative law judge. Whittier would not elaborate on what would be discussed during secret time. Whittier assured all that no decisions would be made in private.
         After 40 minutes or so behind the closed doors of the water plant, all emerged commenting that nothing was decided during secret time.
         Questions came up on where all the PSD records had been moved. The questioner reminded the Board that a judge ordered they be safe guarded and under lock and key. Whittier seemed to know what the discussion was about and commented that the ‘ead’files were taken over to the Newton office of the PSD ( the old fire house) and said that Gary Whaling and Jennifer Traub were the only ones with a key.
         During discussions on the secret time, Mr. Whaling asked Postelwait if she wanted her meeting with Jim Weimer last week to be made public. Postelwait said she had no problem with that. She asked why the Boardsters weren
=t at the Wednesday July 17th meeting since they were invited. Here=s one readers - Summers , Ellis, and Whaling all said they were not aware of the meeting with attorney Whittier commenting he was not invited to the meeting with Postelwait. Hmmmm.
         Postelwait interjected that her PSC hearing was scheduled for August 28, 2002
         After a little over an hour of business and most of that behind the closed steel door of the water plant, the meeting ended at 8:09 pm                         AW

         Clay County has fielded some pretty good ball teams over the years. This year was an exceptional year as the Clay County 11 - 12 year old All Star team made it to the state tournament after capturing the District 8 Championship two weekends ago.
                 Although Clay has gone to the state competition before, it is believed that no 11 - 12 Clay team has won on the state level - that
=s changed now! The Clay All Stars took on tough competition July 20, 21, and 22nd in Elkins. Here=s the way it went.
         Saturday , 1 pm, Clay vs. Greenbrier Central. And what a game. At the end of the second inning the score was tied 1 to 1 with Trinity Dorsey with the run.. The temperature was in the 90s, the humidity was intense. Hardly want to mention the disagreeable odor coming from the nearby poop factory. Jarrod Kleman strikes out swinging, a walk, another walk, J.D. Johnson makes it to first...later, with the bases loaded and only one out, it wasn
=t meant to be.
         The young Matthew Carte spends a little over one inning on the mound and holds his own. Later J.D. Johnson takes the mound and begins to throw fire, fourth inning, strike out, a walk, strike out, strike out swinging. Score 1 to 1. Temps rise.
         Bottom of the fifth, J.D. strikes out two big kids, and then the BAM of a line drive! Mason Hamrick fields and darn good throw home saves us. With men on base, once again J.D. smokes the Greenbrier team and retires the inning with a strike followed by a strike by yet another smoker.
         After 6 innings of hard field work, the game goes into overtime with 1 to 1 on the scoreboard.
         As for the Greenbrier Central fans, nasty is the word, it was bad. For many of the Clay parents, the Greenbrier jerks should have been removed from the otherwise perfect ball park. Some yelled out ,
@ How did you make it here ? On food stamps!!@, followed with loud yells to not break down the bleachers you fat a***. Team supporter and absolutely quiet Brenda Krauklis was called a dumb a**!. Still later, as the Clay supporters were yelling ATRINITY.... TRINITY.... TRINITY@ in support of slugger Trinity Dorsey, the Greenbrier Central idiots yelled back something about Clay being all Holy Baptists! It was bad. Now back to the game
         Here it is, the 7th inning with our boys on second and third.. A wild pitch, Jarrod Kleman steals home.. A little later, another wild pitch and Eagle Waddell steals home. We
=re winning!! Not to be out done, Greenbrier battles back with a walk home followed by a long drive that brought in two runs. End of 7th, tie ball game 4 to 4.
         With nothing in the 8th, we score two runs in the top of the 9th. We
=re ahead 6 to 4. Johnson on the hill, ball, strike, strike, strike, foul tip, strike.. POW but center fielder Jordan Adkins catches it, two outs!! Greenbrier=s last chance and a hard hit line drive to second base man Jessie Street is caught. Clay wins 6 to 4. The Clay All Stars have won on the state level.
