August 9, 2001

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        Clay Primary Health Care Center located in Two Run has a new director. The new director is responsible for the day to day operation of the county=s only public clinic and reports to a Board of Directors on a monthly basis. The new director is recently retired from the school system with 33 years of service, Richard Jarvis. Mr. Jarvis received his Masters degree from the College of Graduate Studies in 1972 and replaces Gary Johnson who was fired two months ago during one of those Monday night Board meetings where the public is kept away.
      Mr. Jarvis was interviewed Monday August 6. No public announcement of the appointment has been made by the Board which is chaired by Max Moore. Over the last 7 months great concerns have been raised over the Primary Health operation. Some of those have included: a large turnover of employees indicating a troubled working environment within the clinic, a cut back in services for the county including the loss of Wellness centers in the school system, the number of doctors leaving the facility, the loss of the mammography service at the clinic, and concerns that the Board meetings are conducted in total secrecy even though the building was publicly funded and currently receives tax dollars for continued operation.
      Even with years of experience in school administration, Richard Jarvis commented that the health care field is a whole new ball game. Mr. Jarvis,
@ For me, it=s learning a whole new system.@ As for changes within the 7 year old non profit corporation, again Mr. Jarvis,@ Not right now. I don=t want to rush into anything.@
As for a citizen with a complaint, Mr. Jarvis explained the process,
@Well we haven=t had any yet, but, if we do, check in the complaint and take it to the proper channels, through me.@
On the issue of cutbacks in service, are there more cutbacks to be expected,@ For the next six months, no. I don=t see anything [more cutbacks]. Like I said, I don=t want to rush into anything. I want to be here long enough to get a good handle on things and then start making the decisions if we have to.@
Last year Primary Health Care operated in the red over $150,000.00. On the subject of keeping the doors open, Jarvis, @Well, I haven=t been here long enough yet to answer that. I really haven=t. I can=t give you an intelligent answer [right now] anyway.@ As for where the thousands of Legislative Digest dollars will be spent, AMy understanding there is, that it will be a payment on the loan for the building. That=s what I understand.@
As for being the new kid on the block and in a new field, Jarvis was cautious,@ I think the biggest mistake I could make right now would be to start making those changes. It=ll be a while. I have to really get into the operation of the system. When and if any of those decisions [cutbacks, etc.], it will be a while.@
In closing, Richard Jarvis made it very clear, AThis is a new learning process for me here. All the patients... and the Doctors..... And everyone else, they have to give me a chance. I have to be given a chance to learn what I am doing and make intelligent decisions down the road.@ AW

follow ups
      In last edition, Tracy Johnson wrote that she was organizing a petition to try and stop the 260% town of Clay sewer rate increase scheduled to go into effect Sept 8. As an update, Ms Johnson has said that everybody she shows the petition to, signs it, and can=t believe a 260% increase is needed. According to Mayor Nichols and during the August 6 Council meeting, no one has sent the WV Public Service Commission a letter of protest on the rate increase, NOT ONE! For those interested in stopping the huge rate increase, call Tracy Johnson at 587-2341
Filcon Manufacturing has brought their $139,000.00 CAEZ loan up to date and is current according to CAEZ Director Jerry Sizemore. Sketchy details can be found in the CAEZ article and the BDA story this edition of the Communicator.
       In last editions
AStumbler of the Week@, we reported that the Clay County Emergency Ambulance Authority (CCEAA) had not turned in their mandated by State Code, Annual Budget (by July 1) to the Clay County Commission. We also commented on not having a budget to work and operate with, and maybe that=s the reason the CCEAA is so screwed up. After that article de-appointed CCEAA member Joyce White phoned to inform us that SHE had turned in the CCEAA budget to Commissioner Jimmy Sams on June 11. Remember June 11th folks. After Ms White=s call, County Clerk Judy Moore phoned and said she had found a blank folder on the Commissioner=s desk with a couple sheets of stapled paper inside. According to Moore, those sheets may be what White is calling a budget although there was no name on the papers, the papers were not on CCEAA letterhead, the papers did not say A2001 BUDGET@ or even ABUDGET@ , and there was no date as to when it was submitted. One other note from Ms Moore, four CCEAA members signed the sheets and after Chair Larry Cole=s signature, was the date: June 25, 2001. Hmmmm, Ms White says she turned it in June 11 but yet Cole=s signature was dated June 25!


  1.        A new study from the American Academy of Neurology has found that young people who play musical instruments have more gray matter in their brains than those who don=t.
  2. Because tea interferes with harmful bacteria in the mouth, it can apparently fight cavities and prevent gum disease.
  3. Motor vehicle accidents are the # 1 cause of psychological trauma in men and the second cause for women, behind domestic violence.
  4. The Pez candy name comes from PFEFFERMINZ the German word for peppermint.
  5. Only about half of the 4,200 Americans on a waiting list for donor hearts received them last year. The rest died.
  6. Nationally 600,000 people suffer a stroke every year.
  7. High levels of air pollution can trigger heart attacks in at risk people exposed for only a short time.
  8. According to U.N. estimates, between 40 to 60 percent of the more than 500 million small arms and light weapons in the world are illegal.
  9. Only 10 percent of Holmes and businesses in flood hazard areas are covered with flood insurance in West Virginia.
  10. One out of 20 people suffers from social phobia.
  11. If a police officer sees litter coming out of a vehicle he can charge the driver even if he doesn=t know who in the car did it.
  12. Boone County produced 19 percent of all the coal mined in West Virginia last year.
  13. Public interest in trauma is so high that offers 1,000 books on the subject.
  14. A West Virginia University biologist has said he is worried that wild ginseng may be on the verge of extinction in West Virginia.
  15. Running Ared@ lights caused 260,000 crashes each year with more than 800 of them fatal.
  16. According to the National School Safety Center, 21 of the 321 who died violently in schools since 1992 were teachers.
  17. Beer consumption in Germany dropped 4.3 percent in the first half of the year to 1.4, which is 63.4 million gallons less than in the same period last year.
  18.      Freedom is seldom simple.
  19. The number of deaths in highway work zones grew 25 percent between 1997 and 1999.
The 1990 Census found 3.5 million children under age 18 in the United States living with grand parents. LMM

