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Day Eight is Here

Thursday June 30th

John Perdue and staff came to Clay on Thursday July 30th  for a great feed

Over at Premier Bank, the Salvation Army set up shop.....

as many more truck loads of goods were unloaded

Wed June 29th

After 6 days of clean up, most of the yucky stuff is now out of flooded buildings

The June 29th Huddle at the Pentagon....

brought out Senator Doug Facemire and Mike Romano.

Here's the military helicopter bringing ina  much needed part tog et the Town Log Factory up and running, soon we hope!

Volunteers from all over helpign to haul away the goop at the Clay Library

World's biggest giveaway now in progress


Tuesday afternoon June 28th

Earl Ray and all the Charleston brass came to County Clay to provide assurances, help is on the way.

Tuesday June 28th

Lizemore Fire House is serving as a distribution center during recovery efforts.

Lizemore has plenty of water and gatorade but in the way of cleaning supplies, shovels etc., according to these folks, none have come Clay.

Supplies are coming from many churches and outside agencies. Around lunch time today, Montgomery General Hospital brought over a huge van load of everything from hot pizzas to clean up supplies

Clean up efforts continue at the Clay Courthouse

The records room is already looking pretty good. Don't pat Service Pro on the back. They got fired Sunday morning for doing a crappy job. Courthouse employees are doing the heavy lifting.

Clay County's Public Library is closed until further notice....

Flood waters filled the basement and wiped out everything including this multi station computer lab and the entire HVAC system.


Monday June 27th


Sunday June 26

Here's your chance Clayonians to get rid of the soggy junk.

Here's the shuit down Procious Water Plant

Camp Creek bridge was under water

The Town of Clay's new cruiser was submerged up to the roof

Ditto for the Town's Chevy service truck.

The Sewer Plant was also underwater and remains shut down

That means the logs are floating down the Elk

Main Street Clay is now a dispensary for water and cleaning supplies

Sunday afternoon, the first of the miltiary MRE foos supplies arrived in Clay

These water supplies came all the way from Berkely County. Thank You

Last Shots from June 24th part 3

These 7 shots are from the Wallback area of Clayberry

Here's a shot of the old Filcon industrial site owned by the BDA and recently sold to Clay County Services Unlimited. While under BDA stewardship, 10s of 1000's of dollars was spent getting the small field out of the flood plain. Look real close. You can see the grass knocked down by the June 23rd flood. The creek came up at least 40 feet into the flat field.

June 24th part 2
The Morning After

The old Hartland Road bridge is all gone

Lookin more like a porcupine, those new 2 x 4's came from Amron Truss company way up stream

That air conditioning unit is not suppose to be in the parking lot

There's more of Amron Truss's building material just down stream

See all the lines down. That's a big problem with getting the power turned on again

Sometime Thursday evening, the VFW Post 4417 building caught fire before flood waters crushed in the outside wall. Delegate Hanshaw found $12,500 for an out of county veteran's group. Hope he can do likewise for this local group in need.

Dundon ballfield has been used by youth for decades.
Thursday's flood wiped out ALL the infrastructure except four light poles

The just completed concrete over steel Dundon bridge stood strong. Unfortunately, debris built up behind it and may have caused the whirling action that wiped out the Dundon ballfield and campground

There are no standing utiltiy poles in Dundon

In this shot, you should see a nice 30 foot long travel camper. It's gone

One year ago, the CAEZ got all pissy and told the Buffalo Creek Co-Op, they could not sell this caboose. 
With wood floors inside and water up tot he windows,  the unit is ready for the scrap yard

 Owned by the CAEZ, the brand new rear deck on the J G Bradley lodge building is all gone

Here's the roof to the Dundon ballfield concession stand over 100 yards down stream

This pick em up truck used to pull the floated away camper trailer.
The truck finally wound up on the creek bank

Debris on the Lodge building deck

Exactly one year ago, the CAEZ also got in a peeing contest with the Buffalo Creek RR Co-Op over 2 portable carports. With bids in hand, the CAEZ said no to selling the units. Here's one of the carports today

Solomon's Secret use to hold their annual drama in this location. All the backdrop in now gone

Here's the high water mark on the side of the Lodge building. Inside the water got up to the light switches

Here's the tangled remains of that missing camper.

June 24th am
The Morning After

That's Mike Carper's House and red truck

You can see the water line on the Procious Post Office

That's in front of Jim Lennox's house in Procious

Evelyn's trailer was moved 60 feet

Danny Dawson's bridge had been there for decades, One huge propane tank rammed against it followed by two smaller tanks. After other derbis built it, you can see what happened

Tom Dawson's bridge was pushed down creek about 30 feet under his body shop building

You can see the left over mud on the near side of Main Street.

Around 5inches of Elk River saturdated the main floor of the Courthouse. Over two feet were in the next door of the Judicial Annex building. And No, the Courthouse is not covered by flood insurance

There's Frank's effort to reclaim the  behind the Courthouse dumpster


This is the Wallback area around 3pm

In front of the Triad operation, if the UPS guy thought it was too dangerous to cross, it was.

On Rt 4 in front of Scott Legg's home,. two trees came thundering down. Notice the flood water on the right.

One  fireman volunteer tried his best to cut thru the timbers.
Notice the water level, this shot was taken five minuted after the above picture.

With trees falling all along Rt 4 Thursday, had it not been for the Asphundl crew coming thru, many motorists would have been in serious harm's way.
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