         Sunday, during the evening match up with Chapmanville... didn
=t go so well. One strong young fellow named Dingess slam-banged two homers, not just any homers, home runs that cleared the fence, cleared the walking track, and ended up where the cars were parked. The one fellow brought in 4 runs for Chapmanville. Clay lost 7 to 3. Dorsey and Kleman pitched and saved us from real disaster. Clay was not hitting to say the least.
=s do or die readers, for Clay to stay in the tournament, Clay has to beat the team from Charlestown. They=re a big team with fast runners, ace pitching, and quick base running to boot. First inning, zip to zip. Second, 0 to 0; Ditto for the third , fourth, and fifth inning. Strong pitching and fielding by both teams. The long hot practice sessions were paying off. After 5 2 innings of play, the score remained 0 to 0. With J.D. on the mound, bottom of the 6th, one out, and Charlestown on third, the batter connects, Johnson fields the hit and throws to first baseman Trinity Dorsey, Dorsey catches the ball despite the runner lowering his shoulder and plowing in
         Now it gets murky to say the least. Right after you hear the
AOUT@, the first base ump turns, heads to the dug outs and many in the crowd heard A TIME@ called by the Blue shirt. The runner on third heads for home, Trinity makes the throw but it was too late. Charlestown 1, the Clay All Stars 0. Clay was out of the state level action. The controversial actions by the ump will linger forever.
         There is redemption however. Charlestown All Stars went on to win the WV Championship Wednesday July 24th. Clay lost to the now State Champs by just one debatable run.
         As Manager Dickie Johnson said after the game, Clay has no reason to hang their heads.                                                        AW
Bob Clarke Curmudgeon’ Corner

         One of life
=s more pleasant pastimes is to take an occasional stroll down memory lane, as the old cliche has it. Unfortunately, the disgusting inequities of old age, many of which are too grim to enumerate here, force some of us to lurch, when once we strolled. At the risk of overdoing this term, you are invited to lurch back with me to 1942.
         Set in war-torn Morocco at a time when the German military forces occupied or controlled most of Europe and virtually all of North Africa, Casablanca has become one of the true classics in cinematic history. With the possible exception of those who move their lips when they read, or the younger generation, who live in a kind of eternal present tense, Casablanca holds a secure place among the great black and white films. Movie historian Leonard Maltin calls it the ‘est Hollywood movie of all time’ no doubt a debatable assertion, but not too far off the mark.
         Director Michael Curtiz assembled a stellar cast with which moviegoers are so familiar that a list would be superfluous here, a humble effort whose purpose is to draw attention to just one of the actors - William Claude Rains. Rains [1889-1962], a slight, un-handsome English stage actor, was middle-aged when he scored his first hit in H. G. Wells
= story The Invisible Man in 1933. In that particular film, Rains= face is never seen, but we are captured by his distinctive voice. In his role as Captain Renaud, head of the French police in Casablanca, Rains almost steals the picture while surrounded by some of Hollywood=s heaviest hitters. Suave, sardonic and urbane, he anticipates some of the charming villains we are to see in later works, although in this film he treads a more complicated path.
         In one of the frequently overlooked scenes overshadowed by the war clouds and the love interest, Captain Renaud enters ‘ick
=s American Café’ He has been ordered by the German Major Strosser to close the establishment. He is an old friend of Rick [Bogart], the jaded realist. Major Strosser considers the joint a center of intrigue and potential political anti-Nazi activity. He is probably correct. In any case, Captain Renaud [Claude Rains, in case you=ve forgotten] marches in with his men and announces that the café is closed until further notice. Responding to the expressions of surprise and bewilderment on customers= faces, he exclaims: AI=m, shocked! Shocked! There=s gambling here!@ The scene is a hilarious touch at a highly dramatic moment, capped off by a brilliant directorial postscript when the Captain extends a cupped hand behind him to receive the kickback money regularly paid him from the gambling receipts. Rains performs that scene, as well as many others, with a subtlety and world weary charm that are beyond praise.