By E B Goode
      First, I send my great sympathies to those hurt or misplaced in the floods in WV! Please remember that JESUS loves you soooo much & longs to be in intimate communion with you to give you Hope, Strength, Faith, Wisdom & Supply ALL your needs according to His Riches in Glory in Christ Jesus." All things work for the good to those that love Him & are called according to His Purpose." JESUS says, "Please Be Comforted & comfort one another & keep on helping one another in My Love."
      In Response to Andy's e-mail,"Can You Find Yourself in This Photo", of a satellite picture of the earth's lights at night! It looks like WV is a pretty dark spot! hahaha! Jus kidding!! Yeah, I found El PASO/CD.Juarez in 'dem lights I think!!! :), ha!
     But it reminds me that we are the Lights of the world & actually, In The Spirit, we are very bright world-wide! I guess even blinding at times for those who aren
=t used to bright heavenly truths! But we are learning to shine in love to give all those who want to Bathe in the fountains of heavenly Love Light to be able to do so!!! Even as the shallow dark-false-lights try to take over the earth!
     (Take Note)The Religious Jewish Zealots where trying to carry a Big corner-stone of the Third Temple & there was a big ruckus on the temple mount! This is very significant, as we see the prophecies being fulfilled & the nearing of the End of man's evil empires on earth with the beginning of the "Seven Year" false peace covenant(Dan.9:27)by the Anti-Christ!
     The Building of this temple & the resulting "Red-Heifer" sacrifices will be made possible right
after this Peace Covenant is formulated to stop the Israeli/Palestinian wars, & thus begin the "Last Seven Years"!
Jesus the Real Messiah will return with Power & Glory to rescue all His Believers at the End of this Seven Years! (Mat.24:29-31) If anyone wants a drawing of the Third Temple to be built soon on the temple mount in Jerusalem(according to Ezekiel 40--->) in the near exciting future, please
let me know! I would like to remind everyone that the Main Temple is Spiritual! "Ye are the temple for the Holy stones...What house will you build me saith the Lord..." And take a peek at NEW JERUSALEM IN REV.21&22!!! WOW!!!
     As for me...we have been working onward & getting more organized!! TK the Lord! I appreciate your notes AW & any one else, please feel free to write or call!
       Our "Activated" Word Program is going forward in full swing world wide, so please don't miss your chance to "Tap into the Power of God" by subscribing to our "Activated" magazine & other available Super Tools for sincere Christians & others of all ages! The Web Sites are & & the phone for any questions is 1-877-862-3228. I am official distributor #M00065 for our Fantastic Products, so please add my number when you order! All income is non_profit & used entirely for spreading the Gospel in word & deed, so Feel Free!!! My personal phone is 915-373-4963 & my e-mail is! Or if you just want to send a donation to help with
expenses, we really need it!
We love you all, In JESUS Precious Name, E.B. Goode

Regular mail: EBG c/o M.Wickenheiser,
PO Box 290845,
El Paso, Tx. 79929
Ed. Note: EB Goode is a missionary now working in the El Paso/ Mexico area.


     Hello, I once lived in your little town many years ago, and truly loved living there. I have always thought I would love to move back there someday, so naturally I subscribed to your Communicator newspaper. Please, I don’t mean to disrespect anyone, but I have never seen so much back stabbing and bickering among the town’s officials as I have been reading about in yours. It appears that when one of you does try to suggest any thing that may help out your situations they are either run out , or badmouthed . It is truly a shame to see such a lovely little town in such turmoil. I suggest you all pull together there and quit trying to brow beat one another to solve your issues. I have long since changed my mind about wanting to live there again. I know you won’t print this or post it on your website, for you don’t want people to know what an outsider sees going on in your town. But I do want to say thank you for taking the time to read this email

J Chavis

PS: what a great web site you have, I truly enjoy it, you have done a fine job, keep up the good work.


        On 8-5-01, Sunday, a call came across the scanner that a 11 year old female in Bomont was having chest pains with her left arm hurting. An ambulance was finally dispatched. About a 1/2 hour later another call came in. This time it was a Lane residence on Pumpkin Ridge that had fallen off a ladder. EVERY EMT in Clay County came across the scanner WANTING to respond to this call. The ambulance showed up at the scene and Health-Net was on standby. Later, Health-Net was cancelled.
         About 1/2 hour later another call came out in the Bomont/Glen area, Lower Sycamore, a 30 year old male having chest pains, pain in his arms, and sick to his stomach. It took the Clay Co. Ambulance Service about another 1/2 hour to get enough EMTs rounded up to respond.
        What’s up with this? I think the 11 year old and 30 year old was entitled to the same type of response that the Lane subject got. In order for me to get that kind of response should I become a county official or should I go to the Lane residence the next time I have a medical emergency? Go Figure!

L.K. Myers


by Ms Eddie
Good Evening,
      As I sit here today-in this 92 degree temp, I cannot help but remember the breeze in the mountains as we walked to the grocery store, carried groceries home, thanked God for it so many times from a corn field. It was hard to wait until we were finished for the day. There were some pretty deep holes of water in the creek just waiting. Sure was loved, too.
       Wish I was back there now, would like to go wading and rest my tired swollen feet. There are so many people in clayhoun area I would love to tell them, thank you for being a big help in my life. Teaching me that goodness and honesty is so important and the love they showed me. No one can possibly realize how much they mean to me.
      Anyone that knows who I am, please take this from the bottom of my heart - I love you all and thank you.. The loads of coal that someone brought in the winter.... The lady that gave me my first perm .... made me a beautiful red skirt .... the one that I hit with a corn cob & broke her glasses [ So sorry yet to this day].
      There was also my best friend, Mom, who always had room for me, made the best breakfast so many times, for many kids and on a wooden leg, too. The wonderful lady that taught me to dress kind a proper, always had time for my chatter when she was home from Charleston, taught me to bath right. Then there were my wonderful grandparents. They are all gone now, they were sure the very best. My mom & dad were very special .. You are all in my prayers and thank God for people like you.
Ms Eddie
Editor’s Note: Ms Eddie is an occasional contributor and spent her early years in Clay County.


      Mr. Smith goes to the doctor's office to collect his wife's test results. The lab tech says to him, "I'm sorry, sir, but there has been a bit of a mix-up and we have a problem. When we sent the samples from your wife to the lab, the samples from another Mrs. Smith were sent as well and we are now uncertain which one is your wife's. Frankly, it is either bad or terrible!"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, one Mrs. Smith has tested positive for Alzheimer's and the other for AIDS. We can't tell which is your wife."
"That's terrible! Can we do the test over?"
"Normally, yes. But you have an HMO, and they won't pay for these expensive tests more than once."
"Well, what am I supposed to do now?"
"The HMO recommends that you drop your wife off in the middle of town. If she finds her way home, don't sleep with her.

Criminal Cases
07-17-01: Slack - Angie Mullins, AKA Mary Mullins, burglary, d/m by prosecuting attorney, state no longer wishes to pursue.
07-25-01: Nichols - Justin William Jones, manufacture a controlled substance, warrant issued.
08-05-01: Rider - Randy Owen Weese, DUI-3rd offense, arrested.
07-24-01: McKown - Wesley Thomas Liddle, warrant issued for domestic battery, arrested 7/25; Slack - Martha Keenan, summons for destruction of property.
07-25-01: Guthrie - Robert Sarver, pled no contest to carrying a concealed weapon, paid fine & costs; Nichols - Adam Neil Jones, warrant for providing false info to police; Bailey - Ricky Dawson, pled no contest to trespassing, assessed fine & cost.
07-28-01: McKown - Billy W. Tanner, summons for assault, d/m 7/31 by victim, parties resolved differences.
07-30-01: McKown - William O. DeMoss, arrested & ROB for driving while revoked for DUIA, no POI, and registration violations; Foreman - William Perry Rhodes, arrested & ROB for driving while revoked for DUIA.
08-02-01: IGA - Maggie Falls, worthless check ($61.51); Lizemore Exxon - Robert Hinkle, worthless check ($20.11); Clay Middle School - Angela bartsch, worthless check ($5.50).
08-03-01: Slack - Jody Burns, arrested & ROB for battery; Delk - Raymond Hersman, rearrested & ROB for registration violations.
08-04-01: Rider - Randy Owen Weese, arrested & ROB for DWR/DUIA, trial set.
Civil Cases
07-24-01: Michael Short - Lois Short, DV, 180 day protective order entered 7/27 in favor of plaintiff; Walter Schoonover - Charles & Martha Keenan, wrongful occupation, plaintiff awarded possession of residential property on 7/31.
07-25-01: United National Bank - Bobbi L. Nichols, other?, $3,503.82; State Farm Ins. - Brenda McClain, other?, $1,693.48; Elvis Dawson - Ricky Dawson, other?, $2,000.00.
07-27-01: Walter Schoonover - Nelson Davis, other?, $1,438.00 and other?, $5,000.00; Clay Ambulance Service - Cinty Dotson, BC, $660.00; Loretta Welch, BC, $579.00; Harold Cummings, BC, $713.00; Alexander Potter, BC, $499.00; Carl Neal, BC, $547.00; James King, BC, $630.00; Loretta Rogers, BC, $474.00; Jerry Bishop, BC, $433.00; Lois Harmon, BC, $433.00.
07-30-01: Kimberly Diane Evans - Donald Gene Hamilton Jr., DV, d/m 8/02, plaintiff did not appear for hearing; Lisa Ortiz - Flavey H. Sparks, DV, d/m 8/02 by plaintiff; David W. Pierson - Jody Pierson, other?, $2,428.79.
08-01-01: Ruby Larch - Holly Ray Larch, DV, 180 day final protection order entered 8/06, defendant assessed court cost.
08-02-01: Donna Marie Smith - Bobby Eugene Deems, DV, trial set.
08-03-01: Cunningham Motors - Gary Schoolcraft, other?, $255.64; Debbie Cottrell - Brandy Nichols, other?, $2,000.00.
Worthless Checks
Clay Supermarket Inc. - Phillip L. Bartsch $31.25 & $40.00
Cunningham Motors - Bertha Ramsey $10.00 (paid 8/06); Ricky Hall $45.00 & $25.00; James E. Ryan Jr. $70.00; Annie E. King $16.00; Bobbi Nichols $50.00, $25.00, & $19.18; Larry M. Truman $120.00
Traffic Citations
07-24-01: Sheriff’s Dept. - Michele E. Schiavone, speeding.
07-27-01: Sheriff’s Dept. - Jimmy Keith, littering; Michael L. Nicholas, speeding.
07-29-01: Sheriff’s Dept. - Desiree P. Adkins, speeding; William Archambault, speeding; Richard Hough Bloir, loud muffler; Gabriel A. Cottrell, improper passing; Angela C. Hamrick, speeding; Hugo Orresty, speeding; Kelly N. Sword, speeding.
07-30-01: Sheriff’s Dept. - William O. DeMoss, driving revoked for DUI, no POI, & registration violations; Ronald Ray Haynes, speeding; Raymond Hersman, registration violations & operator’s; State Police - Showna Schamberger, no POI.
08-01-01: Sheriff’s Dept. - Camron A. Neal, operator’s & failure to maintain control; Phillip H. Platt, speeding.
08-02-01: State Police - William Chapman, no POI.
08-03-01: Sheriff’s Dept. - Justin W. Jones, registration violations.
08-04-01: Sheriff’s Dept. - Glenna L. Hoskins, speeding; Toby A. Taylor, speeding & registration violations.
08-05-01: Sheriff’s Dept. - Jason Henry, operator’s & registration violations.