         Can it be a forlorn hope that there is a parallel here that brings us to recent events? When the Enron hearings began on national TV, we were treated to the spectacle of posturing windbags, sputtering in a state of high moral dudgeon about the pillage of the working man
=s nest egg. This is show business at its best, since it could be argued that these [Congress] are the clowns who helped kill government deregulation, to assist in a business environment in which it may not be judged illegal to claim phantom profits in order to jack up stock prices so that a few fat cats can dump them at an enormous profit before the company dies.
         The cynical mind retains an image of an untold number of politicians sidling up to lobbyists, the well-heeled ones, extending a backward, cupped hand, like the bellboy who opens your hotel window, receiving the just tributes to a system that continues in the United States to maintain the best government money can buy. But when Senator or Congressman Gasbag goes on national TV, he can always be depended upon to bellow:
AI=m shocked.@
                                 Yours, etc,
Protecting the Pledge, >In God We Trust=
         Capito Co-Sponsors Measure to Keep Pledge of Allegiance and Currency As is
         Washington - At a press conference yesterday, Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) unveiled new legislation that calls for a constitutional amendment to protect the pledge of allegiance with its current language and the national motto ‘n God We Trust’printed on U.S. currency.
         A The 9th Circuit Court ruling gives a clear indication that all public references to God are under attack. It=s time we provide strong protections to America=s foundation,@ said Rep. Capito. A God was part of America=s blueprint that our founding fathers created. We must protect that core foundation. It is a fundamental part of who we are as a nation.@
         Congresswoman Capito, an original co-sponsor of the bill, joined other original sponsors of the measure, including the bill
=s author, Rep. Chip Pickering (R-MS) and representatives of other supportive organizations such as the American Family Association, the Traditional Values Coalition.
         Also announced at the press conference, the launch of a new web site, Wepledge.com, which allows viewers to sign a petition in support of the constitutional amendment. The site, sponsored by the American Family Association, is a drive to gather ten million signatures. Rep. Pickering sent a letter to members of Congress, urging them to support the plan and sign onto the letter. Congresswoman Capito was one of the first members to sign the letter and become an original co-sponsor of the bill. The letter states:
A Amending the Constitution is never taken lightly, nor should it be. Yet Congress can no longer sit idly while the courts rewrite our nation=s history and traditions.@
         In June, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional and, therefore, could not be recited in public schools. Congresswoman Capito was quick to express outrage at the ruling, calling it ‘tterly un-American’

         According to all reports, the state of WV is nearly broke. Our government is making ends meet by allowing gambling about everywhere you look. We can=t spare another penny for education, there isn=t a cent to raise the homestead exemption allowance; ditto for paying a portion of prescription medicines for seniors so they don=t have to eat cat food near the end of each month.
         We think we
=ve found one of the reasons why our State Government is in such a mess.
         In May of this year, Peachy Jarrett went ballistic when she found out that the local welfare office was moving out of her commercial building near Spread Park and doing so without giving her ANY written notice. Peach
=s brick building is right at 6000 square feet with an option available to add still more space if the state desired to do so. Additionally, there is plenty of off street parking right in front of the building making access easy for those in need of the Dept. of Health and Human Services. That=s commonly referred to as the Welfare office.
         Ms Jarrett received $1688.00 per month in her rental agreement with the state. Sound pretty good? Read on.
         In a letter dated May 21, 2002 from the WV Department of Administration, and addressed to Clinton and Marshall Nichols, comes the following:
         The terms of the lease will be for a period of twenty five (25) years at a rate of $7.00 per square foot or $4,083.33 per month for the first year; $8.25 per square foot or $ 4,812.50 per month for the 2nd year; and $5,979.17 per month for the third through 25th year.....
         The DHHS, as tenant, will occupy the approximate 7000 square foot facility, together with a parking area to accommodate approximately 40 cars....
         Should the terms and conditions stated herein meet with your approval, please proceed with the renovations.... It is my understanding that the Tenant will take occupancy by no later than Sept 1, 2002.
         Lets see now, the state is more than tripling the monthly rent for the same size building... Hmmm... maybe more than Peachy should be mad over the waste of tax dollars.                                                                                AW

         My what a difference a snoopy investigation into the affairs of the Clay Development Corporation (CDC) can make. During a specially called meeting of the Clay Development Corp., general members voted overwhelmingly to remove Earnie Sirk from the Board of Director
=s position on July 16. The General membership of the agency had just met 27 days earlier for it=s annual meeting in June and seemed to be in support of Sirk. My what a difference a few days make. Here=s the way it went down
         After Sirk had exposed some serious breaches in ethics among the CDC staff, Pam Ramsey Taylor was fired June 3. Since then, and behind the scenes, some have been working to get her job back and to get Sirk removed from office. Prior to this 16th meeting, They had asked general members and Board members ( supportive of Taylor) to have special meetings. Such was the case on the sunny Tuesday afternoon when the CDC Senior Center was packed wall to wall. Earnie sat up front. To his right was CDC Director Betty Stalnaker and to her right was secretary Janet Fitzwater.
         Sirk, knowing full well that he was facing a lynch mob , had a plan of his own. He was going to get the meeting deemed illegal! Sirk held the letter calling for the special meeting, 12 signatures were affixed to the document. Note: It takes 12 general members to call for a special meeting. As he read each name off, each person was required to come forward and verify that the signature was authentic. Gary Whaling, James Duffield, Eunice Thomas, Kathleen Morris, Freda Auxier.. One by one,... Barbara Collins, Betty Moore. With only 8 present of the needed 12, Sirk,
A We cannot verify 4 signatures, there=s no way this is legal.@ Sirk was telling the coupsters, they weren=t going to have their way.
         Ohhhhhhhh, boy.
          The place went bananas. Director Stalnaker was the first to make the stand as she said the process of making them verify their signatures had never been done before and,
A THIS MEETING WILL GO ON!!@ Almost holding his own, Sirk came back saying that if you can get 12 signers now, then they can come back in 3 days ( according to the by laws) and have a legal meeting. Stalnaker, A THIS MEETING IS LEGAL@
         Standing, obviously planned way ahead of time, Steve Hubbard ( I think),
@ I make a motion to dissolve the Board.@ From around the room came supportive sounds of A AMEN@. Sirk, knowing his day was over, stood , A I DECLARE THIS ILLEGAL!!!@ From the peanut gallery and concerning the motion on the floor, A all in favor raise your hand@ POW!! Almost everyone in the room raised their hands. You could see the glee on their faces. The guy that had been raising all the stink over employee conduct and misconduct, the guy that succeeded in getting Taylor fired and a disciplinary reprimand in Stalnaker=s file, was leaving the room and people were cheering.
A This is an illegal meeting!!!!! I will step aside!!!!!@ William Eagle stood to comment that he had served in WW II, but then got side tracked into talking about kids making noise in front of his Main Street apartment.
         Knowing this was his cue, Boardster Gary Whaling stepped up to the head of the room, and after Stalnaker told him what to do, took charge of the meeting. Whaling started in,
A The board does not exist... we have to appoint a board....@ Director Stalnaker told Whaling that before they could do that ( or even have the motion to ditch Earnie) , roll call had to be called. Forty responded to the roll call. Whaling, A We need a board president..@ Again Whaling was told what to do: before you have a president, first you have to have a board!
         Again, well orchestrated and planned out ahead of time, Freda Auxier stood and read off a list of names and agencies to be appointed to the board. NOTE: Although the passed motion was to dissolve the board, the only real change was to eliminate the spot held by Sirk. When Auxier read William Eagle
=s name as a board member, Eagle,@ You can mark my name off.. I don=t like the way this thing is being run!! [this] IS TAKING CARE OF A HONEY DO PARTY!!@
         With the motion passed for the new board, Whaling started in again on the need for new officers. After noticing that many of the new Boardsters were not present and after a suggestion from Stalnaker, Whaling said they would instead call a special board meeting for Friday July 19, 2002.