This weeks recipe a Dazzling Dessert. Hope you enjoy.
Serving Size: l/8 recipe, Total Servings: 8

1 package (4-serving size) sugar-free
cook-and-serve vanilla pudding mix
2 cups fat-free (skim) milk
1 quart fresh strawberries
2 tablespoons sugar
3 teaspoons vanilla extract, divided
1 package (3 ounces) ladyfingers, split in half
1-1/2 cups frozen whipped topping, thawed
2 tablespoons toasted sliced almonds (See Note)

1) Prepare the pudding according to the package directions, using the fat-free milk; set aside to cool.
2) Meanwhile, set aside 8 small strawberries for garnish; chill until serving time. Hull and slice the remaining strawberries and, in a medium bowl, combine with the sugar and 1 teaspoon of the vanilla; set aside.
3) Arrange the ladyfingers in the bottom and up the sides of a 2-1/2-quart glass serving bowl. Pour the sliced strawberries over the ladyfingers. Stir the remaining 2 teaspoons vanilla into the pudding and pour the pudding over the -2 strawberries.
4) Spread the whipped topping over the pudding. Cover and chill for at least 2 hours before serving. Just before serving, garnish with the reserved whole strawberries and the toasted almonds.
        NOTE: To toast sliced almonds, spread them on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 6 to 7 minutes, or until just lightly browned.
        EXCHANGES: 2 Carbohydrate...1/2 Fat… CALORIES: 162...Calories from Fat...36...TOTAL FAT...4 g...Saturated Fat...2 g...CHOLESTEROL...12 mg...SODIUM...217 mg...CARBOHYDRATE...28 g...Dietary Fiber...2 g...Sugars...17 g...PROTEIN...4 g...

        Here’s a helpful chart that converts sugar measurements to numbers of packets of no-calorie sweeteners. Many recipes work well with either sugar or artificial sweetener. However, please note that since sugar is important to the volume and texture of most baked goods, you may find that you can replace only half the amount of sugar called for in a baked goods recipe with an appropriate sugar substitute.
1/4 CUP
1/3 CUP
1/2 CUP
3/4 CUP

Hope you enjoy this dazzling dessert and helpful information that I have provided. Until next week...........…
Kay Kish


      For those read this edition’s coverage of the Clay Roane PSD meeting, mention was made of paperwork from the WV PSC concerning getting Procious PSD out of bankruptcy. That letter dated June 17 and titled A Initial Joint Staff Memorandum@ raised two important issues.
      First was the issue of the figures to settle the bankruptcy. The figures were off over $22,000.00
      Of course that is bad, but more importantly is the info over where the pay off money is coming from. From that same July 17 comes this:
     The purchase price for the Procious assets is $315,000.00 as noted in the attached
AAsset Purchase Agreement@. In the pending certificate case of the Clay Roane PSD, no portion of the $1,700,000 grant was to be used to settle the Procious Bankruptcy . The deferred loan, which was the subject of the September 15 , 1999 WVIJDC amendment to the Dec, 1997 binding commitment, is to be used to purchase assets of the Procious PSD outlines in the AAsset Purchase Agreement@. The revised WVIJDC September 15 commitment to the Clay Roane PSD has not been filed, as yet.
      Before Staff Counsel can recommend approval, the issues stated previously herein need to be satisfactorily addressed....
Readers, think that they change the paperwork in mid stream? You bet, and watch for it to happen. The only question is how.

On The SOAPBOX by Andy Waddell

Since the 2001 US Census figures emerged in March of this year, lots of newspaper space has been devoted to Legislative redistricting in this state as well as others. State Code dictates that after each census, WV Senatorial and Delegate districts must be redrawn so every citizen has equal representation.
     Down in Charleston, the elected folks are working behind the scenes to get the best possible deal in redistricting. For most that means, get their district lines redrawn in a way that will ensure that those in office will stay in office. For our Delegate, Bill Stemple, who traditionally receives very few votes from Clay County, the goal will be to form a district composed of all his home county, Calhoun, all of Gilmer, and the part of Clay that supported him, Ivydale and Big Otter. For our rep. in the Senate, Senator Mark Burnette from Greenbrier County , deep doodoo lies ahead. Since Burnette proved that he is an independent thinker and player and went against the grain on several occasions during his first term in office, Burnette
=s district , including Clay County, will surely be carved up in such a way to nearly make it impossible for his reelection.
      On the national level, and behind the scenes, the goal is to redraw Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito
=s district to make it easier for a Democrat to get elected.
      Does redistricting mean much for the average Clayonian? On the surface, no. But when you really take a look, it means a bunch. It means constraining the masses.
       Redistricting schemes thought up by our local blue bloods and politicos are based not on gaining power to get stuff done in the local area but rather, just the opposite. The Clay movers and shakers are interested in redistricting so others in the County can NOT get a strong hold project. Why? The big boys know there is very little money that can come into the county and if any of it gets around them, they will loose power. In Clayberry, power is everything. The deal is and always has been, to allow only a select few to get money, projects and power. With the right Senatorial representation in Charleston, the flow of money and projects is assured for the select few.
=s bad enough that elected ones would base redistricting on staying in office, but it=s even worse to think that here in Clay County, our blue bloods base redistricting plans on keeping the money away from the county.