         Keep in mind, there were close to 100 people in attendance during the coup but only general members of at least one month standing could vote. Why have the meeting this day? Here it is readers. According to the by laws, once you sign up to be a general member you can call for a special meeting and vote 30 days after signing up. The last regular general membership meeting was 27 days earlier. During that June meeting around 20 new general members signed up and if those folks were allowed to vote, the ‘elected pool’of voters would be diluted. Translation: The employees, family members of employees and friends of the ‘lan’would have less power as new to the general membership roles voted.
         As happened in 1999 when the last board began to investigate the CDC, Chief Snoop Earnie ( Wide Glide, Mayor of Ivydale, Osama bin, ) Sirk was removed from office.
         So what was the official explanation for ditching Sirk? According to new CDC Prez Gary Whaling, Sirk had used potty mouth around the staff. Whaling,
@ Mr. Sirk used language not appropriate [around] the Director and staff or anywhere.@ Whaling went on to say potty mouth is misconduct and grounds for immediate dismissal. In support of Whaling, Stalnaker spoke up on: serving 400 people; they have 110 workers; Sirk threatened to close down the CDC; and clients would receive no service if the CDC was forced to close.
         Whaling came back asking for a retraction from the Communicator. Another asked why the Communicator never put anything good in print about CDC. Along about then, the ace cub reporter could fill the lynch mob mentality turning from the dead carcass of Sirk to his own, and chose not to speak up. As Eunice Thomas was spouting off about her not resigning from the board as reported, as another lady was yelling out that she buys the Communicator and
A WHY NOT PUT SOMETHING GOOD IN IT??!!!@, and another yelling out, A Why don=t you stand up for what=s right!!@, even Whaling knew that emergency services may need to be called and this time not Trooper Foreman but an ambulance crew.... Whaling,@ I don=t want this to get out of hand, let’ close the meeting now!!!@
         In just 40 minutes or so the official overthrow of Sirk was done. CDC could live in peace again and away from those that pry into their private organization.
         As they say on TV…..BUT WAIT THERE
         Something was going on readers. Outside, surrounded by 10 or so folks, Buck Taylor was cussing Boardster Jimmy Duffield. Something about Duffield putting the eye on Taylor
=s girlfriend. New general member Arthur Jarrett said Taylor was steamed as Rev. Duffield led the opening prayer, something about Duffield being a hypocrite. Daughter of Pam Taylor, Misty Winebrenner opened the front door and yelled out something about Taylor ( her grandfather) taking his family affairs somewhere else, and, A I=m calling the cops!!@ Employee Wanda Keener headed over to the old courthouse and came back with Deputy Belt in tow.
         Lots of folks standing around now, including the Ramsey family. Belt,
A You cussing Buck?@ Buck, A No, no, no, no.@ Belt told Buck Taylor he would have to leave the sidewalk. In response Taylor came back with something along the lines that this is America, he was on the sidewalk in a free country. Didn=t set to well with Belt who told Taylor to high tail it.
         Along about then, Duffield is being escorted to his vehicle and Taylor sees that and heads for Duffield. With both seniors nearly across the street, Belt chaperons Taylor away from Duffield and to the Taylor van. Taylor takes off.
         With Duffield safely on his way......... Nope, not yet readers. Taylor takes his girl friends serious. Taylor comes back through the courthouse alley. Someone yells out,
ATHERE HE IS AFTER DUFFIELD AGAIN!!@ Belt blocks the easement with his cruiser giving Duffield time to get way up the road.
         As a follow up to the coup and the romantic entanglement afterwards, comes this:
=s grand daughter Misty Winebrenner filed domestic violence charges against him before Magistrate Mike King on the same day. From the court house comes this from Ms Winebrenner, @ He stood outside of Clay Development and shook his hands and yelled bad language at me. I had to have the police called and he still wouldn=t leave. Said he would whip everyone=s a** and called us a whore. I thought we was going to get into a fist fight on the street.@ Yep, that=s how it was worded!
         Since then, on July 24, Family Law Judge Timothy Ruckman honored King
=s Order of Protection and extended it until January 31, 2003.
         Just another day in the life of that quiet little social service provider, Clay Development Corporation.                                                

         Looks like Clay County will finally move into the 20th century with the completion of the Cellular One tower on the old Dana Echols property out Triplett Ridge later this month. Since becoming popular 20 years ago, cell phone users have found little reception in most of Clay County and from the Clendenin exit of I -79 through the Flatwoods Exit. A spokesperson for Cellular One in Elkins commented Monday, July 22 that he anticipated completion of the 285 foot tall tower by September 1 with coverage area to be strongest west of the tower site. Steve ( forgot his last name) with Cellular One said that they had been working on the project for a long time but phone calls by Frank Murphy to Congresswoman Capito opened up ‘ can of hurry up’
         Four issues back, front page coverage was given to a new to the area Clay County Resource and Drop In Center .At that time the center was planned to open May 1. The agency will service mental health clients. With many nose prints on the windows, locals saw the May 1 opening date come and go with little activity inside the old tobacco shop location on Main Street near Murphy
=s Flower Shop. That seems to be changing now.
         Inside the store front can be seen a couch and chairs along with a bank of computers near the rear of the main room. On the door is signage indicating that volunteers are now needed and to call a toll free number for information, 1-888-825-8324 along with an
A OPENING SOON@ note posted as well. Hours of operation will be 8 to 4 with Haley West as the local contact person.
         Three months back Jay Pallock was on trial in Judge Jack Alsop
=s court room on charges of statutory rape. After a lengthy court battle, Pallock was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. On Wednesday, July 17th Mr. Pallock was back in the hot seat on charges of possession of pot and intent to deliver the controlled substance. This time around, the defendant was found guilty of possession and found not guilty of the second charge, intent to deliver. Prosecutor Jeff Davis represented the State of WV during both court battles.
         As you
=ve read earlier in this edition, Buck Taylor got himself in deep doo after the CDC Special General Membership meeting where Czar Sirk was ousted. On Wednesday, July 24 Family Law Judge Timothy Ruckman OK=d the restraining order which continues through Jan 31, 2003. Taylor was livid after the hearing!

         For most of the country, much time is spent on major decisions like which high speed Internet service to use or which long distance telephone provider to employ or which stock option would best benefit them. Not so for Clayonians. For many in the county, safe drinking water takes up much of the day light hours.
                 Clay County offers municipal water service to less than 25% of the residents.
         Over the last 7 years our elected leadership, as well as our appointed leaders on the various boards, have done little more than bury their heads in the sand and say they don’ know what to do, that the game plan is always changing, that.... well you get the picture. Lack of leadership and clear thinking have left us with near third world conditions. On July 18th, a group of over 125 Clayonians met to change that.
         Meeting at the Lizemores Methodist Church , residents from surrounding areas rallied in an attempt to gain safe, potable water for their families and friends. Leading the meeting were Cathy Shuler and John Humphry. The 30x70 assembly hall was packed wall to wall. Some with no hair, some with gray hair, lots of checkered shirts and suspenders as well, some were bent with age, but all were there to make their voices be heard: they had had enough of the county-wide promises and foot dragging.
         Humphrey let all know that he wanted water, “e’e gone too long without water..... We’e the last ones in the county to get anything... We’e the forgotten bunch..... We’e just between the Mountains.”He went on to comment that on February 16, 1998 he coughed up a water tap deposit and, “ can’ see anything that’ been done since then.” Many in the crowd remembered when Gauley PSD agreed to provide that side of the county with water service and were stopped by the County Commission. Some spoke of when Red Derring made the offer and was told to take his water elsewhere. Humphrey continued that he had spoken with the WV PSC and was advised that the water could come from Gauley instead of the long planned Clay County PSD. Humphry, “lay stopped Gauley from getting us water... We’e at the mercy of the officials, sort of.... If Gauley has the capacity, lets let them do it!”Around the room could be heard the sounds of support for the idea. ‘men’could be heard through out most of the meeting.