      And more too!! Clay Roane PSD met in regular session August 2, 9:00am at the their Newton office complex. The building is still without electric or water service. Present: Chair T.G. Cruickshank and Boardster Roy Ellis. Gary Whaling absent. Besides the PSD folks, Roane County Commissioner Larry White, Trina Neff, Jennifer Traub, Ric Burdette , Doyle Tawney and one ace cub reporter, were in attendance.
     On the issue of water rate increases, the new, much higher rates will appear on this month
=s customer bills. Ellis was concerned that the Clay Roane rate is much higher than that of Procious PSD. The Procious water plant supplies the water to Clay/Roane
      Uh Oh, someone else has hooked on the Clay Roane system. This time it is Jim Williams with the allegedly unapproved hook up. It appears that Williams dug a ditch for the water line through Janet Beasley
=s Mothers yard and hooked up without PSD or WV Public Service Commission permission. Clay Roane PSD is under a PSC water moratorium that prevents any new connections. According to the group, Mr Williams told meter reader Ric Burdette A Don=t you set foot on my property!!@ Ellis, ATake the Sheriff with you.@ T.G. Cruickshanks commented that Williams is only there in the evenings and has not moved in yet. Local PSD workers have taken pictures of the illegal hook up and filed the info with the WV PSC. Currently Williams is still connected to the service provider. Clerk Trina Neff,@ He just hangs up when we try to talk to him..@
      Long time employee Ric Burdette asked the PSD to lay him off. Burdette works out of the Procious PSD water plant and does line maintenance and meter reading with Clay Roane footing the bill. Burdette seemed pretty steamed over repeated requests for a helper and a pay increase that have gone unnoticed for several years. Cruickshank,
@ I don=t have any problem with this.@ Ellis,@ I don=t either@ Burdette=s last day will be August 30, 2001.
      During discussion on getting water line extensions in Roane County, Boardster Roy Ellis commented that fellow Boardster Gary Whaling was quitting the Board. Whaling had tendered his resignation some months ago but agreed to stay on until the Clay Roane system is merged into a new regional system. Mr Ellis said that Whaling had told him that the Clay Water Plant would not be built and he was quitting.
      On the subject of getting the water line extensions thru Roane County, it came to light that somebody was dragging their feet on the needed paperwork for right of way agreements. Stating that many of his constituents are calling, asking questions and he doesn
=t have any answers, Roane Commissioner White,@ When=s it coming?@
      On the subject of getting the long stalled Clay Roane PSD and Procious PSD merger done, there seems to be yet another snag. Clay Roane PSD attorney Tom Whittier has not turned in the necessary paper to US Bankruptcy Court and is on vacation until August 14. The Hearing is on the 15th. White reminded all that sticking to the PSC inspired time line is very important to getting out of bankruptcy and the Judge (Pearson) said they needed competent legal representation as well . Whittier took a pretty good oral thumping with Cruickshank stating,
@ He knew we needed that A and, A I don=t know what is up with Tom lately.@ Commissioner White commented that he felt attorney Whittier had put the PSD needs Aon the back burner@. Discussion on finding professionals that will work for the district and be timely in deed. No decision on changing attorneys. Cruickshank still talking about Whittier,@ You are stuck with him this far into it.@ Past boardster Doyle Tawney, @It=s time to replace people if they don=t work.@ It appears, folks, that if Whittier does not get the right paperwork turned into Bankruptcy Court before the August 15th hearing, at least a 3 month delay could be the result.
      Commissioner White made mention that he had recently received papers from the WV PSC ( dated June 14, Case # 01-0731-PWD-PC, I think) that indicated that some of the
Afigures@ were wrong with the bankruptcy settlement figures. Note: it seems that the PSC has found the pay off figures in the bankruptcy case are off and the source of the money is even in question. The figures are off $22,000.00 or so.
      Ric Burdette
=s job will be posted in local newspapers
      Will Clay Roane merge with Procious PSD? Will the new Regional Water Plant be built? Will the new Roane County water line extensions get done? Does Gary Whaling know something we don
=t about the Clay Water Plant? Stay tuned, time will tell

short shorts

2 million Americans use Prozac today.
      Probably a Quote of the Week should be Summersville Mayor Adkins comments concerning his small town police force handing out over 17,000 moving violations. Adkins commented that Summersville along Route 19
Ais not a speed trap@.
=s of folks have noticed that work stopped at the new State Road garage out Triplett Ridge. Just last year in various newspaper accounts came news of the much bigger facility with the possibility of many new workers and such. According to county Supervisor Clark Samples , work was halted after they found out they don=t own the property the new complex sets on. Ahhh, state government
      According to the WV Secretary of State
=s office web site and as of August 7, Filcon Manufacturing has not had a valid corporate charter in the state since the middle of July. According to that same web site, Filcon can do no business in the state until the charter is reinstated.