         Ms Shuler explained that she had conducted a letter writing campaign to the various members of Congress. To date , only Jay Rockefeller’ office has replied to her requests. Shuler complained that her water was real bad and that she didn’ drink it, that all the hollers in the area need water service. Many in the crowd made mention of the number of times they had given different PSDs money for deposits. Some raised concerns over what happened to the long ago paid-in-full water tap deposits and would they ever get those dollars returned to them if they asked for such. Other folks expressed concerns that the well water in the area was unsuitable for consumption.
         The question was asked. Would you be in favor of asking Gauley PSD to provide water instead of the County Commission or the Clay County PSD? Almost immediately the response came back, “es!”Shuler, “e need something done and done now.”From up front, “im Butcher told me there was a real big leak in the line and now they say the plant is OK.”Another man, “he only leak we have is the Commissioner.”Another, “t was funded 6 years ago and where’ the lines??”For the most part, those in attendance felt that as far as Clay County is concerned, anything south of the Hartland bridge is no man’ land. One fellow, “hen they wanted us for Vietnam, the Hartland bridge didn’ stop them then!”After many minutes of getting it off their chests, plans were laid. With Jim Cercone as the lead spokesman, a delegation would approach the Clay County Commission seeking information; a second meeting was called for August 15; and, Gauley PSD Chair Red Derring would be invited to the next meeting.
         Over 150 signatures were affixed to a petition for water service from Gauley PSD. The locals are standing up and demanding clean safe water. It’ about time.                                         AW

         And, an interesting update on Clay Development Corporation (CDC) for this edition. So what happens as soon as some one is out of power? Smear them!!! In the mail anonymously came the following copy of a check. See right.
          We called up Earnie Sirk and asked him about the $500.00 check made out to him. Sirk said back in the spring of 2000 he had two brothers living with him and asked for help from the CDC emergency fund and they coughed up the $500.00. He went on to say that he needed the money to build on to his trailer so he and the two brothers could have a place to sleep. Shortly thereafter, both left his residence and he returned $250.00 of the $500 to Stalnaker. And, that he has the check to document that. Sometime later he gave back the remaining $250.00, and did so in cash.
         As for a receipt for that cash debit, Sirk was not sure if he had the receipt.                 AW
         CDC UPDATE #2
         It=s July 24, dethroned CDC Prez Earnie Sirk has a new plan. If he can be ousted during a Special General Membership meeting, then why not call one of his own!
         On Wednesday the 24th,, Sirk, along with Mary Workman, hand delivered such a request to the CDC office. Director Stalnaker was away from the office and most of the staff sat jawing in Faye Asbury
=s office. Sirk had come up with 12 signatures as required by the by laws and made the request for the meeting to held in three days. The plan called for many of the brand new general members to be at the meeting and overthrow Whaling , the new leader of the private agency.
         That was around 11:00 am Wednesday, July 24th. By 1:00 pm Wednesday, the forces were at their battle stations. The insiders could not allow such a meeting. The following letter was hurriedly typed and mailed out the very day Sirk made his request. See the CDC response at right.                                                                AW
         CDC UPDATE #3
         And finally, on the county
=s most troubled social service provider, Clay Development Corporation, CDC...
          Remember back last winter when the Board of Directors threw the public out of their board meetings? Remember back last January when Trooper Foreman was called in to remove a prying ace cub reporter? Remember last February when a Special General Membership meeting was called to change the by laws to officially bar the public from coming to any board meeting? Remember at that same meeting, the assembled said that Mel Gibson look alike was making tons of money by reporting the CDC news in this newspaper and that was not allowed since the guy was also a board member?
         Things change readers.
          Ace Cub reporter Andy Waddell received the following letter this week.