Weimer Works & Worries

      West Virginia Public Service Commission provided some up to the minute insight into the long struggling efforts to build a regional water plant, merge all the local PSCs into one , and get Procious PSD out of bankruptcy. The interview was done via the telephone August 3, 2001. Weimer
=s comments are italicized.
     I just want to make sure nothing got misconstrued at a meeting the other night about the Procious situation. About the money availability and settlement of the bankruptcy. There is a hearing on the 15th before the bankruptcy judge . It appears that all the funds are available. I guess they will just have the negotiations with the complainant [Jackson Contracting Heirs].
      Our County Commission got a letter ( July 15) from the PSC that indicated concerns that the money wasn
=t right.
     I think if you read the letter, they needed to define if they had sufficient funds to cover all the costs... It has since been refiled and there are sufficient funds available to cover the anticipated costs..... Of course that depends on what the complainant is going to do.
      Here it is in a nutshell readers. The Jackson is owed $1million in construction costs from 19 years ago when they built the Procious PSD water plant. In a three year old Bankruptcy Court settlement, the Jackson clan agreed to settle on $250,000.00. Since it has been so long without receiving that $250,000.00, Jackson wants interest tacked on to the settlement. The WV Infrastructure Council has coughed up the $250,000.00 to pay off the debt in the form of a loan that Clay or Roane Countians will have to add on the next major construction project in either county. Mr. Weimer read from the settlement and felt that the Jacksons may be entitled to one year of interest but not two.
      Back to the interview. Weimer was asked about PSC concerns over the grant monies being used to pay off the debt. Weimer explained that additional monies can be used to pay off the debt but the PSC has to approve such a move before hand.
As to Gary Whaling saying that he was going to quit the Clay Roane PSD because the regional water plant was dead, Mr. Weimer,
@H**** No!... That=s the whole reason we are proceeding. There is still a great need for a regional plant in that area. All the processes are still continuing. It is probably going to be sometime next year. The consolidation has to be completed so you can establish a Board, get engineers, to get the funding re assigned.”
Laughing now, Jim Weimer refused to make a prediction on when the plant would be ready to operate. We did get him a little out on the limb. Weimer,@ All the paper had to be done.@ Weimer was referring to getting all the parties involved in step and all the lawyers off their duffs. As to Weimer saying three months ago that the bankruptcy case would be settled in just three weeks, Weimer,@ I mistakenly believed that all the money was available that the WV PSC would appeal the court for release of the moratorium . But... that never happened.”
     Will the merger of the local PSDs and the consolidation be ready by fall? Weimer,
@ All no.. There is probably four months of Bond Counsel at least. All Bond Counsel documents have to be done and approved by all the different agencies before the new PSD can be formed according to Weimer. All debt has to be assigned to the new entity [new PSD] before they can even form it. Weimer guessed that it would be 6 months before the new PSD could be formed.
       Getting thirsty readers?
     After the PSD is formed, attorneys will have to be hired and the engineer
Awill have to get on board@.
      As for the money to build the water plant still being available in a year or so Weimer,
@ As long as this process is moving forward. The Infrastructure Council is fine. We don=t have a problem unless we come to a screeching halt for some reason.”
     As to this reporter trying about everything to stop the construction project, Weimer, laughing, AI know you have....Don=t you want the water rates to come down?@ Mention was made by this interviewer that, one, water rates have never come down and, two, what has been promised to us for that amount of money is not possible. Weimer, @I firmly believe with the right management and direction , it can happen. The funding agents made commitments to make it happen.” But we are talking Clayberry, Weimer, @Part of the plan is to bring somebody in who is professional.” Mr. Weimer felt that after going this far, the PSC would not allow just any good ole boy to run the plant. Weimer, A As big as that utility is going to be, it is going to require professional management. The County Commission and the PSD Board are aware of that .I am going to put a lot of faith in Mr. Glen Nichols up there to make sure that part of the bargain is upheld. His water costs are dependant on that. I have great faith in him after seeing him in action. He will look after the best interests of the town... As long as he is around, I have confidence that something close to this plan will proceed.@
      On a related water matter came this: You know you have 2/3rds of Clay mad at you over Filcon getting water while a water moratorium is still in place for much of the county. Weimer commented that he really didn=t know quite how to read Filcon. As to all the folks wanting water and Filcon getting hooked up ahead of them, Weimer,@Here=s what I think on that and some history . I have seen in other industries , particularly in the mining industry, whenever they are building a large facility or expansion, they usually do it on a shoestring and often get 6 months in arrears to payments to the vendors until the operation actually starts and they actually have cash flow.…” As to Weimer giving a verbal hook up order for Filcon without PSC paperwork in order, Weimer,@ Did you see my name on that anywhere that said he could have water?@ Response: YES YES YES Clay Roane PSD Boardster TG Cruickshank said that this was a verbal order from Jim Weimer and Weimer said >Do it!= Response from Weimer, @Well I=ll be darned. A verbal order, that=s interesting. I am going to have to come up there and defend myself.... Since the town of Clay plant now has capacity and since Clay Roane has in the past bought water from the town to make up deficiencies . There is nothing to prevent that from happening again.... If I had a potential industrial customer that could add employment, a water moratorium was in effect, and could add additional capacity, I would simply say we expect the moratorium to be over. We will provide you water and if we need to , we=ll get it from Clay....It=s just one of those paper things.@
     There you have it readers. Straight from the PSC point man for the regional plant and providing water to the masses. Big thanks to Weimer for the time.


        Clay County
=s Business Development Authority (BDA) met in regular session August 2 at the Courthouse. Chair Paige Willis officiated the wing ding after wishing get well soon wishes for Commissioner Mathew Bragg who had gallbladder surgery that day.
As for BDA updates on projects:
      Willis felt that the Murphy Fork site for acquisition was
A kind of a moot point@ since there isn=t money currently available for purchase and the option to buy has run out. In past years, the Murphy Fork site, situated beside Sheriff Fields= home, was considered the best land and location in the county for development. At that time, four years ago, the BDA worked on getting a Juvenile Detention Center for the county located there. BDA member Mike Evans is responsible for Murphy Fork efforts
As for such a detention center coming to Clay, Willis,
AThere=s nothing to discuss.@ Chair Willis commented that the BDA had been criticized for doing little to get such a government facility into the county. Willis, AWe kind of let the ball drop..@ Reflecting back to reality, again Willis,@ It=s a political discussion for the most part.. The grease will go to the squeaky spot and we don=t have much grease!@
      On more recent attempts to secure an industrial site for the county, efforts have been directed to a site now known as the Moore Fork site. Most in the county will know the spot as the 340 or so acres once owned by Dice Boggs. On that site, according to member ( and CAEZ Director) Jerry Sizemore, a commercial appraisal is being done.
      Follow up has been done on yet another spot at the Big Otter exit of I 79. This land was owned by DB and Leo Gray, is situated along the interstate and adjoins Marie Haynes holdings. Jim Knotts is the point man on this endeavor. Knotts felt that the DNR which owns land all around the Gray holdings, may be willing to do some trading in order for the BDA to actually claim ownership to additional
Aflat land@ holdings now in the possession of the DNR
      Knotts also is the lead on the Daubenspeck property at the top of the hill near the State Police Barracks at Maysel. The initial investigation revealed that three people hold the 145 acres which is divided among two plots of land.
As for the long awaited construction project to replace the old iron Dundon bridge in the Town of Clay, problems. According to County Road Supervisor Clark Samples ( also a member of the BDA), everything was set back when the Dept of Natural Resources (DNR) found two colonies of mussels which are on the endangered species list. Although still listed as a go for 2004, Samples felt ,
@ With DNR, it=s stopped@. Many in the county including some on the BDA feel that if a new Dundon bridge can be built, development can begin out Triplett Ridge all the way through to Widen. Already planned for that area is a new high school.
=s a cutey readers. Clark Samples made official what many in the county have known for months. All work on the new State Road garage out Triplett Ridge has stopped due to the State Road NOT owning the land!! Thousands of dollars of tax payer funds have already been spent on the land now owned by somebody else.
New on the agenda was talk of acquiring some of Don Gray
=s property for use as a shooting range. Currently, the State is funding such projects ( one in each county) including purchasing the land for the target range. Jerry Nelson will check on other sites for the range.
      WVU Extension Agent and BDA member Steve Zaricki suggested that the county seek furniture manufacturers since already in the county are lumber mills. Z also offered to do presentations for the Sept and Oct meetings concerning business retention and mentioned that a tourism development committee had been formed. Willis cautioned that the presentations should be brief.
      For those keeping track of the Filcon Co. , Willis announced that the same check ( $850.00) he refused to accept during the last BDA meeting from Filcon had been accepted recently. Filcon received a $2800 loan from the BDA and was 8 months behind with their loan payments. Willis said he had worked an agreement with Filcon owner Manfred Kuentzer and if Kuentzer would live up to that agreement the BDA would not go ahead with the lawsuit over the past due loan. Willis did not mention the terms of the deal and no one from the BDA seems to want to discuss the matter. Member Glady Lanham expressed her view that the land should be taken back,
@and start all over!! He didn=t live up to his promise , how come we have to live up to ours??@
      Member Norman Wilson , owner of that assessor biting dog, questioned the assembled on the $50,000 grant awarded the county to develop the Filcon site at Ovapa. In attendance, Commissioner Jimmy Sams said there is $20,000.00 left of the grant and that will be used to install three phase power to the factory. It gets a little murky here folks but it sounded like some hanky panky , behind the scenes doings are afloat with that $50,000.00 grant. Sams indicated that Filcon would not get anymore loot with,
@ It=s been cut off for now.@ Zaricki added that the backhoe being used at the site had been Apulled@. Sams said that he had met with Kuentzer and reminded him that the building was to be completed by July 31 , 2001. Willis commented that right now Filcon Ais good at growin= weeds.@ Norman Wilson reminded all that he was the lone hold out during the vote to give Filcon the $90,000.00 worth of property. Sams raised concerns over who had the lien on the property if things go sour. Note: BDA has an agreement but appears to have no lien. Wilson commented that several folks that had done work on the Filcon construction had not been paid before Mr Kuentzer left this last time.
      Murky folks now, but here
=s the way we got it. Sams commented that something may have been questionable with the grant money being used to provide Abridge trusses@ and instead, the trusses are being used as building materials. The state grant could only be used for site prep. Additionally there are concerns that equipment operators may have been paid out of the grant dollars which is another grant no no.
      After the meeting, many were drawn into a conversation over whether bank President JD Morris would get a right of way to his new house through the Filcon land. Mr Morris is building a new home over the hill and behind Filcon. BDA Chair Willis said that would never happen.


        One of the quieter government agencies , Central Appalachia Empowerment Zone (CAEZ) met in regular session August 7 at the CAEZ office on Main Street in Clay. With barely enough for a quorum, the meeting got under way at 6:00pm. Barely enough? Yelp, again, Clay County Commissioner Jimmy Sams was absent and this time, Lynn O
=Dell also shirked her responsibilities to the county as well.
      From the USDA came words from Jim Anderson. Anderson said that $40 million more Empowerment Zone funds will soon be available and the selection process for that funding is coming up quick. Anderson gave the usual pep talk on how this organization is different and how it is a
Agrass roots@ effort to improve life within the zone. Things like,@ Build from the inside....the community should be the winner.... there is still work to be done...etc@ In the new round of funding there will be 2 rural zones funded and 7 urban ones funded as well.
      During the Housing Committee report, mention was made of a long overdue loan from the Fayette County area where the lady ( loan recipient) lives on just $500.00 per month and has asked for the monthly loan repayment to be lowered. That overdue loan has been sent to Magistrate Court. CAEZ decided to add the Court courts on to the Senior
=s loan.
      Once again the Finance Committee has done little to nothing over the last five months. The Committee is Chaired by Elizabeth Sampson. Sampson did say the committee was concerned over Director Sizemore not securing new grant dollars for the agency and asked for more feedback on a monthly basis on both the dismal finances of the agency as well as grant possibilities.
      Currently there is $21,000.00 available for business in the revolving fund account. Mention was also made that a loan for the Panther
=s Den Restaurant (to Clint L Jones) was now past due.
     Director Sizemore told all that loan recipient Filcon Manufacturing is no longer three months past due on their loan. The payments were made on August 6, 2001. Next loan payment is not due until the middle of August.
      On the CAEZ backed Mt Hope Industrial site in Fayette County, a possible tenant has been located. CUE Co. is interested in moving a urethane manufacturing plant onto 5 acres of the site. To lure the company to the area, incentives will be offered including a $75,000.00
Aforgivable loan@. Translation: that=s $75,000 that will NOT come back into the CAEZ for another business to use. Concerns were raised over the smell generated by the plant. Although the Economic/Development Committee recommended the plan for approval of the Board, the vote was not unanimous as is the norm. Motion passed to give Director Sizemore authority to negotiate the plan further.
      CAEZ has a new web site:
      Discussion turned to CAEZ Boardsters like Elizabeth Stump who hasn
=t attended a meeting in years. Stump will be sent a letter informing her she is Abroomed@ from the Board. As for the County Commissioners that refuse to show up for CAEZ meetings, Commissioners Jimmy Sams for instance, that=s a different story. According to the by laws of the group, County Commissioners can not be tossed out the door. However they can be asked to send a different Commissioner ( sort of a proxy). Such letters will be sent out. Fayette County Commission John Witt is in the same boat as Sams.
     CAEZ Rep Darlene Morris asked about all the loans going sour. Morris,
@ We=re not getting our money back....It=s dirt cheap!@ Mr. Sizemore explained that the loan procedure has Atightened up over the years@ and new procedures are now in place. Boardster Red Derring commented that you will loose some money when you are trying to create new jobs and, A Our goal here at CAEZ was to help people out..@. Doyle Tawney,@ We=re dealing with high risk loans..@
      Director Sizemore asked to be put back on full time for the next two months. After the Board overwhelming voted to do so, Ms Sampson asked,
A Is there money in the budget {for that}?@ Mr. Sizemore replied, ANo Mam.@ None the less, the motion had already passed. Also, an office worker will be hired as well for the next couple of months!