         Our two person County Commission met in regular session July 23 at 10 am. Commissioner Tim Butcher continues to draw a pay check and not show up for work. Around 15 or so sat in the peanut gallery.
         First up from the peanut gallery was Dr. Jim Cercone, who represented the Lizemores/Indore area of the county. Cercone explained that 120 or so folks attended a water meeting last week and he was before the County Commission for several reasons. Initially Cercone advanced three points which were: His group wants facts and they are dissatisfied with the process since it’ been 8 years and still no water service in that area of the county; the Clay County Commission (CCC) has not provided the public with information, there are two papers in the county and both have credibility problems; and, residents are ready to petition Gauley PSD for water service.
         The peanut gallery was silent. A guy with some brains was addressing the CCC.
         Then came the questions and answers. Is the hold up the town’ unwillingness? Sams, “es.”If the town went back to the original plan to sell the water plant, would that help? Sams, “ would say so.”Sams went on to say the CCC has not been sitting on their thumbs, we’e been to meetings....
         What’ the plan now? Sams responded that the current plan calls for the new plant to be built at Procious and run lines up Elkhurst and bypass the town of Clay. Sams, “andy Plum is aggravated…”As for the loss of funding, Sams said it is not lost if the engineers get to work and meet a September 1 deadline. Sams, “e [Plum] said the funding is unlimited…”Cercone will receive copies of the County Commission meeting minutes for the past year as well as all correspondence on water from the local PSDs, the WV PSC, and the CCC, which will be given out to the public.
         As for the immediate issue of unsafe water in local wells, Cercone asked the CCC to pay for the costly testing procedure. No real answer given Cercone about paying for the testing, but County Sanitarian Teresa Morton commented that basic testing runs around $35.00. When Dr. Cercone asked about the missing commissioner with, “hat’ the deal?” both Sams and Bragg responded, “ho Knows!”Sams complained about the PSC ( Weimer in particular) giving conflicting stories. Commission President Bragg explained: when he got elected, he inherited the water problem; Procious was in bankruptcy; now there is a new plan to build a plant; the town of Clay threw a monkey wrench into the works; the County Commission doesn’ have any money; and, “ am not against you.”As for the Procious plant being extended or a new one to be built, Bragg, “ don’ know.”As for any new plant, would it be downsized? Sams came back with: No, it’ not downsized yet and if it is downsized it won’ affect the Lizemores and Tucker’ Bottom water line extension projects. Sams, “e’e begged Randy Plum to start digging water lines.”Bragg, “..and then the town messed everything up.”
         As for the request to establish a water dispersant center in the southern end of the county... no real answer given as Sams suggested that maybe a water buffalo could be set up. Bragg, “e’e trying everything!”Sams, “he PSC tells us something different and makes us look like liars.”In other Commission decisions, Nicholas County 911 Director Dave King was hired as the Clay County 911 Director/ Flood Plan Coordinator at the rate of $1500.00 per month.
         As for emergency ballot commissioners for the November 5th election... Looks like Paige Willis, Don Jarvis, Frank Murphy and Jerry Linkinogger.
         Questions came on ‘ow’ the ambulance service doing?’ The questioner said that as an employee of the agency, they are not allowed to ask their employer, WV EMS. Sams, “t’ going to do better.... I’ love to see a second crew..”Questions came up on starting a second duty crew to cover when the first crew is out on a run. Clerk Moore said according to B.J. Willis, the service missed 29 runs last month. Sams mentioned that B.J. Willis is working on getting the Laurel Nursing Home contract for non emergency transports back. Contrary to recent reports, the Clay County Ambulance Service is manned 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week according to Commissioner Sams.
         And finally, the County Commission agreed to pay Assistant Prosecutor Barbara Schamberger extra duty pay for her work in court for the Business Development Authority as they try to get the Ovapa property back from the grasp of the Clay County Bank. Schamberger will be paid $28.12 per hour.
         Just the highlights readers. Come to a public meeting, there’ fun, it’ free and air conditioned.                                                                                                AW