        Clay Town Council met in regular session August 7. With all members present, Mayor Glenn Nichols at the helm, and around 8 or so in the peanut gallery, the meeting got underway at 4:00pm. Town Clerk Dwana Murphy left five minutes early. Here we go readers of the world!
      As for the recently voted on 260% sewer rate increase, Mayor Nichols told the group that he had talked with WV Public Service Commission (PSC) rep Amy Swann and she had told him no one had mailed in a letter of complaint over the huge increase in sewer rates. That unless there are some complaints or petitions filed, the rate increase will go into effect Sept 8, 2001.
      Town Council purchased another air conditioner from Nichols furniture because according to Council person Arthur Jarrett,
AThe first one was junk@.
      Turns out the town hoppers had an extra $2300.00 at the end of last fiscal year and that amount was forwarded into the new years
= budget.
     Council OK
=D the resignation of sewer plant operator Donald Kerns effective August 6, 2001. Additionally, the town coughed up an additional $606.00 for Kerns at the recommendation of the WV Labor Board. Kerns had been paid a salary rate and then worked many additional hours which is now a Labor Dept no no. As a replacement for Kerns, the Mayor is considering the hire of Jeromy Holcomb and Jerry Rush. Nichols wants a two year contract from the future hirees in return for the paid training required for the sewer plant operation. Recorder Murphy commented on the contract requirement, A Kerns signed one didn=t he?@ Hey get this, Council decided to advertise the opening in the paper and not make a decision until they see who is available!!!! Council person Chambers, A It may surprise us.@
      See what
=s happening folks, Council has not gone into secret time and thrown the public out!! Another first.
      Last month Council voted to award town maintenance man Hawkie Keener a raise. During this meeting Chambers motioned to rescind the raise and the motion passed. Although awarded the money, Keener never saw the additional money on his check. Nichols suggested a smaller amount. Readers : something was going on here, something was not being said about the Keener raise. Murphy,
A It=s not fair to pick out one person for a raise.... that would make the others mad. All should get something.@ Nichols reminded all that he had made water plant operator Bobby West a 50 cents per hour raise after a 90 day probation period which was now up. Murphy, A We got to do something about TT [Terry Traub] too.... Pay him the same as an operator... He works as hard as an operator!@ The Mayor reminded all that Traub does not have any kind of license to operate a plant.
      About now many Council persons were getting squirmish in their seats. It appeared that the discussion was going to turn into one of those revealing situations that agencies don
=t want aired out. Long time Council person Dave Derby told the Mayor that it had been Council=s policy to go secret . Another member Sally Legg commented ,@ Some things need to be in Executive Session. They don=t need to get out!@
      And here it is folks. A breathe of fresh air. A reason to think the town has a chance at surviving!!! Mayor Nichols changed the way things had been for years in Clayberry. Nichols,
@ I don=t like Executive Sessions.....I don=t like Executive Sessions unless we really have to..... People feel we=re trying to hide something.. That=s my feelings on Executive Sessions..@ You could have heard a pin drop for a split second!!!
With Nichols sticking to his guns , the
Asticky@ discussions continued. Nichols suggested that they hold up on the raises. Murphy,@I=d like for TT to get his license and be here always..@ Murphy suggested that they go ahead and pay Traub certified operator wages even without Traub having the credentials. Nichols said the Town will get in trouble paying Mr. Traub on a salary and working him over. Nichols made reference to other incidents ( Barry Metheny, Jimmy Derby and now Don Kerns). Nichols will talk to Traub about switching him to hourly wages instead of salary. Ms Murphy also suggested the town hire Terry Traub a helper to lighten his load a little. No decisions on that one.
       Council voted to give certified water operator Bobby West a 50 cent per hour increase and hold off all others for a couple of months.
     Now entering Council chambers was none other than Chapman Technical Engineer Greg Belcher. Belcher has been the subject of much ridicule over the last two years over alleged problems with the sewer plant which his company built for the town. During last months
= meeting, Council refused to give Chapman Technical a $12,331.45 Adraw down@ check on the work completed on the new water plant. Belcher asked why Council refused to pay for the services performed. Nichols replied that the town is no longer a player in the plant and had given away it=s source of income. Belcher replied that the $12,331.45 was for work completed before May of this year. Feeling the tension in the air, Belcher suggested that they sever the existing contract for the water plant. Council voted to do just that as well as pay the last draw down. It=s interesting to note that Council has been pretty Alippy@ on the sewer plant issue, but with Belcher in their presence, they appeared bridled. Also interesting to note, although there were no Anays@ to either voice vote, Recorder Murphy never moved her lips during the votes.
       Nichols did make mention of all the repairs made at the sewer plant ( clarifiers, wiring, electrical motors, etc) and asked Belcher about warranties. Belcher,
AWell, it=s been a while...@
       As an example of the tension in the air and as Belcher tried to remember sewer plant details, Sally Legg,
A We paid for enough stuff!!!!!!@ Belcher retorted, A NO YOU DIDN=T!!@
      And here
=s a revisit to another can of worms. Derby asked about buying Johnny Wooofter=s road to the sewer plant and not have to put up with him for the next 20 years. Derby commented that the right of way should have been worked out years ago. Legg felt that wasn=t necessary and in fact, that was a state road to the plant not his private road. Oh Boy.... bet Woooofter is going to be mad.
Nichols said he had been to a hearing a couple of weeks ago where the Judge ordered the paperwork for the Woooofter easement to be changed and to reflect what he ordered and that was for the word
Aeasement@ be used and NOT Aright of way@. Seems then town attorney Jim Lane may have slipped a little with the wording. Derby continued to push for a permanent way into the mega buck sewer plant affectionately called “Log Factory@.
       As for the much discussed, Council inspired , complaint to the WV PSC over the sewer plant, nothing has been done.
       For those that want to stop the big time sewer rate increase, the time is now! As for long time accepted back room dealings at Town Council, doings that have long gotten them in trouble, those days may be ending